There's the big guy this match goes to 15 and we're underway point yeah I think this match is going to come down to how well can John Isner play Yeah from the outside I think he's maybe the weakest player on the court obviously paired with the strongest a lot a lot of things left uh unseen.

Here Jack sock known for his heavy serve kick serve heavy forehand again there's no strings on the paddle here in pickleball so excited to see how these guys go in the slow game move to the other side please thank you yeah then John's unsure on the new format here.

Has been moved here to the right side here one one and John's not used to being reprimanded I think Isner just recently just got in this morning so he's gonna have to get the plane legs a middle seat economy on the spirit here we go.

It's like a Police Academy when me and Joe Green was in the middle just ripped out the front seat and he drove from the back okay nice Roll by John Isner dude wait till I call the score sir he got called back I'm sorry a lot of reprimanding here from the refs.

Foreign missed that drop from this side sir here we go yeah these guys the fellas here you will serve from the right side point four slow start slow start here Isner they're feeling each other out and they're a ton.

Of length but tough for him to get down feel these Dinks but you know what Disney loves pickleball y big start by Jack sock hang in there Ben clearly.

Strategy so far from sock and Smith is hit every ball to John Isner yeah sure foreign keep it away from Ben Johnson correct and I think it's up to Isner to kind of realize that and actually let Ben come over yeah and take over more of the Court.

I don't know if the ego is gonna love that but that's what needs to be done I say win at all costs and if I'm John isn't there I said take it shot by Jack sock good hands there from Jack keeping that paddle in front known to have great hands and doubles again has been ranked leave as high as one in the world and doubles on the ATP Tour.

It's a drop what a great shot I decided gently laid that down the line that's just intelligent four eight point five Isner and John's get an easy one there nice touch there if I did is there oh 0.9 it'll advise speed up there from Ben.

Through the middle Spencer Smith yes sir Spencer read that one a little too seasoned to go there no yeah I read it like a book foreign for you did not pay off but really really good.

Move little a little overzealous there from sock but I like the move you don't know you can't do it until you try right oh what a great shot by Spencer Smith John's really good work for it great ATP defense there from sock Jack playing like a veteran out there oh what.

Wow Isner handled the Ernie but popped it up too high I don't want to be too hard on Big John but clearly the weakest guy on the court here scores indicating that come on Johnny get him there he is he heard you yep he heard you thanks Big Sean rejected.

11-7 Ben Johnson you might need to take over here let's see what happens oh wow side out yes sir 12-7 Jack sack serving with a comfortable.

Lead here remember this match goes to 15. Spencer Smith just missed there Ben was really able to get a lot of Top Spin on that ball even though he didn't hit it that hard so much action thank you so great shot by Jack sock 2013. yeah is there left that dink up a little bit too.

High there's nothing really Ben can do about it and that's in that situation he's looking to take over space cover the middle can't be in two spots at once 14. friendly volley by then chance it was sure oh what a shot by Spencer Smith really great.

Well match goes to 15 that means there's a freeze at 14. so sock and Smith have to win on surf they cannot win this point and win the match okay put our hands there from John Isner Spencer Smith going at him finally ready for that shot.

14. I see that often no short return like that I would expect Ben to go for a drive all right game one can be closed here Matt and it is a convincing Victory by Jack sock and Spencer Smith yeah they look good it looked really good yeah Jack a lot of good resets some.

ATP defense I think Ben Johnson's got to do a better job of uh getting Isner out of his own head take some more balls too push him off the court I mean it is is a solid player he's got great hands and they're up one let's see what happens.

He's that slice return of Spencer I'd like to see a little more energy out of John a little more moving at the feet bouncing around Jack looks really pumped to be here okay they've got him back wow what a great move by Spencer Ben looks Ben is great it looks just a little flat he looks flat right now he looks very.

Flat he should be moving a little more looking to take over we got a nice Point by Isner I saw Ben Johns walking into the MLP draft last night which they had here last night on the tennis channel he looked like Tom Brady I mean he had his hair was on point he had a suit that was custom fit like Euro style I mean.

He looked like the world's number one oh Jack sock wanted his own around the post 3-2 as you said instead of ATP he got peaked just the big so I like that next time Jack point three I had not a bad speed up there from Ben actually there's a head.

In that point but three three John not quite ready could speed up there I'm gonna throw crazy word at you here but I described Spencer Smith as a mellifluous player I have never heard that word in my life okay.

You'll Google in the commercial break I I will I'm going to Google I'm gonna educate the audience on what mellifluous mellifluous player wow must be from another generation that works he controls his energy beautifully centered centered guy here they come put away by Spencer Smith who's having a.

Great game yes what I'm what I'm seeing here from from Ben looks deflated because he he kind of recognizes that John may be not capable of performing at the level he'd like and it's kind of just shut down which as anyone knows you cannot do you got to keep your attitude up there it's a huge.

Part of this game yeah he's not a fiery guy well he got one of those there you go build on that I want to see Isner and John's five six make a competitive run here 0.6 an uncharacteristic Miss by Spencer Smith.

I haven't seen a lot of those and now knotted at six six we want to find Isner here and Jack found the net instead much better from John there if John if John could stay in that right side right the beta roll and just make his dinks Cross Court it's going to give Ben a chance to impose himself out there no man wants to.

Hear beta roll hey do you mind being the beta today uh uh sure sorry John you're the beta oh oh yeah there's a lucky Break by Jack Zack 0.9.

Good rip there from Jack looks like his tennis forehand a lot of action on it nice volley no he just missed it yeah I couldn't feel a little too much angle yep too aggressive on that ten seven three straight points for sack and Smith timeout in the Five Hour Energy for John.

Isner would do good right here but behind you there you go little life right there 9 10. I've got the score wrong there but it's 9 10 right now not 8 11. 10 10. 10 all Ben saying what's up I'm still here.

we go the big guy I'm taking it he's having a good time put away by Jack Zack yeah great angle there from Jack 11-11 a really tight game well we know Isner has the staying power right I mean if he 7068 right the longest I believe that was it yeah Wimbledon history close to 11 hours I.

Believe just incredible foreign got aggressive and it was perfect 12 11. he got a piece what do you get Ben Johns has got to take over somehow and that is long 13-11 I'd be throwing that paddle right now after that decision oh.

Gave up on it well we've got to freeze at 14 but 14 11. that means you got to win on the serve here and it looks like I've got that chance now and they did and John's that is so not what I expected to see there but he's great and he'll be certainly back because
This is the battle of the team in Las Vegas. Bubly team championships. Isner/Johns take on Sock/Smith in men’s doubles.