thank you again for a year thank you how about that one was not good all right.

Point two zero White who's here thank you what's up your money.

Foreign foreign thank you one nine one yeah can I call anymore is illegal um.

Thank you take a step back yeah no no everybody honestly yeah.

Foreign sorry um come on okay foreign.

Unfortunately okay okay is that yeah we're getting close foreign.

throw them into a race sure sure let's go foreign great Ness foreign.

Everyone shooting here it was close I wouldn't have been mad okay I want him yeah yeah we're part of Babylon there were a lot of times.

Like come on thank you talking to me.

Anymore it'll get dirty Brothers do they clean these two thank you um.

Yeah that's uh oh yeah
Pickleball tournament pro mens singles match of Pesa Teoni and Moo Venkatesan vs Nick Petterson and Brian Ashworth
APP Sunmed Mesa Open />Mesa Shootout
Bell Bank Park – Legacy Sports Park – Pickleball Courts
1 Legacy Drive
Mesa, AZ 85212