I'm going to the right side just hold still then and then he says what a point and there you have it what a way to finish it ladies and gentlemen so Match Point number two here for Todd and stratman oh Mary Prosser just gets out in front.

Of it a little too much game three going to Lauren stratman and Paris Todd they'll move on foreign foreign wow oh my goodness and oh no way this point oh.

My gosh that's just too epic match point for Lou what a point in the Sun and unfortunately believe it Luke flying all over the report there for Anna.

Brighton Dylan Fraser floater oh foreign wow unbelievable Adam Johnson and Johnson had about eight overheads that they couldn't put away well I guess the players on the court when we're saying it uh listen uh let's hope not oh flying Ernie just rip off.

Oh beautiful oh cleaner oh and it's a winner on the line oh my look point of the day and it ends the match point stop and that is what match point should look.

Like Deacon and John's close it out 18-16 an incredible Point Thomas just jumped through the screen what a great finish foreign amazing that is pickleball ladies and gentlemen and that is what a match point should look like third opportunity for McGuffin.

And devilier foreign he'll be on the ground again oh my goodness that is what match point should look like ladies and gentlemen insane effort by Rob Cassidy there what a great finish.

The best match ending points from the 2022 season!

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