All right folks there's a great view of one of the houses here at Riviera it's uh tearing down on us the U.S flag flying proudly there and what a gorgeous setting here Scott you are a resident in this area and there you see another Resident of this area that Jesse Irvin and she's going to be paired up here with Tyler alone yeah.

Like they were they're the uh silver medalists at the U.S open this year uh the one time they played together this year they've played together before um and then Tyson McGuffin and Annalee Waters they have experience playing together so today we've had a lot of match-ups we've never seen before but.

This time we've got a mixed doubles matchup of teams that have played together before which should make for a very high quality very high quality match because the the players kind of for the first time today will really have a good idea of what each other is uh gonna be doing yeah and you've got it was interesting how Jesse and Tyler.

Ended up Jay davilia who we just saw could not get back into the country and he was overseas and what a what a Feeling by Tyler Lynn to go all the way to a semi-final I mean to a silver medal excuse me yeah they made it all the way all the way to the final and then they had to.

Play that final out on the outer courts but I think because of rain the uh the Center Court in the US Open wasn't really open and available so it's too bad they didn't get the chance to kind of have that have that stage yeah so they they have an idea and some confidence you know Anna Lee Waters lost a heartbreaker earlier she played with.

Colin Johns against Ben Johnson they sure played well and it was a great match so uh she's gonna be ready to win mcguffin's gonna be ready to win it's Skechers Invitational he's ensconced in Skechers gear over here he's got the cut out he's got the shoes the tats he's got the lettuce coming out.

Of the Hat there I mean my boy is ready to go over there with uh he's got a look so this should be as you said a I think I think you might see a little more intensity here in this one too I think these these all four players are going to want to want to leave this court today with a w ow yeah exactly I think uh.

Jesse Jesse wasn't thrilled about how the women's stuff together she's given everything she's got here and it's nice that she's playing with a partner she's played with before so she can feel she'll feel comfortable um.

And one uh point of clarification folks we love the good people from pickle roll they've put Quartz in in a lot of places there's one that's on the practice here this court that we're playing on was resurfaced so this is no different than a freshly surfaced cork in your Club municipality whatever so just in.

Case there was any confusion on that this is not a pickle roll court but they play beautifully if you watch Tuesday night pickleball from the orchard that is one of those and it's a uh it's a it's a great invention and uh gonna enable pickleball to be played in a lot of different spots guys Jesse played on it uh two Tuesdays ago and she said it.

Played very well on the little little drop volley there from uh Irvin works out fabulously I like those high percentage winners those are always fun oh right off the tape there we see that big loon drive again hopefully it's gonna hit those quality drives Jesse needs to get him in there.

Like being a menace and showing her presence if she waits back it just gives them a place to redirect and now she gets the hit drop too many places to put the ball safely if she doesn't put pressure yeah if your partner hits a good drive get in there we talked to Pat Smith after that I.

Asked him about the shadows and he said it's not the Shadows that are causing the challenge now it's staring up into the Sun as it's beginning to set here in California so we'll see if that affects anything here it's uh almost below or sort of sunken down in here yeah we've got five minutes.

Laughs yeah just placement over power there certainly has the power but laid it in perfectly the quickness to put his body on his paddle in the perfect spot to hit that shot if he's if he's lazy it's not going to be as easy but he's just so fast.

Just set the record for you uh everybody that's joined us we appreciate you watching we have one more match today after this one so uh stay tuned we'll let you know what that lineup is here in a second up we got uh Leia Jansen and Megan design making her first appearance here against Arena tarashenko and Elise Jones so.

Design and Jones will be separated the two Utah partners that'll be a good one foreign and then she reaches in and flicks it it's so hard if you are the off the ball player in that to be ready for an attack if your partner leaves it up after you.

Know 10 12 of those cross-court tanks really nice by Irvin there foreign off the attack great finish there haven't seen a lot of Anna Lee here so far so uh playing the ball to McGuffin quite a bit second third one two two we saw her earlier play with Colin John.

Who prefers the right side now she's on the right side with McGuffin that's a great read by the way in there and and I don't know I honestly don't know which side she's so good on both sides because what they're doing a backhand in the middle of the Court the right side seems like a natural you know great spot for her too so I think she's.

Good either way you know we've even talked about it on some other coverages you know do you put your better female player on the right because that or two-handed backhand sitting there in the middle and honestly I think she's so good on both she can just decide well what does her partner want yeah give her partner.

The the preferred side that timeline was just extended a little too much to do enough with that ball yeah it's still good I like him being in there because that you are been a presence and makes the dinks better boy that's a beautiful drive by McGuffin there I got below net level in a hurry what.

You made just off the edge on the serve and then McGuffin hit a 65 percent ball a lot of people over hit the ball that he got in the middle of the Court there's that wrist strike we talked about Pat Smiths and AJ Kohler's on the men's side I'd I'd take Jesse over pretty much anybody on the women's side.

With the wrist strength well that was accuracy too because she found the perfect spot to land it wow just violence from Tyler alone yeah Tyler hits high four hands and then checks for broken balls second serve so there you saw and at least slide to the left side of the court I love the.

Idea of changing it up a little just to give a different look to your performance as well especially if you have someone with a foot speed of McGuffin to easily get to an unwinding of the stack foreign I gotta stick with this.

Just in jail after an insanely good drop yeah he uh Tyson you know I mean Tyler made a great great get and then was hustling back uh Tyson found a really awkward spot thank you I mean we saw when she was on the far side of the Court the.

Technique used by Annalee waters on that and it is a big swing for a dink but it's so menacing her swing looks the same whether she hits a soft hard medium medium hard medium soft it's like every way you want your steak it comes from the same place it's the other sameness to every stroke and that's where the consistency comes.

From so the filet so far is McGuffin and Waters we will be all right welcome back everybody thanks for joining us Dave Fleming with Scott Crandall and boy do you love it when you call timeout and they miss a serve it's like oh my gosh I'm the smartest person in the world I called time out and look at that.

The momentum dead now you gotta follow it up with the next one and they are not able to do that yeah I know annalize aggressive dink just caused a little pop-up but it's not a simple thing to do with foreign serve last week when we saw him man that thing was within a foot of the Baseline.

Just eating people alive not nearly as deep so far on this court today that's a great job that's the danger of the heavy roll you're gonna leave it up sometime you got to be ready to pounce on it right like two points ago that heavy roll got down and ate her up thank you.

Sir three eight two three and two got out here a couple of transition balls come up short gotta make those in a comeback track where Jesse just are not getting up to the kitchen when they are serving at a good enough rate second floor right three two boy that.

Was one of those where if you show who's ahead and a point they were at 98 in the entire time and then just pushed it wide at the end much bigger serve and Anna Lee got caught with a step to the middle great job by looking there oh Luke's that was good because Tyson had topspin loons put more spin on it went.

Behind Emily and then it kicked away from us foreign pullback by Jesse because she wanted that ball too but she let him have it without without him having to hesitate and just you feel like you're under siege and then they just swing away like go ahead and push I'm fine yeah I mean.

Up to the task s foreign pulls the trigger gets the counter but was ready for the next one and hits it down really well done that is nice by McGuffin it's unlucky for Irvin and loong but to be able to patiently get your paddle up and finish.

That not the easiest shot in the world so come back a little bit let's see if Waters and McGuffin can get off of eight seconds analy has not been impatient when they've put her on that side until that particular choice never got to the kitchen there.

What a good time to be aggressive is when you're serving yes great first Molly so a little more jump in the stuff of Irvin and Loom coming out 591 so you don't often see this that the girl on the left side right thinking cross-court with the guy on the right on the left side left you know cross-court.

In mixed doubles but because time we have some different alignments and some different point constructions it's fun to see why because you're a lefty well it's fun to see I agree with you seeing that seeing the girls go you know I don't think Tyson is normally getting targeted with a crossbar tank from from.

You know the opposing girl I agree with you and it's interesting they've chosen to get out of it a couple times by putting Anna Lee over there they're back to this formation foreign Irvin just pulls off that one a little bit and it comes up short.

Tyson looked very he's looking comfortable the last the last two times it's they've gotten into that pattern that's nice the foot speed of Analeigh Waters able to just explode in there after a gorgeous drive by mcduffin and we're at a game point here at 10-5 foreign.

and Waters 11-5 there was a moment in there where everything Lou and urban wanted to do was working but that quickly evaporated and McGuffin and Waters looking very very comfortable here again number one it's beautiful the Riviera Country Club welcome back everybody.

Penalty Waters to serve oh my and just a complete miscommunication there okay not the start they wanted McGuffin of course getting the fans involved in that as he is known to do see if we have a bunch more of the Cross Court backhand boilers let's just get.

That out of here paddle up by loong yeah I think I'm I'm looking for it's hard to be a little more aggressive in this game I think now the sun's gone down everyone can see uh maybe a little more patient yeah that just wasn't a bother attack low ball full reach yeah and that's you know not set it's sort of the combination of.

Tough things to execute there you see Luke sneaking in a little more yeah because McGuffin has not gone down the line at all in this finally does there oh and then he tags him so that's the that's the price McGuffin has done a good job of once he gets Tyler moving then McGuffin finds the rights.

So that lung doesn't have a can't defend while he's on the Run one of the best finishers in the world shows that might right there Jesse hit a nice volley as she unstacked stuck it and set up Tyler thank you so a little sloppy start here so this is you know if you lose game one this is.

Where living and Irving like okay if they're gonna give us some loose points and miscommunication we gotta go we gotta go let's get up three nothing here foreign were at it but it was so tight to the net he couldn't get a paddle in a good position here we go.

So McGuffin is chosen to catch a more active Loom so far and it has worked in his favor we'll see how is why this is called Chestnut Checkers we see even in the first few points some changes in positioning and thought process great get by loon and just wide on the angle great defense.

Foreign again having a conversation with the patrons two one two one two that actually ended up higher than loon was expecting and couldn't get the full swing that he wanted I think it also came a little slower yeah.

Through the timing off but yeah Dyson's attacked a lot early definitely moves one to the right side of Irvin's body and that comes up just short wasn't in the best body position to make that awesome very unlucky there because the first the first volley was actually good well it.

Went to hits the tape Jesse was still moving because you're moving and it's you have no chance but if you're still we've seen quite a few people take them when it pops up high oh hit a baller is definitely gonna hit well probably the folks in the first row was able to hook that down for a winner.

Four one two and they dangerous dangerous place here for Irvin and lung is mcguffin's chatting with the crowd and Emily Waters is running around smiling that's a loose team over there that goes just deep so this is a pattern that both teams seem to be content with it just has not gone the way of learning.

And Irvin so far here in game two yeah you're ready it worked a few times in game one uh but Tyson McGuffin has kind of cleaned up his the shots he's hitting across Court to Jesse and and he's running around and hit some more forehands which kind of freezes Tyler uh and he's in control of.

That that pattern now oh a little off-speed a hooker there just to just spun out yeah a little Miss hit Top's been it bounced twice quickly that's just what there's her there's her singles prowess in doubles because she loves to pick a Target if somebody's.

Coming in she saw the middle open and just threaded the needle I kind of took it on the rise and just made it happen quickly boy and that return sails deep and this is getting dangerous quickly that's a good stick volley there makes it tough for the.

Poached by Anna Lee Waters so a timeout is called it is McGuffin and Waters chatty with the crowd smiling with each other enjoying themselves way more than loong and Irvin would like them too can they stop the fun we'll see welcome back everybody it is McGuffin.

And Waters up a game and I mean in control of game number two here I've been doing everything she can to keep getting those balls back but just absolutely Under Siege from the get-go there quality of the third sets up all of that and that just kisses wide off the tape.

It's a good discipline by Waters and McGuffin like we're not changing anything it's working we're up back to it there's a change by Irvine so Irvin moving the ball around instead of just going diagonally with everything went behind anally water so that changes mcguffin's foot positioning and then.

Went in the middle I'm not saying that rattled him to make a Miss serve but uh okay but Scott Crandall is going to going to say that so uh again just don't let people be as comfortable as they looked right before the break yeah don't don't play it into a pattern that's losing foreign.

She's strong on the line on the one behind Annalee Waters that point ends differently that's just a great move by McGuffin so uh the traffic pattern changed but the scoreboard did not so it's a little frustrating let's see if they can continue to find it.

Filesley leaves that go and Anna Lee Waters racing to serve and the Don Stanley alarm clock has been uh very active today that's his job it's what he's looking for that was when Anna Lee waters getting put away from a foot behind the Baseline but uh snuck up there and I think a lot of.

People ask Scott you know they've asked me this like how do you know and you just sort of see it out of the corner of your eyes if you're at the kitchen or not but it's you're always it's a fine line let's put it that way too especially when you're poaching and running across like Annalee was there I was like how do you know when you're.

Weather no no no where your feet are is it in relation to the kitchen yeah that's why I never argue with the ref because I'm not looking at my feet but yeah you have to have a sense so a couple of potentially attackable balls for Irvin in that sequence and then it is Anna Lee that pulls the trigger.

And McGuffin finishes so this is more a you know last weekend it was High Velocity pickleball the entire time and most of today has been this has been a more old school if you will Scott uh strategic dinking just trying to set up points and then both teams falling into the same.

Pattern and it's all about what mcguffin's been able to do in this game and staying with it they might want to consider does Tyler lung just stay over there and let's try something different you know I want to make a good point though the style it was much more patient traditional style today I think because it was uh.

Just the weather was more comfortable yeah and people were more like settled now last weekend at the Selkirk Showdown it was very hot in Inland here in Southern California there's the opportunity ball and urban makes that most of the time that's yeah that's an execution here yeah it happens.

ten one two is that out okay that was hammered Hearts can they find something stranger things have happened but it's Gotta It's gotta be now okay boy two ten one patient on the ball off the.

Net but couldn't get on top of the next one sometimes need a little luck to start a run absolutely there Irving did get after a ball that she had an opportunity with and got them into a decent spot just the moon couldn't get out of the way yeah.

She found Tyson's pass so Match Point again of Anna Lee Waters just the little move of loon there gave get a little flash at McGuffin yeah that's it you don't know if he's gonna reach out or jump to the Ernie but you're aware of him not getting that one.

So okay we will play on two ten one second third two two thank you great job by both players there McGuffin keeping his opponent back and trying and doing everything has power to get back in it just came up short on.

That last reset another Match Point here foreign who chose not to get after some let's just call them yellow zone balls in the middle of that rally and it is Irvin that finishes Jesse enjoyed uh enjoyed that one I'm sure she did foreign they will not finish again so.

I'm in Irving with another try second third can't make a comeback if you can't make thirds though gotta that's not the start you want no no unbelievable reach from Waters but you have to expect your opponent to make these balls you can't just think oh this.

Is this is like we're good yeah you've got to continually reload and be ready I like that that Tyler had walked all the way to the net Court yeah right that's that's exactly what you're referring to there like expect it to come over yourself they switched Annalee over to the left.

And it is Irving and loon that will take a time out they have a big hole to dig out of but uh hey you're still in it and you got the ball yeah and then pickleball you can keep the ball for as long as you win points so there's a beautiful look at the Riviera Country Club this is the Skechers Invitational.

All right Tyler loong and Jesse Irvin using everything in their power and then again can't make the Third thank you and they had Anna Lee in an uncomfortable position but just gotta make it no points coming out.

Another shot at winning this match back to McGuffin on the left but after several tries here you see him jumping into your screen took it well wide so McGuffin and Emily Waters never pushed very comfortable talking to the crowd the pattern was obvious the whole time and it was one that.

McGuffin when Waters just were very comfortable in yeah I think Waters in the government some really strong returns yeah so we'll be right back for the final match of the day after this well welcome everyone to Center Court I'm here with Tyson McGuffin Anna Lee Waters guys congratulations on that.

Match you guys partnered up a few year a year or two when Annalee was younger uh did that help you guys mesh here today yeah life's pretty easy playing with her I'm not gonna lie life's very easy Riviera Country Club how are you guys uh no she's a total Phenom I kept telling myself just play 10 of the Court slide over don't talk and let her do it.

Um but no we we played uh very well uh kudos to Jesse and Tyler and uh shout out to PPA shout out to Sketchers best looking shoes in the game and uh happy man well Emily that flying poach that you do is a shot I think everyone wants to patent and learn how to do how do you do it and when do you choose to use that.

Shot I think I'm like see ball go ball hit ball though no but um I'm always looking for the poach especially when like somebody like Tyson has a really good drive so I'm getting up there I trust his third and I'm just looking for the poach I like getting on my backhand side especially well guys you're so well known for your fashion.

For your style how do you feel you've patented your signature look what went into that yeah well my wife dresses me every morning you mustache mullet muscles lime green shirt you know uh she doesn't let me leave the house without dressing me there you go his wife Anna Lee how about you um I'm just super into fashion me.

And my mom always have been so I think with Fila I was super excited to get to wear their clothing and you know I just like the new stuff that's coming out and there's some new stuff coming up that I'm excited for well you guys make the sport look good congratulations we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back.

Watch as Tyler Loong and Jessie Irvine take on Anna Leigh Waters and Tyson Mcguffin