And playing and he's looking to take it to him second serve Sam query on the right side here the big swing and that sails deep so again two out of three to 11 win by one regular pickleball scoring Point hands for days from query and sock and they are the first team to score here I love that little giggle there.

From Sam querrey almost in shock of we're we're playing we're in this match right now and they're gonna stack sock to the left side of the Court which means he will play over there the entire match do you guys want to swap I'll get you in the right place all right so we're gonna make sure these.

Boys are lined up properly there's one right and John smiling away second serve big rip from the Michigan star misses a very large Target in front of him I really like that movement there from.

Jack stock he his transition movement was very calm kept his hands really soft worked his way back in of course Ben Jones comes out on top but he's turning into a great pickleball player good leave that's a good skill in pickleball to learn too why not let it go so good job by query there so they've decided maybe stacking's a.

Little confusing so they're going to just stay and play their sides I understood and it is Santa Ben they're giving a gift to the tennis players on the missed return I think he almost wanted to do a tweener and there was no way that was possible paddle is heading there and then all.

Sorts of unfortunate things happened after that almost took out his wife we have all places for that to be going one two one point oh sock was there's a good look at the sock.

Mrs socks and the blonde there at the top two two one love that all the families are involved in this yes and the sister look at the court awareness here is query season ATP coming and he's right there you know I'm really not surprised by that because just coming from tennis they do have that Court awareness there.

It was just the side out since a pickleball moving that into the into this size of a court that I thought would be trouble for him but they're handling it just fine six six Sam query sermon oh shake and bake it is on folks fight.

And a delicious third from query and it is 4-2 foreign that third shot from Sam Corey looked like John isner's from last night with the trajectory being really flat in a heavy ball versus a nice lofted drop very effective.

And that's the Precision of Ben John's there but a very nice get Jack sock was all over the court today slid for a ball went all the way to his skin kid was bleeding that's how much he's given to this game in this event great finish there by Matt Wright he's not gonna he's gonna make sure he finishes that one and right at the feet.

Three four one big Drive catches query there and uh four four one four four much better handle there for number 77 Sam query sounds like your left Winger here of the Las Vegas Knights foreign.

there and is on the line what a ball and Sam query hits a winner off a Ben John's Ernie folks comfortably oh just second serve so you mentioned the transition area Cameron where the differential will be significant it is and the other thing.

That's going to be a big difference here is with Ben Johnson Matt Wright they can move the ball and change the pace so incredibly well everyone has power on the court we all came from tennis we all have big drives but when you get up to the kitchen as you're seeing Ben John's really move the ball around with that change of pace that's gonna be the.

Difference Maker tonight second serve five four two upside down great take from sock there don't let that ball travel all the way to your partner and he was practicing that earlier and made sure he just looked right at his toes that they were outside.

Of that kitchen line and we are at six four one six for one Jack sock one of the best doubles tennis players in the world if not the best oh and he wanted that needed the doubles alley he did yes all right and that sails deep and even though sock a little off balance there.

Able to hang in there 742 as a phenomenal move by the goat of pickleball watch him anticipate this and get all the way around that is leg day is important Cam and for him to keep his hips squared up to keep the ball in incredible job Evan Johnson point.

So we'll see if these two slow everything down like we talked about the pace the tennis players love it yes they're loving it right now like I said I think they just need to go back to simple pickleball let's get up to the kitchen line make these boys play in some dink rallies sock speeds it up but John's is ready.

And the lead is but one second sir and look at Cleary that's where the height helps you doesn't it it doesn't you think the ball really really well and he's keeping his paddle out in front of him sometimes what we're seeing with these tennis players is they're taking this long swing because they haven't they've just.

Transitioned over the pickleball and what you see on the other side is a lot of just wrist flicks especially Ben Jones is so good at it a little mix up there in the middle of the Court but I'm very impressed with Sam queries he's keeping the pad out in front and the switch is very short yeah Matt just forgot that Ben takes all those in the.

Middle that was 20 21. second serve and it's hard when you have two incredible pickleball players like Ben Johnson Matt Wright just like we had Jesse Irvin and Annalee Waters but they don't play together often so that chemistry is not there and it's hard to create right away.

Get moved by sock just couldn't finish it so they cannot Edge in front there's Ben John seven a piece second serve tremendous volley right there seven seven two seven all in the scoreboard seven all on queries back and they say well you're not getting in.

Front either so they're having a great time right now no pressure on them and they're playing lights out second serve yeah the pressure is all on Johnson right here for sure don't get any love from the net there so seven seven one Ken best two out of.

Three to eleven win by one fight big step back fire from query there but right into benchon's paddle that's a tough place to win 8-7-1 second serve rare Miss there from John's eight seven two and another.

Ernie from query if I was that tall I would earn you every Point too but he's reading it really well and going at the right time and he's not getting caught there by Matt Wright and he's got an athletic guy to his side who will fill in so it's a very smart play second serve.

Suck you can hear him saying why did I speed it up Ben John's just standing there so uh Second Chance to tie it up at eight oh my goodness damn query doing a Victory lap and we just saw the end of the chest bump there but my goodness I thought that was gonna go wrong and that was right in every sense of the word.

That was an incredible take by Sam Curry jetting over there and hitting that winner down the line and now it is 9-8 sock and queer two points from taking game one here point and now it is game point for Jackson Sam query oh no and the pressure's got to oh.

No okay eight ten one right is piling up fight when sakos for an attack might have been low Cam and that's the Difference Maker that's going to happen is you're going to start to see I think they've proved me wrong already.

That they're going to want to look to speed up and play a little bit more aggressive but not have too much thought behind it and that's we're going to see the spread where John's and Matt Wright are going to go ahead and take the lead and another big drive and clear his backhand and we are tied at 10. win by.

One folks win by one two one by one by two okay and.

The inmates are running the asylum on the court and we've got uh we're gonna win by two thank you look at that shot and that goes deep unbelievable point at 10 10. and the tennis players have the ball back remind me but I was it Jack sock last.

Night who wanted to win by two and it ended up working out in his favor it's hey we're gonna win by two now and we're we're happy to call it that way sails deep so 10-10 win by two last night they changed it on the Fly too and that actually hurt the pickleballers and another missed serve at crunch time for the tennis.

Players so they've had a game point at 10-8 they weren't able to cash second serve put the oh and a little fist bump at the net from query how can we take that that's a great Slide by query but just like you said earlier big swing Kim big swing keeping things short and really.

Just that wrist flick he has enough power in there just to go ahead and put it down at the feet would have been a winning shot so now it is a game point for John's and right and sock gets tagged tag they're staring down Point against at Tate Ben Johnson Matt Wright rally and win.

With that tag right there
Bubly Team Championships featuring the top pickleball players in the world competing alongside professional tennis players John Isner, Sam Querrey, Jack Sock, and Donald Young.

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