Court get out of here I don’t play Pi actually are watch you guys disect children Tenn it’s over there right is their sum you have to sign in and pay a fee and it’s for tennis only yeah we understand that we uh we met with the city they said no one has a permit to display so we’re allad to be here to leave now or we see the.

Temporary permit he will be able to yes he will would you bring app for us I I I’m not going to tell you that we we’re I I have we have a temporary one here just talk to the city you have one here just talk to the city you’d like to bring one out we’d like to okay.

Well you see that guy give me the finger yes I did actually two fingers right both hands a double finger yeah he wouldn’t identify himself though well he’s right over there we we know how you doing good how are you hi I’m Stephan nice meet you Tyler hi hi nice to meet you hi Stephan hi what was your first name Ash Ashton nice.

To meet you what’s going on uh we met with the city uh several times and director of parks and wreck Andy field said no one has a permit for this place okay and because no one has a permit for this place first come first serve anyone could use it that’s what we were yeah we were told it’s public land and nobody has a permit to uh we have the latest.

Permit here does have a permit we would told he doesn’t by the director there and may the city told us this is the latest permit where is have a date on it yeah it does is that the one that’s pending no they told us this is the current or the expired latest permit oh wow lot of cameras January guys don’t can all share videos.

Like every angle Sor it’s all right I’m used to being recorded I’m also recording all of you good my director in say where technically yes you guys do operate and um for right now if you guys operate and you guys own any of the stuff that they’re using like if you own.

Any of the stuff they’re using and you paid for it or your league or whatever paid for it then that’s yeah we paid to have the court surfaced yeah well that’s again nitpicking okay if you can’t phys
Tennis Players LOSE IT On Pickleball Players
What are your opinions on this? Who is in the wrong here?