Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we are going to talk about the number one skill that never gets practiced you're not going to want to miss this now let's Jump Right In all right so what skill are we talking about yes it's the return you guessed it right I don't know if you ever go out.

There and practice your returns but I am telling you the return is the most important skill that I think players really drop the ball and because they have weak returns or short returns it really sets them up for failure in this video we are going to talk about five very very important tips that is going to transform your return game so stay.

Tuned and now let's get to the first one all right so tip number one on a good quality return it is about depth and height it is not about Pace remember our goal after our return is to return that ball and get up to that non-volley zone line so that we can be dominant up there if our returns are short maybe if we hit it too fast it's going to be really hard.

For us to establish ourselves in a strong position up at the non-volley zone all right so right there is what I see a lot of I see players hitting really hard groundstroke topspin returns but they're getting caught in transition so what we want to do instead is we want to hit something more like a slice which is.

Slower or a lob remember we want to get that ball deep but we also want some Hang Time on our shot the higher we can get it the more time the more time we have to get to that non-volley zone just foreign all right so as you saw right there that's a much better return has some Loft remember Hang Time gives us time I.

Had good depth on the ball and I can get up to the non-volley Zone establish my feet and get ready for the volley all right so now we're going to hop into tip number two and that is give yourself some room remember we are talking about returning against big servers or servers that hit with a lot of pace and a lot of spin if you are standing right up at the.

Baseline you are going to have to hit your returns backing up falling back or you're gonna have to hit it right off the balance which is very very difficult so remember against good service with a lot of pace make sure that you are way back behind that Baseline you'll see this in Pro levels and higher levels of play players will be six to eight feet.

Sometimes even more off the line so that they can actually have their momentum coming in hit their return and they can use their momentum coming in to get to that non-volley zone giving yourself that extra room and extra time for that ball to bounce slow down and then you can use your momentum coming in because you're not taking it.

Right off the balance that's going to help you out tremendously all right so now let's hop into tip number three to hit great quality returns and that is to shade over so that you can hit your Returns on your preferred side now each person is going to have a little bit better return on one side some players really prefer their slice backhand for.

Instance and some players really prefer their forehand so what you can do is that you can shade over to get more of those kinds of returns so in a regular formation here if Katrina is serving over there I'm going to be set up just like this this is actually really good positioning now if I want want to get more backhands then I will slide a.

Little bit to my right okay so now any balls that are kind of coming towards this area I could just take has my backhand here and then any balls that are really close to the center line I'm for sure taking as a backhand you can do the same thing with your forehand if you prefer your forehand side instead of standing over there you can stand a.

Little bit over now for sure I am going to get a lot more forehands than I would normally get as opposed to if I was standing right here the one thing that you do have to watch out for is if they are picking up on this if you shade too far over that angle can be exposed if they are very very accurate with their serves like if I'm standing right here.

They can serve down the tea really hard and then they have me running and stretching here and if I'm standing here they can serve that corner and have me into the curtains over there so we really want to be cautious about this but again you could just shade over a little bit to access us more of your preferred size so now we're going to.

Show you a few clips of those just all right so those were just two examples of me you know shading a little bit to one side or the other so I can access more shots or Returns on that particular side all right so now we're going to hop into tip number four and that is plan ahead on body serves so.

What do I mean by Body surfs okay in the game of pickleball you're going to be getting multiple spins and different kinds of serves sometimes short sometimes long but in general you're going to get balls closer to the center line okay in this case because I'm on the even side here it would be to my backhand or you're going to get balls.

Closer to the sideline which will pull me out here as and I'll have to take it as my forehand or you will get more of a body serve something that is coming straight towards you okay so this is something I've been really working on in my return game and if you in advance decide and pick what you're going to do when you receive that body serve so that.

When it's coming to you you don't have to react then you'll have a better outcome every time so what do I mean by that when you are getting a serve hit kind of right here this is a really nice deep serve it's to the body okay it's coming straight in here if I don't move my body out the way I have to hit it like this or I have to kind of hit it.

Like this and sometimes we're forced into hitting the ball like that but what is better let's say I'm deciding early if the ball is coming straight to my body straight to here I'm going to move a little bit to my right so that I can hit a slice and have my momentum moving in with my backhand that's one thing you can do or let's say you have a really.

Good forehand return here and you're getting this body serve and soon as you see it coming towards your body I could slide to my left a little bit create the adequate space that I need to hit a nice clean return out in front and I have good spacing so I'm not hitting it like this or like this remember deciding early on these body serves is really.

Going to help now we're going to show you a couple Clips here know all my feelings all right so now let's hop into tip number five and I think this is a really really crucial one this fifth tip is to decide your return Target early now I.

Know this may seem very very simple but again remember we're trying to cut off decision making or at least last minute decision making so what do I mean by this if I decide where my targets are early then I don't have to think about when that return is coming oh where should I hit that ball should I hit it towards the middle of the Court should I.

Go more cross-court or should I go down the line and just for more advanced levels too I don't just decide exactly where my target is but it depends really what kind of serve or what Wing I'm gonna hit it off of so for me it's a lot easier for me on my backhand so it could be different for you but when I get a serve right here towards the center line.

To my backhand it's easier for me on my backhand to go down the line iron okay it's a little bit tougher for me to go cross-court from this position so as a player know what is easier what you hit at a higher percentage and go with that so I'm deciding early okay if I get one over here I know that I'm going to hit that down the line return now for my.

Forehand I really like going more middle or cross-court on this particular side on the even side so I'm deciding early I have this shot here if it goes here I'm going to go down the line with my backhand and if it goes wide or somewhere out here where am I going to go towards the middle or more Cross Court so there's no indecision or last.

Minute decisions on my part this is going to really help you cut down on return errors and give you a more confident return foreign so that concludes the five return tips remember the return is something that is so important it sets the tone for the rest of the point so make sure you go.

Out there practice your returns I couldn't tell you enough how important returns are get out there on the court go with a partner and practice those returns and until then we'll see you next video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out briannaspickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make.

Sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video Light Within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is
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If you have a weak return, it will put you in a REALLY tough position. I mean, a REALLY tough position. The return shot is one of the most important shots, and most players never practice it. You see, most players try to improve their drops, serves, etc; but they forget about how important the return really is. Make sure that you start the point off well, so you and your partner aren’t fighting an uphill battle! In this video, we go over 5 transformational tips that will change your return forever.

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