Pickleball lover super slow motion of the backhand flick and roll let's learn something but let's not forget to have a good day pickleball lovers now is the time for Innovation at the pickleball Pirates what's the difference between a backhand flip and roll in pickleball I would say it's extremely simple if it's higher.

Than the net we're hitting a flex if it's lower than the net and we want to speed it up we're hitting a roll it's gonna be a good night we have Pros hitting the backhand flick we have super slow motion of that flick and roll we have trivia is this a flicker roll and what do I do in different scenarios so with the flick I'm going more this.

Way with my wrist more horizontal this is a pro situation take a look at this backhand flick two backhand flicks hit by Dylan Fraser and J.W Johnson I love watching those two and they are offensive right this is a block flick it could be a reset but then not they are actually flicking their wrist at the ball and the gain advantage and they win.

The point when you think of a flick think flick it down at your opponent's feet because JW Johnson didn't exactly get it where he wanted did he they still won the point and it was a great counter punch this is Cliff pickleball in the near left hand corner Joey tell me a little more with a roll I'm going more low to high up to down drop that wrist.

Don't have to brush up on it right brush up Cliff plays Pro he's a 5.0 plus and he has extremely Advanced backhand role now let's see super slow motion of the backhand roll that was the name of this video after all go ahead Joey the main problem with the backhand roll people hitting it too fast it's below the net we want to surprise our opponents we.

Don't have to win the point on that shot we want to set up the following shot so hit it at 60 percent if you hit the pickleball at 60 percent with a lot of spin you want it to spin down because you're hidden from below the net right look at the wrist drop why does the wrist drop because the grip is so loose on that paddle the grip's not loose on.

This paddle and I can't roll it I hit it right in the net it's a loose grip up until impact and why did I miss this one it's the main thing 3-0 and three five pickleball players do wrong they don't lead with the shoulder it's not a risky shot the wrist comes over it Mike Forster top right hand corner will show you exactly how to hit amazing Advanced.

Backhand roll when I say Advanced backhand roll look at that wrist movement as the shoulders coming through he's letting that wrist drop but take a look at the one coming up and take a look how we sets it up right because having a backhand role like with great power Grumps great responsibility when you hit that flicker roll at your.

Opponent aim for the right hip or right shoulder for a right-handed player it will handcuff them so I keep saying Advanced backhand roll this is an example of a decent backhand roll Slash flick right because he's not getting that crazy wrist movement on it like Mike Forrester Cliff pickleball and take a look BJ has a really good backhand.

Flicker roll and doesn't use it so when do you use a good backhand roll take a look at Tony Gianni he's in the near right hand corner and he almost uses it to toy with his opponents look at him look at his body language look at that backhand roll because that very well could have been a dink right in many cases when you first learn that backhand.

Roll you love it then it gets you in a lot of trouble so you have to know when to use it check our description this is one product you can use because it really shows you the difference between a roll and a flick right because Rob is rolling that if you try to flick it he might break that home machine it doesn't break here's another really good tool.

Like this you can do this too but I don't know I don't know that's uh too risky is this a flick or a roll flick I would say flick I think your correct audience now let's see super slow motion of a backhand flat flicks will have less topspin because you're hitting from above the net on a flick right and look at my offhand my left.

Hand it's giving me balance every time a client comes I explain this to them and they look at me and say it feels weird well it does it does at first but it's going to give you better balance which will allow you to look quicker in pickleball because better balance is so important and it's a reason you look slow really is the key to this shot is.

Balance if you're balanced and you hit a really good shot you should say look I was balanced that's why I did it that way I'm not really falling if you take a look at this example what am I doing wrong nothing actually that was actually a really good shot but what am I doing wrong in this example good for a hand flick utilizes shoulder right a great.

Four hand flick utilizes the red just with the shoulder the wrist with the shoulder kind of tough to explain but it's true so in those examples I was way too risky if you go back and look way too wristy and take a look at this example look at my off hand and it's throwing me off balance so you might not have vertigo you might just have to use.

Your other pillar of balance your left hand if you're right-handed congratulations you made it to the game is this a flick or roll yeah I would have rolled more you're correct you're very smart now this is another example of a roll I believe jeez this Knight just keeps getting better because the pickleball Pirates keeps.

Things fun as you learn more now is this a flick or rule what's the point that's a tennis roll that's Joe Perez Joe Perez was an amazing tennis player so you should know your opponents before you play them because if they have that shot you have to look out for it it is deadly and if your opponents play tennis they might shake and bake poach Magna.

Potovich is in the red shirt he's pinching middle pinch and middle means you're really straddling the kitchen and he's hitting that shot so that is more of a flick yeah I agree that is a flick you're a very smart audience you might listen to me more I have more videos that gotta be a role that's Joe Perez he was a tennis.

Phenom his son's pretty incredible Place Pro and that is a tennis role I'm doing really well you're doing really well at home unless you're watching in the car then I would say you probably shouldn't be watching in the car unless you're not driving you know but that's a roll that's a ping pong roll Magna potovich comes from badminton so lots of times if.

You see your opponents come from those Sports they'll be riskier Different Strokes for different folks now this is another ping pong Roll badmin and Roll whatever you want to call it look at this shot this is an off speed backhand roll at the head that would have went in because it has so much tops from those grooving paddles Which you could check.

The description for in this point watch Magna part of it in the blue shirt he does something incredible he straddles middle when his partner was out wide because in amateur play you don't always have to run to the middle all the time why don't you let your partner really help you out hit that backhand flicker roll I believe that's a roll pickleball.

Lovers have you seen slow motion the backhand mechanics it was so good and don't forget to have a good day
PPR Certified Pickleball Coach, Joey Gmuer, Breaks down the mechanics of a backhand flick and roll in pickleball.

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