So by now you know about the turf battles between team tennis and team pickleball yeah in this case it's a fight for public resources we've been reporting on here at wusa9 and now the good Folks At The Late Show with Stephen Colbert they're weighing in on the matter last night they decided to poke some fun at it the great teckle ball War.

Has reached the DC area Virginia's Arlington County wants to build nine new pickleball courts but homeowners in the area hate the idea so much they've started Distributing Flyers that accuse pickleball players of hijacking tennis and basketball courts bullying children and urinating in public come on seniors pickleball is not an excuse to urinate.

In public that's Aqua aerobics our apologies to anybody you know you know you know that there are some people who think not not necessarily seniors but that people do it's like yeah okay this is why some people avoid getting it dude I love that picture though look all innocent
Turf battles between Team Tennis and Team Pickleball. the good folks at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert are weighing in on the matter.