The backhand and forehand reset in slow motion now is the time for Innovation here at the pickleball Pirates pickleball lovers please leave comments Please Subscribe and don't forget to have a good day if you're looking to make that jump to the 45 and 5-0 level you need that.

Forehand reset so let's take a look in slow motion right now we just upgraded cameras here at the pickleball Pirates Innovation is not dead after all Joey what are they gonna learn how to hit the backhand and forehand reset you will see what you're doing wrong and the most common mistakes of each and you're going to learn a lot and who is that Senior.

Pro American Icon Scott Moore that's me in the top left-hand corner I'm playing him and he can reset extremely well I'll put this in slow motion this is what you'll be able to do after this video and watch this point in slow motion watch Scott that ball may have been going out but look at that reset and look at this two-handed reset because in.

The backhand that's a two-handed and one-handed reset and Cliff messed up what did he do wrong we'll find out right now this is super slow motion of the two-handed backhand reset if it's coming really really low I like to have two hands on it the reason being it makes it a lot more stable the backhand reset is easier to hit than the forehand.

Reset by most students when I'm teaching my students I think they learn the backhand reset better because they can use the left hand to stabilize it but you don't have to this is a one-handed backhand reset notice my wrist is pretty much locked I'm not swinging very much it's mostly grip pressure that's dictating where I want the ball to go on.

The court the key to resetting is grip pressure if I want to make the ball go farther with my resets I have a firmer grip if it's coming really hard I have a really loose grip that way we can recoil this is an example of a really hard shot I'm in the bottom left hand corner take a look at it in slow motion the balls come in so hard I'm putting my left hand.

To stabilize it but I swing too much Scott Moore hits both a two-handed reset and a one-handed reset on that backhand it's so simple for that one-handed backhand he's not and look at the paddle it literally is grip pressure this is a two-handed reset if you take a look I kind of hit it on the edge of the paddle so should I've hit a one-handed or.

Two-handed reset I guess it depends on what you're comfortable with and you might have more time to hit a one-handed backhand opposed to two so the setup is shorter for the one-handed backhand and I make it there or not to bounce that is a question for reset this question I asked the many pickleballers and I get different answers every single time I.

Ask them if you take the reset off the bounce or out of the air a lot of people say off the bounce because I have more time to get set up however some people say especially if you're playing 5-0 it spins way more with these carbon fiber paddles so if you let it bounce it might have a funny bounce and you might miss it more two schools of thought one to.

Live by I don't know which one if I'm playing a 5-0 tournament against really good players I want to take it out of the air I really do that's me personally but I think most 50 players would say that because of this reason you get some funny hops with those carbon fiber paddles as I said before take a look at this reset is it the right form.

Kind of I liked that I had the paddle out in front of me I didn't bring it behind me but I could have probably went a little more horizontal in that case maybe I try to be too cute maybe maybe and maybe this was a very good reset pretty high though right you could take a look at that Colin John series he talks about resets this is an example of.

What not to do do not bring your paddle back keep it out in front of you when you bring it back it has to go forward and it's going to go too far horizontal I think you took geometry in high school if you did it my apologies actually no I really didn't like that subject this is another example of what people do wrong on that one-handed backhand.

Reset to risky too risky again you get the power with the reset with grip pressure not a risky wristy movement and take a look at the forehand reset was this a good shot because we're going to get in the forehand reset right now so strap in the biggest mistake I see people make with that forehand reset they bring it back.

Too far they don't keep the hand right in front of them it's very important it really is because if you bring it back this way what do you have to do you have to move this way which is horizontal opposed to Vertical vertical this is a huge mistake three five players make it really is take a look at this forehand reset was this the right motion no no it.

Was too risky take a look at this forehand reset what do I like about it I liked I kept the paddle out in front of me I liked I'm using my off hand to keep me balanced it's not super risky I'm using grip pressure to dictate how far I want the ball to go in the court here's another reset same angle but take a look that grip is locked in place I'm not.

Doing a lot with my wrist at all it is locked in place I don't know how I can be more clear speaking of being more clear keep that paddle out in front of you what did I do wrong on this example I took the paddle back it had to go forward you took geometry in high school I believe I'm not sure you never really answered that question but this is a bad.

Mistake three five players make as I said before it really is speaking of bad mistake three five players make too risty and that's what I mean look at the wrist you can see it move scientifically it moved in that example and again this is me playing Scott Moore look at that beautiful reset just beautiful reset the first one's a forehand we're gonna go.

Back right now you thought I lost you no I'm a step ahead of you I really am so that is a beautiful example of a forehand reset one more time wrist locked is this a good example of a good forehand reset take a look and let it bounce right that's okay he got it it's too wristy what about this one is this a good example of a.

Reset wrist locked paddle out in front I like it I really do how about this one took it out of the air wrist lock paddle out in front it's a little lower but that's okay I like that one how about this one was this a good forehand reset sure sure it was might be a little elaborating how about this one I think you're.

Getting the hang of it you saw me take the paddle back where is that going to go too far forward you're gonna be in trouble you're not gonna have enough time to get to the kitchen right and how about this one is this a good shot no pickleball lovers have you seen slow motion the backhand flick and roll now it's in time for Innovation so please.

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PPR Certified Pro Breaks down how to hit a reset in Pickleball in super slow motion.

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