Welcome to the first Susan G Komen pickleball for the Cure National Tournament we're thrilled to be here for a wonderful evening of pickleball but also to show support for all those people affected by breast cancer while raising critical funds to help end this disease we're here tonight at the beautiful.

Tennis and pickleball Club in Newport Beach California with the team behind pickleball for the Cure as well as our program Partners pickleballtournaments.com USA pickleball and Newport Beach pickleball events my first guest tonight is Paula Schneider president and CEO of Susan G Komen.

First time pickleball player but more importantly a 15-year cancer survivor welcome Paula Paula you're here I'm here welcome aboard thank you I'm so happy to be here it's going to be a wonderful evening could you start off a little bit about telling us what we're doing here tonight yeah tonight is is literally this is the.

Inaugural day this is the first time that we have had a pickleball for the Cure it's the nation's first official fundraiser that offers players that could be in any level to be able to play from beginner to Advanced and and it's the opportunity to play the sport that they obviously love and support and a fantastic organization and breast cancer.

It's a wonderful wonderful Sport and a fantastic cause I'm very happy to be here my name is Morgan Evans if I haven't met you before I'm here with the lovely Paula Schneider president and CEO of Susan G Komen how are those things so now I understand obviously breast cancer is a very personal topic for you do you mind sharing a little bit about your.

Story I I am a breast cancer survivor I was diagnosed in 2007 so I'm happy happy to be here probably more so than most people and and for me it's personal because my mom had breast cancer she died of breast cancer and uh you know I have two daughters so enough said right I'm in it to win it and I've been.

Running Coleman for the last five years and for me it's a it's a privilege and an honor to be with this organization and the really amazing amazing good work that we do beautiful yeah it's uh looking out and seeing this sea of pink it's uh it's heartwarming kind of amazing so how will this tournament affect those who are.

Currently affected by breast cancer well pretty much every dollar that we raise through programs like this it helps with so much needed funding and and we have funding for emotional support financial assistance and fundies funding for most importantly the Breakthrough research because there's nothing that's going to cure cancer other than other.

Than research and I kind of joke but it's not really a joke that there's really nothing that's going to cure cancer other than cash so and here we are we're raising cash for the for all of the great things that we do at Susan G Komen it's beautiful beautiful so obviously a lot of great donations coming in today yeah.

It's been fantastic it really is it's it's uh combining something like pickleball which reaches so many people with a cause like this it's fantastic so if your fastest growing sport in in the United States so we thought you know as pickleballs is something that is so important to people and and caring about people with breast cancer is important.

And with joining these two communities together would be an amazing thing it's only fitting that uh the donations and the support for best breast cancer survivors and those going through it should be the fastest growing cause in the game yeah right yeah I agree with you excellent now if someone is tuning into.

This and they don't really know who Coleman is or you know hasn't uh or has recently received a breast cancer diagnosis what uh what should you tell them I would say that you know first of all we're here to help you and we're here to help you in every aspect of the of your journey because it is a journey and it's not a great Club to join but if.

You have to join then it's it's you know just it's really heartwarming to know that someone is here and you're not alone you can call our helpline and our helpline will help you with every aspect of your care there is financial assistance for those people that qualify and that can be used for anything because you know most people.

Um shouldn't or anyone should not have to make a decision whether or not they put food on the table for their family or they go through their breast cancer treatment so and that's the type of decisions that people are having to make so for us it's super important that we help people along the way and if you or anyone that you know is diagnosed with.

Breast cancer then you should should call our helpline and it's 1-877 go Coleman and you get the help you need today because you know no one has to go through breast cancer alone no no certainly not wonderful cause the website is I had a look at it it's fantastic yeah it's uh it really brings.

People in let's have a little bit of a preview of the exhibition that's about to start we've got uh we've got some fantastic players here with us today our first match we have Jameel action uh he is a relatively local player yeah a fantastic player I've had the pleasure of playing with him and beating him before well I don't know.

About that you know he's playing alongside a friend of his Daniel raditi and he is a wonderful Pro fantastic senior uh singles player actually no yeah I don't think he's senior yet he's gonna hate me for that um but we're getting the show under Road Daniel raditi well he's putting balls into the crowd oh he teased me there oh.

Daniel yeah I'm pretty sure he did that on purpose okay classic okay they are playing against obviously on the other side Cali Smith one of the great players in the women's game and Kim Jade my first ever mix doubles partner oh was she yeah okay and she is also a breast cancer survivor she is and we'll be talking to Kim later.

On today and we will be doing rally scoring it is a game 221 win by two okay so now we've got Cali Smith serving to Jamil oh those Drop shots are hard to pick up they are very much so she was aggressive with that two-handed backhand anyone who's seen her play.

In the PPA tour or any of the other tournaments she takes part in Tuesday night pickleball I saw her just a few days ago knows how aggressive she is she could really take over this game at any moment and she's tall at the net Daniel where did he win a uh well he's got one of the most beautiful backhands.

In the game that one finding the net unfortunately big serve from Kim great Folly I'll tell you kind of amazing yeah Jamil has he's come a long way that score is 3-2 for those watching at home do need to be somewhat aware that.

Typically we don't do uh rally scoring so this is a new one for a lot of the pros necessary for the kind of time frame we've got today oh just out just out inches away from greatness rides are into Newport yeah oh right down the middle yeah.

It's uh so often solves a riddle I think Kim Jade attempted to bring the paddle back how's your pickleball game looking these days well I came in second twice today okay that means that we lost both times so if there was a gold medal for people coming in second second I would win but it was priceless.

Lots and lots of laughs not quite as serious as this game or was well played oh look at that unbelievable shot she Jamil may have hit an outpole but managed to turn it into an incredible short angle Ernie backhand winner and the score is 6-3 the gentleman.

Oh that ball catching the net and floating wide on Smith so it extends the lead 7-3 referees just confirming the score inside also not uh a tune with rally scoring and Kim Jade found a good spot tough one.

For Reddit a lot of crowd support for the girls yeah the women I apologize we're here for the girls today it's true it's true although men do get breast cancer that's a tough one we're Didi plenty of power through the middle and the score is eight four.

Nice deep return there Smith is everywhere it's like a wall yeah yeah she's she's in it to win it this may be in the realm of exhibition but she is such a competitor as is Kim Jade I think Jade needs to pick up that one and the score now 10-4.

and a short return from Jade leads to a good looking attack from rodidi Jay thinking it was wide oh jamila's not messing around geez so who did you play with today Paula well my partner was Jill Cramer who is uh actually my tennis partner and uh we gave it our best shot.

That's all you can really ask that's all we could do and a great serve so at 7-Eleven they are closing the gap oh and Jamil wounded by the massive forehand of Cali Smith that might hurt what she's hitting it hard yeah oh my God.

I've been hit before by hair it's not fun not bad the lobster from Jade oh almost Jade attempting a slippery little shot there trying to sneak one into Jamil oh that's an out ball aggressive work from Cali Smith she's.

Finding her rhythm I have to root for the girls I'm sorry oh no you should of course we all do good reset there from Jade oh and Smith beautiful backhand all right so they win within two points now coming back 10 12.

Oh look like he painted the line on the return as roditi so often does okay hey who knows the crowds might be playing some favorites okay well done crowd definitely long foreign.

All right as they organize the score and 11 12 is the score oh he's got it again so sneaky right through him I think she's realizing that she's gonna have to take some real chances Jade serving to roditi 12 12. oh.

An attempted poach ran into that one but Archer was wise to it I think she left that window open deliberately hoping the bait would attract rodidi to go down the line and certainly did oh Justin.

Rodidi one of the best singles players in the game serve to be reckoned with oh that's too missing he hasn't missed two backhands in his life I think the pressure is getting to him I think so it's all the pink he looks good in pink though black and pink.

So two points the margin thirteen fifteen nope Jamil trying to be a little cute with that backhand it was a little Glee on my part 14 16. and the crowd once again indicating.

A little long oh but uh yeah if that had gone over yeah almost beautiful so one point the margin drives are hard to come by today tell me when uh when you're taking the third ball Paula do you like to drop do.

You like to drive what's the plan drive drive ah oh yes you're a tennis player it feels more natural for me I'm gonna go with what's functional to begin with but do what drops are hard and Cali Smith able to get to it oh a sea of pom-poms trying to urge that ball along.

But Kelly Smith too nice so 1716 the gentleman four points away the ladies five oh and a good leave 1816. roditi to Jade oh oh too bad a lovely slice Cross Court dink do you like to dink Cross Court.

Paula oh doesn't everyone nothing it's so much easier than down the line right there's so much pressure when you dink down the line the control they have is amazing it really is isn't it yeah oh and very sneaky there yeah he was Kim Jake will have to be.

Ready and looking for that one now only two points away um make that one point Kelly Smith a little uh little too aggressive on return and 2017 is the score oh she beated him yes he'd certainly read it well but a lot of power on that forehand.

So the girls still alive 1812. oh maybe maybe oh and that is game oh oh yes ah sorry flying the ointment when a team does get to 20 points they have to win on serve okay and Cali Smith is having none of it no great defense straight into offense.

Here's the comeback look at that almost straight into the Bread Basket love the pom-poms all right 1920 is the score she's gonna have to keep that ball well out of the range.

His four unfortunately it was in for the ladies so that gives rodidi and Archer a point again for the match oh and the net just rubbing them got in the way that one so the first game goes to Jameel atcha and Daniel raditi impressive work though from the ladies.

We will soon have a singles exhibition Cali Smith versus Daniel raditi okay we'll soon be hearing from Becky Carmichael yeah it's a Becky is uh an interesting story for us and it's sort of a little commercial break for us but it'll tell a little bit more about what we do at Coleman.

And uh I think they'll they'll find this interesting great I look forward to it hi my name is Becky Carmichael and I have breast cancer first of all with covid I skipped my first year ever of having a mammogram and my doctor and my insurance company both let me know that I was overdue when.

She sat me down after both biopsies and after the MRI and said yes there is cancer in that node I think that's when it finally hit me oh gosh now we're going to be dealing with breast cancer everything's kind of had to stop and that's been a bit difficult you know I miss my friends my weekly coffee or.

Tea or lunch with a group of women that I always went out with every week Jim and I will be married 51 years next month sometimes I think I rely on Jim too much he has been there from the very beginning he sits in the bathroom to make sure I'm not going to fall while I'm in the shower I mean he's.

He's really taken really good care of me I don't know if I could have a better caregiver as soon as I got my diagnosis that was one of my resources is to go in and look at Susan G Komen and see what's available and see other women that post things there's other women that have been through things and you really do.

Learn a lot from what they've gone through take care of yourself get your mammograms don't count on feeling a lump you're number one so act like it and don't skip a mammogram I would like to thank everyone for helping Susan G Komen in the fight against breast cancer with your.

Donations and your support thank you this is splash screen it talks about the panels okay foreign tell us you're wearing a pink visor we saw Kim wearing one as well yep can you.

Tell us a little bit about the pink visors yeah the pink visors are for all the women that have had breast cancer so if you saw today there were quite a few women here that had breast cancer and or have had breast cancer or living with metastatic disease or living with breast cancer and diagnosis right now so it's just a sort of honor and be able to to.

Tell us apart as as survivors or thrivers people that are living with metastatic disease yeah now pickleball has sort of become part of your life how did you how did you find it how did you get into it pickleball is is has really been a fun little challenge for me because I grew up playing tennis and for the first you.

Know few times I played a wolf the ball almost every time because it doesn't the paddle's shorter but it's been really fun learning and I'm still very very much a novice and that's that's why I came in second twice today well I mean that must have been more than two teams right no you beat a bunch of teams I got to walk the walk of shame twice off the.

Court no it was fun it was super fun it was a great time lots and lots of laughs because we're just not good enough yet and you know for us to play in a national tournament is uh it's an honor but it was also I mean it's a process and every new player that comes yeah I did yes it was really exciting when people can ask what'd you do this.

Weekend I can say I played in the national tournament for pickleball it's nothing why not it's a win that's a win yeah what do you not like the people that are playing right now however yes these two this match we're about to see roditi versus Smith this is going to be big um all right tell me what are you kind.

Of most like about pickleball in general uh I think the camaraderie it's it's super fun it's you know obviously it can be very very competitive but for the most part I think it's just everybody enjoys being out here and hitting and playing and I think it's easier to learn than a lot of other games which is probably why it's not easier to get.

Great and proficient at it but it's easier to go to learn and be able to to go out and have a really good time doing it regardless of how proficient you are yeah yeah it has to be the reason why it is growing so quickly yeah I mean easy to play hard to master right exactly right that's a good way to put it all right looks like the players are.

Underway sir Kelly Smith already on the board tell you rodini's got his work cut out he is a fantastic singles player but so is she yes exactly unbelievable oh On The Run great looking for that passing shot too much pace for redidi to stick their volley yeah this could be trouble yep yeah he's.

Got a great overhead found a nice angle she knew it too she picked the direction well so that's a win I think it's all pretty intentional at this level unbelievable oh what a shot what a shot.

And that return is deep oh look at that so Paula as we're watching this uh Masterpiece here tell me hardest lessons you know you went through it you are a Survivor yeah what did you what did you really learn what what is it that you're taking forth into life.

I think you don't sweat the small stuff um you know I used to joke at every other job that I company that I ran that uh you know relax people we're not curing cancer here and here we actually are carrying cancer so you can't relax but I do think that you know you learn to allow yourself to um to be vulnerable and to accept help and that's really.

Hard when you're used to being large and in charge yeah I can imagine I am sure it affected the way you you ran the company how does how's it affected you know taking the lead of Coleman and see you I think try to do it every day with kindness with understanding and you know understand that people are are human and there's lots and lots of wobbles.

And you have to sort of meet people where they are It's a Wonderful story and uh we are honored to have you here with us no I am so honored to be here and there just came as a as a an opportunity for both of us and as far as like having it here in Newport Beach at the pickleball club and doing it as.

Pickleball for the Cure and now it's going to start a national national movement it really is it really is and that movement wide for the forehand down the line was epic now on that note Paula I'd love to well love you and leave you we're going to see you again soon I'm sure I'm gonna bring in Kim Jane now another breast.

Cancer survivor we saw her on the court let's have a chat with her okay thank you so much for joining us an incredible get there from Cali Smith I am joined now in the booth with my good friend Kim Jade how you doing sweetie we just saw you on the court wonderful to see you out there.

Strutting your stuff some good resets the old lady handled herself okay yeah no and uh to play with Cali it's just a real privilege for anyone watching a hotel here today but for you to play alongside her an amazing uh amazing time yeah she's a great competitor and just a really fun partner.

To play with and she's up right now she's she's handling Daniel right now yeah he's uh that that single-handed backhand from Daniel it looks beautiful it's always going to look beautiful but he will need to find the court at some point maybe he needs a little topspin on that just a little bit are you there.

So as a player many people know the name Kim Jade what a lot of people don't know though is you are a breast cancer survivor can you talk to us just a little bit you know as we're watching we'll kind of chime in and out but a little bit about your story sure um I was coaching at UCLA it was the.

First assistant with the volleyball team for many years and in 2006 I go Cali sorry oh my God I love the fact that you're so competitive and such a fan of the sport that even talking about something like this you you're you know really still engaged well I know the fans are.

Watching it so I just had to be just a great rally um in in 2006 I actually had a shoulder surgery and um was oddly enough kind of reaching over myself to put on a shoulder brace that I had to have on and I felt something in the top you know top part of my chest and um look at that volley beautiful shot.

At that moment when I felt that I I knew I just I I had a hole in my stomach it was the pit I I just knew I was in trouble I I knew I had something wrong and I assumed it was breast cancer and it was immediate yeah it was frightening it was devastating how long did it take before you found.

You know got your diagnosis and realized it it was what you thought your worst fear um Dr immediately said it's probably not cancer um you know that most lumps are not cancerous and so I was kind of way laid but it took almost two torturous weeks to get my diagnosis seriously yeah it.

Took a long time and those are really tentative days that you're just waiting on pins and needles with your with your family yeah is has that wait time come down dramatically since that I believe so I I believe it really has I think they're much quicker at assessing uh the tumors and and deciding what type of cancer it is because there's you know a.

Bunch of different types of breast cancer it's not just one type of cancer I had invasive ductile carcinoma uh it fortunately for me it was stage one okay um which you know I I'd had a sentinel lymph node biopsy which was the hot technology in 2006 wow oh just missed I feel like giving it to her anyway she's got a five-point margin I.

Like her aunts yeah mm-hmm so it you know with that with that biopsy that I had that was hot technology then it still took a little while to find out you know what my treatment pattern and course was going to be and um thereafter I I had a year of treatment I had eight months of chemotherapy and three months of radiation which is really tough to go.

Through as well everybody thinks the chemotherapies are but the radiation is tough too because it's literally like burning you from the outside and um I worked the entire time wow Daniel oh she missed she picked well I was fortunate though I had I had a great job with a great staff and a great team at UCLA and I chose to continue to work.

Through the whole thing and um we actually the team made it to the final four um all while supporting sickle me bald on the bench sometimes not feeling well in the locker room taking naps and things and they really the team really rallied around me really supported me in a way that was super unique in my to my.

Situation not everybody gets you know 15 20 somethings to support them through a breast cancer diagnosis and they could all imagine it was their mother that she was going through this or um they were wonderful and so was my staff and so was my family so I mean I I have to imagine going going through that but sticking it out at work and having.

That support group around you was one of the my sort of driving forces that got you over the line right yeah it absolutely was because there's so much fear involved with you know hearing the c word you hear cancer and you just you just kind of go into this dark space yeah and you know and actually the odds are so good now with breast cancer that.

You're going to survive great I mean that it's really not the death sentence that everybody thinks that it you know it could be and but that's the first thing you think of when you get that diagnosis yeah I mean this was before the time of you know an organization such as Susan G Komen.

Um so I can imagine going through that and not really having such a place to go a place to you know turn to for all the support things um just makes it that that much more difficult so we're very happy you're still with us here and watching this wonderful uh wonderful game yeah why 14.

14. ah this is getting tight here I talked earlier uh actually to the news station about how symbiotic pickleball and the social nature of it and the breast cancer support group is because you become wow you become family you know with your pickleball friends and you become family with your doctors and your family and.

Um you know your support staff that are taking care of you I mean you can become really tight with people and so it's kind of a natural relationship and I'm really glad Coleman's getting involved in pickleball this is a big big start big step for them jumping into the pickleball world I think it's a great marriage.

And that's roditi offering to do it again wasn't sure I think she quick served him you know I think served her a little bit very sneaky he wants to win I think he does what a gentleman what a gentleman I think he did that on purpose do you do that on purpose.

Anyone who looks that good in pink has to be a gentleman yeah Daniel's a great guy good teacher too I got to coach aside from him today yes yes uh doing live ball out there pickleball I'm I gotta get into that it looks like so much let's try it we need a big enough chord I think because you need a lot of room to run around.

I'm gonna find a championship Court oh that'd be nice oh that would be really fun at PDR have some have a setup like that it'd be fun to try just like the rally score was fun to try today yeah it was really interesting all right so we've got a side out we're closing in on the tail end of this game.

16 oh sorry 17 16. this is not our last game though so if you're watching stay tuned we have another doubles match coming after this Tracy Worley and Natalie Hill versus Kelly Smith and Kim yay that's gonna be fun yeah or three senior Pros in Cali I think I'm going to see a lot of balls.

In there what do you think I think he might I'm getting a rest with you yes uh Beautiful Inside Out forehand he was almost in position but very difficult to get that one up and over a beautiful shot by Cali so at one point the margin 17 18. oh just floats that backhand volley and that has leveled the scores.

1818 is the score big forehand oh oh I think he may have hit an out ball there she scrambles for this big lunge Daniel might need a second shirt yes yeah it's quite humidity I looked at the.

Forecast 82 humidity today yes oh beautiful shots oh and he's excited making sure she doesn't see that uh fist pump yeah Kelly always has a great smile yeah all right tide ball game 1919. oh just missed.

Great play there from rodidi moving her around well he's heading towards the tail that could be for cardio he is breathing hard right now I've noticed that and the The Snug tight shirt kind of emphasizes his yeah his chest moving up and down I was like he's begging.

And there we have it folks Daniel rodidi still a real force in the game manages to squeak that one out great match 21-19 over the Cali Smith Kim thank you so much for being here sharing your story story with us this week it also happens to be metastatic breast cancer week where we honor those.

We've lost to the disease we'd like to have a moment of silence as we honor a few of komen's most passionate MBC Advocates that we've lost to the disease this year foreign foreign.

Thank you for joining us in that moment of silence donate tonight to fund metastatic breast cancer research so that no one has to lose a mother daughter sister or loved one to this terrible disease well that match was fantastic we are not done yet we have another wonderful match coming up soon.

It will be Tracy Worley and Natalie Hill two fantastic Senior Pro women versus Cali Smith and who we just had in the booth Kim Jade it promises to be a a great match I think a little more tactical than some of the other smashing grab kind of Affairs we had earlier on obviously singles is much more of a kind of a.

Look-see do discipline in the game Tracy Wally those for those people who haven't been in the game for too long she was the original partner for the great Chris Anderson and they were known as the Twin Towers Wally one of if not the tallest woman women in the.

Senior Pro game so I'm excited to see how well she can use that to her advantage Natalie Smith a a local like many of the players out there today has come from a fantastic tennis background Kim Jade she started out in volleyball we talked a little bit with her recently.

A fantastic professional volleyball player uh beach volleyball also a coach at UCLA for many years we will also be having a chat with Anne McNamara so we look forward to that she is the senior director of experiential fundraising at Susan G Komen so when she's available we'll get her in the.

Booth as the players here are warming up Natalie Hill getting miked up we do hope those of you at home who have enjoyed today's live stream and the tournament going on you take some time head on to the website and donate you can also get all the paddles you're looking for.

Pickleballsuperstore.com you'll be able to get your hands on the hope and courage paddles from and obviously a portion of each sale goes directly to Komen I've got one in my hands actually they look good excellent and McNamara you made it uh how was your trip my trip here was quite eventful.

I say that jokingly she uh she may have just stumbled on some stairs and yeah I don't know who put those stairs there I mean geez so introducing Anne McNamara as I just mentioned senior director of experiential fundraising at the Simpson G Komen.

Welcome out can you tell us a little bit about the program for the Cure and we hope to replicate them across the country because there's so many of our speakers tonight have already shared pickleball and breast cancer are two communities that naturally come together just how the whole environment comes so as we we've had.

Some really wonderful experiences of people who have shared what pickleball has meant through their breast cancer journey and how important that this is going to mean to them and going forward to find more research to find more more options for those who are who are living with the disease fantastic so I am curious in terms of.

Research what you know where's the bleeding edge what do we what are we looking at how close uh how close are we you know if you were to take some kind of stab in the dark at when we're going to be able to nut this thing well you know it's hard right science is fund the most transformational research that is out there and we are.

Aggressively going after metastatic breast cancer the deadliest form of breast cancer for there is no option for survivorship there so that is the one that we're really digging into while still funding research to find better treatments to find better uh options for those who are diagnosed because we haven't figured out how to stop breast.

Cancer so we need to figure out how to treat it and diagnose it so everyone can have the best possible outcome well such a good cause and uh so happy you are joining us here today we're about to get underway with this matchup Natalie Hill appears to be serving soon to Tracy Worley.

So Morgan we're going to share two videos of individuals who are living with breast cancer one of them is Piper who played in our tournament today who's one of our top fundraisers and actually came to us with pickleball and Susan G Komen coming together so we're gonna see a video about Piper and then Ashley is someone who is living with metastatic.

Breast cancer to give the different perspective of the broad scope of how breast cancer impacts people's lives fantastic let's take a look okay hi my name is Piper Vaughn and I'm from Newport Beach California I am here for the Susan G Komen National pickleball tournament I was diagnosed in November of 2021 with invasive ductile cancer.

Her2 positive it was a very fast growing cancer and I feel really important for women to be to go get their mammograms and be checked but I also feel it's really important for women to gather themselves around a community that will support them I decided to sign up and participate in the Susan G Coleman.

Pickleball tournament to spread more awareness about community and taking care of yourself and going in and getting yourself checked on a yearly basis hi my name is Ashley Fernandez and I am living with metastatic breast cancer the moment my life changed was April 13 2018.

I was standing in the Seattle Sky Tower with my mother and my three-year-old daughter and we were having a girls trip and I got the phone call that hey Ashley you were right something was wrong and it is cancer I don't think people understand the severe the severity of stage four metastatic breast cancer like it's a.

Terminal diagnosis so it doesn't go away you know you're always dealing with it but I think we forget that although it's incurable it doesn't mean our lives have to be like that we can still hold on to that joy we can still make our own sunshine.

Sunshine Faith Family um the reason I say that is because I draw everything that I am from those three things what I wish people knew about metastatic breast cancer is that just because we look healthy like I look pretty good today.

I do just because we look healthy doesn't mean that behind the scenes we're not struggling before I did this interview I puked three times I've already chugged like three Gatorades I've popped my pain pills I wish people knew that people with metastatic breast.

Cancer aren't defined like they didn't do anything to deserve this like we all matter we're all important we're worthy of the treatment we're worthy of the research we're worthy of everything I want people to know that some people can't get treatment because Insurance costs too much I want people to know that people lose.

Their families because of this disease because it just takes over and I want people to know that I lose a lot of friends every day I want people to know that I have awesome friends today but it wasn't because she did anything wrong just her wings came too soon the reason I love to share my breast.

Cancer story is because it helps educate Empower and representation matters if I could Inspire somebody to advocate for themselves to get better treatment and to just be knowledgeable of what's going on today Souza G Comas brought us together Coleman brought us together to do better.

So we could unite and lift each other up if we could just come together imagine what the world would be like if we all just came together wow some beautiful messages there and just like Ashley says let's unite and help ensure better treatment and options for people like Piper and Ashley.

If you've inspired if you've been inspired as much as me please donate every donation received this week and during tonight's live stream will be designated for critical metastatic breast cancer research all right we are underway here with this matchup Kelly Smith Kim Jade they were together.

Earlier on let's see if they can get over the line Sorry my my apologies they've changed the Partnerships on me yeah changed up yep they mixed it up a little bit Kelly Smith and Tracy Worley versus Natalie Hill and Kim Jade okay nice I'm not sure Natalie's that was her best.

Lob of all time and against uh Tracy Wally yeah the tallest person on the court yeah yeah might be the tallest person in Newport yeah Natalie likes to lob she can she can make them but then they can come back and bite sometimes good looking attack that won a a difficult.

Volley for Hill not impossible so they serve now Cali Smith serving to Kim Jade just a gentle Mist falling on the court yeah it's been like that all day here in Orange County and a beautiful Cross Court dink hopefully it'll stay dry enough for to.

Finish this game get a little slippery if we get more oh and I think an accidental divorce ball I think Smith didn't realize it was going to be that good so they jump out to a 5-1 lead oh that kind of pace from wallage yeah she.

Likes to hammer that forehand and it's flat uh and it's hard and that's her favorite shot loves to play on that right side yeah I think the challenge for Jade and Hill is going to be figuring out which ones to leave oh yeah took an interesting bounce backspin yeah she found a good spot with that I think.

Smith hoping perhaps there was going to be an intercept from Wally foreign nice unbelievable stuff all four players engaged Fast and Furious stuff great point and in the end fitting that Kelly Smith does away with that one oh I think that might have been a yes I.

Think so yeah oh I do like some of these sound effects oh yeah and Smith through the middle for the win could be a budding partnership over there I think Smith likes the uh the kind of power that Wally is bringing tonight she can crash in on it.

Oh a lot of pressure a lot of pressure So Daniel obviously you're out there you're supporting the cause you looked amazing in pink I'll give you that but I think there's there's another reason why you're here you have a personal story a little bit to to share with us yeah if you don't mind talking a little bit about your system yeah.

Absolutely uh my sister uh rahina she lives in uh Mexico City and she is my oldest sister I'm the youngest of six and um her she's my half sister her mother died of breast cancer when my sister was nine or ten and then our dad her dad marry my mom after he lost his wife and so he married.

My mom had three more so that was that's how you know that's my half sister but she um got breast cancer a few years ago was doing well was fighting it and just a few months ago we found out a spread uh to her whole body and so she essentially has weeks and obviously we're hoping for just.

Quality of life at this point but uh yeah it was a it was a no-brainer when I got asked about being here um I lost my dad to cancer and uh and um you know my sister is uh close to passing so yeah it's special to be here and support support the cause and um just to help as many people as possible obviously it touches everybody everybody.

Knows someone in their family or a close friend or themselves and so whatever we can do to help I'm sure goes a long way so thank you for letting me be a part of this this is great no thank you it's um it's always wonderful to share the court with you this is the first time we've been in the booth together yeah.

Um and to hear that I tell you it means a lot and I'm sure so much to Susan G Komen to have you alongside yeah it's great that they're um you know bringing awareness but now the pickleball is growing so much to bring pickleball into the picture with this um charity I think it's great I mean.

It's just going to help to help the cause and and raise more money and just get more people involved so love to be a part of that side of things with pickleball and it's just great to see what it was happening and I'm sure this is just the beginning of a lot more of these and and you know hopefully Millions raised yeah.

Yeah as Paula was exclaiming earlier on the only thing that's going to cure cancer is money yeah and that's what it's what it takes right the research and what I love is that they're putting so much effort into the support of people suffering as well right as we see the crowd huddle together it's.

Got a little chilly yeah there's the uh a gentle mist is falling a little little drizzle but not disturbing the players great hands from hell tweener oh oh a little miscommunication and a great.

Overhead Kim J the volleyball player looking to spike that one oh they are win within two points there it is the power when Smith really gets engaged oh my gosh every time she had a backhand in front of me I was like oh don't hit it at me please.

Oh yeah getting that ball nice and low that is the difficulty of the taller player finding a finding a way to feel those shots when they're heading for the pedicure sort of range all right it's funny how everyone says bounce watch it yeah yeah you can't stop yeah.

Another line oh yeah it's a good one that was beautiful yeah great shot inch perfect has she been watching uh Dawson oh yeah yeah Natalie Natalie likes the lob and uh Big Surf that was a great serve yeah and then with I think with the wetness a little bit it's going to Skid even more looks like it's still pretty safe though.

For the players yeah oh yeah that was a different pace it's just different isn't it you get used to one speed and then you put it on put it on the Battle of arguably the most powerful uh Pro player in the women's tour it's just different.

Oh great disguise there from Kim Jade flipping that ball so that right side of Tracy Worley oh the adrenaline's still flowing yeah how difficult it is I mean I mean once you hit a great shot to try to keep yourself in the moment and take each point for what it what it is as opposed to a.

Continuation of your amazingness right yeah there's the uh there's a continuing momentum and confidence and then getting a little wild and overconfident right which I've been guilty of that uh no come on yeah I know hard to believe come on you over hit a few balls some of those balls haven't landed yet.

Oh good Pace off the single-handed backhand from Jade I'm glad they didn't run for that yeah things are pretty close every game's been very close is Rally scoring definitely is different yeah do you think there's a future in the game for rally scoring you know I.

Love it in uh in MLP and you know the team competition I think is very I think it's great very I don't know if I would love it in a tournament so I I you know it changes the Dynamics it does it does it's so different it does you know it is a there's a reason why I think the game is as popular it is as it is and the Strategic nature of uh yeah.

Only winning points on serve is a big part of it oh and she's got it Jay is hoping to call it out somehow well it's a great great speed up right at the hill shoulder yeah well and yeah the right shoulder yeah fantastic so a tied ball game as well.

Just back and okay so they've lost the point there 18-17 I think certainly for the viewers it's easier to follow right this you know there's no first and second server there's not the side out element but uh oh your little drop serve against at the fastest the fastest person on the court.

Very risky very risky fastest person here today oh oh yeah that's a great shot from hill behind yeah well he was all in on that Smith there 90. so just adjusting the score there 1919 oh and a high seven now she's experimenting a lot oh.

Kelly Smith we are going to show you that replay many times game point yeah we have game point match point Cali saw plenty of weak serves coming from me and just threw her timing off I think and that is an accidentally brilliant.

Lob it's in but Smith has got oh the no look s nice and that is game set and match Natalie Hill Kim Jade for the win congratulations to them and I'll get a few photos from the fans that's great.

Wonderful stuff from the ladies Daniel thank you so much for being here mate thank you Morgan really appreciate it absolutely um you know sharing that story can't be easy um and we wish her the very best thank you with her time yeah appreciate it man thank you all right we will take a quick break.

And be right back I will be talking to another major player in the Susan G Komen world so please don't go away and we'll be right back after these messages I am back here with Piper Vaughn we did see your video but love to hear a little bit more about yourself your story tell.

Us yeah so um I started playing pickleball in uh July of 2021 and then um I met my boyfriend Sean Scaris um in September and he actually found my lamp in uh the late October so I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November I think it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving wow um but the whole point of this was.

Really about um pickleball and the community and my family and how it takes a village to support people who have breast cancer I did have a mammogram in January of 2021 so my breast cancer was found by November so it was a fast-growing cancer wow so I.

Really I think my my biggest part of my story is you know everybody needs to get their mammograms everybody needs to be checked and then the second part of it is building a community that allows you to be supported because it's emotional it's hard um you go through so many different phases and I was fortunate enough to.

Have uh the pickleball Club here in Newport Beach that was such a great support for me yeah you found some friends here I'm sure you're not the only person in that oh no there are so many people here who also have had breast cancer or who are survivors for many many years and they provided so much support to me they.

Um supported me in the sense of uh doing a pink party after I finished chemotherapy and and then just you know allowing me to after I lost my hair which was really really hard and allowing me to come out here and not have to wear a wig and feel supported um it's just it's a very emotional time and to have the community.

That surrounds me um an amazing boyfriend who supported me and my family who loved me um was just it means everything yeah I mean for me being here during this event and seeing the camaraderie seeing the family yeah survivors sticking together helping each other get through it it's the most.

Heartwarming thing and it really it really is you know and and it's continual so even today I think um I had probably 30 40 people here who were supporting me playing pickleball um and they played as well and it's just I can't explain it it's just definitely one of the.

It just helps me get through my journey every day well we're very happy you're here and uh super happy to be here and I appreciate that for sure that was amazing do you have any tournaments coming up um we're actually I'm playing tomorrow with my boyfriend Sean and mixed doubles and we're gonna play in November here as.

Well there's another tournament it's a national tournament so um yeah I enjoy it I enjoy the the competition who doesn't I don't know oh you have to I know right oh my God and I have to believe that you know the most competitive amongst us are more than likely going to survive this oh absolutely and I think that fighting.

Spirit you know I've I've seen it out there I've seen you know my good friend Kim Jade what kind of you know competitor she is she's a warrior yourself it's uh it's great to see it is and then like I said the support has been unbelievable I'm not done until February of 2022 but I know and I feel really confident that.

Um I'm going to come out of this healthier than ever and with a better support team than I've ever had fantastic Piper thank you so much for joining us we have one little guest but it was lovely to meet you and I hope you need a mixed doubles partner you know hey I'll take out take you up on it you have to fight my boyfriend for it but.

Other than that you won't do that he seems nice uh well thank you so much I appreciate it absolute pleasure take care yeah we'll see you soon we're gonna bring in Ruth Rose and quiz now yay Ruth she's awesome she is okay thank you all right come on in.

There you go okay before we wrap things up we have the top fundraiser with me sixty four hundred dollars Ruth rosenquist you did it thank you unbelievable what was your inspiration in this fundraising family members um friends pickleball friends you you name it I have two daughters myself so.

This causes innately important to me yeah I tell you it's been I mean I didn't I didn't quite know what to expect um watching The Players watching the community Newport everyone banding together and all the Susan G Komen.

Staff yourself it's uh it's you know it's overwhelming um but it's a beautiful thing so you know a huge thanks to you from behalf of everybody Susan G Komen the partners obviously at Newport Beach and Tennis pickleball club for hosting this tournament all the friends at pickleballtournaments.com Newport Beach pickleball events USA.

Pickleball we have you know so many people and it's a it's a story in itself really you see people clamoring together whether it sponsors participants in the tournament people coming for the clinics people watching the events Pro players all coming together to unite to defeat one thing and it's um that's that's beautiful well and pickleball is a Force.

For good and and we're out here using our power for good through our favorite game what could be better yeah exactly it's uh it's such a win-win and a perfect marriage pickleball Susan G Komen wonderful every dollar we raise is bringing us one step closer to fighting finding the cures sorry uh that will help create a world without breast.

Cancer can you imagine I can't imagine I mean we'll look back at this moment maybe it takes five years maybe it takes 10 years maybe there'll be a miracle tomorrow we don't know um but we know that good people are here Susan G Komen and they'll do whatever it takes thank you Morgan and thanks to all the.

Pros that came out and dedicated their time and everybody has had so much fun that that's important too so we're very appreciative fantastic so on behalf of Susan G Komen all the pros Newport Beach pickleball events Newports tennis and pickleball Club.

Pickleballsuperstore.com wonderful sponsor everybody at home watching and uh I mean it's just I I almost don't want to say goodbye I know I know let's keep going let's just keep let's get some more people out there but on that note thank you everybody for watching and good night good night.

thank you
Join Susan G. Komen for National Breast Cancer Awareness month with the first ever Pickleball for the Cure National Tournament at The Tennis & Pickleball Club at Newport Beach – Newport Beach, California.