Hi welcome to Brianna despicable my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we are going to talk about high level attacking so if you want to know how high level players attack and what they look for and how they attack to win points this video is just for you stay tuned and now let's Jump Right In.

All right so in today's lesson we are going to talk all about high level attacking there's a big difference between lower levels and even intermediate level attacking and high level attacking we all know that higher level play consists of playing up at the non-voice zone line so you can be dinking it can be really slow but then.

It could get really really fast so when someone sends you a ball that you can volley we want to be able to put it in a good location so they can't keep attacking what we want to do is we want to be on the offense first and often if you are finding yourself on the defense on a lot of the volley exchanges then you're probably placing the ball in the.

Wrong spot and that's what we're going to go over today all right so when we talk about attacking when someone sends me a ball let's say here right this is way above net level this is definitely attackable and you want to be able to attack this ball where do we go that is a really important question two things for you the first place that we want to.

Send the ball if we can is at the feet okay that's our number one target if we can so I have my wife Katrina in front of me there if I could send the ball at her feet or kind of towards this line what does that do that actually has her coming down with her paddle and now her paddle face is faced up now if I cannot get it to the feet I'm going to want to.

Spread it to the wings so you can see where the ball is here and where my paddle is here okay so if I had wings these are the spots at a high level that I want to attack now the wings could extend when we talk about the chicken wing up here okay this is like a high part of the wing I honestly don't like going here often because sometimes this.

Ball if they don't hit it could sail out so I like to go for low Wings if I can at higher levels the last place that you want to go is right here right in front of the Torso why is this because when you go here players are ready good players are ready right here and they're just going to pound it back again when we get into some sort of fire fight it's.

The player that can either send it down at the feet first or go to the wings first that really is going to have the advantage and find the ball that they can put away all right so right now we're going to show you a couple clips of me hitting down to the feet and then a couple clips of me heading out to the wings.

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Button now let's get right back to the video alright so as you saw there hitting it down to the feet or keeping it over here outstretched to the wings makes it a lot harder for them to counter back and that is all we're trying to do we're trying to make it tough on them so that they are not attacking us so we're going to start.

With a really good exercise here and it is a feeding exercise where one player feeds the ball and I'm strictly trying to go down at the feet okay I'm going straight down so that I can have Katrina hit up on the ball now what balls can we easily hit down at the feet higher balls so anything up here or up here when it's up here I can angle it down towards the.

Feet when we get lower balls or net level balls something around here it's harder to get at the feet and that's when we go to the wings but in this first exercise we're going straight down to the feet right okay right to the shoe here again good okay.

Okay all right so as you saw there I know she's feeding me high but we get balls here all the time all I'm doing is I'm pushing it slightly down and I'm not taking a big swing at it right I'm using that momentum of the ball coming and I'm just just a slight push down all right so those are balls that we get kind of chest level or pretty high above the net.

Now we're going to talk about balls that are kind of you know at net level now remember if I'm contacting the ball somewhere around here this is a lot harder to get it at the feet because it has a net in the way so either a I just reset it as a dink or B I can push it to the sides I can push it to the wings either my left wing or my right wing and.

Really quick when someone is defending and they're rolling the ball like this they're usually typically in a backhanded position so this is why you'll see at Advanced levels and higher level play the right wing for a right handers one of the best places you can go because they have to defend it like this or they have to come here so this.

Is kind of like that chicken wing so left wing or right wing now what she's going to be doing she's going to be feeding me kind of waist level balls now and I'm going to try to redirect it and keep it away from her waist level torso area we I don't want to hit here remember higher level players they're just going to pound this ball back or.

Get it down at our feet or our wings so as soon as she feeds the ball I'm going to try to spread it to the wings so that she's reaching um and she's hitting up okay so that one wasn't quite far enough away from her right she she got that one back and again that's because it's just kind of in this section here so I want.

To do a little bit better job of putting it a little bit further away okay that one was a little bit better really tough and it would force the low contact here we go again so that was a pretty good example on her right wing right out here all right here we go good.

Good okay so when you are going for the wings you'll either get a shot right into the net because it's really really low where they are stretched here or here and you get a pop-up and that's one obviously now you can hit hard and down so this is a really important concept to grasp when I started playing it was really really easy to go Center Mass.

Like right here right to your opponent but again at higher levels that does not work I'm just going to kind of show you a couple Clips here what happens when you do go right towards the body foreign if I'm attacking right here good players are going to be ready right here so this is really easy coverage number one try.

To get it down at the feet if you can especially on higher balls that we can send down if they're lower contact balls we're evolving around a net level we want to spread it to the wings over here or over here so that we have them like this like this or like this again the further we can get it away from their body.

The less control that they're going to have over the ball all right so now you know what to do with your volley we're gonna play just a live ball volley game now I'm gonna feed it right to Katrina and I'm going to actually put it right around here waist level chest level and again remember at higher level play that's where I don't want to put the.

Ball but I'm starting it like that then after that after I put it there she can already send it down on my feet or try to get it out here to my wings now if she doesn't do a good job of that right if I feed her and she comes right here what am I going to do I'm gonna try to now to send it down at the feed if I can or go to the wing so this is just a.

Really good drill you can do remember the one feeding it is kind of at the disadvantage because I'm feeding it right here and then she's at the advantage because she can place it before me but if she doesn't do a good job then I'm gonna try to hit the wings or at the feet ah good ball.

Good shot good ball here we go all right yeah good shot there we go foreign so like you just saw right there you can go out there with a partner and play some live ball volleys from defeat you.

Can alternate feeding and again the first person to either get it down at the feet or get it to the wings and make their opponent stretch out is going to be on the offense and going to have the advantage at that time in that point so remember this takes a lot of practice hopefully this video is very very helpful for you we hope you enjoyed it.

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