Okay guys we're gonna focus on some drills today that are wrapped around um individuals that um tend to hit a punch volley but maybe don't move through it maybe tend to pause a little too early at the point of contact um maybe it's for a wide range of reasons um but what we're going to really focus on extending out getting.

That easy pop recognizing that extension is necessary if you want to get easy power you really have to go out and get it but we're but we're not going to get overextended we talked about this uh you know earlier on in the common tendency portion um you know if if you make contact with your arm being too extended it's like meeting.

A dead wall there's not much power out there so we talked about you know meeting that second imaginary ball but keeping your arm moving through contact there's something to be said with sticking a volley as your arm moves through contact versus getting too extended um.

Kyle things yeah i think specifically for people with a tennis background this is you know a subtle thing but it makes a big difference you know with tennis if you were to just kind of uh flex you know flex your tricep and lock your wrist and make uh have a good contact point you're gonna be able to get depth but with pickleball the ball doesn't uh.

Doesn't travel quite as fast there's not it's not catapulting off those strings so we want to be like that that box or that analogy or if i'm going to punch tyson i want to have that elbow slightly bent but i'm not going to punch him and pop back i want to move through contact right so we want our contact point to be here but we want to extend through.

Contact after we hit to make sure we're getting that ball level but getting that good depth on our volleys okay think about the the big technical nugget that made sense in the skills portion and focus on using that nugget um in the drills here okay guys uh the first drill here today that we're going to focus on uh.

Coach kyle here is going to be acting as a teacher he's going to be hand feeding he's going to be cooperative with his hand feed i will be the student i will be working on having the correct technique with my forehand backhand volley keeping things nice and tucked in uh and and moving through the punch volley and.

Not stopping um keep in mind if this drill is going to work uh and if the teacher is going to feed it to the correct location the teacher needs to toss it underhand balls in the fingertips uh think about having light fingertip pressure as you toss and part of the reason guys so we're just going to go forehand here part of.

The reason we're using the wall here is we we know that we want to push through contact but we want to make sure that we're not gearing up with a big backswing right so if tyson tried to take his elbows back for a big backswing the wall is going to resist that right so if you can find a wall to do this even better even better i'm gonna have a.

Nice light grip here working on my own hands being nice and nice and fluffy see how see how uh the paddle staying inside a peripheral doesn't leave peripheral i i know where the paddle is going to we can go 10 on the forehand and 10 on the backhand nice you know same idea here uh as far as direction i'm leading with what.

Leading with the knuckles forehand side leading with the palm so same focus as the as the dinks and then we change roles same idea coach kyle okay so i'm working on hand and eye coordination i'm tossing good athletic stance beautiful see how kyle's at 10 o'clock he's just.

Slowly opening and opening this up let's say if this was a book he's like it's like he's opening up one little page of the book this would be opening up the whole book okay you're just opening up one little tiny page there okay short and sweet it's like you're giving somebody a high five beautiful there we go notice what i'm.

Doing with my shoulders as well right i'm not keeping my shoulders totally straight as i open the book if i just did that with my wrist the ball is going to go where that direction so watch what happens if i push my shoulders to the left just a little bit i'm able to straighten sorry my wrist out and go back okay so there's.

A lot of side to side movement with our shoulders when we're doing this drill and and and you may think that this is this is so simple and it doesn't have much meaning at all but there's a lot of meaning behind him sliding uh you know sliding out of this dead space area gaining space and being able.

To hit a better ball show us what not to do okay ready here or or or okay perfect okay so he's sliding he's gaining space he's sliding and gaining space and utilizing that forehand he always slides he gains space perfect versus taking it.

As a backhand and getting jammed perfect beautiful okay so we'll go both uh uh 10 on the forehand 10 on the backhand switch rolls
The Punch Volley is an essential shot in pickleball when the point speeds up! Learn the dangers of OVEREXTENDING with your volleys and how to generate more power 💪 with this Punch Volley drill from Tyson McGuffin.

Thanks for Watching Strike Volleys With POWER & CONSISTENCY With This 👊 Punch Volley Pickleball Drill – Tyson McGuffin

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