Foreign exclusive first look at the sling of effort pickleball thanks to framework Sports for the loan of this device the first one anywhere in the EU so what comes in the box with the Slinger bow for pickleball you get remote control to control the on.

Off function and the oscillator on and off it comes the mobile phone camera mount a battery charger with Worldwide adapters and an oscillator plate and finally a ball collection tube that you can use to collect balls after your session one of the biggest features of the.

Slinger Magi for other ball machines is its storage my left hand side here you can see there's a key and wallet pocket it's also perfect to fit the Slinger remote control inside it as well on the right hand side there's a small foam pocket with a built-in USB port to plug in your.

Phone to charge below that on the same side it's a water bottle pocket there's also large enough to fit a towel or an iPad in as well and on the top there's a large storage space it's got a little sleeve inside there to put your paddles in I reckon you can get at least four pedals in here a tripod and also.

Your shoes would also fit in the space and finally there's a lower flat to open and that's where your front of the pickleballs to use your Slinger as a ball machine get your Slinger ready for use as a bull machine I zip the front door open the flap and secure it with a carabiner clip on.

The side you then need to unzip the launch triangle adjuster set it to between 10 and 40 degrees placed upon the drill on the left of the full feeding window you'll find the movable battery you can charge inside or outside the machine on the right you'll find the master.

Power switch back unit indicator and the charger port to charge on board below this you'll find the speed control the price between 15 and 45 miles per hour you then find the spin to control the backspin flat or topspin at the feed speed control and the oscillator power port place the Slinger bag on the oscillating.

Plate you need some frenetic connector in the oscillator let's connect to that pool so I heard you use a Slinger bag once it's set up simply use remote control to turn the machine on and off by the right control you can also control your selector at.

The bottom button you'll hear a single beep to mean it's on the plywood will spin up you'll hear a slight wearing sound then you'll hear a longer beat which means it's about to launchable it's always useful to record your sessions and the Slinger bag enables you.

To do that to review afterwards you can place your phone in landscape mode and attach it to the hand on the Slinger bag here's an example of a fixed view from my iPhone 12. I will notice it's a slight camera Shake as each ball is fed.

You'll also notice NEOS lighting View and it's got a nice smooth pan motion obviously driven by the oscillation plate you can also use the phone in portrait mode as if you put the camera.

And this is what you're actually recording from the fixed view slightly zoomed in on my iPhone 12. it's an oscillating View again a nice smooth pan but again you'll get that slight camera Shake as they're all fed my first session is over I kept the ball collector from the.

Slinger bag extract the inner tube from the outer tube and lock it together and allowed to collect 18 balls then your Slinger bag wall collector convert it release the rubber strap on the top travels back into Slinger bag I reverse the process I put the inner tube back.

Into the outer tube again using the latches to lock it attach the rubber handle you can then attach the ball collector using the Bell correct strap on the side and the small clip at the top of the Slinger bag you can use your Slinger bag to feature a variety of balls here I'll crack some.

Deep third shot drops but it's just as simple to set it up for dink's Cross Court and Down the Line practicing volleys including drive Rollings and block volleys can even feed yourself a lot to practice size smashes don't forget to subscribe here connect on other platforms because I'm planning to release some videos of drills to use.

Your Slinger bag and the perfect location to put your bag for any kind of shot you want to hit on a pickleball court if you're looking to get some one-to-one lessons small group work or even a clinic get in touch at Advanced pickable
Slinger Pickleball has been designed and engineered with the specific needs of Pickleball players in mind. Aimed at all levels of Pickleball players, Slinger Pickleball is lightweight, portable, highly versatile and affordable.

Slinger Pickleball holds up to 100 Pickleballs and allows users to control the speed, feed, elevation and spin, facilitating a wide variety of play, practices and workouts. Simply wheel your Slinger Pickleball to the court and set it up in just a minute.

Slinger Pickleball allows you to get out on court to play at any time and almost anywhere without the need of a playing partner!

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