oh my goodness if he wins this one his team wins thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the.

Wow wow that was wow ovation on that shot welcome everyone to another pickleball night in america my name is cameron.

Blackwood i'm joined here by daniel road diddy we're at the tennis and pickleball club at newport beach thank you so much for joining us it's great to be with you guys it's an exciting night tonight we're going to get see some great pickleball from both senior pros and our pros here in socal so it's uh an.

Exciting time thank you guys for joining us and joining the action yes this so socal swing is going to feature four pros and four senior pros we're using the ml play team format two men two women on teams of four this week is a split age format so each match will feature one player over 50 and one player under 50 in duper.

Neutral match-ups for the best competition awesome let's go ahead and hand it off to lee for the introductions of the teams they wrote their own introductions for you i'm just reading them.

We have team red and team blue leading the charge for team red we have a foreign great victories paris todd on the men's side we have the guy who.

Inspired raphael nadal's three quarter lens pants he was the original friedrich in the sound of music he discovered pickleball and left his musical career behind ladies and gentlemen matthias johansen rounding up team red.

He started his career in the chilean telenola as a pool boy funnily enough they had a pickleball court on set so he ditched the speedos for a paddle and the rest is history ladies and gentlemen mario coming up on team blue we have the lefty.

That almost never was speed limits are purely a suggestion for him he's a lover of extra toasty cheeses ladies in case any of you want to get him some and he's a self-proclaimed cat whisperer please welcome scott crandall.

Next up we have the tallest pro on the tour i had to fudge this fact because i couldn't say the original but he holds the world record for the for the farthest giant pumpkin toss while he was in college he threw a pumpkin into a pickleball court that's how far he threw it i.

Thought hey i play tennis i could play pickleball and he has taken the world by storm ladies and gentlemen james iggy ignatowicz this next player has pretty much done it all she is an extraordinary chef has been.

Featured on the cooking channel multiple seasons she inspired chip and joanna's farm to table series that got cancelled after one season no please welcome back bellamy heard i have the privilege of following this up uh so the woman of the hour 24 7. last year's mlp maybe this year's mvp at mlp and i have the privilege of calling.

Her my aunt the lefty who loves to cook because she's always in the kitchen all right we're going to start off with our women's doubles so how it's going to go down is it's going to be women's doubles men's doubles than two mixed doubles games to.

21 win by two rally scoring until one team reaches game point at 20. so once they come to the 20 then we go back to regular pickleball rules where you have to win on your serve yes um each game is worth one point if the points are tied 2-2 after all four games a single dream breaker will come out and that's when we go singles straight up each team will.

Set their line up and play four points at a time rally scoring and a game 21 win by two awesome yes hopefully we'll get to see one of those i hope so fun those are exciting yes it's a crowd favorite that's for sure and it's it's interesting because sometimes the team that has the best.

Singles players or you would think sometimes doesn't win right it's all about matchups it's all about kind of how you line up your team and that dream breaker so hopefully we'll get see one of those because those are really exciting i think they're fun for the uh fans to watch see some of the ladies go against the guys in singles that's.

Always uh always fun to see we we got to see lee have some great highlights and other women have some great highlights against the men so hopefully we'll get to see that tonight we didn't get to see it last week but hopefully this week we go into a 2-2 tie and go to the dream breaker if possible.

So as the players are warming up we're gonna walk you through a few things here uh we have some predictions for the night here on the women's match we'll get the screen here in just a minute for our predictions based on the duper rating yes team red versus team blue i.

Will see the predictions right there so a slight lead maybe on the prediction side for team red there 51 to 49 but it's pretty close and it's pickleball so anything can happen right so that's just the wind probability we don't know how it's all going to turn out but uh it's good to see that and we're going to have some uh great.

Things coming up here powered by duper we have some great events coming up here in the socal area so we're excited about those start planning your trip for the mlp 2022 here in newport beach august 5th through the 7th so if you're in the area obviously come join but uh if you're not this is not a bad place to visit in the.

Summer so if you are not from the socal area come down come watch the mlp 2022 at the beginning of august we also have a really exciting event the first of its kind the duper waterfall a game-changing new tournament for anyone under 5.25 duper rating and it has a prize pool of a hundred thousand dollars so that's really.

Exciting yeah i'm in already i'm already lighting up my partners uh so you you play up to you can play up to seven events in one weekend which sounds exhausting but uh you could do that if you want but each event only lasts four hours or less oh they're not out there for a full day okay well that's still a lot for me but uh bring a friend and.

Head to myduper.com to sign up so that's how you get into the duper waterfall event that's as we said we've never had anything like that where you know we get to see the pros play for money which is great but as an amateur you get to play for money that's exciting uh everybody wants to.

Play for some cash so anybody under 525 in the duper rating can participate in this event so don't wait sign up for that and we have just a great few weeks coming up we have great tournaments here in newport we have the deeper waterfall we have the mlp so.

Take a vacation to socal and come be a part of that with us yeah yeah absolutely all of these ladies on here actually had a very successful weekend this last week so we had some medals they're coming in confident i'm excited to see who's gonna take this one what do you think red or blue what do you got oh.

Well i have mine well yeah i don't know it's um yeah it's hard uh game changers here yeah i'm a little biased since i'm a coach for one of the players but uh can't see too much that's okay okay.

Yes i'm gonna say red so yes red does have the advantage of 15 to the 49 however we do have lee who is probably one of the best resetters in the game she's the boss i don't want to predict against lee but you know but we do have paris who's really coming in off a hot streak yeah and singles and.

Doubles yeah she's getting a lot of recognition for her singles but her doubles has been incredible as well she did get a bronze this last weekend in mix so she's looking to come back and take this game if i if i know her she's looking to take this win yeah absolutely.

She's not just glad to be here she wants to win all these ladies yeah i do want to see the dynamic note of paris playing with natalie i know it's going to be a little bit different for her and the game style is playing with someone maybe a little bit closer to your age versus.

A senior pro their movements their tactics their strategy their patterns right excited to see how that's going to play out here great shot from our franklin kitchen camera and we have two lefties at each other it's always fun to see.

Again this is rally scoring every point counts so you're going to see the players stay on their side uh which when you have a righty lefty combo that's great because you get you don't have to switch you can just stay on your side that you prefer that is obviously unique to this format yes and if you decide.

Hey maybe it's not working out you must either call a timeout or on the switchover inform the ref and then you are allowed to go ahead and switch sides you will notice these games go really fast because of the rally scoring right you don't have the sight outside out that you see a lot in the regular format so every point counts.

Obviously that's a big advantage to every team returning as you heard the paddles clash it's a little bit of the forehands in the middle there yeah exactly i always say i'd rather us both hit it then both miss yeah better two than none you do notice too in the rally scoring.

That they take a little bit off of the serve because you don't want to go ahead and go for the surf thinking oh i have another opportunity it's a point and give away a point yeah that's great yeah that's a great point a little more conservative with the serve.

I feel like players start off a little bit more conservative in the rally score until they kind of settle in then really trust their shots and go for it because they don't want to give away free points here especially if they haven't played in this format a whole lot it it is a little bit different you have to kind of get adjusted to it.

And i think this is probably the first time that beth and natalie have played this scoring yeah probably yeah that's right oh the no look i like that we lee widwell with the sort of magic johnson no look put away dated myself again.

She's gonna have that he hasn't played i mean it's impossible to watch lee witwell and not enjoy it and not have fun she's she's so much fun to watch whether she's playing a big tournament or a wreck game she's just fun she's just fun to watch.

Loves to have fun with her partners and her opponents and she genuinely wants everyone to enjoy the game with her they want she wants people to live on the court with their lived through the points and look through the ups and downs and that's what makes her crowd favorite yeah absolutely.

Might even see some stare downs she might even stare her opponents down a little bit oh yes little gaze definitely been on the other side of that all right here we go 6'5 again we're going to 21 so not a regular game to 11.

We will change ends at 11. yep just like you see third games change at six games to 15 change at eight in this format you change at 11. beth bellamy has been winning a lot of medals in the senior pro women's and mixed oh body shot.

Oh yeah there it is a little stare down at paris sorry not sorry but i'll give you sorry not sorry yeah body bag i don't think that's gonna be the last one of tonight probably i sure hope not i love it i don't like to be on that anything.

Lee's gonna take a shot oh for sure return the favor yes that's what's so great about these events we do have someone like paris who is younger and then we have um the senior pros playing but because of duper in the rating system and how it works it's it doesn't matter the gender it doesn't matter your.

Age it's ageless genderless yeah it's one of the unique things about the duper rating system oh there it is it's good thing she didn't get a chance because she was in the kitchen she loves being in there yeah the whitwell walkway.

That goes right through the kitchen it's like a bridge but not really it's an illegal bridge yes i think the pace will start to pick up here just a little bit i still think we're we're feeling each other's game out and the strategy and the pattern that they're trying to.

Trying to work in here so excited to see some more speed up points there it is nice put away now obviously bellamy and bagby had a lot of experience playing with each other they know each other's games really well since they face each.

Other on a regular basis in senior pro tournaments kind of know what to expect from each other but the matchup with the other two is really changes everything so we may see bagby and bellamy go at each other a lot just.

Because they know what maybe they can expect yeah versus going to to to whitwell or to um todd if they're familiar with each other's games i don't think i'm going to see anyone start a speed up at paris i think they're going to try and get.

Biggest different targets so we're going to switch ends here the score is 11 8 blue serving all right so blue ahead right so so red is favored by a little bit on the percentages here based on the predictions but right now blue is ahead we'll see if the end change makes any difference uh a lot.

Of times players like that solid backdrop that whitwell and bellamy were looking at versus being on the other side where there's a little more going on on the other end that you know i know our viewers can't see but i know as a player if wind isn't a factor.

I like the solid sort of backdrop where there's not people walking through there's not other things going on behind it it's just easier to pick up the ball easier to see it uh but we'll see if that makes a difference yeah and also having the franklin all to play with very visible.

Yeah so that also helps yeah for sure very much 9 11. okay 9 11. well with some trash talk asking todd if that's all she's got it is not it is not and it was good enough because woodward missed it wide.

obviously we probably won't see the players choose to change since we have lefties and righties they're going to just so especially the lefties they get so used to playing on that right side rarely are they going to want to switch unless they're just down by a lot or.

They feel like they see a match up they like but most time they're going to stick to that side absolutely a little farther back from that line i think she needs to adjust to the new uh kind of setup here she's not going to see as many speed ups so she needs to get more comfortable.

Getting a little tighter to that line so that she can take some of those things maybe out of the air and maybe she can speed it up yes and that's an adjustment right that's an adjustment from the pro game to the senior pro game and the women's side there's not as many speed ups in the senior pro game.

I think she's used to getting ball sped up at her and so she plays a little bit further back which is smart to keep playing yeah when you're playing with people that speed up a lot but in this case she's not going to see as many so i think she needs to get comfortable especially when she's going cross-court to bellamy.

Just getting tighter to the line i was going to say i want her to go right hopefully on that one but yeah i agree i think because like i said it's a different pace it's different strategy different patterns i think she's trying to find her place of because she is a speed-up she is an.

Attacker she's an aggressor and there's a lot of resets there's a lot of dinking so i think maybe she's a little tentative to speed up at the old lady legs she just a one said difference here it's great pickup yeah good pick up oh great play by red though to stay in there.

no a little short on that drop attempt by bagby that's what's hard each missed balls just a point for the other side until they reach.

20. yeah once they reach 20 they freeze at 20 until they can score on their own serve oh yeah she strolled no yeah there was like three steps in the kitchen she knew it too yeah muzzle just hit it at her she can't hit the ball judd just.

Hit her at that point coming over to shake my hand i tell you what she's good at hidden ernie's but she's she's good at getting away with illegal earnings because we saw a couple examples last weekend where the the rest just didn't call it and she'd like walk right.

Through so hey if you can get away with it why not do it yeah that was all set up by bellamy's drop kind of deep behind todd's backhand there and it just set the whole point up because she it forced her to kind of pop the ball up putting blue on the offense.

That's a nice shot there by baggy right between them and after this match we will get to uh hear cameron interviewing the the winners of this match there we go i was wondering where it was go for it sometimes it's hard when you get in the rhythm of just dinking or just dropping.

And you take out the drives and take out aggression when you go to throw that in sometimes the timing is off because you haven't been consistently doing it throughout the match right which i'd like to see todd use that a lot more right now i mean it's just it's definitely her strength amazing amazing ground strokes.

As we have seen in her singles matches very comfortable driving the ball i see her parents you're watching uh looking on not quite where the camera can see them but uh they're here for the summer oh there it is that's a great setup by natalie as well.

Drop it nice and low create a pop-up and i think we have team blue on 20 so they're gonna freeze they they can only score on their serve so kind of regular scoring format and they only get one serve they don't get two opportunities they just get the one and that is it.

All right first win team blue so we're going to get to hear cameron interview our winners here from team blue score is 21-18 for whitwell and bellamy so we'll get to hear from them here in just a minute the great uh great match they are very.

Uh very tight until the very very end when whidwell and bellamy were able to pull away the men are getting ready of course they are next here um in our match up tonight so we have women's which of course we just saw we.

Have men coming up men's doubles coming up and then two mixed doubles match-ups but before we see the men we'll get to hear from our winners so let's throw it to cameron and she is with our winners from our first matchup.

Nice job how the team blew congratulations it's hard no thank you.

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Happy hour you the knock around custom shop you designed them we built them children your duper final outfit exam begins now you how much does it cost to have a relationship it's free decal how many different types of ratings are there two one for singles one for double camera bringing world peace to pickleball.

Ratings download the app and claim your free rating today congratulations you are all smarter than you look welcome back to another pickleball night in america here at the tennis and pickleball club at newport beach i'm cameron blackwood i am joined here by daniel diddy and we just finished the.

Women's doubles team blue took that one over team red and now we're going to go on to men's doubles yeah it was a close match 21-18 i believe and we see the prediction here red again with the slight lead here yeah a little bigger it was 15 it was 51 to 49 this is 57 to 43 but it went teams blues away so like we said it's.

Pickleball right so i could go these are just predictions based on ratings but uh it'll be it'll be fun fun to see matthias and mario take on scott and james that'll be fun to watch i got to see mario actually in mesa for the first time not a tennis player doesn't have a tennis background but a.

Great player did well with dj young this past weekend and has been playing really really well in doubles matias known maybe a little more for his singles play he's been dominating the senior pro singles tour and but he has really worked on his doubles a lot so i'm excited to see him compete here.

And of course james ignatowicz here on the near court on the left side has uh really done really well in singles uh got bronze and a just big tournament a couple weekends ago with some really big wins but also working on his doubles game quite a bit matthias of course a local here uh he.

Teaches and coaches out of tustin and so he is right here in the socal area not far from where we are and scott crandall in the la area so both of those guys are locals got a lot of power from these youngsters so i'm curious to see yeah yeah the senior pros are gonna handle that counter that.

And what strategy they're both going to use right we got we got another lefty here in this matchup with uh scott crandall who has done really well in the senior pro tour is often on the podium for uh doubles and mixed and so great to see.

Scott crandall be part of this pickleball night in america james has a great two-handed little whip that he can drive he can roll really heavy he can yeah you don't want to lob the tallest guy in the club.

It was a desperation there by johansen i think wow it's a good speed up by ignatowicz and they kind of had the upper hand there but great job by barrientos he wrote that yeah the whole way he did great johansen of course from sweden and.

Barrientos is originally from chile so that's the international team there in the red side i do like that the men especially james and mario are speeding it up they're not gonna go back to you know soft deep they're.

Really wanting to stick with their game plan what they're comfortable with and that's what's been getting on all these wins in the past weekends yeah you'll notice uh johansen is a little bit off the line and that is something that i know that he's worked on because.

He tends to play a little too far back but i know he's been trying to work on just getting a little tighter to that kitchen line i'd like him to take some of those out of the air yeah yeah and we did well there though great angle here from our kitchen camera sponsored by franklin yeah good speed up right there.

And that is something that johansson certainly has can drive the ball so well that's what makes him such a great singles player you pinpoint exactly where he wants to go every time yeah yeah he is uh he is so good with those drives and he will drive it from anywhere he'll drive from behind the baseline from the.

Transition zone he'll drive it from the kitchen joe hanson hasn't seen the ball that he doesn't want to drive yeah you see ignatowicz pushing him back there he should have taken that first one out of the air oh yeah that's easy put away forward yeah it's hard when you have him with james pushing him all.

The way back and now you're split yeah you always want to make sure that he's up the hitch line or you're together as a team regardless yeah i think as joe hanson gets more comfortable using his length in that in that kitchen line yeah you can see one of those drives right there which i'm sure.

Crandall has seen many of those coming from johansen in the senior pro tour yeah we're gonna see more a lot more which is interesting because we have the pro and barrantos the senior pro and johansen but in this particular setup uh we're going to see a lot more drives from johansen and a lot more drops from barrientos barrientos again does not.

Come from tennis so he'll he'll be more comfortable dropping the ball whereas johansen would like to drive a lot of those thirds there we go i'd like to see johansen get closer to that line and i think some of it too is if he knows ignato which is going to want to speed the ball up probably to him and so.

That sometimes when the person in front of you likes to speed up quite a bit it's not a bad idea to be a little bit behind that kitchen line but when he's dinking with crandall i want to see him up on that kitchen line they learned their lesson yeah exactly our net mike's picking up that.

Ball right into the tape there from barrientos trying to catch ignot a witch before he could come back from that ernie but he misses on the tape red team's doing great with really moving those dinks i mean james and scott i feel like they're a little uneasy moving so much with how much they're forcing those rolls deep.

Onto their back hands right really creating a nice pop-up for them to finish barriantos likes to use a spin serve which is obviously allowed in this format and allowed to to do the the spin serve a little lobster there a little short for magnotta witch.

I'm sure he wanted to push that much deeper sometimes when you have when you're playing with a lefty as a writing you have both those four hands in the middle it's key to have that conversation if there's going to be the aggressor who's going to take it over but what i'm seeing right now is they're both really.

Staying on their their side i would like them to maybe have a discussion of who's going to take over a little bit more maybe it'll help set up the point yeah and i think that's the the i guess uniqueness of this setup right these guys have probably not played a whole lot together maybe never today.

Yeah probably today when they were warming up and trying to get a few games in uh but yeah it's like kind of do you yield do you are you the aggressor or you know and it's not as straightforward as well the younger guy should be the aggressor not necessarily right so sometimes.

Uh it's just a matter of and you don't have a lot of time to figure that out right we're already halfway through this match and so if you're kind of learning as you go and i would assume they had some conversations probably like going into this match okay you know do you want to take more.

Of the middle do you want me to take more of the middle i'm sure that conversation took place but still once you get on the court there's still a little bit of um you know a little bit unsure of okay whose ball is that is that mine i normally would take that but i don't know should i take that with this.

Partner so there's a little bit that goes on in this match and you know i think they're learning as they go right and i think nobody wants to be the ball hog but at the same time what is what's the best yeah what's best for the team what do we need to do right now and you know all these guys.

You know they don't have a big ego they they're great competitors but they want to win and they'll they'll yield if that's the best thing for their team and i'm sure that's part of what's probably taking place in these conversations especially with all those balls in the middle is who takes that you know who should.

Take that ball right and there's just so much respect for each player on this court it doesn't matter right your age and you may have a shot that that's going to affect the player or you know your partner has a better shot so like you said just figuring out which one.

James needs to take or which one scott needs to take or however they're going to figure that out i think i hope that they discuss it on that turnover yeah and for them it's a little more tricky right because they got the lefty righty right so you got four hands so it's not as easy as well the forehand should take it.

Good leave there by ignatowicz all right so you know in both of these matches team red was favored by a little bit but team blue came out on top in the women's match and team blue is ahead but of course he's still.

Still too early and especially rallying scoring it can change wow great hands from crandall he held his line yeah he he went like rob cassidy and didn't back up right he just dived to the ground yeah the first one was good yeah and then roll to the kitchen and pose for gq i think he did this past weekend.

Because blake was gone yeah elbow on the ground won me up just a good look i just had a double yeah yeah that would have been nice of course ignatowicz using his length and those ernies so easy to jump over the kitchen for him.

And sometimes it looks like yes they're going to ernie because they want to finish the point a lot of time it's just a distraction for your partner than to take that next yeah exactly don't think because they're going for the earning they missed it that they missed that strategy no sometimes the strategy is to do that.

Yeah so the other partner on the court can take that we talked a lot about that when lee was playing mixed doubles this past weekend that a lot of times she does it just to force your opponent to hit the ball to the middle so that her partner can take it and that's what she's wanting to do is just simply to force you to go middle.

And her partner sitting right there waiting for the ball whether she was playing with lauren or when she was playing uh mixed doubles as well and it's a distraction yeah sure one more thing to think about great example there if you're saying that mario is going to be the one to drop.

And keep the point going yep mathias is going to look he's more comfortable driving and attacking than he is thinking all right 16 11. all right good job by johansen to apply that pressure love seeing them yeah i love seeing them take those balls out of the air and keep the pressure on.

Crandall there keeping them back oh sorry not sorry he's never sorry he said you don't even hit the ball i couldn't even feel it he said oh great point yeah great job ignatowicz recognizing the ernie opportunity and.

Crandall covering matias did his best to defend but he was off balance after getting that let court not ready for the ignato witch ernie there caught him off guard pop ball up with each other figuring out their movements.

Taking their moments when they really want it like they said put james over to do the fake earning or if he is going to earn even scott knows his job now too and of course the advantage there is scott being a lefty so if they go middle they're going right to his forehand i would like to see when james does go for the ernie and he connects.

With it versus lofting up that backhand i'd like him to snap that wrist down at their feet that way maybe then you don't create a pop-up for scott you can just end the point right there right right don't seem to be talking too much strategy right now.

There's more on the uh johansson barriento side trying to figure out how do we get back into this what do you think they're gonna try and do to see well i think when johansen's in front of ignato which which is all the time right now right because the format that we have is it needs to go across court a.

Lot more it's not a witch it's just always a threat with his earnings and his length to me um you might see a little you might see a little switch here from johansen and barrientos maybe they're going to switch sides i would like that.

In football why not you're down you're down yeah you're down 1813 which in this format is is uh oh never mind he went back so maybe they're not going to switch i would have liked it oh there they were okay they switched it yeah yeah i think maybe the the thinking is.

Um with barrientos being more comfortable with thinking he can think cross-court to to uh crandall and it puts matthias in front of crandall for his speed ups but they went right back i think they tried it for one point quickly gave up on it but uh crandall and ignata which were not able to get to 20. so.

Still the rally scoring for both teams right now oh that ball goes long and obviously because they don't switch sides you saw johansen win his serve.

But because you don't switch sides then it quick it goes to your partner you don't keep serving so now regular pickleball scoring they have to yeah they're frozen they're frozen at 20 they can only win on their serve and they only get one opportunity they don't get two serves.

Great finish there right so team blue wins again uh we're gonna get to hear from our winning team here in just a minute uh cameron is making her way to our duper booth duper studio to interview our winning team of uh crandall and ignatowicz they take game.

This match 21 to 15. so team blue is ahead uh 2-0 so far so team red needs to get this next match of course or the match is over let's hear it for team blue party people are you guys having fun this evening.

i don't believe it let's go a little louder today just was flowing for me and you know i wrote scott's coattails to a w today and that's exactly what i planned well scott you came over here and you did say that james is very easy to play.

With how was it yeah now i know what it's like to play mixed doubles in the other direction i just you know i play uh 20 of the court and then when he earns then i stand in the middle and finish up clean up the garbage that he creates you guys looked great out there you.

Looked comfortable great win go on to mix congratulations all right pickleball night in america presented by major league pickleball is sponsored by skechers working out doesn't have to be this complicated that's why i make walking my workout with skechers new workout walker.

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Happy camperview fun in the sun you on the slopes you dog days you happy hour you see sick the knock around custom shop you designed them we built them welcome back to pickleball night in america here at the tennis and pickleball club at newport beach i'm.

Cameron blackwood joined by daniel ro diddy we just finished the men's doubles team blue won again they also won women's doubles didn't have the prediction to win on both of those now we head into mixed what do you think we're going to see well i'm hoping team red wins simply just for the fact of making it more.

Exciting right just uh just to make it a closer match up here i mean it's been close games but love to see team red you know get this one and the next one to you know i think everybody would love to see a dream breaker i think everybody would uh like see again team red favored by quite a bit yeah heavily yeah heavily favored.

That really hasn't mattered though it hasn't mattered again it's pickleball right so these are just predictions and uh it's uh it's anybody's it's anybody's game it's all about chemistry on the court i mean the you know the ratings are one thing but most of these teams haven't played.

Together i mean we heard in the interview that you just did with with james and scott they practiced a little bit yesterday but that's you know just a couple rec games and so i think the chemistry will be a big part of it and just who's executing their shots we see uh backbeat talking to barrientos there.

Having a little chat not sure if they've had an opportunity to practice maybe they have maybe they haven't but they're chatting a little bit they know that it's a you know this is big right if they lose their match is over uh that in order to keep their team in it they got to take this first mixed.

Doubles matchup this is our first mixed doubles match i think what's interesting too is because it's that rally scoring i would like if it's not working out early on call that time out start switching something up find out a new pattern talk to your teammates see what they're saying that maybe you're not.

Then get back out don't wait till switch up switch over something where it's too late to come back from right i think that's kind of what the red team did in men's doubles they waited a little too long to try and change something up so i'd like someone to i would like someone to speak up if it's not working to change something earlier yeah and you.

Have no because it's a team right it's not just a doubles team on the court but you have two other players watching and a lot of times you know they're seeing stuff that you maybe can't see from the court and so i think it's great to call those timeouts check with your teammates matthias and paris in this in this instance.

See if they're seeing anything that maybe you're missing and here we go again we see bellamy and bagby going at each other of course this is mixed doubles but again as we mentioned before there they know that each other's games well so they kind of know what to expect from.

One another yep i assume we're going to see james ignatowicz take over a lot of the court with his length with his youth with his speed it's interesting because he is newer coming onto the scene has made a name for himself already right.

But when you're playing with a senior pro you want to be respectful right so you don't want to come over too much maybe because you want to respect you know beth's shot but at the end of the day it's next that guy is probably going to take the majority of the balls but it'll be interesting to see how um aggressive he is or.

Conservative he is playing with that and i'm sure bellamy said take them all come over and take as many as you can yeah as as did bagby i'm sure with barrientos well she has two four hands in the middle for team red yeah they haven't even gotten the paddle tab down.

They're working on they're working on glued to a early lead here yeah good job by bellamy going behind barrientos i'm sure he didn't expect it caught him off guard and has set up the the attacks from uh from ignatowicz and some people think when the guy or whomever is squeezed a little.

Bit more to the middle that you have to punch it or you have to drive it down the line you really don't just a nice soft rolling dink back to push them back can create something that you can work with right in mixed doubles or in men's or women's doubles if one player is being.

Really aggressive you have to be willing to go behind them keep them like you said just with a dink it doesn't have to be a winner it just moves them back keeps them honest and lets them know you're not afraid to go there and you're paying attention to their movements and it makes them more hesitant to go too far.

To the middle when they know you're not afraid to go behind them whether with a dink or an attack i like beth going right at him yeah he didn't expect it popped it up a little bit ignatowicz with the easy put away and the five-point lead here just.

Makes doubles man there we go there we go get some momentum team ready here we go hands up in the air like what else you got james getting aggressive he's gonna have to do that drive some balls at bellamy.

And just get aggressive in the middle that's what happens sometimes you're trying to be aggressive sometimes i don't mind it right yeah and just be confident with that yeah exactly and i mean bagby was there he probably would have been better off letting that ball go but he's trying to yeah he's trying to be aggressive.

He got up oh yeah oh my goodness five nine a little bit of momentum shift here to team red yeah i'm just making them hit one more ball and they're missing yeah we see bellamy and ignato which both going.

Behind bar angels trying to move him back trying to keep him honest great shot from our franklin pitching they're camera back in this seven nine a little spin serve.

Oh yeah smart there from bellamy anticipating the speed up from barrientos he was a little bit too close that transition zone need to take a little bit off of it it's so hard not to hit those i know i'm the worst i get everything eleven switches one minute all right well i like what team red's doing i.

Think that they got so many some momentum back in right and they're figuring out a strategy that's starting to work just make team blue hit one more ball don't get too impatient and they're starting to see some points come on the board yeah they got to within two they were down i think five or six they got to within two.

And now uh obviously blue got a couple more points so they they have that four point lead as we switch sides again if team red does not win this this match is over blue will win 3-0 and it is nice i mean team blue's going.

Into this up 2-0 having that cushion have playing relax knowing that we don't have to win this right and i think that's you play better when yeah similar to uh almost like when you go through the winners bracket and you're.

In that gold medal match right knowing that this team's got to beat us three times which is going to be tough to do time obviously it's all going to be different but it's similar you're up 2-0 yeah good job by ignatovich recognizing the opportunity there to be aggressive.

Making them scramble yeah i mean you see how far back you have to go they're full stride to reach back and hit that backhand and it's such a deep slow roll that mario's trying to think do i take it out there do i come back do i take it out of there and he's getting caught getting pushed push.

Pushed back which is why blue's winning those points so i'd like him to hold his line see if he can't flick it yeah maybe take it out of the air speed it up right back at her great job by barian taking over there close to that kitchen line.

9 thirty we have some great pros watching the action we have mary brusha here on the stands we have federico stockroot we have um illegal receiver didn't you start serving yeah yeah.

It's nine so no no so it's not only the players that have to make the adjustment to this new format of course our wraps have to make an adjustment so grace a little grace for our reference it is different when you're just so used to right one format as a referee as well.

Not just his player and i don't think any of these players have played the rally scoring right right so it's an understandable mistake there by a referee try something different right give them a different look they've been going behind by those quite a bit so maybe.

This this might help if we go behind him now they have to go to his forehand behind him to his backhand and again i like that they did it still early yep on one of those up versus just resetting and setting that dunk right back even if it's not hard a little bit of a.

Speed up can create an opening that you didn't know was there right trying to go at bellamy there but i like i like what ryan is doing they're just trying some different things right they're down so there's not this can get away really fast so they have to try some different things.

Stuff on that ball not a witch gets it scores 15 10. 11 15. so back we tried it and we just mentioning you know she did try to speed up at bellamy but she did it from the transition zone which just kind of gave.

A ball a little bit high and bellamy she was able to attack it with natalie having that forehand on the outside taking that low middle is what i'd like to see her do versus keeping that high right at beth's chest going low to the middle but again like you said they're trying stuff new it's rally scoring they're.

Switching stacking i mean it can get a little bit confusing just with that let alone trying to figure out a pattern just leaving those a little too high for bellamy's forehand 17 12. yeah they've kind of been in this like four to five point gap.

Now it's six points yeah great job there by barrientos first defending he's had to cover the whole court and then read the ernie opportunity there little semi semi ernie there i like how he took that down cross court right creating that.

Able to use the leverage over the net going down at ignato witch's feet all those balls are too high too high on balance but of course if she does the same in the middle then that's signato which is forehand which is probably a little bit harder certainly not better so.

1913. wow break it there by natalie yeah let's see red trying to go behind not a witch great point great job nice job yeah red was not going to lose that point yeah they did a great job of staying in it 14-19.

Switching from defense to offense sometimes when you're down you think you have to do so much more to come back right when in reality you don't stick to your game plan know your shots know your strengths and just start piecing together a point after point after point to crawl back into this yep team blue is frozen at 20. so they.

Cannot win it here they have to get inside out which they do so now they have to they have to win it on their server 2015. one chance here to close it out and that's and they do it team blue so we'll get to here from our winners here in just a minute caleb's going to make.

Her way over there to the duper studio to interview our winning team of bellamy and ignatowicz they take this mixed doubles match 21-15 perfect i'm here with the winners team blue wins 3-0 you were predicted to win those three how are you able to do that well my friend dave carvalho told me.

Before that he didn't think i was going to win he believed in duper a lot more than me and i agreed with him i didn't think we were going to win either but luckily beth came out and dominated and i just watched it all happen i think you had a little bit to do with it but yes but i did like that you were.

Going straight up at the guy no fear was that because you knew natalie's game a little bit or what was that strategy going in i'm not sure i think i just hit it sometimes and don't even know where it's going but anyway james did all the work he was awesome you both did great congratulations.

Thanks guys back to you pickleball night in america presented by major league pickleball is sponsored by pro xr and franklin working out doesn't have to be this complicated that's why i make walking my.

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Welcome back to another pickleball night in america here at the tennis and pickleball club at newport beach my name is cameron blackwood i'm joined here by daniel ro diddy and we have team blue against team red blue is up three to zero weren't predicted to win any of those three but here we are in our last mixed doubles.

Yeah so we still get to watch our last match up here uh even though team blue has technically won the match we still get to watch his last uh match uh for the first time team red is not predicted to win but the way things have gone i bet they win this one yes as we see here red is 46 blue 54.

But as you keep saying it is pickleball anything can happen anything can change here um my prediction i think red's going to come out they're not going to go down 0-4 yeah there's an element of uh pride and dignity right like we're not going to.

Get swept so we got to win this match and oh you know these players are great competitors uh nobody wants to be nobody wants to lose and and so even though they can't win the overall match uh i'm sure that paris and matthias very much want to win this and not get swept 4-0 maybe a lot like you see in.

Other sports whether it's basketball or hockey you know when a team is down 3-0 there's that pride that kicks in of like we don't want to get swept i'm sure there's an element of that for team red we got to take at least one of these matches and uh so i expected to come out firing and.

Really trying to win this match even though it won't change the overall results um i think they're going to do their very best so i expect to see a good match up here between red and blue for this last one there's another event.

That's coming here to newport beach along with the mlp 2022 second go around yeah the duper waterfall we've been talking about this this evening it's a very unique event because amateurs can compete for money which we haven't had anything like that at this level i'm sure there's you know there's little cash.

Things that take place yeah throughout the country but those are small little tournaments maybe more local tournaments for clubs or uh you know different places where they can organize these but this is a massive national term that we haven't seen before so if.

You're an amateur and you have a duper rating of five to five or lower you can enter and compete for money in this event so if you hadn't heard about it you need to look into this if you're not in the socal area you need to plan a trip to come down to newport beach because not only we have that but we have mlp 2022 beginning of august so.

Come out you get to compete and then you get to watch great event here mlp 2022 the next match that takes place here in socal so over a hundred thousand dollars that's a lot of money that's a lot of money and uh you get to compete in as many as seven events if you'd like yeah i don't know that i can do that.

I'll carry me off the court half dead but oh i'm ready for this randall just trying to take over there here we go here's some speed like i don't think so 1-0 yeah that's her second body bag over the.

Day oh yeah she's not playing lee says ladies and gentlemen periscope 2-0 you know on the other side of this we talked about how todd and johansen want to you know they they really want to win this.

Of course to give their their team a a victory give them a win you know give them a point but just the same on the other side team blue you know whidwell and crandall don't want to be the only ones to lose one of those points so they they want to close this out and sweep team red so they want to win just as much.

Well i think if the first point is going to tell us anything it's going to be a fight yeah absolutely 1-4 yeah great ball there by todd just rolling in between whitwell and crandall and was like that that was yours scott.

You got to get that one of course two lefties on the other side so we have the uh lee plane on the left side which she probably doesn't do very often not often right she likes that backhand slice cross court i wonder how many ernie attempts we're.

Gonna see from that side since it's not the side that she tends to play on but i bet she still tries it and again like we talked about before if for no other reason to force them to hit middle where scott is sitting there with his forehand i think that's what we're going to see we're going to see a lot of movement.

Not as much contact with the ball not that a lot of fakes not that she's doing a lot of legal ones anyways but i think it'll be more of a distraction because she is not on her normal side where she does like to ernie you can see it already they've hit a.

Couple balls to that corner especially from paris side normally she would quickly look to ernie she she hasn't done it yet it's definitely a different setup during that rally legos do you guys want to take a nap.

Having a good time in a little drill session there yeah this is just why i love pickleball it can be light and you're still intense you still want to win but there's just that element of of lightness and and.

Laughter that just comes on the court that it's contagious i never really got that with tennis so i'm just so thankful for the sport of pickleball because i really get to enjoy myself out there and enjoy watching it well the whole family can play right you can have grandma grandpa.

Mom and dad and the kids all playing together it's one of the special things about pickleball oh nice there you go you get the sweet atp he's taking that one home with him yeah okay.

I almost didn't think he had enough room god didn't even yeah scott didn't either because he didn't even move to try to defend it yep i like that though i thought he was going to drive a little bit earlier but i like how he worked that point and really set him up for the one he wanted he didn't pull the trigger too soon.

Yeah and i would have liked to see him go inside a little more more to lee's right hip because you don't run the risk of hitting it wide yeah see that right there like that was a time that we would normally see lee looking for an ernie when paris went up.

The line oh wow i think johansson and todd are not going to miss a lot of um sort of speed exchanges but they lost that one great job by crandall right side out.

So we have a three-point lead here for todd and johansen this game definitely has a quicker pace than the ones we've been seeing a lot more hand battles people wanting to pull the trigger and get in a battle there at the net not too many resets.

There it is was it legal it was you could it definitely wasn't her usual side but she made it work that's why it was legal yeah she's so graceful yeah good job by johansen close to an end change here.

10 8. great cover cover there as you can see she went over almost just to pull attention towards herself so that they would hit it towards the middle and there was scott ready to finish the point 9 10. ooh i'd like to see him take that right.

At scott yeah and i think he was thinking of keeping you know lee was in that transition zone so i think i'm sure he's thinking okay try to keep her there did he just miss with that sort of dink roll attempt yeah because lee's very comfortable in that area but again he.

May not know that so one minute time me playing her all the time i see that and that's why i would have chosen a different shot but again liverpool have the end change here and you know talking more about this one of the things that um.

People who don't love playing tournaments one of the big reasons is it takes all day and you're waiting and waiting for matches and you win and then you wait and that was one that's one of the unique things about this uh tournament and in august the duper waterfall is there's no wait time you know everything's done within four hours.

Your bracket is done within four hours so that is a huge attraction to people that maybe have tried a tournament in the past and they just felt like it took all day i don't want to spend all day away from family and so if that's you out there sign up for this because that's not what this is this is you can play.

Your event all within four hours no wait time sixteen hundred bucks in four hours yeah exactly sign me up let's go johansson hey scott you gotta cover one of those.

One of these times again did not think he was going in i mean it's the corner it's like a corner pocket shot he flicked his wrist at that last second to create that spin again when matisse does get pushed back i would like to see him continue to come up and stay aggressive and not just leave paris up there by herself not that.

She can't handle it but right to have both presents up there is is very different than you just have one to pick on strike one side out i don't see nonchalant there from miss lee witwell 13 11.

Team reds doing what they need to do to get a win here 14 11. point slide out sometimes when you're back you're just trying to drop and get up in that and dropping it up the net you think it has to be perfect or just right over the net even if you hit it higher it's over so i.

Think some people miss it because they they don't finish that drop shot right and thinking oh they're gonna kill it well give yourself a chance give them a chance to make that ball yeah and you may you may be stuck in the transition zone for two three shots and you know maybe it takes you two three shots to knock that ball down which is okay to.

Allow yeah exactly to allow you to move up oh that's something i definitely had to learn after one try to get so anxious so i gotta get up i gotta get up to net and miss hitter it has to be perfect and really just taking your time.

Creating that right shot so we'll correct that on the board yeah you see johansen just slide back yeah he just he still needs to get more comfortable right staying at that kitchen line and dinking crossbow he saw him move back really not a big reason why he needed to do.

That his things were good but he slid back and then it gave lead well lee well a lot more space to kind of dink the ball and then first chance he got he sped it up did come out on the right end of that but we're all tied up at 16. oh just short and that's part of it he's so far back right so then the dink it's.

A lot more challenging when you're that far back from the line he's getting a different spin to it being lee's forehand slice lefty lefty spin so that's going to be a little different right he needs to definitely adjust i feel like she baited him on purpose on that one read it jumped over that middle.

Ball 17-17 yeah another ball that matthias normally misses he loves those drives but 18 to go for it that's his shot yeah stay loose keep playing your your game i like that good speed up there and normally lee is on the other side.

And she blocks she resets backhand which is her bread and butter she can do that with her eyes closed but now it being her forehand does create a little bit of a problem there you jump those were lee's instructions for scott you jump usually it's dive jump duck.

1918. 1918. oh nice put away by johansen all tied up at 19. team red take this yeah it'd be great to see them get a point here won't change the overall outcome but let's see him get a point oh and they're so they're at 20 so they'll be frozen.

They can only win on this or opportunity 2019. we got game point for team red short so now both teams are frozen at 20. i'd like to have seen him drop that instead of drive it but if that's what he's most comfortable.

With yeah usually in those sticky moments you go to where you're comfortable uh we see the drive by todd inside out again they cannot they cannot win it when they're returning they're frozen so both teams have to win on their serve i did ask paris i said when someone.

Lofts the serve does it change up how you're going to return she said nope i'm going to drive it just the same i'm not going to change anything great effort so now blue has an opportunity to close us out so.

All right back to team blue 2020 21 20. oh my god 21 20. and remember they don't team red does not get a point for that because they were not serving.

Back to pickleball scoring when we reach 20. so again a chance for blue to close us out on their serve 21 20. oh a little higher lee a little higher at least the net height checked i don't think it's regulation.

Yeah easy put away another side out another game point opportunity for team blue 21 20. so team blue takes it and we're gonna see our knock around instant replay of the day before we hear from our winning team.

Here's a replay corner pocket atp by johansen we're gonna send it over to cameron as she's going to interview our winning team team blue whidwell and crandall bringing him over to our duper studios.

I'm here with the winning team scott congratulations a 4-0 win for team blue is that how you thought this was going to go down tonight no you know playing playing team red and the town that was on team red and with rally scoring anything can happen and you know just a matter of getting a.

Little bit of a lead and making sure you kept it because anything can happen and you were not playing on your normal side what did you have to adjust today scott basically said i'm playing on the right lee you're gonna have to slide over in the left to figure it out i like that bossing her around a little.

Bit you held your own on this side as well and what was the game plan knowing that that was not her comfortable side what were you looking to create i actually thought i was gonna get more balls than she was i thought paris was gonna break me down with that cross court thinking rolling and i was prepared to.

Um but like pull the chute if i'm losing at that and put lee back over there that's what i thought was going to happen um but lee was a lot better on the left than i would have been so we did totally the right thing and she was i mean she was fantastic over there well.

Congratulations a 4-0 win for team blue the rest is over there go can uh hang out with your team and celebrate congratulations thank you guys so much the crowd for being here tonight oh and we do we also want to acknowledge the aura athlete of the match james not a witch.

Yes congratulations lee paid me but i got your back well thank you guys all so much pickleball night in america here in newport we will be back here next tuesday you do not want to miss it.

Pickleball players Nathalie Bagby, Parris Todd, Beth Bellamy, Lee Whitwell, Mattias Johansson, Mario Barrientos, Scott Crandall, James Ignatowich compete live from The Tennis Club at Newport Beach in Southern California as part of Tuesday’s Major League Pickleball Presents Pickleball Night In America powered by @DUPR-Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating.

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