oh okay okay um can't hear it.

Back out what you been doing bro a little bit of balls okay very nice my husband next time.

A couple of years it's definitely or maybe um together.

We got that sunshine all right now that was kind of weird again we have Dan and Shelly on this side.

Serving too all right everybody this is the semifinals five so we are away yeah okay we've got the cat and Rosie serving to James we're actually ready to play times in zero zero.

Good morning enough one zero two zero hello Dynamics at work let's go three zero.

um I think everybody's just getting warmed up gotta get warmed up one three uh four one.

Thank you for eign 33 good entry foreign.

thank you what a point what a point five seven.

These little girls are tough man she gave up eight five nights.

oh boy every time thank you.

Guys look at your little baby ponies down boys what the hell dude it's very cute thank you.

Good morning clap there that was so nice come on guys good playing come on come on yeah nice Miss 11 13. 16 seconds.

My bag s um okay okay shots 14-9 layout here we go.

10 14. oh sorry thanks 16-11 points.

As well oh my God 1812. 00 screenshot could have been could have been 13 18. you should hit the next one one minute.

let's start something about the past right now how'd they do uh still still going on team that would be hilarious all right you're the photographer one second.

oh yeah sorry you have one timeout remaining all right time is in it is 1913. thank you 14 19.

Okay here we go 19. hello come on here we go 16 20. 2016.

00 thank you let's go let's go it really is hard for me it's okay it's like you're doing a great job thank you what happened over there with all your excitement.

Thank you crazy oh we've done two if they're overrated you don't want to do it I don't know what I do because like Championship or die all right and you're alone and it's so like yeah I've lived for those moments but same time I'm not a single player so.

Must be embarrassing huh that's what keeps you coming back I don't know I won one tournament in singles and I never did it again yeah yeah I destroyed them it was 35 mile an hour wind and nobody knew what to do and I just threw the crap out of them I said oh I think I'm gonna retire now six.

Times pretty much and then come in about five feet for the return as long as you know how to read the win.

um thank you come on baby yeah already.

okay so guys ready boy time is in zero zero no all right good job fancy pants.

One zero one one oh okay yeah come on a big come on let's go big come on.

Do good that's too good let's go three one miles four one five one thank you that is that's a great shot that way great houses right.

Wow come on oh great job three six fancy fans it was at it let's go guys here we go seven three yeah baby okay eighth grade.

One minute that's okay let's go come in line three let's go four nine okay everybody loves it check his power.

love it love it pedal to the metal s nothing enough questions.

Sherman got it got it all right okay just leave it five eleven I guess twelve five oh my God.

7 12. guys foreign thank you 9 13. ah come on.

Good try here we go boys let's go let's go come on fourteen nine oh wow oh wow beautiful boys 59. 69 come on come on.

Seventeen nine thank you let's go Brett G9 let's go back 10 19.

Yeah okay foreign um we have to declare ours first so uh bo and I are gonna play yeah okay I'm sorry Bo and I are gonna play Bo and Shelly you're gonna snow first.

On the right side yes I am first only the third time they asked me that all right it's looking good so far you guys yeah thank you for all your help Jesse the wife my son for running the tournament with us I want to give you.

Guys a sincere thank you character and I'm sorry you were the home series um all right there's a whole bunch over here.

Yeah yeah okay thanks for being a trooper all day one zero oh yeah oh yeah all right.

guys foreign thank you guys ready to go ready to go Michael Jackson.

Hahaha boys here we go time is in zero zero high five guys here we go find zero come on one one don't worry.

foreign five two times no worries here we go.

Set it there and push record I just have like four or five it's better CX4 sorry over here over here seven four.

Minutes no great defense eight four right here we go foreign.

Two three that's okay seven eight returns.

Nine seven I'm at change sides seven one minute so they are gonna stay with that okay I can't find a water bottles.

foreign oh boy 9 11.

00 Shake It Off you're good here we go foreign here you go guys come on good run let's go let's go here we go.

12 12. 1950. okay that's okay here we go light out point right here good morning there's Point 13 13.

Here we go guys let's go right here we go 14-13 okay fourteen fourteen ready 15 14.

16 14. don't worry here we go 1660.

1760. let's go here we go 17 17. come on let's go everything.

come on guys keep it going 18. 1880 yes come on let's go 2018 .

Yeah come on let's go come on come on let's go one more time I mean I can get that I'm like we're literally just right there foreign oh my God.

19 uh 1920. they're frozen yeah foreign thank you all right we're good we're good.

1920. what happened 20. 2020. 21-20 come on get out come on guys.

2021 yeah yeah thank you 21 21. 21 -21.

right here 221 it's just like I'm pet skating on those cell phone I got your Bitcoin on it come get it you did awesome.

You're awesome there should be another one yeah oh oh where's the champion foreign.

all right thank you second time thank you.


so far pretty much yeah thank you for everybody let's go Dana good job.

Is in zero zero you got Dana right now one zero point s I mean I know like one two three.

foreign three two Kevin let's go let's go yeah baby baby shot right there all the time.

Oh dude great shot Jones way to cover that middle yeah three four oh yeah let's go let's go let's go four four yeah come on come on.

One at a time five four nice roses come on I got this around like four o'clock six four oh yeah let's go get back to those beautiful drops.

Beautiful drops ouch nice Rosie there you go come on come on eight five okay um all right do you want me to come with you now okay.

one at a time find it out great job good talk hey good talk yeah.

Ten seven thank you what to do 15 seconds.

Seven energy baby energy foreign 10 12. oh my God without the winner.

One minute that's how we call timeout yeah I'm not crying oh yeah you got some good shots quick reminder everybody around and pick up some of the trash that may be near you so after court one is done we're going to be running the finals try not to leave we're going to try to.

Create a whole crowd on court one for the finals and then we'll get into some uh just regular stuff but again thanks to the Tibbetts for their location let's go foreign.

right there 12 15. here we go through it thank you yeah come on honey giant let's go.

17 12. yeah thank you 1813. thank you oh my God receivers 1913 one minute.

15 seconds let's go 14 19. thank you guys come on Big Shot.

Here we go 16 20. foreign all right here serves all right all right 2018 18 20. 1920.

oh my God oh nice 21 20. foreign let me ask you guys a question yeah they already had the they already have the third it's not a bronze it's.

Points they already got three points my idea for this for the finals yeah all right everybody here's what we're gonna do versus Shelly's team.

Playoff with Coachella Pickleballers Vs. Miyagi Do Pickleball
Coachella Pickleballers :
Joel Aguilera, Michael Evans, Kathleen Aguilera , Haiyan Zhang- Rosie

Miyagi Do Pickleball:
Shelley Wong , Beau KoJima, Kevin Pham, Dana Tausek

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