I uh a door pickleball I played every single week I can't get enough of it and um and then just the the people that you have put together um and the teams that you've put together and the humor that you're clearly bringing to it why did you are you a big Avid pickleballer Stephen Colbert.

Well Rich first of all when people think Stephen Colbert they think Sports I know that yes yes indeed my wife last year last Christmas my wife gave me a pickleball set and I said what and she said we have to do we have all our friends play we have to play this and two weeks later the.

President of my production company Carrie Byler said hey Funny or Die wants us to go to CBS to do a celebrity pickleball charity tournament do you know what that is I said yes I play Pickleball now I love being on The Cutting Edge of things and so uh we we know a wave when we see one and you know I love talking about current events and.

This is a crossover with sports and what's happening now and I said hell yes literally the day we went into CBS The New York Times that it happened it said um pickleball is ready for prime time indeed yes and so I guess this is a pickleball blue Court wave is that what you're saying that we're seeing on on CBS yeah 100 okay very good and um I.

Don't even know where to start man um so I guess let's start with the national anthem you're you and Kenny hoggins are performing the national anthem for this tonight we we go straight through the danger zone take a right corner and then go Center Court and sing the national anthem in front of um the man still.

And bring it yeah I bet he can so um and so you know I got to be honest with you I I'm a Caddyshack guy that's who I think of that's the movie I think of when I think of Loggins um Stephen you know I think of that movie um all right that's it I think of the I think of the dancing chipmunk something.

I never thought I would ever talk about with you um I will confess to you a big hole in my knowledge of uh World culture I've never seen Caddyshack oh mg as the kids might say are you serious I've never seen the Shawshank Redemption I've never seen Caddyshack I've never seen one of the Fast and Furious movies.

And what I want to do is I want to sit down and I want to watch I like I want to watch Caddyshack like I I'd love to watch the Roger Dangerfield but of course I can't no I want to watch it you know with the cast that would be fun yeah Bill Murray obviously still around uh Ted Knight comedic genius unfortunately no longer with us as well.

But exactly it stands the Caddyshack birthday call It's It stands the test of time though I I sort of like pickleball see how I kind of worked that one back to back to home here thank you sir so uh again you've got the celebrity element you've got uh you've got the the comedy element Emma Watson partnering with Sugar Ray Leonard it is the craziest.

Partnership I've ever seen and somehow it worked and they're devastating together and I think the person that's going to shock everybody is um what what a vicious competitor and I'm not joking Emma Watson really the best player out there right Hermione Granger clearly the best yeah she's bringing her Hogwarts uh sort of uh uh.

Sensibility to this partnership called the volley ranchers I love some of these team names Kelly Rowland and Marty Murray Bartlett who's you know Mr White Lotus dink Floyd I like that one um we had Luis Guzman on my show yesterday talked about his pairing with Daniel Day Kim called Daniel Day Luis I love that one yeah I love that one they.

Play off their left foot pickleball as Daniel Day-Lewis is to staying in character about it they drink I really believe you really believe they were playing pickleball the whole time yes and uh they drink the milkshake of Max Greenfield and Jimmy Allen I'm sure the team Dill I am I love it this is sure this is fun and then you got Bill.

Raftery to do the the the analysis as well um that's onions Bill raftery who at times I will admit was not entirely clear what was happening on court but you know he brought the spirit of sportsmanship and sports broadcasting to the broadcast love the sports coat too outstanding.

Sport coat uh Stephen and we're seeing a photograph of it right now so how Google stripes are very slenderizing how good are you at pickleball how good are you seriously listen I would say on a scale of one to two pickleball that the best player in the world is the worst player in the world and that's.

What I love about it is that there's no real sense of intimidation when you get on the court it's just a ton of fun you get better at it but there there is a there is a lit to how good you need to be to be pretty good pickable I do love it uh I play it seriously every week with my poker buddies Stephen we get out there and we're very competitive and I'm.

Never out of a point uh um it's you know we play for pride and if Pride you know might put uh an Andrew Jackson or five on it it's possible um but uh my nickname when I play because I never give up on a point is La Cucaracha that's what I've been called Steven I figured I'd share that with you because.

One of my favorite things about pickleball is the I love the terminology yeah I love I I love uh I love you know Flapjack is mm-hmm Flapjack is a shot that must bounce once the parking hit basically it's the serve and the return serve and that's when the ball is the flapjack and then after the.

Flapjack a lot of people yell oppa because now you're into the third shot and you can start volleying I love the Falafel which is a weak shot I love The Jig I love the kitchen the kitchen gotta get me you you got to be careful of the kitchen though uh Steven you can't you can't go in it unless the ball bounces in it I mean it's a very specific Rule.

And I I don't like and I I here's what I hope that this this show um uh can actually bring about uh Stephen is is the a slander of pickleball that it's for a certain age a certain age group that um that it's not really a significant uh athletic Endeavor that it doesn't give you a workout it's it's dynamite I love it and.

I can't wait to see this show on here fantastic sport it's for all ages and I'm I'm I'm saying it right now I'm putting her on the line it's going to be in the Olympics in Paris in 2024. and that's because again it's going to be part of of what you're bringing to the equation tonight uh at 9 00 pm on CBS available to stream live and On Demand.

On Paramount plus what does the Colbert cup look like that this is what they're all battling for this evening Stephen what can you tell me without giving too much away it looks a lot like a karate trophy I mean I'm not saying I'm not saying that we we left until the last minute and had a little trouble finding.

Something that was a pickleball trophy yes and and that karate trophies are readily available uh in uh Los Angeles yes but uh if if some people mistake it for a karate trophy uh I wouldn't blame them you you may have just named made a reference to the only 80s movie that Kenny Loggins did not sing the theme song to uh right there Stephen if I had.

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