Making their way into the pickleball world with the viper court skechers provides a lightweight responsive court shoe for men and women featuring a mesh upper with synthetic leather and a relaxed fit toe box to provide breathability comfort and support in addition with an ultra flight midsole tpu based cushioning arch fit insole and.

A reliable goodyear rubber outsole this shoe will provide great cushioning durability and stability for most pickleball players available in various colors these shoes are ready to hit the court running this shoe is amazing as far as comfort as far as cushioning durability after a long day of work i loved how these shoes fit on my feet.

Especially just because of how the arch was supported with the arch fit system as well as the relaxed toe box area i really felt super comfortable definitely gave me that additional boost to get me going on the court one thing i will touch base that i did not like about this shoe was i did feel my feet moving a little bit too much um that might just.

Be due to the fact that the relaxed fit at the toe box especially for my type of foot um it you know wasn't really uh just carrying my foot a hundred percent but essentially if i did go down maybe half a size on this shoe i maybe would have felt a little bit more stable the way i felt unstable with the shoe was as i was running and stopping i felt my.

Feet just slipping a little bit too much but overall this shoe is really amazing as far as breathability comfort and everything essentially i would keep this shoe in the back of my car whenever i need a nice comfortable shoe to throw on and head out to the pickleball courts now out of all the court shoes i've.

Tried on for pickleball i've got to say the sketchers are definitely on that top end in cushioning which is something that is very important to me as i have a flat foot and i tend to get a lot of plantar fasciitis when i'm on the court for a long period of time i'm happy to report that after many many hours of using these sketcher shoes that plantar.

Fasciitis is not there which again i attribute to the cushioning and also the arch support so even though it has a lot of cushion i was a little worried that the arch would tend to roll in but i'm happy to report that that is not the case and it has enough security there but also it doesn't hurt my feet which some other shoes that are very arch.

Supportive have done in the past something else that i like are the uppers they do have some breathability there but again as howard mentioned they do have a lot of flexibility so players who make quick sprints maybe singles players with quick sprints going side to side may have a little bit of stability.

Issues there but that can be fixed just by lacing these up a little bit tighter maybe going with a runner's loop overall for players looking for maximum cushioning maybe with a flat foot that wants some arch support that's not uncomfortable the sketchers viper cords are definitely worth the shot the sketchers vipercore shoe has become.

My new go-to pickleball shoe i've been rocking these for a couple months now and just really enjoying them to start off these fit true to size they offered out of the box stepping comfort i had no break-in period with these i really love the underfoot cushioning in these not only is it comfortable but it offered a nice responsive feel on court so i had a.

Nice push off when going for those lateral lunges but also felt super quick on my feet when i had to cover more ground in singles i recently played a tournament in these and i was really impressed with the performance and i never once had to think about any support or stability or even traction issues those days are definitely long.

And grueling so it was really nice to have a pair of shoes on my feet that felt super comfortable and helped push me through that long day one thing i did notice on these is that the shoe laces do run a little bit short so when i was utilizing that last eyelet on the shoe i struggled to have enough shoelaces left to tie the shoe and that.

Did result in my having to stop and re-tie my shoelaces at times during play the other thing i'm noticing is that the longer i wear these the upper is starting to wear down a little bit on me and starting to stretch out so that initial support i found especially in that four foot area it is becoming a little bit roomier on me there but when.

It comes to outsole durability that's definitely another highlight of this play test again i've put a lot of hours on these shoes and it's hard for me to find anywhere in that outsole so definitely a highlight there so overall really impressed with this pickleball shoe if you're looking for a shoe that's going to offer top comfort this is.

Definitely one to check out if you're looking for a lightweight comfortable shoe option the sketch or sniper port will not let you down they are really comfortable right out of the box that was absolutely no breaking time needed i could just put them on get on court and get rolling i love the lightweight comfort the shoe.

Provided it was something unprecedented that i felt before on a pickleball court so it was super exciting to play with this shoe durability is also something i would like to mention because the outsole did not show barely anywhere after all these hours of playing the only negativity i could talk about with this is the bit lack of support.

That i felt in certain shots of mine i consider myself an aggressive mover and i try to change directions very aggressively putting all my weight on those turns and sometimes i did lack a bit of support there i just wish the ankle support would be a bit higher on this one just to feel a bit more locked in on these moves all in all if you're.

Looking for a lightweight comfortable pickleball shoe and you're not really an aggressive mover like i am you will find this one the perfect trick for you that wraps up our review of the skechers viper core pickable shoe for more information on this shoe and many more please go to the
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The Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoe offers lightweight speed and support that complements all styles of footwork. These shoes have plush Ultra Flight cushioning, breathable mesh and a Goodyear rubber outsole for durability. At an afforable price, these shoes are a must for pickleball players.

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