Lucy kovalova will start on the near side so number 23 and big Sam queer I mean Lucy's a tall woman and she is standing next to six foot six Sam query yeah it's been interesting to see our size be humble yes indeed let's play Pickleball okay all right you and then it still worked out queries everywhere.

There's that big tennis overhead from sock got a good bounce on the dura there it's hard to do you know it's been like really like he might be the the MVP of this team right now for sure we'll speed up on sock shown some great hands all weekend long as Leia Jansen.

Pushing for the MVP voters to recognize Mr sock oh and Etta Wright says I saw all six feet six inches moving a little early there of course we have Matt Wright and Etta Wright on the same team no relation right on cue a talented player three one.

Joy watching her on the PPA tour next year and a Seattle Pioneer in Major League pickleball so this mix match will start with the Tennis Pros and then a pickleball Pro will Sub in for games too and if we need game three.

All right well we've got one more uh okay we're having a little discussion about whether that was in or not and uh just tried to call it out but Sam called him off so we had an overrule without uh Saka green to that but okay three big drive from Lucy Hannah Johns is with us and she's Courtside enjoying all the action that's right Dave I'm.

Down here on the court with Riley Newman Elise Jones guys what do you want to see out of your mix team right now this is going to determine the course of this matchup yeah we want to see lots of high energy high intensity uh really really good pickleball points just kind of lock in see if we can clinch this last match so excited to watch Courtside I got the.

Best seat in the house with some good teammates so we're having a blast well Elise you were diving all over the court in this last match and uh pickle roll it's the first time we're playing on the pickle roll surface you had close contact with the court so how does it feel out there what's it like how does it play it plays awesome.

Um normally like it's taped down yeah you will have some spot but when it's like fully glued down it you it plays just like a regular court and so I'm actually going to have my own soon and in a gym floor in Lehigh so I'll have it straight on the gym floor lay down and it'll play great and it'll be better on my joints not playing on straight cement.

That is awesome what color is it going to be it's this court right in front of us Center Court is mine so all right wow this exact Court Yep this will be mine guys I want to ask about your numbers you've chose numbers for the backs of your jerseys why that number yeah I was uh born on June 3rd so that's one of the reasons why I chose number.

Three and also I played High School in college basketball and that was always the number I chose uh in in basketball and so I just wanted to rep it here on the pickleball court love it Elise any story behind your number um well I'm actually really number three and I don't know who took that and then my second number is 13 and someone else.

Took that and then Megan took 11 and I let her have that and that's fine and so I went with two which was uh one of uh it was Brian's dad's number so yeah my husband's dad well at least you finally found a number no one wanted exactly all right guys let's take it back to the court Dave so a lot to unpack there we've got uh.

Elise Jones who was a star on Center Court tonight's gonna have her own Center Court wouldn't we all love to have a Center Court Leia chanson oh that would be amazing so uh and just having this to be able to put down in a oh no at a right had to charge out of the.

Way of the ball she's saying it did not hit her but everybody else everyone else is saying it did but it's because of the way it came off the backboard that it looked like it hit her but it clearly did not it is rare you got a matrix from that far back okay so yeah she did not hit it it.

Definitely did not hit her so right in stock continue on here up 10-5 okay ambitious but I like it yeah it's fun to see these uh players getting uh but the numbers Riley Newman mentioned number three is his birthday his football number you mentioned uh year old volleyball numbers it's uh it's a nice little touch here at.

The bubbly Team Championships presented by MGM Awards point seven here just to get close before they hit the freeze oh my two missed serves in a row from query that's not going to help your team's chances especially around in rally scoring really a lot of your on serve mistakes that you don't usually make.

Really kill I.E Miss drops or thirds answers there like don't you be speeding it interesting big Target big Target it is interesting choice of who to wave your fingers because uh that has got as you mentioned the control but she can rip a ball oh yeah.

Foreign air time right there and we have our first game point here in the mix as I mentioned you gotta win on your surf query going for the Ernie early oh and she does tag query and Jack stock is bent over in laughter wow.

Look at this finish we warned you Sam query Etta Wright's got pace and here it comes ouch ouch that will leave a mark in deep so and we have swapped in Spencer Smith on the near side here to play without a right and on the far side left side Phenom in this tournament Colin John.

Playing let's see it I love it just missed that's a that was a great track down because I thought that was important touch volley right there Smith Johnson Wheels here okay Colin Josh that and just goes prancing back like.

Yeah yeah this is me there's no B in front of my last name this is C John's how to write says okay one of the things I really love about the MLP format is guys if you want to get selected you better start paying attention to your mix and caring about your mix because if you don't have that.

Side of your game it hurts your draft stock females as well I know me especially one of my goals for 2023 is to get my mix stuff up and explained everybody because some people would say well hey it's pickleball well and it's not is it it's still pickleball but it's a very.

Different approach to the game it is pickleball but is very different men's doubles I would say have to be much more steady and in mixed doubles the guy really has to be very aggressive so a lot of the right side males and less aggressive males really have to learn to change their game styles and.

Vice versa for the females who are a little more aggressive and less eye dominant we have to really learn to embrace the awesome patient and reset game so it you have to learn different parts of it and you also have to find a partner that you mesh very well with so I know this is not just my opinion.

It's a lot oh for sure that mixed doubles is the most difficult event to play it's a can of worms could take just a little late paddle face just opened there for Colin Johns and uh Mr Smith number 88. serving it over there to conscience Slidell point five gotta thank Norman Clank scales all of.

Our referees Larry Havard Tom Tattler Tracy Dvorak and Howard Simon the video referees haven't been called on each team does get one challenge a game we haven't had one yet oh it catches point six six four one of the things in in my opinion that.

Makes a guy a good mix player say AJ Kohler for example he doesn't really care if he loses one or two going at the girl and you're gonna lose some but the guys who are really Relentless and don't care essentially if they're winning the war keep going uh some passive players I've noticed uh if they lose one then can I.

Completely shut down coach what a get from Spencer Smith what a get from Etta right oh what an angle a lot of whats there and they were all very impressed yeah the other thing is you have to have a budget in the budget.

How many times you're going to attack the lady how many times you're gonna get beat behind you you know you're gonna do it but it's just part of playing aggressive mix so 9-5 here in game number two kovalova and Colin Johns are up five nine Spencer Smith from Utah.

Serving it in there good representation of Utah and tonight in this match kovalova finds the net and Hannah Johns has some more gas Courtside it looks like Jack sock and Matt Wright Take it Away Hannah foreign to be doing right now what kind of energy do you want them to bring to this.

Cart yeah I mean it's been a long few days right so we're getting to the end of the of the pool play um so I think everyone's trying to find that last little bit of energy before we go into the elimination round and you just gotta muster it up right so and we're playing for seedings right now and we're all trying we've been crunching.

Numbers trying to figure out oh who's gonna finish first who's going to finish third and it's it's really close right now from what I've been told we can finish anywhere from first if we win this we're first if we lose we'll be third so it's kind of an interesting Dynamic but we'll see any idea tomorrow that was a great point.

I know Jack anything that you're thinking about as you sort of watched your team play you've seen the different matchups and Partnerships that they've had on court do you have any ideas for how you want to sort of loop it up for tomorrow no I mean I think obviously the format tomorrow is different so it'll be uh I.

Think teams that we've seen uh and it's mixed doubles only tomorrow so the teams that we've seen so far in the round robin played not sure that they'll stay the same based on team strategy so probably some new pairings uh it'll be intense it's gonna be a lot quicker I'm just going to keep trying to hold my own like I've.

Been trying to do all weekend and and keep helping the team if I can and hopefully we come out on top be fun what do you enjoy the most the mix or men's or singles uh and oh my God I enjoy uh I enjoy all of it honestly I mean obviously the doubles are so fun you're out there with somebody else trying to figure it out together.

Um I've only played like wreck wreck singles games really never played a serious single thing but I do I do enjoy that aspect as well I I like the cat and mouse type of games and all that but I've never played at this level of singles but uh one day for sure all right guys thanks Dave take us away so.

A lot of strategy going on over there between those gentlemen to get themselves set for the semis and finals and the elimination round as Matt Wright correctly described it and here we go with another comeback 10-10 now not surprising no not surprising this one's gonna go down to the wire let's.

See look at Spencer Smith come roaring in there 11 10. oh try the little over with the little hero shot right there 12 10. that was very heroic and very very long unfortunately.

For her CJ just catches the outside of the line here with that little placement great shot and Spencer Smith ready yeah Spencer sits pretty heavy backhand so that's a really tough ball to take below the net and I think he has some pretty underrated hands in my opinion.

He's had some interesting mixed results and good wins Point 14. yeah you really can't sleep on Spencer Smith no I think he's a very he was a very talented tennis player it's very steady and I I notice he's working on trying to bring some more offense and this is match point for team socks cannot get there so second.

Chance will they get it we've seen people get the ball back and never give it back again you gotta win that last point on your serve kisses off the kovalova paddle so second chance to close this out for at a right and Spencer Smith they cannot do it here we go again I think.

That's right it's 13 words yes okay oh that's high way too high from the outer right and guess what folks the score is going to be 15 14. look at now we got a game point on this side foreign goes wide from kovalova third match.

Point for Etta Wright and Spencer Smith for team sock s and that is not gonna be it and a second game point for that duo kovalovan Johns foreign.

For the last night of the year on the PPA tour because we're playing in the morning tomorrow what a night of pickleball we have had epic battles the tennis stars playing great and a game to 11 win by one will decide it and Lucy kovalova comes right out and says I got a highlight for you fans and rips in ATP winner let's go again one to eleven.

We'll switch sides at six side out point one is it gonna be 11 10 Lane you know my odds are on that but we shall see that was kind of like a heartbreaking loss right there let's see if they come out sharp in the beginning.

a little bit high and that's a good spot two one Spencer Smith reaching in yeah that Ernie attempt by kovalova opened up middle and Colin didn't really slides over far enough to cover that three one.

look at these two scrapped from the Baseline he's got that no way oh my goodness Spencer Smith then ropes an overhead what a point from Wright and Smith film kovalova can't believe it gives a thumbs up to Spencer Smith I.

Love the sportsmanship she's not AJ Kohler only AJ Kohler can pull that off when it rains it pours and again we'll switch at six and a hole is a problem but we've seen people dig out of them foreign and that goes wide and a big lead for Wright and Smith for team sock as they.

Switch sides able to throw away the fact that they had three match points in game two yeah I mean that's a quick turnaround so good for them to be able to just unpack that but as we've seen also what I like to point out I don't know if she talks about this on the broadcast yet but as you can see behind this beautiful.

Buckley board a little bit harder for viewing from this side so not only is it going to be hard to close it out the visuals are a little bit tougher yeah some people don't do well looking into that some don't do well looking into a depth of field where there's a long look into it so you just.

Got to adjust it's always going to be something there's always something it's the paddle's fault too a few minutes exactly right now oh they give it to them okay real tight over there see that one back it's like two two six yep Feel the Love on it but just blisters it.

Well deep big swing a lot of uh Team sock uh chatter to kovalova and Colin John's over there that's why we love the team competition oh went for it earlier didn't connect got that one that was a little bit better of a ball to go on I think that rose up a little bit more the other one that she went on.

Was literally yeah all right creating a little bit of distance here let's see if they can finish it just uh backhand Clinic from Etta right yeah if you leave that up to her she will be able to get it down she's got some good length and really isn't shy to pull that trigger.

Two points from a win and Colin Johns goes Ernie net smart silly angle he'll take it again this is just 211 folks good leave right there and uh a ball change without even looking at it there just the ball's cracked okay I'll switch it out boom.

Five nine someone can see the future I know there's a lot of magicians here in Vegas foreign out there and finishes and we are at match point for team sock s that will do it so after not finishing.

Three match points in game two Etta Wright and Spencer Smith are able to get it done much to the joy of their teammates so
Tennis vs Pickleball – Jack Sock / Etta Wright VS Sam Querrey / Lucy Kovalova – 2022 Bubly Team Pickleball Championships – Full Exhibition Match Game Highlights – Held in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Pro Pickleball Match (Tennis and Pickleball Players come together)

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