Tonight pickleball the fastest growing sport will get some major star power Stephen Colbert and Funny or Die teamed up for the celebrity pickleball tournament pickled and the goal is not just comic relief so right now we do want to bring you your first look at all the action and the teams that are going to be fighting enough for the coveted.

Colbert cup Funny or Die called us and said hey would you guys want a partner to do a charity pickleball tournament with celebrities and I said yeah let's do it pickleball is life if you have not played Google yet pickleball is life we have been training our entire lives for this competition we didn't even know the.

Competition was happening but we were still getting ready for it for their whole lives yes we're gonna get some really smoking pickleball out of these guys I automatically thought oh wow pickle eating competition I can do that now they're calling it pickle boy said pickleball what's pickleball if I were to explain pickleball it would require.

Me having to ask somebody 100 feels like you're making enough as you go along but you're not there are rules it looks like tennis is happening but it's not you're a little closer to your opponents I like to see the fire in their eyes I like them to see the fire in my eyes it's like giant ping pong we're very tall so we're gonna win we've got a professional.

Attitude with sort of amateur skills wow partner's got it going on everybody remembers comically from the 1990s when Whoopi and Robin and Billy did those specials the work that they're doing is really substantial and worthwhile pretty cool thing to combine pickleball with a serious issue like homelessness and families when you think about people.

Coming together for a good cause and having fun and doing so it makes it that much more of a celebration unbelievable people out there big stars that I didn't expect because I don't expect Attractive people to be able to do other things or our opponents you and Trump come at me now yes that's what happens people stop being nice yeah we are we're going to.

Win this although we don't know what it is fastest growing sport in America plus you get to see all these stars in moments of Victory and moments of humiliation you'll feel better about yourself wow pickleball tournament will air tonight starting at nine right here on 10 Tampa.

Bay and will be available to stream live and On Demand on Paramount plus I like that I don't expect the track to be like me either we were joking that I mean we everybody's been talking about pickleball lately and so you want to make sure and when we were talking about it popped an ad on my yeah well that's another story but uh tonight at 11 on.

Night side you're going to want to watch because our Miguel Octavio is showing you around Tampa Bay's pickleball scene as well and how it is really just booming here in our area too so
We bring you your first look at all the action and the teams fighting it out for the coveted Colbert cup.