This year Selkirk really stepped up their paddle game in January of this year they only had paddles that hit basically like a pillow and had very poor spin then came the zero zero two zero zero three and Power air which completely changed their lineup and gave them some top tier paddles the only type of paddle they've been missing is a raw.

Carbon fiber paddle and it's finally here while technically the Halo is a part of the budget SLK line and not Selkirk don't let that fool you because this paddle still hangs with top tier paddles before we dive in if you guys plan to pick one of these up you can use code ADV PB Studio at checkout to receive a digital gift card just as a.

Heads up that gift card does not apply to the current order the code will show as a one cent discount and then you will receive a gift card about a week after your order there are four different variations of this paddle that you can buy a 13 millimeter and 16 millimeter which are the power and control versions as well as two different shapes the XL.

And the max the max shape is just like the SLK Omega Max with a 4.85 inch handle length and the XL is an elongated shape with a large 5.7 inch handle similar to the groovin 16h the 13 millimeter version features a four inch grip circumference and the 16 millimeter versions have a 4.35 inch grip circumference I do want to note that the.

16 millimeter version handle feels pretty chunky if you're a bigger male the grip size probably will feel pretty good but for a lot of women I think it's going to feel too large I liked how the 13 millimeter handle felt better for me personally while it's just a hair too thin out of the box this is pretty easily fixed with a few over grips the.

13 millimeter weight range is 7.5 to 8.0 ounces and the 16 millimeter ranges from 7.6 to 8.2 the swing weight on the 16 millimeter is a bit higher around 122 which puts it in the heavy swing weight category the 13 millimeter has a note noticeably lower swing weight at 112 which puts it in a similar range as the Yola Vision otherwise this paddle is as.

Expected for a raw carbon paddle it uses t700 for the face like electrum Yola and carbon as well as a polymer core there's no Edge foam or anything else fancy that separates the Halo from the current t700 paddles on the market I do want to give Selkirk props on the handle though if you tear it apart the polymer is covered by a small plastic sheet which makes the.

Handle feel much better built many paddles on the market have exposed polymer on the handle's top and bottom portions making it feel very cheap when I saw head putting out high quality handles with reasonably priced paddles I stopped wanting to give any companies a pass on this because at first I thought it was just a cost thing maybe it costs.

More to do that but now after seeing head and Selkirk do it in lower priced paddles there's absolutely no excuse for the other companies to not be doing this and for the most part I think when companies don't cover it it's just them being laid easy or not caring spin is probably the category you're all most curious about while the numbers aren't.

Bad they certainly weren't anything to brag about by today's standards the 16 millimeter achieved a result of 1448 while the 13 millimeter was 1403 RPM 1400 is not a bad result but when you compare it against paddles hitting 1600 plus RPM the spin difference becomes very much apparent I was playing singles and the Halo power felt like it was.

Performing pretty well but then when I switched over to the 14 millimeter Hyperion in that same session it was an absolute world of difference when it came to spin suddenly I felt like I could be far more aggressive on my serves and passes which made me play more confidently it's not like you can't play singles with the Halo I still think.

I played fine it's just that once you go to a high tier spin paddle you notice the difference in performance I think it's similar to the classic TV effect when you're looking at a TV at the store it looks totally fine until you start looking at it side by side with other TVs and then the difference between them becomes much more apparent reviewing a.

T700 paddle really isn't difficult at this point because they all play very similarly the only thing that usually makes it feel a little bit different is where the weight is placed how heavy it is and the shape in the case of the 16 millimeter Halo it plays very similarly to the groovin 16h in my opinion there are similar weight ranges handle lengths.

And shapes that means this paddle is more of a control paddle than anything else it feels awesome for the soft game resets and transition feel easy blocks of the kitchen are great and I felt like I had great control over the ball while dinking but for counter punching drives and putaways I just wanted a little bit more pop to help me finish the ball that.

I didn't have if you have no issue generating your own power then this might feel great because of how easy it is to reset balls Porter Bar mentioned in his review that he thought this felt as soft as the Vanguard paddles and after hitting a Vanguard 2.0 paddle again I would have to say I agree and that they are very very similar in.

Softness in some cases I actually felt like the Halo was a little bit softer but honestly it's splitting hairs and they're both very similar in terms of how soft they play I was able to make the paddle hit harder and feel more solid by adding lead tape to the sides I tried adding my default weight range of 0.3 ounces on each side of the paddle.

The only issue with this is that it's going to increase the swing weight quite a bit and if you prefer lighter paddles or have weaker wrists this really isn't going to be much of an option for you my brother noted that he thought the paddle weighed close to 8.6 ounces even though it was around 8 ounces out of the box this is because of the longer handle and.

The weight being further away from your hand now if you add lead tape on top of that you're compounding the effect Porter tried my halo when it had the lead tape and he hated how heavy it was and very quickly put it down when it came to the 13 millimeter version I wasn't expecting to talk about it much because I usually prefer the thicker.

Models well it solved the issue of power as you would expect and there's noticeably more pop off the face but it still retains a little bit of that plush feel that the 16 millimeter has of course the downside is that you don't have the effortless resets that you do with the control model but the control is so soft in hands battles I felt like.

I had to swing more to be aggressive with the Halo power the paddle is easier to maneuver has more pop for hands battles and I didn't feel like I sacrificed that much more control to gain that pop if you put them side by side you do have to focus more to dial in your resets on the Halo power but once you do having the additional pop is.

Nice I also added the same amount of lead tape to the 13 millimeter at the throat just to help make the paddle feel a little bit more solid and forgiving it wasn't a huge difference but it was enough of a difference that I decided to keep the lead tape on the paddle during my play testing the main issue I struggled with on the 13 millimeter was.

At the net when attacked I had a difficult time resetting the ball into the kitchen and the transition zone as a result I consistently put the balls up a little bit higher than I would like I'm coming from a 20 millimeter zero zero three which is a reset monster so my muscle memory just isn't used to playing with something as thin as this as you.

Might expect the 13 millimeter feels much better than the 16 for singles the additional power feels great for drives and volleys placing the ball was easier on the 16 but I had to swing noticeably harder on serves and returns and volleys to get the same Pace as the 13 millimeter The Sweet Spot on the 16 millimeter Halo is pretty average but I.

Did feel that it was improved a noticeable amount with lead tape as I got to the edges I found that it started to feel tinny and a little Hollow adding the lead tape helped make everything feel more solid and The Sweet Spot roll off smoother it just made the edges feel less harsh than they did initially for the 13 millimeter the face feels stiffer.

Which to me makes the paddle feel less forgiving overall I don't think the sweet spots are drastically different it's mostly just the roll off from the center to the edges that makes it become a little bit worse I found that with the 13 millimeter I had more balls die off my paddle than I was used to with thicker paddles but honestly that's not.

Really uncommon with thinner paddles as far as durability goes I haven't noticed any immediate issues but the bright side is that Selkirk offers a one year warranty on their SLK products which is better than most any other raw carbon fiber paddle in the game that I'm aware of and I only hear fantastic things about selkirk's warranty process so even.

If you do have an issue I'm pretty confident that it would be taken care of without much of a hassle okay so after play testing here are my thoughts the biggest downsides I found that the swing weight is a bit high on the Halo control XL which may be an issue for many people especially if they want to add additional weight the second issue is.

The spin is lower than other raw carbon fiber paddles while it is acceptable it certainly is a bummer to not see it hitting that 1500 to 1600 range that others are hitting by the end of my testing I enjoyed the 13 millimeter version more than the 16 which isn't something I think I've ever been able to say in a review before the pop and hand.

Speed felt great on the 13 while on the 16 I feel like I got fatigued quicker and was annoyed at trying to put the ball away one thing I do want to know is that while I didn't get to test the max shapes there's a very good chance that the swing weight is lower on the 16 millimeter Max due to not having a long handle so the max may solve some of the.

Issue of having slower hands if you opt for that shape all in all the Halo doesn't do anything unique or different than other raw carbon fiber paddles but what Selkirk did right is they lowered the barrier to entry for a solid raw carbon fiber paddle with one of the better warranties in the game they also improved something small like the handle.

Quality while giving us options in both thickness and shape this will be a great paddle for many people looking to upgrade from a sub 100 paddle but want to stay under 150 dollars to get a good performance paddle so yes I do recommend the Halo if you fit that category however if you're coming from something like a vision in Hyperion or Model E I.

Wouldn't necessarily call it an upgrade at Best it would be a side upgrade where you get a slightly different feel than the others but not necessarily better performance if I were choosing between paddles I would still prefer to use something like the Hyperion CFS 16 or 14 millimeter because of the incredible Sweet Spot Spin and overall performance.

But when you look at it Yola has a worse warranty process and the paddle is eighty dollars more still need to gauge for yourself if that 80 extra is worth the performance benefits that you may gain my hunch is that there's a lot of people out in the market that would value the price over the small benefits that you're going to gain with one of.

The higher tier paddles like the Hyperion so there you guys go if you enjoyed this video make sure to click like And subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the next video
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