Hi I'm Catherine parental I'm a Skechers pickerball athlete I first discovered my passion for pickleball when I was playing tennis at Michigan State it was kind of a hobby when I first started playing pickleball and now it's crazy to think that I'm a professional athlete get your shoes complement my look.

Because I love to match with all my outfits it was amazing to work with the design team at Skechers because I was able to pick colors and really design them which was sweet I would describe my style as being very defensive and I'm super fast as well so I feel like my Sketchers pickleball shoes really helped me out since they're.

Super lightweight and it makes me faster they also have Arc Schmidt which really helps me with the comfort and support on my feet my favorite part about working with Skechers is that they really listen to your feedback and make you a better athlete.

Go behind the scenes with Skechers elite pickleball pro Catherine Parenteau and learn about how she discovered her pickleball passion and worked with Skechers designers to develop her perfect style for the court.

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