oh flashlights there you go oh oh.

Good luck bill good luck very much oh thank you is oh hey today um.

One oh okay it's on the middle this is my coach oh.

Right here all right two five one you fought too thank you oh uh.

Find out five oh eight thank seven you i know you didn't have a partner.

Yesterday yes five today on that go out and around okay thank you guys yeah.

Okay come on through come on through okay one six one two okay really good thank you very much cheers.

Okay 1010 one zero uh uh one one one one two one one.

Nice two one one are tied that's important three one one three one two oh.

Good oh oh three two one three two two where we want it there you go foreign three two one.

Three two two come on i played up um three five forgot where i was good.

That seems right is four five one for the first time oh five five two yep.

Um so he's five five one dude um oh oh yeah um oh seven five one oh.

Five two 9.52 when do right come back oh nine six one 6 1. okay sounds good.

Oh one one two three one one one two oh okay oh.

one one one nice job one one one you
This is match 2 out of 3 from the tournament held at Las Canchas here in RPV. Russ and Pat took match 1 in two straight sets.