great depth pushing the big guy back you need your weight solidly planted with hitting that third and his weight was almost towards the fence yeah right at the shoelaces right there great shot.

Jesse Irvin knows what she's doing Sun out point two one side out point two good speed up there from John Isner having him in front of Elise Jones he should look to speed up balls if that's going to be his best path towards.

Victory here the greatest struggle for John Isner is the is you know the cousin tennis you hit everything deep right the deeper the better he has a very hard time sort of finding that little drop from way back just dropping it barely over the net point three in the kitchen that's hard 100 a lot of charge for anybody 100 in.

Tennis a lot of people think you have more time in pickleball because the ball's moving a little slower you actually kind of have less time John after that serve usually has time to set up a forehand or a volley here are things 14 feet away they're coming a little bit quicker and lower than he's used to.

Oh missed that line four three all right five oh just a little long ER the two-point lead John gets it into play that should be a put away great Hustle by Jesse and a great grab by John oh and.

It's long Hannah Johns is sitting on the team bench there looks like a team Isner talking to some of the players bud I've got Leia Jansen here with me Steve Deacon as well guys you're down 1-2 in games here what was your advice to your mix team before sending them out there.

I don't think we give Jesse much advice here um but basically I think John is gonna try and start uh playing a lot more aggressive since he likes to use his length a lot more in mix so we feel pretty good about this one oh Steve what do you think personally uh John isner's game that was so fun.

Playing with John I didn't realize how tall he was it was uh you know for me it's going to be a really memorable experience um you know such a great guy awesome competitor um I love his reach right like if I was six foot to 85 I think there'd be a whole different ball game out there for.

Me but it's uh he's I feel he's got to use his length a little bit more and he's still learning and he's got such incredible hands um and and even the decisions that he's making on the court uh in this early stage have been have been phenomenal well Leia you got to take the court with a tennis player any chance you're gonna.

Join John Isner on the tennis court no way I don't even think I could like stay on the court with him he would just hit me off of it so no pickleball's my thing so if they want to play with me they can come here we've got it all right with that we're gonna take it back to the action Philly thank you Hannah Hannah John's there.

With six team Isner does a great job yeah I like that Steve deakin such a late Janson as well such a great competitor but Steve's very funny uh talking about John 6 foot 85 I think we'd all like to have that length out there.

He didn't realize how tall neither did I I gotta say bumped into him in the in the restroom yeah and uh you know I'm standing there and he's standing there and I'm like wow I can just feel this tall fella walking in there couldn't be a nicer guy in the world than John Isner seven nine once in a while it's just a just a flat.

Out error yep that's all it wasn't anything tough it's just a just muffed it John having a lot of sick in front of Elise Jones speeding it up he's realizes that he has the better hands the quicker hands and he's putting it on her to do.

Something there's that shot and John's getting a real good feel for it on the Deep drop he had a tough one with the 19. oh Elise Jones goes for an Ernie right there covered by Sam query but they they got away with it they did a little.

Fortunate bounce off the net tape there police is so fun to watch so much energy out there Elise heard me in the booth saying that she is better well John has better hands than she does going after him that time coming out on top oh.

needed a longer racket make that paddle there we go I was just seeing if you could catch sometimes they throw it out there to see if you're paying attention always paying it did a great job oh.

It's a real thing paddle and Racket get it right that's right 12 11. you don't yeah oh there's our video referee down there Nancy right big difference paddle don't ever say rack and if you do you.

Get shamed yeah pickleball Community will come after you oh yeah someone someone quoted me in an article once it said racket I don't even think I said racket you would never say wreck never the chat rooms were lighting up I had Renee Stubbs after me foreign.

Isn't this close all right 14. Irvin and Isner serving for game one great shot right there the big guy oh she might have kept him in play there bang oh wow what a boy game one down and John is there he gets to put it away.

No better feeling than being able to step into the kitchen for a slam Midway through mixed doubles the Tennis Pros are out the pickle Pros are in Hannah Johns is an equal opportunity team interviewer she is now with Team query Hannah well thanks guys I'm here on the sidelines with Lucy kovalova and Meg.

Design guys are you the biggest cheerleaders out here Lucy I have heard you quite a lot over the last match well of course you know I love my team so I like to support it and then this match like we are just this is like a decider basically game because we won a couple matches we lost some so it just all come down to this mix match so we are very.

Excited to be part of it Megan do you feel like you got the best tennis pro uh yeah Sam's awesome he's playing great and um he's got a lot of wins for us this weekend so so far so good well what do you expect to see in the rest of the matches this weekend do you think you're gonna make to the final yeah oh there's all the teams are really.

Good so I think anyone can make it but I do believe in my team and I think we have a chance I love it all right anything you want to tell your side of the day or half of the team out here right now what do they need to do well they need to win game two because otherwise the game is over match is over so I think I really trust Riley and.

Elise to to bring the victory home so we can we can finally win a match all right good luck guys thank you Billy thank you Hannah those two had a powerful performance I will say that kovalova and Dizon were very strong and as we rejoin the action here Riley Newman has stepped in with Elise Jones and they are up 3-1 over.

Jesse Irvin and AJ Kohler he's back oh Elise kept that in will she come to Rigo boy what a great handle point four yeah I expect a big turnaround here now that you got Riley Newman he's going to put a lot of energy.

4-1 AJ still looks a little sluggish to me well hello Nostradamus all right 5-1 they've jumped out to a lead here a great move by Riley Newman boy did he time that.

Baited and was standing in the middle and just made that huge move Riley's super underrated as an athlete six foot two and can move he's in the middle he's got oh a great lob it's in foreign.

Really clever lob there by AJ Kohler again that's one of those dinks that he can disguise and do multiple things lobbing one of them wow look at the great hands here Riley Newman as the great shovels great shovel dig it is so effective it just gets so much square paddle face on that and that is what we call the marriage.

Counsel excuse me is what you say or sorry dear oh and there's that move Kohler loves flick of the wrist she may be small her engine is small but watch out for her Steam that is it quote from a show called.

Different Strokes you're too young to know it never seen that Billy but Arnold played by Gary Coleman said my engine may be small but watch out for my steam okay I'm gonna go watch that is that on Netflix yes I try to quote the Bachelor or whatever else it is that you're watching but I'm gonna classics.

Struggles of working with a very young handsome and single partner here Matt manasse what a handsome man follow me on Instagram at I'm kidding no do it Alyssa hey where didn't you like almost join The Bachelor and I wasn't I I did I did I was cut a week before coming why'd they cut you the you were Bachelorette or Bachelorette I was gonna.

Be on The Bachelorette a contestant really yeah the week before they said create last minute creative decisions how confident are you competing against 25 other guys for one woman I don't know brutal you were there for the champagne and hot tubs that's right that's right it's there for the wrong reasons and they knew it was chew out of there okay.

Oh what a point here Riley and Elise look awfully good point this is turning out to be a successful substitution very successful they're so good in that transition zone defense into offense oh wow well handled police says the very same backhand drop.

That Riley has yeah that that that second hand gives them enough to leverage to kind of push that ball through cattle face stays Square not much room for error six eleven all right.

Quick action there really good move from AJ 7-Eleven Riley trying to attack Jesse Irvin there she served that right out of bounds they were getting a little bit of momentum yeah there's that scoop good eye there.

Two more points and this goes to a third game thirteen seventh sign up point eight good speed up there from Jesse Irvin again sometimes that third shot drop if it sits too high up and down it's an attackable ball that was the case there that's gonna go out point 14. all right serving for game two.

Push this final match of the day session here into game three maybe but not yet go black remember yes black team has to win on their serves so momentary Comfort here for Kohler and urban really impressive Court coverage there.

14 communication oh Riley 10 14. all right another chance to serve for the game Sun out point 11. Hey Jake.

11 14. sonout 14. all right another chance to serve for the camera point games she got it that's game two they're gonna go to game three and we are back at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino here at the PPA bubbly team.

Championships the conclusion of mixed doubles team Isner team query game three point one better move there from AJ Kohler energy not that high in game two looking for him to turn his team around here game three foreign.

one thing you'll notice here the communication between Elise Jones Riley Newman has been really great all match here point two hasn't been the same for Irvin and Kohler again a new new pairing they.

Don't play together normally on the PPA tour three one what a shot from AJ Kohler that thing basically rolled on the ground for that Ernie two three never came up Newman.

Never had a chance very impressive from color three three four good verbal cue there from Newman attacking telling Elise Jones no let that ball go.

Awesome communication there you'll see here not a bad move from Jones just left the court a little bit too open Riley having to cover the middle there foreign.

really smart from Newman they're holding that ball to the last minute making color make a decision 15 seconds we're switching hands at six this final game to 11 win by one again we'll be freezing at 10. players will have a chance.

To talk to their teams team Isner team query Riley Newman really the Difference Maker in this uh Final Mix doubles match brings so much energy matching that his partner Elise Jones Tony is six four point seven four.

Referee calling AJ Kohler on the line there that'd be Point save I got jackets 0.8 and a few points away from the Finish Line eight four eight four nine four style point five with rally scoring always a chance to come back.

Do have to finish on your own surf better cut there from Jesse Irvin some coverage there from Elise Jones brings up match point on Riley Newman's paddle six not racket Billy bush I had it.

Clean look at an overhead just off the tip of that paddle sails a little rice smile there from AJ Kohler Point hey no timeouts no timeouts Newman Newman trying to get a time out here but uh to no avail no timeouts in this format nice try Riley.

All right and they're gonna have another chance again on the paddle of Riley Newman at 10. tonight can they close it and there you have it the mixed doubles win three points to team query awesome stuff from Riley Newman Elise Jones
Tennis vs Pickleball – John Isner / Jessie Irvine VS Sam Querrey / Allyce Jones – 2022 Bubly Team Pickleball Championships – Full Exhibition Match Game Highlights – Held in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Pro Pickleball Match (Tennis and Pickleball Players come together)

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