Hey this is Brandon with pickleball effect today I've got the SLK Halo with me so SLK is selkirk's more budget-friendly mid-market brand but a lot of people are excited about this paddle in particular for a few reasons one Selkirk recently signed pairs Todd she's one of the top female players out there and this is the paddle she plays.

With second this is a raw carbon fiber face paddle Rod carbon fiber paddles have been flooding the market this year but Selkirk hasn't made one yet until now and then three this panel is retelling for 140 dollars where paddles from their competitors with a similar build are retelling 170 plus so the big question I have for this review is how.

This paddle Stacks up against their competitors models that are selling similar paddles at 170 or more if this plays the same or similar that'd be fantastic you could save a few bucks and pick this up for 140 let's talk about the specs for a second so the Halo comes in a few different models they have an XL shape and a Mac shape the XL which I.

Have here is very elongated shape it has an extra long handle at 5.75 inches then they have a Mac shape which is more of your standard shape a little shorter a little wider it has a shorter handle then within each shape they have a control model and a power model so this is the control model it's 16 millimeters thick then the power model is 13.

Millimeters thick so for this review I have both the power and the control and the XL shape before I jump to the play test I do want to point out a couple things I noticed when I pull this out of the box one is the grip so the grip tape stops pretty early right here it doesn't go all the way to the top when you put two.

Hands you can feel the plastic up here that's just kind of annoying I wish they extended the grip a little higher secondly when I look at the edge guard and compare it to celkirk's premium line like their Vanguard 2.0 series The Edge guard is just a little bit bulkier it's not quite as low profile so they looks like they went a little cheaper on the.

Edge guard and then lastly the grip size on the control is a lot thicker so it's like 4.35 inches which is thicker than your standard 4.25 that you'll see on subgroup's premium line with paddles that have the same thickness and then same thing with the the power model this is a really skinny handle so you do lose some customization options with this.

This cheaper model compared to suckers premium line of paddles but you know they had to do some things to bring the cost down and so those are some of the things that I noticed but but yeah this is the the control and the power and the XL let's go put these on the court and see how they play after Drilling and playing with the paddles for the last.

Two weeks here's my review of their performance I'll start by talking the performance of each version and then I'll answer the question of how it compares to other raw carbon paddles out there that cost more so we'll start by talking about the 16 millimeter control version it definitely falls into the control category and has a soft Pleasant.

Feel to it like many of the other raw 16 millimeter paddles out there drops resets and dinks felt right and came quickly this is where the paddle really shined it has a solid mute like feel to it that takes Pace off the ball well making it easier to execute softer shots it has a good size sweet spot but it's not quite as forgiving as selkirk's.

Vanguard 2.0 Invicta then with the handle being so long the head is a little smaller which made The Sweet Spot just a little bit tighter from top to bottom compared to other elongated paddles I've played that have handle lengths closer to about five and a quarter I had a good spin though not quite as much as other raw carbon.

Paddles out there I did a spin test with the Halo compared to a carbon 116 millimeter these two paddles look very similar when you compare their spec sheets I was getting around 1400 to 1450 RPMs with the Halo while I was getting 1600 plus RPMs with the carbon one I honestly never felt like I was lacking spin when I played with the Halo but it.

Does have less when you compare it head to head with the carbon on the attacking side it was just a little bit softer compared to some other raw carbon paddles I've played but I was still able to finish balls at the net though counters were a little bit weaker and it was harder to put the bar away when the other team was at the Baseline of course.

Drives were a little weaker but the spin did give it some dip and my accuracy was solid with it now let's talk about the 13 millimeter power version although it has power in the name I wouldn't consider it a power paddle and would categorize it as an awkward paddle I had more of a balance of power and control while the control version was a pure.

Control paddle it did have a little extra pop which was nice when generating offense less balls came back when I countered and I could put more pressure on the other team when they were in the mid court or in the backcourt it took a little more time to adjust to the control side of things but it still had had a medium soft feel to it that was.

Easier to control compared to True power paddles like the Selkirk Power air The Sweet Spot was just a little bit smaller compared to the control version though it wasn't bad and was better than the Selkirk Power air if you're looking for something in between selkirk's Power air and the Halo control or Vanguard 2.0 series and the Halo power model fits.

That bill well now let's talk about how these paddles play compared to other raw carbon paddles from their competitors like carbon diatom and Yola that have very similar paddles but are charging 30 plus dollars more for them I thought the Halos played very similar other than the fact that they had just a little less Spain and maybe a little bit less power.

For only 140 dollars I think these are a great deal and the difference between these and their competitors that cost 30 or more dollars is marginal however if I didn't have a budget I would still prefer other raw crop and paddles I've played because they do offer a little more performance but if you don't want to spend over 150 dollars and are.

Looking for a good spin paddle then these are a great option and there aren't many good spin paddles below 150 so it's nice to see one come in at that price point I do wish that the handle was a little shorter on the XL though I think that would appeal to more people they do have the standard Mac shape with the shorter head and shorter handle and.

I bet that that one ends up being more popular than that elongated XL but we'll see so that's my review thanks for watching and I hope it helped
SLK is Selkirk’s budget friendly or mid-market brand. Despite it being their budget friendly brand, there’s lots of interest in the Halo series because their newly signed top female pro, Parris Todd, plays with the Halo XL Control and it’s their first raw carbon fiber paddle that they have released. Check out our review to see if it’s the right paddle for you.

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