Hey everyone I hold in my hand the new SLK Halo the one that's played by this lady behind me you know her Paris Todd she signed with cell Kirk this is the paddle she plays you want to hear about it stay tuned I got a chance to hit these paddles last night I'll show you some of the games I'm playing and uh let me just give you my first impression so.

I really really like the shape of this paddle it reminds me of a certain paddle that has a little bit more low you know rounded shape on the top Yola the one that is really really popular right now so it's similar to that shape it's not quite as many bevels it's not quite the same shape but it reminds me of that when I first grabbed this paddle I.

Really really like the leather handles um these actually I'm not much of a fan of these types of grips but I found that this one playing with it even with my hand was getting sweaty it soaked it in pretty well so it wasn't something that I was like huh you know I I kind of um I kind of didn't mind it I really don't like leather grips but this one felt.

Very comfortable in the hand so I've got a 16 and a 13 and the the thing is I would love to show you the back side of these paddles on the back side of these paddles is the next logo for these and the next iteration of the logo and oh nope I can't do it I can't do it Selkirk would get very very mad at me but the logos on the back look super sweet I.

Can't wait for you to see those but the front ones I think they're cool too the 16 millimeter one of the things about the 16 millimeter is any 16 millimeter paddle let's look at this compared to the famous carbon you can see that the shapes are very very similar the size is very very similar the um the paddles are the same thickness.

And the grips are very much the same but you can see this one has a little bit more rounded shape at the top a little bit less flat at the top and let's compare it to the groovin 16 8 so you can see these side by side very very similar in shape you know when you played these types of paddle they're not that much different as far as size goes.

Because they all have to say parameters that they have to follow the 24 inch circumference total of the paddle let's get into this a little bit the 16 millimeter so just like the other ones that I just showed you 60 millimeters a little bit blocky handle so the handle is a little bit thick so those with small hands are women you might not like.

The 16 millimeter version you might want to go with the 13 millimeter version now the difference between the 13 and the 16 the 13 has a smaller sweet spot so it is a little bit more where you're going to have to put some lead tape on it and tape it out here on the perimeters to widen The Sweet Spot a little bit but first impressions with these paddles I.

Didn't miss a whole lot of shots with them they're very consistent paddles what I noticed more than anything about this paddle This paddle's got some pop I tell you what this paddle's got some power out of the other 16 millimeter paddles that I just showed you this one has the most power and I think it's a great paddle for those that have good.

Ground strokes love to hit with Spin and topspin love to use the the cattle to do some work for you that's really really what this paddle stood out on me and I wasn't having to work hard at it if you really want a power paddle This is the paddle for you now this comes in at about 8 13 is the way it comes in stock and I always play these paddles stop.

Because I want to see the way they feel I would probably add just a little bit of lead tape to this uh probably in the handle area so I'd get it up to about 825 is the way I like to play my paddles I would say for all of the shots I hit so my resets were good the dinks were good I didn't feel uncomfortable with the dinking it wasn't too Poppy in the.

Kitchen so when it had power when it really stood out is anything I was putting any Pace on this thing really stood out on that and really had a lot of good leverage and the spin I could generate a ton of spin with this paddle if you want to see the specs I'm just going to put the specs up here on the screen behind me so you can read them.

And that way you can just look at the size and look at the weight and look at what they say about it I'm gonna put some of the other technical specs in it because it's just exhaustive to go through all these specs you guys can read it you know what you were looking for and you know what you like the best thing about this paddle is the price 140.

Bucks guys 140 bucks for this paddle it is less expensive than the crb and it's less expensive than the groovin it is a great paddle especially for the price this is a phenomenal paddle you can click in the description below and you will see the link to get this paddle for you guys there's a big Black Friday sale coming up Selkirk it's a good job and.

Let's watch Miss Paris Todd win some championships with this one well that's what I have for the SLK guys I tell you what if this is not the pedal for you you can see our other reviews here and pick out a different paddle foreign
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