Hey everyone what's going on so i've got a quick video for you today where i'm going to give you my first impressions of this right here which is the spin shot pro pickleball machine um it's a little bit newer to the market so you may not even have heard of it yet but i've had it for about a month or so i've had a chance to use it pretty.

Extensively so just gonna give you my thoughts so one of the first things i noticed about the spin shot when i opened up the box is the quality of materials the overall build quality seems really really good.

I've had a lobster i had a tutor i guess the materials seemed a little bit cheaper when you look at the spin shot the whole body is made out of metal just the whole package seems to be well thought out put together nicely and the quality of material seems to be pretty top-notch.

So the second thing i noticed which is you know basically what sold me on the machine in the first place and that is how customizable it is so when you first open it up you download this app that has all the drills already built in from the factory the way that it works is there are 12.

Preset drills and each drill consists of six balls so you know you can arrange those six different balls to be the same shot or they could all be six totally different shots so you can have it completely random.

Now to me that's a that could be a good and a bad thing you have a ton of customizability i guess if that's a word i don't know uh but you can really set this machine up to do almost anything that you can imagine as far as you know different shots different drills.

It could structure almost a whole point but the downside of that is it can be a little intimidating right off the bat because it's going to take a little bit of time out of the box to get it set up properly to get you know doing the drills that basically you want it to do so the third pretty cool thing that i noticed about the spin shot brand is.

Their customer service when i was initially doing some research on the machine i ended up speaking to a guy named tim he was the rep for the united states for the company he got me all set up i let him know that i'm a pro player i've had a couple different ball machines.

And i would be glad to give him any feedback about how i thought it was played with it for about a week liked most things about it the only thing i noticed is that it wasn't feeding the ball slow enough at the lowest setting for some dinking drills so i let tim know he told me he'd take care of it one day later he.

Gets back to me he says he spoke to his software team and they had a fix he walked me through how to install it which took all of about five minutes that it was all taken care of it was fixed the lowest setting was now considerably slower problem solved.

So the reason i think this is pretty cool is because if they have the ability to update software you know and this is basically an entirely software driven machine then they can continue to improve on it and maybe even give it new features as more people play with it as the product develops.

As they get more feedback they can continue to push out new updates with either more features or fixes or just overall making the machine a little bit better in a future video i'm going to do more of a specific breakdown of how the spin shot compares to the lobster and to the pickleball tutor in the meantime if you.

Want any more information about the machine i've got a link below in the description that will take you to their website so you can read a little bit more about it gather some more information if you have any specific questions about the spin shot or anything you'd maybe like me to go over in that next video.

Review please leave it in the comments below i will see you guys next time thanks
John Cincola reviews the new Spinshot Pickleball machine and shows us why he rates the Spinshot Pickleball machine over the other machines on the market.