Foreign oh and Michael we're live foreign okay.

Women's doubles 3.5 850 Plus Port number 11. CPM Alexander blogger women's doubles 3.59 ola women's doubles 3.0 859 Court 16. Tara.

Thank you foreign 3.5 minutes score score thank you thank you.

thank you oh okay understanding.

foreign oh my God.

Foreign thank you foreign thank you let's go.

man three two one right now thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign 3-1 foreign.

Come on come here interested thank you okay.

thank you very much all right.

me today too much don't come out.

That's right oh foreign okay I know.

you should get up foreign foreign.

thank you all right thank you.

All right foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign oh my God thank you yesterday thank you.

thank you very much thank you let's go foreign.

Foreign all right here thank you let's go foreign over there.

Oh boy doesn't have hair who knew Ana located thank you foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign number one foreign thank you foreign exactly.

nice shot Steve together foreign.

foreign all right pretty fun thank you come on.

maybe because she knows thank you thank you.

Foreign okay hold me thank you thank you oh.

My God come on thank you Rick receiver foreign.

Foreign problems foreign foreign okay.

thank you foreign thank you thank you.

all right thank you.

Oh my God thank you foreign thank you foreign.

thank you thank you foreign.

identity thank you foreign foreign.

foreign okay.

Foreign 14. let's go everybody um.

Foreign thank you foreign all right.

so I think um foreign thank you Maybe foreign.

come on thank you foreign foreign here we go thank you okay.

all right okay Larry can we have two oh my God come on okay.

I'm driving foreign experience.

it will be ready foreign foreign.

foreign diamonds all right foreign.

thank you yesterday one foreign foreign thank you.

Thank you foreign thank you thank you very much everybody.

foreign oh thank you thank you foreign.

White there you go nothing 's here all right next time.

Go okay International foreign again.

foreign foreign foreign foreign.

oh great job come on thank you foreign.

thank you let's go thank you so you're playing tomorrow foreign.

foreign okay you guys tonight.

I don't know thank you all right thank you really cool.

Thank you thank you foreign.

right now foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

okay okay thank you so late foreign.

foreign thank you anything foreign.

Foreign all right foreign.

thank you all right all right all right you're wrong thank you.

Metal Man thank you all right you can ask me if you're in the right spot.

Energy all right Point number one number one foreign foreign.

all right everyone boy hello 25 oh yeah.

Thank you oh yeah foreign foreign.

Okay thank you thank you thank you all right.

thank you thank you thank you oh yeah.

Foreign foreign another joke foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign feeling what did you take that though thank you.


foreign thank you thank you.

Enough thank you thank you foreign foreign thank you.

thank you very much foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you all right are you up yet come on foreign.

Good morning thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Number three are you there thank you thank you now take more attention thank you foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign oh yeah foreign incredible foreign.

it is foreign foreign.

thank you for my birthday oh my gosh foreign.

Foreign thank you thank you.

thank you foreign thank you.

bro no no okay foreign.

number one these guys thank you foreign foreign.

Six five two volumes thank you okay foreign.

Thank you foreign everyone oh yeah thank you oh yeah.

foreign thank you all right baby sure foreign yourself.

thank you thank you Andrea Vermont foreign thank you come on can't find like that.

Number two foreign foreign thank you referee.

Everyone thank you okay instead of baby foreign.

And down thank you everyone and thank you thank you.

Later foreign right now thank you foreign foreign.

okay 15. okay.

Good guy thank you foreign foreign thank you thank you first game.

I don't know 3.5 9-49 number nine number 17.

there we go let's go thank you let's go three one Africa foreign.

thank you hello everybody let's go zero four one baby foreign foreign all right.

foreign foreign foreign there you go.

And take that foreign foreign thank you amazing.

go baby yes it is foreign what's up.

foreign foreign.

beautiful everybody um foreign play yeah traffic.

foreign foreign thank you foreign.

Right here or whatever okay okay.

number six what happened foreign you know.

what's up man how you doing oh my God foreign thank you all right.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you.

foreign 1949.

oh yeah I'm sure too foreign.

That's right foreign thank you thank you come on foreign God.

Foreign foreign thank you second call for court number eight men's doubles 3.0 9-49.

foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you um okay yeah come on what's number one number one.

foreign thank you you up.

all right come back um foreign.

Professor final call Men's doubles 3.0 9-49 on sport number eight Dave Boltz Daniel Laughlin Kevin Zhao 28. 50 foreign one five two.

Five two now hello hi right come on boys foreign.

Foreign come on enough um foreign foreign I think.

Foreign thank you thank you foreign thank you family boys foreign.

Thank you Romans 2.5 James foreign nice eight ten one.

thank you foreign all right there foreign.

foreign thank you number two foreign number three.

Foreign women 3.5 15 plus metal Nash Court number 17. Stein and Lisa lober versus Alicia Barber and Mia Tampa of what number 17. 602. oh yeah number 15. I mean jumperman book number 15.

Foreign what's going on one go let's go.

Jordan number two thank you um.

and their metals in the castle three seconds thank you thank you.

thank you congratulations there we go thank you thank you.

Foreign thank you foreign.

Thank you I think foreign good job foreign.

Right now foreign thank you foreign foreign.

thank you John back Sam shoes thank you thank you come on.

thank you here thank you oh my God are you guys still alive very good foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign what's going on Parker foreign thank you hey Citizens Bank Park at the end of a.

Jelly eight Atlanta three foreign foreign foreign foreign thank you commands 3.5.

Number four foreign thank you yeah let's go foreign foreign oh.

3.0 9-49 flight number 251. you got in trouble foreign over here all right here we go thank you um.

okay right here oh my God that was really funny foreign everyone.

As Citizens Park your final score the Phillies thank you foreign thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign originally okay you have I was on the 15 match ES foreign all right.

Thank God foreign foreign foreign thank you guys foreign foreign.

oh so good foreign me too creepy.

Right now you guys uh I'm not I'm out now I'd like to play over here okay though okay.

Thank you foreign oh.

Four five amazing the picture foreign.

Foreign foreign I understand hey Kristen Kristen Plummer can you come over here.

come on I don't know there was no invitations we don't even know where we're going so we can't fight someone just said dinner thank you foreign foreign.

come on um congratulations foreign thank you I need you for a picture.

thank you this is what you do at ladder foreign favorite part Michael.

Foreign all right foreign right now otherwise um oh man here's your ride.

Get over here she's over here foreign thank you stay there thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you Max Rory and JT versus Sam B and Isaac port 16. Sam B Isaac and JT and Troy Court 16. oh behind you around thank you.

Oh my God thank you okay we got a 3.0 50 plus we've got Joe and Bill versus Joe and Paul Paul Rogers Joe Paul put seven watches.

Versus Dan and Daniel Dan Daniel for eight number one thank you wow thank you okay it's work nine we have uh Jazz and Dominic versus Brian and Fred.

Hall Court nine says versus Brian and Fred Hall 0.9 foreign yeah and uh which versus Evan and Chris on.

Point six foreign let's go our time right now I got it the current area.

congratulations thank you Port seven Paul Rogers Joe he to the body Port seven come on guys.

47. Paul and Joe what's up follow me last call for Tom and Lee Sean dildo on Port 15. ah we're gonna forfeit you come and leave you don't show up in one minute.

All right foreign I'll sign your next match right away each other foreign foreign.

Thank you okay 9-49 uh tag and then Daniel this is McCarthy McCarthy Natasha McCarthy versus Hulk and um okay.

Thank you foreign foreign foreign all right great players.

Congratulations oh yeah foreign thank you one three one three two foreign.

Thank you foreign nice Point boys what's up again all right foreign.

Good Ness tonight foreign foreign oh my God.

we have the gold medalist North and Roberts congratulations go collect your prizes over here foreign the real world yeah.

We got it baby thank you yeah you know you get the attention.

All right guys wow oh yeah thank you congratulations thank you.

thank you all right in the beginning foreign.

it's all good time foreign right now can I have insurance.

Oh God I'm here I'm here okay they're ready foreign thank you guys heading out literally the beginning.

Yeah um have a good night guys foreign I think we were ready.

thank you foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you thank you thing right now thank you thank you thank you again.

Thank you anymore at this point um all right.

Now yes yeah um foreign foreign oh my God.

Thank you that's a good workout foreign here foreign.

Brian bar bomb and Roy racer all right thank you very much let's go foreign.

thank you projects replay foreign all right thank you.

all right please thank you it's nice though exactly I'm exposing my power man thank you.

Incredible I don't pay attention and a little against Robert Finley and Mark Frye sorry foreign everybody.

let's go for a lot more this is how do you know it was very good boy.

Before I know tomorrow you know myself thank you.

Foreign foreign here all right.

Um foreign oh okay oh yeah what one you know.

All right all right my neck okay Joe and Bill versus Daniel and Dan part three ghosts still the guard Daniel firstly and Daniels Grizzly and Dan robot for three.

Years he turned it down foreign people watching now we've got one two and three on live streams Islands.

All right yeah foreign thank you they're very little one greatest one down here right.

Here how about before each other 's life foreign.

Thank you yeah Brad got us and uh Germany on court four Roy and Brian go get them guys foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

thank you very fast foreign foreign.

All right foreign yes okay Court two we have a metal match Danielle and Romeo are super Joe.

Against George no and Lowry on court two get him George get them Larry perfect yes foreign foreign foreign sure all right.

thank you foreign foreign 431 thank you.

Foreign uh yeah foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign inside out just ice sit over there.

Thank you foreign enough is okay foreign foreign okay.

so much foreign sites all right guys anything.

I gotta keep walking around foreign foreign thank you.

Foreign here we went yeah thank you very commonly against Joe and Jilly and Joe and Phil ah Rio 15 gold medal match.

ES have a snack I have a snack yeah we're going up okay all right all right what's up right here foreign thank you.

Across is sorry foreign thank you foreign all right.

Thank you foreign all right whoa foreign foreign foreign five four one excuse me.

All right zero two on two all right foreign oh one four on two all right all right four one one yeah I know.

foreign the shot great yeah foreign.

thank you thank you foreign come on zero one one foreign one one two.

Four three two one two um thank you thank you it's all good for us three one one down foreign.

foreign foreign oh thank you foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign ah last chance all right here back wards every suit.

Master sorry yeah foreign okay.

Yes right here all right good job okay everybody got a little Champ here yeah thank you.

I think we're all before it gets on the other side oh yeah I couldn't watch I thought um I think.

Not a word then someone's face gold yeah oh all right I know yeah well two I don't think there was seven kids here two of them five of them are mine did they get some which every time I put him out Jace.

Oh I'm sorry was that all right okay he's gonna have so much fiber in them foreign foreign let's go.

um I know that was that was the point right there foreign foreign guys hear it.

Oh wow don't worry let's go go let's see if my battery is about to die up there it's battery hold on to it tight.

Oh my God still got almost full got five people watching all right really yeah you have some people watching all day long cool my son-in-law here Nick nice job thanks man appreciate it.

Foreign yes foreign foreign foreign thank you go foreign important.

Oh thank you so oh man so far it is hard here.

there's three oh five sorry foreign foreign.

I mean foreign thank you no come on oh God foreign foreign.

of course side of a boyfriend thank you let's go let's go but having said that oh you might keep this on the start.

Thank you yes come on up here again thank you have a good match.

Come on foreign thank you.

Thank you guys look s let's go yeah all right two one two.

Beautiful beautiful white right thank you enough two one two.

Nice shot we got we got off we got off the Schneider early again guys foreign all right go let's go sorry one sec guys.

Three one all right everyone wait no so good one three two yep okay uh thank you set up.

Foreign out next week let's go I don't think those okay glad you hit it four seven one.

Okay five seven one good job assistant foreign thank you it was just uh yeah foreign.

Five six yep there's six what extend one oh my God you go oh depends on one.

Depends on two six nine what they want oh I'm sorry man all right that was the point guys foreign.

Thank you let's go let's go let's go ah come on beautiful zero two okay let's go.

Foreign you care guys foreign baby oh my God three two one yeah oh Jesus.

foreign thank you that's fun oh yeah thank you wow.

Big time out yeah foreign to go thank you foreign foreign oh.

My God oh my God thank you no all right so yeah yeah yeah.

Let's go baby hurricane okay thank you very much huh yeah foreign.

Oh boy foreign zero one zero one zero one four zero one five zero one.

Which yep zero one zero one thank you foreign all right together get your drop let's try to do this again maybe another.

Tournament let's do it for sure if you have something whatever just foreign very exciting yes yes.

Come to Livingston there's a lot of times yeah foreign let's go High five seven one foreign.

oh my God what am I doing right so he was like just like her I just let him go all right so I gotta get the scores foreign all right.

Okay who's that yes uh foreign foreign.

All right the thing with three five is the problem is there's always one good person foreign
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