For team young let's play Pickleball and just deep there so there's the rally scoring camera and a point is already on the board a little bit easier to keep track of zero absolutely makes a little bit more sense okay big man all right I mean he might as well he's already halfway to the net.

Anyways I mean that took two strides from the Baseline and John isner's got an Ernie in the books in the night session feeling it here we're gonna try and speed it up down the line that cost you though here cam it doesn't it does but I like what he's doing he's taking his time getting in he's not panicking he's.

Not going for a winner right away he's hitting a drop he's playing pickle and that's what I'm loving from these tennis guys is they're really soaking in this pickleball philosophy and the third drops and fish shot drops and working in to speed up every once in a while but I'm loving them adapting to pickleball I am as well and.

As we adapt here we have to wait till the referee calls the score John so uh he's he's learning point a little wide there there's a good look at AJ Kohler number 91 I love that everybody's got name and number sign out point two two four.

And Alan Roman our lead referees going to get these guys to just take a pause and then sir prisoner again ready to go with the cell Kirk paddle and and something that they're going to have gonna have transition game that's where you get stuck and you think you have to do what you have to soften up the grip.

Let the ball drop into the kitchen then move your way up they'll get there point six a little pressure from Kohler and young six slides It Wide good start for that man right there originally from North Carolina now lives in Dallas and he came out so nervous this morning did not play well with he played with.

Ben Johns now now his nurse coming point eight and as we're seeing as pickleball is progressing the lob is now a key shot where it wasn't like that we used it in tennis but it didn't translate over to pickleball now you're seeing it off a bounce from the kitchen line out of a volley from the kitchen line as a third.

Shot if you're just starting pickleball you need to learn a lot without question and a big Target from devillier there that's a lot when you got six feet ten to choose from love the net cam there side out point nine yeah that that uh was a shot Off the Wall in left Center for a double for.

Donald Young from DC unfortunately no strings no no strings foreign for those of you who can't see Cameron because there's no camera on us she is just trying to pull Isner to the kitchen line and he's just not going yet and that's the hardest part for anyone.

Even if you're coming into this border if you're a high level Pro it's that transition zone that you think do I need to take a step back do you need to take a step forward especially coming from tennis we're used to ground strokes at the Baseline versus coming up and stopping those hands and creating patterns from the kitchen and.

Creating some opportunity for you so I'll be happy to see him take those two slug steps and get up to the kitchen John Isner handles that attack and then goes with the little Tui roll here and gets a mistake and he knew he was in trouble still shaking his head this is a guy that has the most aces in.

The history of the ATP Tour just missed an understanding pickleball It's Tricky sent us over to pickleball you just don't have the streaks to bring the ball back in and you really have to take that long stroke out of it and shorten up your game a lot of risks that's why color is deadly up at that kitchen line.

Tough third there so you will continue to get points whether you're serving or receiving until your team gets to 14. when you get to 14 it's the freeze you must win that last point on your serve 13. as you saw there when you have someone that is playing the left side they like to sneak over especially someone like devilier coming over and.

Helping out young but he leaves his Line open and Kohler saw that right away side out point eight there you see a man who can almost reach the net from the kitchen still not getting all the way up there he's on his way on his way 8 13. good look at young dessert Point 14. all right so this is game.

Point and they are obviously serving so they can't indeed win game one again best two out of three Saito 0.9 but that does not stop the other team so we've seen a lot of comebacks today Cameron we have one little mess up because it's a.

Point every single time that you serve the ball so you just have to be really strategic and you can't miss it you can't miss returns those are just non-negotiables especially in rally scoring Donald Young looking like he's playing tennis at the Baseline here he's still going.

Couldn't drop it and get in though so again they get the ball back but they do not win the match here great Great Rally there I think Divinity was wondering when's he coming up and he he was parked back there second game point here for team Isner comes up just short so two tries Thornton 14.

Foreign here on Tennis Channel and they are within two and the best rally of the match goes to team Isner from the Isner paddle and they have a third chance 14th was out game number one right here foreign.

ER had to make that a winner he can't just come off the court especially with someone like his or who isn't that experienced yet on the pickleball court stuff like he said it was his Bat on that one side out 14. and that's the no-go Zone Mr Young so uh fourth chance here now at 14. 13. you.

Must win by two as well folks wow his nurse finally gets in and he can handle the transition so four try stopped and we are tied at 14. so now both teams can only win a point while serving and they must win by two rally scoring 15.

And Donald Young comes strong and they and I really like how young has settled into this match I think what was happening is he was feeling very suffocated at the beginning is their employer doing a great job of that he settled back in and now you see them hitting a little bit more to debilier and I would like to see them just like.

That suffocate young a little bit more he likes to hit the ground stroke staying at the Baseline so if they can keep that pressure on him I think they're gonna come out on top so Isner and Kohler have been stuck in 14. and another poach.

Really a Bert there which is when you jump in front of your partner across the kitchen so a second game point here for team Young we'll do it so after having four game points of Their Own It is team young Donald Young and Jay davilier who come roaring back they win game one 16-14.

More of this fun right after this foreign there's AJ Kohler here we go game number two again to 15. one zero sorry no point one some fancy Hands by AJ Kohler there as that went to a very weird spot off of the net.

Looked like it was going out oh wait two and the tennis players have a big old Target on them don't they they do and I think that's something that John Isner is doing well but I also see the frustration is that is he's trying to work his way up to the kitchen line and he's he's getting there but what's.

Happening is once he's getting to the kitchen line he's not finishing his drop movement so he's working his way up doing well and then that last one he's missing it in the net and that can be very frustrating and I see it he's carrying that with him if he can just let that go he's doing well and I know it'll start falling for him.

Unbelievable get by Donald Young in the look at this this is insane still was back in plenty of time but isn't there and Kohler end up winning the point that's world-class athlete right there Donald Young he made that ball unattackable yeah so hard as a lot of the times you.

Panic and you throw it up get the you eat the ball but he went in there very composed and and fortunate he had a very unattackable balls would come charging up there and pop it up and you're like what was that for saw some beautiful tennis form on the overhead from Young there three four.

Of the dainty dropper from Isner what I love there though was young just stood there and watched no movement for him to go get that one and he definitely could have that's yours yours Jay having a lot of fun out there on court I love the smiles love having the tennis players mixing in it's a great return from Young it isn't.

What I would like for Isner is staying with that his movement his body movement was back and he's trying to hit a drop he has to stay forward with that ball and a lot of nice too he's from Donald Young especially that drop beautiful form on that and the level of the tennis players Rising throughout the day I like it.

Oh 0.6 goes for the Ernie but a little too much on it and Donald Young able to get out of the way and he's been impressing me from this morning to now he's a completely different player so it just shows how much improvement you can have on the court even within hours with this.

Sport of pickleball and that's what's so incredible about it he's really adjusted from laying back on those ground strokes and then flying long to sting forward over the ball and finishing those Drop shots and it's keeping him in a point a lot longer and he's coming out side out point seven is there again comes up short on the.

Third which is usually and in side outscoring but here that's cautious it does point eight flying Frenchman exhibit a eight six Point flying Frenchman exhibit B just come in it isn't it he's comfortable and.

I think Young is setting him up perfectly and he's just controlling that middle court so incredibly well tough Miss for Isner there and that man is on a roll go time for Team Isner he's got the ball he will serve 7 10.

11 and there's we're staying back just let a just an average ball become a problem it is and I feel the frustration from these tennis guys because most of us not all but did transition from tennis and you come in thinking well I was so good on a tennis court it's gonna translate so well and I'm gonna be amazing at.

Pickleball and they will be but it's just such a different game with such different shots and the mentality of it so it's gonna be like I said to see Donald Young already transition from this morning to now seeing Isner in two to three months he's gonna be a completely different player man right on cue with a beautiful Tui.

Finish for young young again so two points from locking down the first point in this team young 13's team isn't it and when your name is on the team and you're back you want that desperately 0.9 sir curse postcard Mr Young 913 yeah sorry 9 13.

Oh absolute filth from Isner left a few in the net and now clean winner third and I love that because he was singing he's taking over so much of the middle ball go behind him keep him honest I think that's his gameplay right now hitting a nice drop over to devilier side versus young see if they can't create some more confusion on that side.

And get some points on the board and much like young and devillier came roaring back in game one here come Kohler and Isner foreign all right so they get a couple but we are at Match Point 14-11 team Young boy 12. can't make the third so this is.

Reminiscent of what we saw in game one side out 14. again must finish it on their serve so second game point here for Donald 14 20. NJ and a missed return is a anti-climatic finish to this match so Donald Young brought it after they were down.

Bubly Team Championships featuring the top pickleball players in the world competing alongside professional tennis players John Isner, Sam Querrey, Jack Sock, and Donald Young.

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