introducing a table tennis shaped paddle the yola radius comes in at an average weight of 7.6 ounce along with a carbon grip hitting surface that offers durability and optimal ball bite for enhanced spin the paddle is composed of a 5 inch handle and a 16 millimeter polymer.

Honeycomb and features a unique 15.8 by 8.2 inch circular shape that offers an expanded sweet spot this paddle is perfect for any player looking for pinpoint accuracy spin and touch having tried a majority of the yellow paddles out currently this is by far my favorite paddle out the eula radius is.

Definitely an amazing tool for me in singles play i felt like i was able to get maximum control spin with this battle and with the expanded sweet spot of this battle it was really forgiving for me i didn't really like this in doubles.

Play due to the fact that during dinking it did work really well for me but when i i had to drive a nice shot towards my opponent i felt like it did lack some power from it overall i do think this paddle is best suited for anyone looking for pinpoint accuracy and nice bite and spin.

Now when it comes to uniqueness i always like trying strange paddles or different paddles and the radius definitely ranks up their uniqueness but it does a really good job overall in playability so things i like about the paddle it has a lot of control so i could confidently trust my drives and singles and doubles i could hit the ball with a lot of pace.

And the ball was never soaring long and staying in but i could also utilize a little bit of power when i was up at the net to keep the ball off the court quickly another aspect i really like is the spin potential i found that maybe other than the ben johns the radius for me was one of the more spin friendly paddles so when i was playing singles.

And i was hitting a forehand trying to keep the ball off the court i could really generate some wrist snap and really get that ball moving for me personally i couldn't switch to this paddle just because of the handle length it is ideal for one-handed backhands but i use a two-handed backhand so i need a little bit more.

Length there but overall again it's a really unique paddle plays very well with control and spin so if you're maybe an aggressive player with a one-handed backhand this is going to be a paddle for you to check out for more information on this paddle and for all your pickleball needs check out.
JOOLA Radius CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle />
Boasting a ping-pong inspired shape and the largest edge to edge sweetspot of any pickleball paddle, the JOOLA Radius CGS 16 is sure to be a hit amongst ping-pong players transitioning to the sport as well as anyone looking to capitalize on their touch game. Get ready to be a spin master on the court with this innovative paddle from JOOLA!

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