Oh my goodness if he wins this one his team wins thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back victorious for the second season oh my goodness gracious wow wow.

everybody's got a standing ovation on that shot and welcome to pickle night in america.

Socal swing featuring eight of the best pickleball players around we are using the ml play format model off major league pickleball format which is powered by duper in just a minute here we're gonna throw it to lee widwell to introduce the players for tonight and here we have lee.

We got eight extremely talented players tonight who promised to put on a show i have no idea two mixed doubles and then eighth at the end of the day matches are tied two two we're gonna have a dream breaker tie break singles where players will battle it out in a four-point rotation.

We are using modified rally scoring where players will remain on their side for source they continue to serve alternating to serve between each player back and forth but never changing positions if the serving team loses the point they lose the search to the opposing team and then the opposing team needs a point so.

No matter what every point matters tonight there is no forgiveness in the scoring so hopefully that will build excitement the opposing team with that knowledge counter designates the singles but without further ado i won't mention them.

Last july ladies and gentlemen partnering with sierra in women's doubles she is the self-proclaimed comedian and leader of this family's household they have a familiar name her tongue thankfully is not as fast as her hands.

Because otherwise uh she would she would beat me every time i'm jokes ladies and gentlemen please welcome our first guy rose to fame in hallmark movies he has starred had had the leading role.

In four hallmark christmas specials and two regular off-season specials he quit acting to pursue pickleball he found that pickleball played way better he is a lefty he has lightning fast hands he will throw himself around on the court and will promise not to disappoint tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen rob cassidy he will be around later for photographs and autographs rounding up team blue last but not least fresh off his ppa singles win and makes doubles win this guy he's the man the myth the legend himself.

Jw johnson all right introducing team red she is one of three siblings we recently found out she's the least favorite sibling the favorite sibling is here tonight watching just to rub it in her face so she's going to steal the limelight but.

We won't we won't talk about that too too much she is uh don't look at me like that she's a phenomenal pickleball player she gets my sense of humor and allows me to make fun of her ladies and gentlemen mary brusha also known.

As molly's sister this next competitor sorry learned how to play pickleball on several different truck stops on i-95 she had a flat tire one time and while she was waiting for a to come these people had a net out there and playing and she's like what is that i.

Play tennis i guess i can play this and uh it was then at the world famous truck stop in the florida georgia line where she left her tennis rackets and picked up a pickleball paddle and has not looked back since she's phenomenal on the court if she.

Hits you with the ball you will cry ladies and gentlemen lauren stratman first guy up on team red had a successful career as a pasta maker in his tiny village in italy as he was making pasta and the rotation of the hand he thought i could do.

Something more he bought a cheese board started hitting a ball with it and thought i think i've got something he moved to the states traded his cheeseboard for a pickleball paddle and boy he hasn't stopped since he has taken the world by storm ladies and.

Gentlemen julian andiamo arnold and finally on team red we have a man who needs no introduction who are you by the way i can't see you he got a new haircut he um again a phenomenal player in his own right he is exceptionally fast he looks.

Like the most casual player out there and uh he could be reading you a bedtime story i don't know why he would be doing that but he could be um or playing pickleball or just chilling at the beach he looks equally as relaxed but his hands are super fast ladies and gentlemen he will put on a.

Show for you tonight ladies and gentlemen dylan fraser keeping these eight players in line is the one and only ref cindy lightner who drew the short straw tonight she will be reffing.

And as she said she promises not to mess up but we'll let these players uh warm up real quick we're gonna have ladies double so we'll have mary and lauren and georgia and sierra please make your way to the court make your way to cindy do the toss and um we will get started soon heckling is encouraged.

All right well lee that's quite an intro there for all these players my name is daniel radida here in the booth with lee whitwell bringing you the action from beautiful newport beach california uh for those of you who don't know me which is probably all of you uh daniel.

Radio i'm a pro player and coach here in the southern california area and i'm excited to be at this mlp uh event here on tuesday night in america my first time in the booth i'm excited to just be witnessing this great pickleball that.

We're going to see tonight so if you're joining us uh here live or online we are so excited to have you you're in for a treat this is some exciting pickleball even if you're used to watching regular format this is very different and it's exciting because as lee explained every point counts so i'm.

Going to let her kind of walk the viewers through what to expect the rules how it works since it is a different format so lee why don't you tell the viewers how this mlp ml play format works as a watch and they keep track of the scoring you seriously want me to start talking after that long intro absolutely.

I'm just glad you weren't introducing me because who knows what you would have said about me yeah for those of you listening thank you for letting us invade your living room tonight your backyard barbecue or wherever you are watching our event we definitely truly appreciate your support and we strive to bring you great.

Pickleball content every tuesday night um for those of you don't know my name is lee well i'm a strategic advisor for duper i am also a professional pickleball player and uh love being a part of the growth of pickleball and seeing what is happening in the pickleball space pickleball so duper is a pickleball's.

Only universal rating system that rates all players regardless of their age skill or gender on the same two to eighth scale and i'm incredibly excited to be here today because we've got eight of the best players facing off at tonight the more than twelve thousand dollars uh they'll be fighting for pride bragging rights from now until next week.

When we host another event um so yeah we're here at uh newport beach tennis club and it's a phenomenal space in southern california the sun is shining and we're hoping for some great pickleball for those of you unfamiliar with the mlp format ml play format it is ladies.

Doubles men's doubles two mixed doubles and if the scores are tied at the end of that we go into a dream breaker tiebreak where people but all players will play singles for four points in succession until a winner is declared rally scoring every point matters and you do there's no forgiveness on there's no side no miss serve side outs you you win a point.

Whether you serve return no matter what is happening a point is scored until the team gets to 20. once a player gets to 20 that team freezes the other team however does not freeze their rally scoring the rally scoring continues for them until they get to 20 and then points have to be won on serve and it is win by two so.

Traditionally a five point lead could seem like a massive lead in rally scoring a five point lead is absolutely nothing you can come back from that very very quickly and we're going to see some battles and i hope to see some some 2020 some some 2014 leads come up come back to 2020 and going yeah i definitely um you know starting up today we got lauren.

And mary against georgia and sierra so i expect to see some drives i expect to see some hard hitting and some fun exciting rallies yeah absolutely and i know some of you might have been uh you know watching the announcements as this event was coming up maggie brusha was supposed to play but she has been sick for the last several.

Days so sierra took her place sierra an incredible player local player here she this is her club so it's great for her to be able to compete at her own home club absolutely so we've got a couple of southern cal locals i will.

Throw lauren into a southern cal local because she did live live in santa barbara absolutely yeah you know georgia is a florida local who plays enough in southern cal that we can call her a local yeah exactly special right now right all the top players are here in socal for the all.

The socal tournaments going on this month so it's a treat to have them all here absolutely i think we got four tournaments back to back in socal so it made sense to bring pickleball night in america here yeah it's awesome we're we are so excited as i mentioned this is my first time in.

The booth for for this event and i am uh very grateful to be a part of it and i get to be with lee in the booth which is awesome i mean let's face it you were like fifth on my list to call i know i know the bottom of the barrel but i'm just glad everybody else couldn't do it yeah it's um you know we started off with uh.

Some definite a-list celebrities and they they didn't return my call you got down to d not for dan but the deal oh i you are definitely my first choice i am very excited to be in the booth with you we talked about commentating and and doing some stuff and uh now here we are yeah it's fun and uh for those of you in the area.

Shameless plug lee and i will be doing a clinic next week so check it out absolutely it's going to be fun you know what's fascinating about commentating matches and watching matches i i don't think i've ever lost a match i've watched yeah i could tell everyone.

You're undefeated right yeah yeah like oh i would have done this no offense to yeah to the armchair experts so we got four girls here that do not want to get into a sustained dink rally they're looking to speed up right you notice uh yeah mary and lauren are well behind that.

Line i think probably anticipating maybe a speed up good job by mary letting that ball go i would have hit it and i probably would have hit it in the net or out that's uh outballs is one of the hardest things to leave in pickleball because they're so juicy they're right at your head yeah yep.

And you know it's been fun i've it's it's um mary sierra and georgia uh probably the newest to the game lauren has been around a little bit longer um so lauren would be the veteran on this court i would say yes it's been nice to see the growth of the other three coming.

Along and figuring out strategies and and tactics on the court yeah instead of trying to play tennis right exactly good exactly there yeah i have the pleasure of coaching mary and maggie in uh pickleball and they came into the sport uh during the pandemic.

Mary a just finished college graduated uh she played tennis for biola university and now is going to just really dedicate herself to full-time pickleball so it's exciting it's an exciting time for her and her family nice ball there by georgia right up.

Center there splitting stratman and brasha with that forehand so the um i lost my train of thought sorry i got caught up in the rally there and um but no um mary has decided to take the summer and really dedicate herself to.

Pickleball which is phenomenal yes i am you know it's great to see more and more people come into the pickleball space i i love nothing better than seeing semi-finals in finals with different matchups right and we're gonna see it more and more right as uh you know we saw.

Just this past weekend big tournament here in orange county there'll be others but uh you see just new new faces new names uh coming in the scene and it really is an exciting time for pickleball and we're very lucky to be a part of it and just to to be here and see the growth of the sport.

Uh over this last uh really the last couple years has drilled really taken off 100 it's it's it's i feel very fortunate that we we all have a front row seat to what is happening right now and it's we get to witness the evolution of the game and you know i was talking to a friend.

Of mine the other day and five years ago we were all playing on gym floors yep you know with the jugs ball yeah exactly and look at now dedicated courts and facilities popping out everywhere a timeout has been called sierra and johnson oh sierra and johnson sierra and georgia have a three-point lead 11-8.

Against prussia and stratton but as you know in rally scoring that three points means nothing yeah it goes by so quick i mean to think that we've already gotten at 11 8 in just a few minutes right normally in a normal format that that could be a 45 minute 45 minute uh match just to get to that point.

So what do you think lauren and uh and mary got to do to change things around on uh on sierra you know i i think with with certainly mary mary's a great defender she can attack really well but but she is i would say more of a just a great resetter she's really great on defense.

When she's in that transition zone um i think slowing the game down especially to sierra i i think would be a good idea and uh sierra's i mean she hits the ball so hard but you know if you're soften the game a little bit keep the ball low of course that's going.

To make it more difficult for her to speed those balls up so i would anticipate that they're going to do that mary's very familiar with sierra they played together a lot and you know the um deeper with our duper predictions right now if you combine the dupers of all.

Players on the court team red actually has a slight advantage an eight percent advantage over team blue um 54 to 46 and and what that means is if they played 100 times team red should win 56 times i'm sorry 54 times i love those stats and then in the end they mean.

Not that much right because it all comes down to executing but but it is good to know sort of uh okay how do they sort of match up from a rating standpoint absolutely and it's you know in the pro space it's uh on any given sunday anybody can beat anybody yeah and we see that all the time but you know it's you know when you.

When you when you put deeper into the amateur space and really figuring out where people belong yeah and and be able to produce consistent level based play for your for your clients for your customers your members it's a it's a phenomenal experience for them yeah i think that's one of the great.

Things with duper is went off to this point that's a great point here nice reset quick exchange here oh just a great shot by sierra with the angled forehand roll there just past mary brusha and that ladies and gentlemen is what pickleball is all about offensive.

Defense to offense the defense yeah that led court ends up going in favor of of uh sierra and georgia there as they were on defense but then the leadcore just allowed them be able to come up right and get on that kitchen line what what other sport do you think.

Is out there that you see these exchanges of offense to defense and this transition back and forth gosh i don't you know i was trying to think of one i was like volleyball but sometimes not all the time and the rallies aren't as long right and it seems like volleyball it's like your offensive and like it just goes.

Back and forth right if they can get a good set uh whereas this is i don't know i can't think of anything that really rivals pickleball that's a great question i i don't really know like right there right great ball exactly you got to prep me with these questions.

Lee you can't just throw them on me like that you know and then i i will i will um throw mary under the bus a little bit on that rally because she did have sierra yep um back and and sarah's a little bit out of position after running for that ball and that ball went to georgia who was ready exactly right yeah those are the things.

That we've got to notice and and the more experience they get these are one-time mistakes for these players they learn very quickly right you gotta you got someone scrambling you don't want to let them off the hook you don't want to go to their partner unless their partner's out of position you're trying to go behind the partner.

But in that case you're right exactly sierra's reaching she's she's scrambling i think mary should have gone right back maybe to that inside foot on sierra's backhand as she's struggling with her forehand side versus going to to georgia and we got a replay here oh this was the round the phenomenal long valley from before where we have.

Offense defense there's the one yeah that was a nice off-balance it was it was it was an amazing shot maybe a little fortunate there because she was certainly wasn't balanced but sierra an incredible player of course.

She was a college tennis player and uh you know was able to roll that ball even though she was not in a great position and you know it's it's think about five years ago as well when a lot of people came into the pickleball space the untextured paddle right where now the paddles are a little.

Bit more textured so you can topspin is a thing you can roll balls you can do more with the ball than you ever could right and we got these four ladies this is the first time they're all playing together this is new partnerships all the way around which is it's fun i enjoy it it's so fun.

Sometimes you get that right there you saw a little bit of miscommunication who's going to take that middle ball but um it's pickleball y'all i would give a shout out to my mom but she did tell me she's not staying up to watch this because it's two in the morning back home.

We'll get some rest mom there you go so right now it's 19 13 15 blue if they win this point team blue freezes right here team blue no longer has rally scoring so meaning so for the viewers they can only score like four regular format they can only score on their server.

yeah sierra able to jam mary brusha there with that ball right at her kind of left ribs and just she just couldn't get her paddle on it and it's a risky it's a risky shot because that cross-court attack yeah it sets up your opponent for eating the.

Ball yeah so she did that very very well and um so team blue won that one and um the boys are gonna take the court right now and warm up for a minute and we'll get them going and we'll see it's um i'm looking forward to seeing julian's athleticism between julian and rob on throwing them around on the court i.

Don't know which is going to be more fun to watch you got the steady eddies and dylan and jw and they're gonna i think they're gonna let uh julian and rob put on a show for us tonight yeah it's gonna get loud it's gonna get loud which will be a lot of fun to watch uh all for these guys just.

Not just amazing players but just great guys and very different personalities all around right but all of them uh great uh great sportsmanship uh julian is is probably the newest to the sport julian uh uh not too far from where lauren was from so lauren you know was in santa barbara julian is from san luis obispo.

Um and julian i had the pleasure of working with him for just a little bit of time he was considering pickleball as a real option for himself he came down several weekends to train for the weekend uh with me for especially single stuff and just got to meet a lot of great people down here matt chao and many.

Others and it just gave him an opportunity to to see if it if it was a real thing for him a real possibility and uh has had some support from some friends which i think is so cool that he's had some friends supporting his efforts and.

One of his friends contacted me and and asked me you know do you really think this this is a real possibility for julian and i said absolutely i mean he's got incredible athleticism as you said he's so fast in fact one of the things that we talked about when i was working with him was that he's so fast that he would.

Overrun things so much and that was one of the things that we worked on was him staying a little more calm using his speed but not letting his speed work against him meaning not over running shots and uh and he's made an incredible adjustment of course he's been making.

Deep runs in singles and mixed in men's had a great showing this past weekend with hayden patrickin uh did well in singles so it's just exciting and love his energy on the court and so it's great to see him match it up with dylan wright who's definitely very quiet.

As you said in the introductions uh very mellow he uh i've had uh uh i wouldn't call it the pleasure of playing against him because he kicked my butt but uh but it was a pleasure to watch him uh as he would zip balls by me with almost no backswing he's got that those little flicks where.

Even his drives are uh he doesn't swing at the ball but he's his fan his hands are so fast that he can generate so much power doesn't really have a tennis background so it's great to see non-tennis players also have great success absolutely this is not only a sport for former tennis players no it's.

A and if you on the court right now we have two tennis players jw and julian and we have two non-tennis players right dylan and rob yeah rob was a football player and uh ping pong so it's uh you do not have to be a high level tennis player uh to become a great pickleball player.

Absolutely it can help you with some skills certainly but uh uh as we've seen from so many other examples as well and so that's exciting it just makes the sport more dynamic there's different styles there's different ways to play absolutely and you know adding to that it's um it's worth mentioning uh august.

5th through 7th we are having the biggest amateur event here at the new cortena club you're gonna have seven possible tee time so you could potentially play in seven events you're guaranteed four matches neat each round in four hours and teams are going to be sorted in.

Groups by duper so it will be level based play and for an amateur event you will win money there you go so now you got everybody's attention it's a huge waterfall tournament it's going to be a lot of fun i um.

I can't wait i almost want to come out for this because and watch it because it's going to be a phenomenal event it's going to be the first of its kind and i think everyone's going to love it and i mean being able to guarantee four matches in.

Four hours for somebody where it's not like a whole day commitment and you can play one one one bracket from eight to twelve and then at one o'clock sign up for another one and playing another one if you want to sign for third one you could that's so cool if you wanted to yeah that's awesome you know and that's all thanks to duper and and you know we.

Have our our leader our visionary our our founder of major league of major league football of dreamland of duper steve kuhn without all of it without all of his vision none of this would happen and i thank him silently every day so i love what he's doing in the pickleball.

Space and i'm so glad to be a part of it and to be on this ride that he's creating for everybody yeah and he understands that the amateurs are just as important as the pros right so obviously yeah money on the line for that and and then being able to win cash is huge yep the vast majority of pickleball players are.

Amateurs right i mean it's a select few really that are playing in the pro tour and so the biggest supporters the biggest supporters are of course the amateurs that play tournaments that play rec um and one of the things that i was going to say during the previous match i didn't want to interrupt the point but you know the great thing about duper one.

Of the things that i get asked all the time by students is can you rate me can you give me a rating how do i get a rating do i have to play a tournament ticket rating and that's one of the great things right that that you can get a rating you don't have to be playing tournaments right to have a rating uh and so if you.

Don't know what duper is look into it i know a lot of you don't necessarily enjoy playing a tournament but you want a rating you want to know kind of where you are and whether you play at a club or at a park or wherever i know a lot of people ask me about.

Their rating and so this is a great way to just play rec games and still you know be able to get a rating for it to count uh so i think that's awesome i think that's phenomenal one of the things it does too is like and you know this because you know we're in the club world it doesn't make you the bad guy you.

Don't have to tell betty that she's only a 3-5 that she's not a 4-0 trust me i've been called stingy yeah i've been called stingy with my ratings so now from now on i just tell people you know what would you go play a tournament once you sign up see how it goes if you kill everybody then move up if you get crushed then maybe move down.

Or that's your that's where you stack up all right so the guys have just started team blue does have a slight advantage over red in their current duper rating there we go dylan's signature move let's just start off with an around the post a nice atp for the first point.

For any of you watching if you want to take any side bets on how long it's going to take julian to scream on diamond i am wearing an andiamo shirt in his honor oh so you notice from the previous match there's a lot more willingness in the.

Guys game to work the point to wait for the right opportunity so you see a little bit of flip there we know dylan's just laughing like really rob laughing at rob i saw rob and and jw doing that in the warm-ups earlier where in the middle of the point they just basically switched sides not.

Really a poach it's just sort of a different kind of look but that time it did not work well for them but uh it makes it exciting it makes it fun of course rob is going to be on that right side uh he's going to want to be on that right side with as a lefty right for the viewers you're going to see that a lot when you have a lefty and a righty.

And lefty likes to play the right side we're putting both forehands in the middle yeah there's a little bit of uh you know when the first couple points we saw a lot of dinks right there's a little bit of kind of feeling each other out right sort of what's both with your partner and your opponents.

Of what what you're kind of expecting to see there we go and julian is so casual about the way he does it and then he gets fired up and you just can't get you can't help but get fired up with him i love that he's he's bringing the it's 3-3.

Referee area julian just gave format has done is it's brought the team atmosphere into pickleball it's a very solitary sport we play double singles but being able to play on a team you know all of us have played on a team at some point in our lives and and loved that team atmosphere and it's brought.

Back that team format where you're you're not no longer playing for yourself you know and yeah you missed third is missed by everybody or celebrated by everybody right exactly exactly and i'll wait for this point to oh i'm gonna sneaky two-handed speed up.

Right there that was uh he would want he'd like that one back he was ready for it normally he would put that ball away he was just not on it as much as he would have liked to and then we see a little flick there j dub of course jw johnson so good with his wrist i mean he can move his hand so fast and and create these angles and.

Spins on the ball because of how quickly he can flick the ball from almost anywhere on the court so we're going to see a lot of that i'm sure from him by rob cassidy rob cassidy likes to hold his paddle way up he chokes up on the paddle with his ping-pong background.

Oh there we see that i mean that hand is so fast and no backswing just a flick of the hand and generate so much power it's fun to be on the same side not on the receiving end yeah no i've been on the receiving and nationals what a phenomenal location how blessed.

Are we to be played with beautiful locations you know it's when i first heard about pickleball i never in my wildest dreams would have thought this is where we'd end up right and you know i'm talking about the amateur tournament in august but the beauty of that is it coincides with uh mlp.

Right our second second event of mlp so there'll be a lot of atmosphere a lot of excitement going on here it's the plus ones right third plus one return plus one those are those are the four shots you never want to miss yeah good reset there by julian.

Let's see if they can hold on to that change of ends one minute break laura and coaching julian there giving him some strategy yeah it's great to have outside eyes right on on the on the match uh regardless of your level it's always sometimes people in the crowd or you know teammates can see things that.

Maybe you're not noticing during the game so that's always super helpful okay arnold to serve here as dylan trying to reset that ball just wasn't quite able to do it serve back to cassidy.

the crossing during the point 12 10. i apologize if i missed it did we have the graphic on who's favored to win based on the ratings for this particular match yes we did.

so jw and raw our favorite 53-47 okay very close sorry very close there it is thank you 11 13.

There's that backhand flick he does so well so good frazier was there but paddle phase was just a little open ball sails one thing to get the paddle on the ball another thing to get it on the ball the right way and that was just a little open.

Rob went down on one knee hey any knee pad company out there he's in the market like oh there's the ernie and maybe a little bit of the anticipation there obviously you have a righty and a lefty four hands in the.

Middle teams are going to tend to go to those corners more to the backhands jw anticipating that ball going to his backhand jumps it hits the ernie for for a winner at frasier and if the ernie wasn't there he had rob with his forehand in the middle hovering right right.

Julian with a great finish there good ball by dylan there and the casualness of it like he just was like he just walks in and just flicks it he's like yep and we're done winner uh it is pretty disheartening here on the other side right and he looks like he's taking a nap and just.

Kicking your butt and one thing that um i'm not sure if viewers online um are aware of this it's like you know pro pickleball is relatively new compared to other sports right and we're still in the space where we are all still friends right we're competitors we're adversaries.

But we're friends at the end of the day right we will all go out to dinner together we will all hang out it's still a relatively small tour so everybody's seeing each other week to week there's some rivalries but for the most part everybody gets along really well.

Oh the fortunate clip there i know that'll change as the sport grows but right now i i kind of like the space that we're in yeah it's it's great it's like a family it really is it's like a pickleball family a little high with that one but that's like.

He's so good he's so quick with that hand and he's another nonchalant player too he's like okay and we're flicking still pretty tight up though 16-17 that's a rare mystery yeah that's just a unforced error there with that dink and we're tied up at 17. uh.

yeah cassidy ready for that ball he slid to his left of course him being a lefty slip to his left to be able to come down with that backhand and puts that ball right at their feet great anticipation by rob there time not being called knowing they were going to speed it up at them and and you.

See that a lot in the pros they will slide one way or the other when they anticipate a speed up so that they don't get jammed and they can either hit a forehand or a backhand based on what they anticipate absolutely all right you have everybody say yes but let's say it a little louder.

We can do better come on those of you who want team red to win yeah team blue right and lee whittwell doing what she does best getting the crowd pumped up.

Excited for this match 18 17. first flick is a very common thing you see with the pros is that combo right that their first speed up is not necessarily the one that is the winner but they're they're hoping that off of that they're gonna get something.

That pops up and they're able to put it away i've seen a couple examples of that there it is saw it again but this time it was a kind of a combination between partners as dylan sped it up julian put away the next ball yeah the flick tends to be the speed up the the setup sorry.

Yeah and for our viewers out there those of you who are you know playing pickleball and trying to improve your game when you're learning to speed up the ball you got to be ready for that next ball it's not just learning how to speed it up but being ready for the next one coming back.

So cassidy and johnson are frozen right now and they take that julian and uh dylan needed to win that point to keep it in the game but team blew her up 2-0 so we're going to head for a quick commercial break and when we come back.

We'll have our first mix lineup it'll be georgia johnson and rob cassidy versus julian arnold and lauren stratman we'll be right back no matter the type of player you are junior for now no matter where you're.

From my name is no matter your gender no matter your age no matter what tour you play on or who you play with no matter what's in your bag or what paddle you use what matters is your love of the game celebrating the sport and knowing your level so that you can keep pickleball fun and fair for.

Everyone what matters is you yeah what matters is you what matters is you unify the game download duper today to learn the power of you know your level know your.

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Upper hand so and welcome back to mlp pickle night in america tuesdays we got the socal swing we got our first mixed doubles match.

Daniel radida here in the booth with lee whitwell bringing you the action from newport beach california i have to say i you know i've got to give a shout out to one of my favorite people in the world cricket daniel no you are one of my favorite but not the favorite daniel is watching.

She is a santa barbara og oh nice uh living in bend oregon right now and uh watching tonight and um just wanna say hi i miss you can't wait to hang out and uh one of these days i'm gonna get you in the booth with me qriket nice watch and not listen and not reply now.

So this matchup we have lauren and julian favored to win against rob and georgia so we will see what happens yeah this will be this will be fun we didn't uh we didn't get to see what maybe the typical julian arnold excitement but i think uh maybe we'll see it here absolutely even.

Though it was a very very close match in the men's doubles all these players so fun to watch george johnson of course so young so talented of course part of a great pickleball family as most people know i mean there's a few great pickleball families you've got i mean you got obviously the waters uh you.

Got the brushes the johnsons um you have the cousin duo of thomas wilson and aj kohler hey jay kohler yes you have the kawamotos you have the ramenzies you got andrea cooper met her sister maggie romenzi um so there's there's a lot of siblings.

Coming in a lot of families coming into this space where a few so mlp had four siblings four sibling couples so to speak brother sister sister sister combo combos and one cousin combo and everybody played on a different team that's great.

Uh you know it's great for bragging rights at home right if uh have a little bit of that competition absolutely but let me tell you majorly pick while there is nothing else like it it's so much fun you know i i always tell people lee um.

You know i don't play as much these days i i do more coaching than teaching i'm sorry more coaching than playing uh mainly because i'm 46. and it's really hard to communicate now yeah but you actually you actually you can actually compete uh and do great i i am i am declining quickly in my playing skills uh i love i love playing but i.

Love coaching but i i would say the one event and i honestly i i tell this to everybody i i don't ever miss like missing a tournament like there's never sort of the fomo of like i wish i was there mlp is the exception mlp is the one event that i've watched that i go man i.

Wish i could be there and be a part of that because it's just so different it's so fun absolutely you could tell it's fun obviously i haven't been a part of it yet and i doubt it will be but it just it's so different and like you said the team aspect is what makes it that we'll get you and oh what has just.

Happened for that first rally a lot of net chords a lot of reflexes a little smile there from cassidy as julian goes right at him one zero one zero is the score we'll make the adjustment here on our board julian getting big in the middle so a lot of times my strategy in mixed or a lot of people's strategy and mix.

Not just mine but is making the guy hit the third so he cannot trash the net quite so fast right keep him back just a little bit getting the third to the female allows the guy to really command the center of the court georgia missing she was kind of sliding backwards on that volley right versus.

Just kind of holding her ground and it did not pay off for her they're going on her heels nice roll good reset by stretching of course not the normal setup that you see usually you have the the ladies maybe cross-court from each other diagonal right in the men but because of.

The lefty uh rob cassidy being so it's a little bit of different uh setup that you would have typically in mixed with the ladies in front of each other and the men in front of each other which we don't get to see that that often it almost allows for the guy to come.

Over that much more right and be a little bit more dictating in the point yeah and i love your point about and mixed returning to the male partner often to keep them from poaching.

And i think that's great for the viewers to know a lot of our viewers play rec play or tournaments and they sometimes think well i'm going to return to the woman if she's relatively weaker than the but then if she's making good thirds then he can crash on them right or good drives arnold with the unforced error there on.

Their return we've seen several records today gotta love the net sometimes it works for you sometimes it works against you yeah that's right the net giveth the net taketh away unapologetically yes a couple of rare misses on returns so team red actually do need to win this.

Match to stay in this julian did a great job getting back to that kitchen line off of stradman's reset but just just as he was getting there got the ball and just couldn't quite couldn't quite do enough with it a little bit leaning back there uh georgia on that drop couldn't get a.

Really clean swing on that ball and normally traditional scoring you missed a return a serve there's no sorry you miss your third shot there's no points exchanged right third shot is very very important now and in rally scoring it is very much a returners game the returning side will.

Win most of the points right um but your third has to be money whether it's a drive or drop you just have to make it right just puts that much more pressure on you knowing that you could be giving up a point not just to serve julian one of those players that likes to use a combination of sometimes he likes to hit with two hands sometimes he.

Likes to hit with one maybe depending on where the ball is in relation to his body but he is a like if i were doing a teaching manual i'd want him that's my model he's so stylish when he hits the ball he looks good it looks good and it's it's a great he's a great.

Uh teaching example lauren bringing the heat there onto rod right or rob there rob certainly has quick hands but couldn't quite uh couldn't quite get that one back just like uh with you on a regular format on the third game you switch it six on a game of fifteen for today right the same thing here i'm going to give it.

21 6 at 11. of course uh the first mlp event uh for those who did not know lee everybody knew lee after that event taking down some of the boys and the singles that was exciting to watch is great for you just don't get to see that right.

It's such a unique format absolutely if we get to the dream breaker tonight we will see it then that'll be that'll be fun it's exciting it's great to see the women competing against the men in singles which obviously you don't get to see anywhere else that dream breaker was the brainchild of.

Steve kuhn again he came up with it great idea it's a phenomenal idea so different such a great idea it's so fun to watch just has a different element to the game yeah absolutely oh there's miss return there 9 11. it's chapman arnold the two-point lead it's a nice attack there right by julian.

It's certainly uh stratman and in arnold have more experience playing together they've played together quite a bit right more so than i would say cassidy and johnson is this their first time teaming up yes absolutely sorry i was just looking at rob's reaction to that outball call where he thought it was out but the ball.

Actually landed in those are painful the entertainer yeah love love mr cassidy hello he gets there he's fearless i have no idea how many overheads he has blocked and i'm like what are you doing there please back up for the viewers if the ball is high don't stand up there like rob does back.

Up get into that transition zone get the weight on the balls of your feet and try to defend yeah great job by georgia going behind julian several times not not afraid to dink with him not afraid to push him back to that corner and it's on his backhand side that was a great job by her and and it.

Makes you'll see that a lot because if you saw there julian was threatening the middle he wanted to come and flick the ball through the middle right and georgia's like not today yeah such an important part of mix is being able to keep the guy honest right moving him back going behind him.

Typically it would be his backhand side so that's also an advantage in going behind him absolutely it's like sometimes people let the player get too dominant on the court right yeah and let them command the middle too much it's like well they left from some place go to that place right right much easier said than done.

Yes you know i know players can become especially sometimes the women can become intimidated by the guy coming over and shrinking the court for them but once they show they're not afraid to move them back that really uh makes a guy think twice of being that aggressive nice reset by stratman oh this time georgia leaves it short.

Trying to go behind julian again trying to move them back keep them honest it also of course forces julian to hit the ball past rob's right so it gives rob a chance to maybe come over and take a ball if julian doesn't quite get the right angle back to georgia.

All right they called uh they called a timeout real quick seeing if they could strategize again welcome everybody this is pickleball night in america powered by duper we're using ml play which is an mlp format ladies doubles men's doubles we are now in the first mixed doubles.

Portion of the of the event and cassidy and johnson are team blue they're down five points against arnold and stratman i'm ready to see a crazy dive or something by julian or rob as.

Someone who i like to dive on the court but i've done it i'd love seeing it i love seeing other players here we see a little replay there julian jamming rob cassidy there on that high right shoulder hayden patrick and just walked in the.

House yeah he's too cool now you know he won't even say hello anymore he's up-and-coming he's a phenomenal player so great to see his growth on the pickleball court big h big h they call him fearless 16 years old had a great run this past weekend in san clemente.

We see more and more more and more 15 16 year olds as we see georgia there oh lauren left that ball a little high and georgia able to rip it with her two hands yeah able to close the gap to two that's maybe one of the times that you can go cross court a little more when you've got the high ball and you can.

Generate a little bit of angle and hit down at someone's feet right usually as you mentioned earlier in the previous match speeding up cross-court or diagonal is risky as that player has more time to react to the ball you usually like to make your speed ups.

Straight ahead in front of you that person has less time to react but that time georgia had a little higher ball she was able to kind of use her left hand to pull the ball down at julian's feet so that's maybe one of those times that you can do that to the diagonal attack.

all right we got a tight we got a tight match here some people are pulling for red just so we can we can see uh this uh match goes longer see a dream breaker you know with this format i when i spectate i am a big fan of the dream.

Breaker yeah i wanna see it of course playing i wanna avoid it unless you're behind yeah great rally finishing off with a put away from team blue see see rob right up there just crouching down trying to return that it's like spider-man high.

Forehand put away by arnold george upset at herself maybe pointing at that corner there where she could have gone a little behind i think she was trying to go maybe up the middle maybe could have gone behind uh arnold but either way left it in the net one of the hardest things is going from.

Offense to defense when you have this fast hands exchange knowing when to reset that ball and start the point over knowing this okay we're not winning this let's start over and right but you get mentally you're in that space of i want to kill the ball yes going to i've got to soften the ball it's one of those skills right that i'm.

Sure you work on with your students people you teach in your coaching and helping is knowing when going from fast to the ball is now down by my knees i need to reset this you know one of the best sayings is but first you don't succeed try again right and if then you don't succeed maybe try doing what your coach told you.

To do in the first place exactly the net chords oh yeah that one that's not go the way of team red they're just two points away but cassidy and johnson right there right behind them only two points away oh dive dive no no come on julian more effort.

Sacrifice your body for the greater good i'm laughing of course because that ball would have bounced three times before i could get to it so arnold i would have just died fast yeah yeah somebody go for it not me all right arnold stratman are frozen yell you oh.

And this return we are 2-1 team blue is in the lead two-one all right so team red able to take that game and it's 2-1 now get to see our next mixed doubles match thank you.

mary molly says no pressure in this match she's watching and judging every hit you take a song from the police.

So all right i'm here with julian congratulations on that last match how was it what is this strategy going into that um.

Especially rob he's got such quick hands and great defense so uh kind of takes away my offensive ability but i think you know and we uh we fought our way to a victory so uh the good stuff good uh good fight by both teams it's just always entertaining with me and rob on the court.

Sorry sir we have an interruption hey we didn't get an interview when we won i'm interviewing right now hey rob how you doing so what do you think uh dylan and uh mary have to do in this match to clinch the win i think similar to what uh lauren and i did just come out and play some clean.

Pickleball don't want to give away too many free points with the rally scoring so uh yeah i mean i'll be out there rooting for him throwing out a couple on diamonds on my behalf so uh yeah i just hope we can get the win and i'm excited to maybe get the chance of playing some singles.

Absolutely first thing i want to hear some andiamos i feel like i haven't heard the full on the alma tonight and i for one i'm looking forward to playing single so um i won't tell the blue team but i kind of want this to go to a dream breaker i mean who wouldn't want the dream.

Breaker right it's just we just want we just want to see more pickleball out here so uh i feel like the crowd is still just barely getting their toes wet so we'll give them a little taste of one more mix match and then hopefully we can take it to some singles so should be fun awesome i'll let you go coach thank.

You so much always a pleasure all right got to hear from julian arnold there after their mixed doubles victory hoping to push this to a dreambreaker you see the win probability team blue with a slight edge 52-48 we're gonna see j.w johnson.

And sierra gayton leach taking on dylan frazier and mary russia this is going to be an exciting match thank you all for joining us daniel radi and lee woodward here in the booth bringing you the excitement from california for pickleball night in.

America the socal swing it's hard uh to you know doesn't get much better than this the weather is perfect it's a beautiful evening here in socal we got some people here watching the action live and of course all of you joining us from your home we are uh.

So excited to be with you tonight yeah we appreciate you letting us invade your living room for the evening you could be watching different things and uh we're glad that you're choosing to watch some great pickleball so tonight in this final match up in mixed doubles uh team blue.

Jw and sierra have a slight duper advantage yeah over team red but if dylan has anything to say about it he's going to insert himself and try to get as big as jw does next yeah absolutely and we have a little more standard setup here right we don't have a lefty like we did last time.

There with rob so this is uh all righty so we're gonna see our more standard stacking formations probably and it'll be either way it's gonna be exciting to watch absolutely so we'll see a lot more cross-court dink rallies.

Girl the girl with the guy trying to insert himself and we'll see how uh who dares go behind the guy and keep the guy on exactly how willing how willing sierra and mary are to go behind these guys both of these guys so quick and and on their backhand side they can flick the ball so quickly back at you that it can make the women hesitant.

To go behind them but i think they have to i think they need to be aggressive i think they the more timid you are as the woman to go behind the guy the more it gives them the opportunity to take over the court and uh just shrinks the court for you so you've got to be willing to go behind the guy let's see if they do that.

All right we're off to the races i mean you saw dylan come way over right his right foot was on that sideline on that near sideline uh on the side of mary brusha of course his players know each other so well dylan and jw team up quite a bit right so they know each other's games.

Really really well they kind of know what to expect same with sierra and mary they play each other all the time both of them being locals here in socal just uh unfortunate miss there by mary taking that ball out of the air trying to create an angle just goes way too far.

With rally scoring you know i think the biggest thing players need to do is relax and play their game because the minute you know every point matters there's a little bit more pressure and you don't want to make that mistake which forces you to make a mistake jw coming across there with his long.

Arms the example where you were just talking about right the guys getting big in the middle taking over as much of the court as they can dylan's like i could do that too sierra gate and leech little birthday present.

I would anticipate there's a little more nerves for mary and sierra jw and dylan are kind of on the big stage kind of week to week uh and sierra and mary are obviously great players but they have not been on the big stage as much as these other guys so there may be a little bit more nerves on the women's side here in this match.

Absolutely and you know dylan and jw are fresh off um three or four week stretch of competing every weekend so they're pretty dialed in right and um it's also you know playing getting to play with jw and dylan it's it is a little nerve-wracking at the beginning you know.

Like i don't want to mess up i want to i want to put my best self forward so that you know we can do well right you want to make a good impression on your partner you don't want to let them down that can put a lot of pressure on you only we could just all switch our brains off and just play pickleball.

Exactly here we go himself there he knew he had a good look at a backhand with both of gayden leach and johnson in the transition zone but he leads into the net good job by mary letting that ball go she did not learn that from me good reach there by sierra.

Flicking that forehand right at mary and married missing it wide slight lead here being blue mary does a good job giving her partner space she realizes coming over she'll slide back.

Two-point lead here for gate and leech there the ball clips in that sails wide and for those of you wanting to come down to newport beach to watch major league pickleball in action august 5th through 8th i encourage you to also sign up for the waterfall.

Tournament the largest amateur pro the largest price pool in amateur tournaments ever four matches four hours guaranteed you can play in seven events if you so choose and you get to win money energy and excitement here will be palpable it will be great i can't wait to see it.

It's the first of its kind where amateurs can win money and i i just love it i i love that you know that stupid um had the vision for this and along with jill braverman the ceo of duber and we're creating these opportunities not just for pro pick of all players but.

For everybody for one day everybody can be a pro right absolutely so one day everybody can be a pro you can play for for money uh that's so cool that's exciting just head over to our social pages on duper on instagram and facebook links are in bio to sign up and we'd.

Love to see you i i if you come and play i'll buy you a beer two bounce roll yeah that's right i'm gonna use jw as a teaching moment here if you watch him dink oh dylan see how much time he has he lets that ball drop he is not.

Um afraid to wait on that ball and be patient and not feel rushed into thinking exactly he's not in a hurry and i think one of the mistakes we all make a lot of times is we tend to rush our dink a lot more because we tend tempting than we should and.

Jw is a perfect example of just i have all the time in the world to hit this you have more time than you think more time than you think we have our amazing franklin kitchen camera bringing us all the action nice and in the kitchen yeah thankful for that absolutely.

That's good ball by jw one of the things that we see jw do that i teach my students not to do is his paddle's a little low right when he you know during the rally he kind of holds his paddle pretty low but he's so fast and again as we talked about earlier he uses that flick to set up the next shot.

And he's that easy put away yeah you know we teach our students to get that paddle in the ready position he tends to hold it a little bit lower than what we would normally teach but he's so fast he gets away with it does obviously incredibly well so unless you're as quick as jw get your paddle up yeah don't get in a firefight.

Get your paddle up every time you get into a firefight with the jw i was reminded i'm gonna date myself here reminds me of the line from uh crocodile dundee he's like that's not a knife this is a knife that's right i know exactly what you're talking about oh.

But that was the perfect play sierra dared to go behind dylan pulled him off the court had an open court yeah had him maybe even threw her off a little bit the fact that he sort of stumbled you know one of the things when you when you when you talk about the growth of pickleball is looking at.

The uh the different sponsors that are coming into the game right if you just look we've got um you know aura we've got knock around sunglasses sketches franklin obviously uh products are it's like we're bringing in more mainstream brands right that are coming into this.

Space which means pickleball is growing and people are taking notice which is great for us right it's incredible the things being televised on tennis channel and and just just seeing even a large part of the tennis community embrace pickleball there's still a lot of people that don't.

Necessarily maybe love it but uh certainly it's becoming more and more embraced uh by not just tennis players but other professional athletes sorry our photographer just interrupted our commentary to come take a photo of us.

I mean who doesn't want to take a picture of lee woodwall steve taylor in the house looking dapper as ever he's using his backup camera dylan and mary have got to make some moves right now to force this into a green breaker we're going to get there.

Yeah this is a crucial time here for dylan and mary not a lot of room for error here we gotta start putting some things together good attack by sierra there got mary on her heels.

Just leaning back way too much to defend that ball yeah put away there by frasier looked like he was going cross-court he just you know pronated his wrist goes inside out.

nice defense by sierra oh wow great job by sierra to keep them in that point absolutely and allowing jw an opportunity to put the ball away now they're they're frozen they're frozen at 20 but they are serving they have an opportunity here dp.

Stays in oh kw smiles knows that that was a uh one that he would normally put away for the winner and for the match but that time just goes off the side of his paddle oh great exchange by all four players there good job by mary brusha laying off.

That ball letting it sail wide getting them within two points here dylan's like not today here we are folks just one point away getting excited we have a timeout called by team blue well let's see if uh frazier and brusha can come all the way back.

So if we head to if we head to a uh dreambreaker we will both captains will choose the one or two whoever wins the toss will get to have the opposing team disclose their lineup and then the team that won the toss will be able to match up their players accordingly against the.

Other team and they will play four points in succession and rotate players four times so you could have girl girl guy guy girl versus guy and i think it happened in the dream break a tiebreaker and it makes us for some fun matchups and for some competitive singles certainly hoping for that just uh i think for the viewers it'll be so.

Exciting to watch i certainly want to see that but i'm sure jw and sierra would rather not get to that point it is 2019 they are within one yep good job by sierra going behind dylan dylan trying to insert himself into this point.

Nice job he read it well he anticipated sierra trying to go behind him he does kind of a half ernie to flick that ball we're frozen at 20 now every team has to win by two on its serve jw is like no that's in my strike zone rip that ball still at 20.

I would have liked to see mary take that ball out wow that passing shot was money it was i it was unfortunate i think mary thought that ball was going to sail wide she chooses to let it bounce stays in she could have had a forehand volley.

I chose to let it bounce sierra hits a great shot down the line and there it is team blue unfortunately we will not see a dream breaker tonight ladies and gentlemen team blue win that one 22-20 and end up winning three to one so close to a dream breaker but such fun pickleball it was it was we want to thank you all for letting us invade your.

Living room letting us uh be the voices in your head tonight and i'm here with daniel rodetti thank you so much for joining me it was a pleasure spending the evening with you oh so fun to be with you thank you for having me this is so exciting and it's just such a great thing for pickleball for viewers to watch and so thank you.

For having me it's been a blast awesome thank you all very much good night see you on the flip side all right thank you so much for coming out and spending the evening with us we thank you we appreciate you and we can't wait to see you next week we will be here next week again.

Please come back and see us soon no matter the type of player you are junior for now no matter where you're from my name is no matter your gender no matter your age.

No matter what tour you play on or who you play with no matter what's in your bag or what paddle you use what matters is your love of the game celebrating the sport and knowing your level so that you can keep pickleball fun and fair for everyone what matters is you.

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