Okay guys uh the game here that we're gonna show you is for the individual that tends to take the paddle back too far on their forehand volley um this whole skill set usually is wrapped around the forehand side not so much the backhand side as you can see as I'm hitting a backhand volley how it's very difficult with my body mechanics.

Here from my paddle to even get back behind my peripheral vision so peripheral high five position but the the actual game is going to be wrapped around we're going to have Coach Kyle at the kitchen line we're going to have myself back at the Baseline coach Kyle is going to have a ball on his armpit he's going to hit two for him volleys.

With the ball in the armpit and then the point is going to be live from there my job is to drive two balls to his forehand so I'm I'm working on directional driving all right directional driving directional driving and uh he is keeping things uh you know nice nice and and firm here he's acting like there's a rubber band tied around.

His body and it's tied into that to that arm but his his key nugget is punch punch letting the ball go out and the point is left and once I know that I have that restriction and I can feel that with the ball in my armpit I'm going to naturally use more of my weight transfer maybe more of my hips my legs and all the other main body parts that.

Are not going to break down so for all of us that tend to take it back too far usually we're doing that to gain some extra power now with us limiting that movement we're going to have to get a little bit of extra oomph and power from some other locations all right guys uh the game's gonna start out rally scoring I'm going to drive two.

Balls to the forehand after his two four hand volleys I would then come in play the point out and the point is live ready here one one two point is live play it out nice very good again again again for him Bali punch punch punch gotta get another ball.

Under my armpit here um he's just he's just really working on two correct for him volleys and letting the ball go ready here sorry sorry sorry sorry one one there's two now we're live oh yeah okay let's go one more here.

Same thing two for him volleys punch beautiful punch beautiful play it out uh oh okay and then we'd switch roles yeah so on this side I'm just going to drop and hit making sure I'm getting that direction of my drive to Tyson's.

Forehand volley here here we go there's one two I'm going to work to come in ah took the bait a little bit there
Taking the paddle back too far on volleys will lose you points in pickleball 🤦‍♂️ Pro Pickleball Player Tyson McGuffin shows us a simple game to practice compacting your stroke for more efficient volleys!

Stop Over-Swinging in Pickleball With This Simple Game from Pro Pickleball Player Tyson McGuffin 🤩

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