Like i'm in a big i'm in the big leagues totally don't miss me balling like houston hey feeling like whitney i need a bag bruh send it too quickly i'm making his dog like i'm in the big leagues told him that i gotta go dawg.

I'm riding the road hey feeling like whitney well welcome back everyone to the skechers invitational out here in sunny.

Los angeles california here joining me in the booth that's right it's going to be a treat coming up here lee water is taking on leah jansen on the other side of the court we've got megan dizon.

And elise jones have mom and leia played together before i think they did at the selkirk showdown i think once before they did i don't remember if that was successful or not hopefully this one's successful i'm a biased commentator right now that's right with mama waters on the.

Court you have the right to be you're coming off of a big win just about 15 minutes ago right on cbs sports that was super fun pretty good first point right out of the gate quick start here from meg and elise both teams are playing really aggressive.

Right now i think after about three dinks one person on the court's speeding the ball up so far i think that meg and elise have really developed their aggressive game over the last six months i would say after signing with the ppa and coming aboard the tour we've really seen a real shift in their.

Game it's been awesome with that we're going to take a quick timeout we will be right back for what matters most bending down to put on your shoes is kind of a pain in the air but with new hands-free sketcher slip-ins it's a thing of the past just step in and go without bending down and without even.

Touching them plus they're machine washable no time to waste into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest.

Welcome back to center court everyone thanks for joining us i've got a new guest here on in the booth with me ben johns number ones in the world here anna lee waters ben johns oh hi everybody thank you for having me what is it zero five yeah bring bring mama water some luck here ben i just.

Think she didn't get a good warm up in his all she was too busy watching annalee's final i think she's gonna say that to me too after watching you for this if she loses the step back the water's special oh boy.

the volleyball players seem to defend their the lower parts very well just because that's what happens in volleyball a lot i think oh there's another lobby they're incidental live she's kind of tossed it up there it happens to get behind him.

It's really good yeah you gotta watch those volleyball players they'll get the smashes back a lot am i right ale i wouldn't know i didn't play volleyball i mean neither did i pattern-wise though yes i agree with everything you say.

Good partners right here that little step back that you both you and your mom do tell me a little bit about that working your way off of the kitchen line when the ball's being banged um why is that a good uh defensive move well it just gives you a little bit more time um so that you can take big swings we like to.

Take big swings and counter so instead of just staying up there maybe blocking it that step back allows us to be more aggressive with the counter attack yeah and i feel like you're also kind of letting it rise to its peak of its bounce so you want it higher such that you're both further away from the net to.

Where you can keep it low to the net more uh just geometrically and you get it at its peak the highest point so you can more you're more able to attack the ball from a higher point essentially you think that we're expecting to see long dink rallies in this one or should it be pretty fast-paced it's never long when the waters are in there.

Either water likes to pull the trigger but uh i mean you can definitely expect to see good defense from elise uh i think megan likes to pull the trigger a decent amount she's kind of intermediate she'll ding she'll attack a little bit of both usually see it off the forehand wing from her though.

Yeah that's the first backhand when she's it's the first backhand when she's taken yeah what i love about mama waters attacks is she pulls it across her body so well so it looks like she's going light she'll pull it to the middle on either side very very quickly oh.

Wow great d on both sides wow she got excited you know i like to call that playing with house money you know you got back into the point after some incredible gets and then you feel like it's a free point so you might as well go for it which i don't really like the uh the.

Theory there i still want to play smart even if you got some good gifts i think i did that against you yesterday but in next level or two days ago yeah maybe so that's a beauty as far as a backhand role goes i think leia has one of the best because she does it unlike most of the girls she.

Does it with one hand so it gives her a little bit of extra length and it can be pretty sudden there i think she uses her shoulder more than her wrist yes for sure does that just eliminate errors by using the shoulder versus wrist yeah whenever you use the smaller muscles or hinges basically you know you have elbow you.

Have wrist you have shoulder wrist is kind of your smallest hinge uh but it has a huge range of motion for how big it is so yes it's very easy for it to go badly shoulders is uh pretty basic wow athletic move from mama waters there she threw up elise a lob that time.

Well you don't she doesn't have the elise lob though it didn't get over he didn't play volleyball i think that's her issue that's nice if i were lee and leia in this situation i would be going to megan whenever they're in transition i think elise's transition is.

Much better she neutralizes balls defensively very well i'd probably be returning to megan and going to megan in any kind of transition defensive position uh and then when they're at neutral online i think i'd go more to release because she's less aggressive at the line.

I think that's a rare drive from elise i feel like she normally drops the ball yeah for sure just short enough i guess well i'm seeing a hand signal from elise with two i don't know i've never seen that before is that the version of a fake maybe pretend to switch and then stay.

I actually used to do that with my partner when i first started playing before i played pro and two meant switch but they didn't switch so no no i'm super confused it might be just where to return to maybe that might be it and for those of you who don't use signals or know what those are just explain real quick oh.

Just behind the back usually the most traditional ones is closed fists to stay and open palm is is switch that's the most basic then there's some where to return to there's some signals for that and there's fake switch as well which not many people use in pickleball nice roll again i think keeping lay on the left here has.

Done better for them just because of her flick yeah i agree which is interesting because your mom generally plays the left she has but she's been working on um playing the right a lot more uh this break and yesterday i think we played her on the right quite a bit so worked out worked clearly.

You guys able to come away with that one on cbs national yesterday incredible point here so many good resets oh wow it's amazing able to finish that one up yeah what i love there for negative releases all the.

Half volleys you know when you're in uh in a very defensive position in order to kind of keep it short enough in the court to make it not super attackable you really need to utilize the half volleys really well 171. i love that for megan though the run around the backhand pull the.

Forehand look for the foreign on the next one because that's the only place he can really go she was all over it it's a good pool nice pull i feel like when they're serving my mom needs to drive and land needs to poach i think because leia is so tall and she can get up there and be scary up at the line.

Yeah some nice drives what i keep noticing is megan's posture at the line i've never seen somebody stand like that she's so tall too yeah it's pretty hilarious what is she doing that's different it's hard to explain a bit a little bit it's like her her back is so upright like she's.

Bending her knees but she doesn't lean forward a ton like most people do like she's not very chest over toes she's a little more back than that and her hands are kind of like up yeah it's an interesting posture in a lot of ways i don't think it's bad necessarily it's just it looks a little different good thing about pickleball.

You can do whatever yeah you can do a lot of different things a lot of different styles still work interesting they had that quick lead to start elise and megan but we've been kind of stalled here mama waters leia able to work their way back in oh the lob.

Lobbing the lob master herself that's nice i like uh marvel waters play there that one she's going to release obviously a little shorter a little easier to lob but two more importantly kind of going over the backhand side even less reach and less power you got a good love in the right place for sure.

The defense is just insane on the side yeah once again i really don't think it's wise to release red and negan in the defensive positions if you have an attackable ball as uh lee and leah leia that's hard then i would definitely go into megan here.

I feel like elise has made all her transition shots what makes elise's defense so good uh one i think it's just low center of gravity whenever the ball is low it's a lot easier to get low if you already are naturally low uh you can move more quickly like side to side generally if you have a bigger body or a taller then.

You're just not going to move as quickly i feel like you need small little steps right you don't need big steps and defensive yeah it's definitely more of a defensive paddle than the other one mostly i think it's her movement and definitely the being used to the ball coming downwards at her from volleyball usually every volleyball player i've.

Seen good good defense i mean different sport backgrounds bring different things to the table true generally you gotta find the tennis players have nice groundies they got good top spin they're good at attacking the ball um and i find baseball players have huge overheads if they because you know they.

Threw a baseball uh and volleyball players have incredible defense so if you play volleyball tennis and baseball let me pick a wall you will be amazing ben john says hockey players have strong wrists just adding to the sport ping-pong generally you have great roles something interesting irina brought up.

In an interview yesterday she talked about sport literacy meaning you know the sports background multiple different backgrounds is obviously great if you've got a wide set of skills all the more skills to translate to the pickleball court and anything can help you get footwork or hand speed or.

Just movement care if it's ice skating it's going to do something for you balance figure skating how to look good while you're doing it that's the most important part isn't it ben look good feel good play good that's our motto you stealing our motto.

It is yeah look good feel good or sorry look good look look good feel good look good play good well i did feel good yeah like fun to feel good well megan and elise slowly working their way towards 11. they've got the nine now but these points are long there's no.

Longer loose unforced errors as there was in the beginning of this game spinning back and overhead how fun wow what a point it's good all around love it we got a little of everything in there light cores gets speed ups everything.

A big yell from elise it's gotta pump her up after winning a point like that they've been stuck on nine for a bit too yeah i love how fire elise is you actually mentioned elise last weekend as one of the fun players to play with oh for sure high energy fiery positive.

Scrappy it's just just fun all right we've got game point here and that'll do it as leah jansen's ball flies just a little long because game one eleven four we'll see what mama waters and leah jansen can do when we come back.

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What are you guys doing getting our duper tattoos oh cool hey cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your.

Free profile today i haven't started yet oh we got to see some of those cool shots from throughout the tournament just now on screen some of the great moments from this weekend point two is better than zero i know i.

Don't know who hit that but it was a good shot there on team jones quick start from mom and leia right now maybe we'll see kind of a flip flop yeah of game one that's unusual with the spring off seeing a ton of.

Those over the weekend a lot more lobs and a lot more spring offs with that they want to slow the roll as they've gone down to a 4-0 deficit we'll be right back after this not today it breaks over you drop something.

That's a wicked backhand so thanks for joining us guys hannah johns here with ben john's anna lee waters game two underway here strong start from mama waters and leia here she's all over it i think she just needed some time to warm up because i know she uh she did not warm up before this.

Match she didn't know she was going on next all right we had to do a little quick swap seas of matchups due to some player scheduling conflicts mama waters was nice enough to decide to take the court 45 minutes early which is why she.

May have been a bit zero cold one nice ball movement good spots oh i love how the first ball she gets she attacked oh of course yeah i mean that's the ammo what i like is she'll usually you know attacks at the forehand and then wind up on the backhand and scoot.

Over such that it's like a one-two punch almost nice drive nice and low oh shut up maybe a little preemptive she saw mom try to speed it up first of all and she was like i'm gonna try that godzilla one second sir.

502 just a little long there the wind is a factor especially when i was playing singles it's it's definitely um going towards my mom so meg and elise are with it just enough to carry that last one out by an inch or two it was just ambitious.

Megan says that she comes over here what is that not happy with her selection it was a half decision it was not far enough to go around but she tried to go around kind of but also she knew she couldn't so she hit it a little further up someone like midway up the pole.

I'm sure that happens to a lot of us once in a while i definitely happen to me where you're stuck between two options and you kind of just go with them either oh yeah you just do both or neither i like to say it's better to make a decision than be split between a decision even if it's the wrong decision.

scorpion pancake scorpion referring to that that shot that leia just hit over her head you know when you look like a pretzel right now we got an 8-0 quite the switcheroo here i'm not sure.

If it's due to the other team is playing better or if the win could be a factor or a little bit of both oh that's a little boy and the put away they're on the board one eight yeah you know at least his drop is a nice little setup for for poaches because it's kind.

Of it's usually got top spin on it it sits up a little bit but she almost always makes it bounce such that it bounces up into the opponent's zone it's hard to keep that next one down i think megan knows that too so she's already coming up looking for the poach when she sees elise get that third oh unlucky there what else.

It amazes me to see how much you guys are thinking about and noticing when you're watching these long points you know different positions on the court what the players are thinking what they should be doing because you know for most of us out there who aren't pros our minds are a blank slate for a lot of these matches oh mine is too.

It just happens that the body knows what to do does that ever take the fun out of it if you're thinking about it that hard or does that actually enhance the fun of a pickleball match i i don't think you're really thinking.

That much when the point is actually going on i feel like the thinking happens before a point or like after a point i feel like when you're in the point it's just kind of like like what ben said you just kind of yeah i'm rarely thinking during a match which is nice because you play in kind of a cerebral state but i like analyzing off.

The court uh because that's kind of interesting point john receivers some lackadaisical points over here which is going to lead us to another timeout while they figure out what they want to do right now john's what do we got prento another one.

Shame third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw.

Welcome back everyone hannah johns here with ben john's anna lee waters bringing their insights to the pickleball court yeah my insight is i'm pretty sure pickle roll decided to sponsor at least because she rolls in the course so much all those dives yeah i mean you roll in volleyball i keep going back to the.

Volleyball make people just explain volleyball i do i like it it's a good sport i've never played volleyball really we should oh boy all right that'll do it for game two we are headed to a fast breaker guys so we've had a lot of these already this weekend.

They've been fun fast uh hard to predict as well impossible to predict there's no strategy it's tough because there's so few points involved it could go either way it's really tough ladies and gentlemen we're headed to a fast breaker we appealing to emily in the booth.

Asking should we serve first in the fast breaker you should not yeah no don't serve first yes it looks like lee is going to take annalee's advice and not surfers they're opting to return first yes ron ponder our officiating ref here at the net.

Letting the ladies know it will be a fast break and how that will play out on court i wonder if it's better to pick side over like receiving your serving i mean i know receiving's better but at the same time you're playing every single point of the fast breaker on the bad side yeah right you do not we don't switch.

So if that wind is a factor it might be the choice the one to to choose there's a lot of decision making going right a lot of variables as usual with pickleball just play better score first don't miss a ball and you're fine strike first strike hard strike once all right here we go see you go to at least twice she gets.

Back you go to megan once she does not yeah i mean defense is just clearly better on one side and megan's offense is better so you want a team like that you want to distinguish you know who to go to and what situation absolutely you can't have all the skills unless you're unless you're an elite maybe.

So you have to figure out you know weaknesses and strengths of each player on court i'm surprised she doesn't sped one up oh no then she goes oh wow good defense good play i find people generally get more tentative in these mini breakers like sure you know that.

You have to not make free errors because these points are very important but on the other hand play your game you know you got to win the point you have to win it you don't want to just not lose it we'll make it two here so they just have to win one point right yeah they win one here then uh.

If they win it if yeah if they win the point here they win the whole match if they lose it then the next point is sudden death oh so whoever wins whoever wins the second one if they lose this first one so say megan and at least lose this one then the next point wins oh play i played an outball there i don't know maybe it was close.

Oh shoot all right here we go they're laughing that's why you want to be receiving because if you're serving it's more difficult to win a point whoever wins this rally making sure everyone understands what's going on here that next.

Next this is didn't miss the drop that's good just a bit long that is just brutal well that locks it up for and that is the first match i've ever seen where they won a match at 0-0 oh yeah right no points were actually scored during that uh fast breaker well guys thanks for joining me i know we.

Have one more match the last match of the day coming up right after this one uh i would love to have you guys join me but if not we'll figure it out we'll find somebody to be with our fans and continue on into the evening guys don't go away we'll take a quick break.

oh so new people pickleball.

welcome back to center court everyone i've got the chance to run down here and chat with these ladies after their win lee waters leia jansen guys we got to talk about that fast breaker not a point was scored until that sudden death point at the end how crazy is that format did you get nervous oh my god i was so.

Nervous and usually i like to swing away and i was like don't swing away don't swing away and then on that last point it hit the line and skid right at me so i just like swung at it and luckily we won the point but it's nerve-wracking well we were talking about it in the booth anally and ben saying that a lot of players you play a little bit more.

Tentative because every point matters so much but ben was saying it'd be better to just swing for the fences do you agree with that yeah if you can force yourself to be able to i was just telling lee like that's what i'm trying to work on now just swinging and it's a lot easier than it sounds i mean a lot harder than it.

Sounds well guys talk about the defensive law that's gotten way more popular especially in the women's game you've got if you're on your heels you're about mid-court the ladies are at the kitchen line and they're attacking attacking i saw at least seven eight where you just swung up in the air and landed over.

Their heads able to reset that point how important has that shot become in pickleball yeah i think it's i think it's become actually a defensive end offensive shot in pickleball and actually you you draw a lot of foot faults because you do a lot of pushing off one foot to go backwards to get the lob and so it's actually a very.

Advantageous play for a lot of reasons absolutely this game is ever evolving and that's something that we all just love about it guys one more match don't go away we'll be right back after this break getting down to the ground to put on your shoes is kind of a pain until now introducing new sketcher slip-ins.

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Here in sunny los angeles california you're getting a look at center court here skechers invitational powered by pickle play games for you hurts select medical onyx skechers.

And what a weekend it has already been so far we're about to close out the weekend with this final match up men's doubles devilier colin johns on the closer side of the court here you'll see jay and his signature bandana there walking around getting ready for this match.

To be underway and i have the link to be joined here in the booth by leia jansen after her match she volunteered to stick around how's it going hannah thanks for being here i'm excited for this matchup should be a fun one i don't think that colin and jay have ever had the chance to play together and uh jay actually.

Requested this partnership see how it feels for him so they did play at mlp this last this last november they were a pretty good pairing i remember theoretically both of these teams should be a good matchup both strong left side players and jay and aj and they're extremely strong right side players with.

Colin and callan absolutely named by many as the most improved one of the most improved players uh in the second half of the year really brought his uh aggressive more offensive game uh up a notch always been phenomenal on the defensive side great hands great resets but uh.

Also able to put a lot more power and aggression into his uh his ball recently yeah he's really improved throughout the year and you've already seen a few lobs from kohler and this is going to be the most lob happy team probably ever i mean these two besides matt wright i would give him the number three but.

These two are the best lobbers in the game right now wouldn't you say i would totally agree aj and callum for sure get that title quick start by de villier and john all right second serve here zero nice and there it is yep nice punch jay chose to attack on that ball collin's so ready.

Boy that's rare a few losers kind of started out with pretty common i think we all just kind of found out about this map there was a little bit of a schedule change to do some scheduling conflicts so right we did not know these matches were.

Going out until you know about uh half an hour 45 minutes ago um that's why lee waters she actually came into your match totally not warmed up um but me and lee weren't weren't too ready to start out with so you're gonna see oh and there it is oh wow colin doesn't miss that often just a little out there.

It's what makes colin so dangerous on the forehand side i'm actually ben trying to emulate it and it's a lot tougher than he makes it look he can make a dink look like an attack look like a lob and he can do anything with his stroke i love that you've got to have a lot of deception to be a top player for sure.

Who won one maybe with lobs right now yeah hasn't had a good percentage on that so far i feel like color's rushing it a little bit there on some of his taking the ball uh on the rise which is it's always harder to take the ball on the rise rather than let it rise up to your.

Strike zone um i don't not sure he's waiting long enough on that let me take your time a little bit more before starting to move forward on those again he's extremely hard to flip at he has some of the better hands in the game the poppiest paddle in the game so you're just known for a good counter.

Punch you just got to play this very same paddle that calms using when you went up against megan just a few minutes ago it's insane like you just know if there's a high ball you have absolutely no chance second serve same pretty even here so.

Far in score still here at the two one two one two cross-court attack from cj got kind of in the right spot i guess there one two one elia i've been told and i i know from just from some rec play on my part that attacking straight ahead is generally your best move um just because you you take your you know give your.

Opponent less time is that so yes uh for the most part however um here at the pro level a lot of people are cross-court attacking now almost with the element of surprise because the cross-court person is cramming the middle so sometimes you can just catch them kind of moving and not expecting it.

Fully cross um the difficult part is you have to be able to hit them otherwise otherwise it's long and you've got a foot fault on that yep good call there you saw that in the replay callan did toe the line before he jumped up to grab that lob of james one second sir that's good and i would say dawson and kohler.

Probably have the fastest hands as a team so even though jay was on that other one aj was very well and ready with his forehand in the middle it's tough when you're playing a team like kohler and dawson with the fast hands that they have so the you have to be very careful with which balls you're.

Speeding up a little jump over the kitchen line there from kohler but i'd say the same on this side you definitely don't want to attack uh john's either and jay has a lot of power as well can be scary very intimidating on the.

Other side of the net i would say that colin maybe besides his brother ben anticipates attacks as as well as anyone i've seen he knows your tendency is pretty well and full so he's always ready oh just wondering if he's going to go.

Between the legs there oh worked his way back and then misses that final reset there and callum does more of shallow lobs kind of with the element of surprise where aj likes to use the topspin callan will more so short hop and that's why the vlog was so low and landed so short but can still get over a tall person.

Like jay especially i would say if they're you can tell their balance is forward maybe they've just hit a hard shot they're already balanced forward weight is for it so going backwards is not what the body's ready to do at that point for sure yeah there it is aj's closing the middle so jay takes his backhand he's was.

Unsuccessful taking it at callan so he took it back behind aj and i think it's a good play we're seeing a lot of people do it now um ben and matt started doing it at the end of last year and that's definitely where i copied it from and how much do you copy other players how much are you studying and trying to.

Integrate parts of other people's games into your own i pick specific players that i really feel like fit my skill set or have my stroke tendencies and then i feel like um i can copy them um so that's what i try and do so i have a collection of three to four players that.

I kind of watch religiously um for other people it might be a little bit different but i tend to try and find people who kind of fit my stature and my stroke who who do you who would some of the players be if you don't mind you don't have to say i think we kind of have a similar.

Forehand stroke and i'm trying to copy it even more um i actually watch matt wright a lot on from the left side and then uh i always really liked to watch simone when i was really and i still do um yeah obviously a legend of the game and because she was just kind of long lanky and skinny like me mm-hmm.

Great defense too exactly so dangerous i watched catherine my partner catherine parento do all the time for defense as well nice all tied up here at 541.54 now on that last shot that went wide from kohler taking them ahead.

You can just see the aggressiveness of kohler kind of coming in now jinxed him six four six four two oh wow wow that's a great move by jay he's just so long and athletic i don't know if we'll see a timeout from dawson and kohler knowing neither of them really like to take time.

Out that was quite a rip almost hit one of our audience members back there hey 4-2 they get caught against the paddle guard at the end just take it took it straight up oh wow it's a great that's a great great play by aj awesome colin set up.

That attack so well and then the ernie back behind dink jay almost made that is the crazy thing wow jay going for the ernie callum immediately puts the lava wow a little bit of everything in that point a loving violation of team dolphin and kohler they've ran out of their lobs no more lobby.

Don stanley our officiating ref announces to the court uh law morning they've run out of lobs callan and aj no more lobs that's just a sign oh wow wow that reset oh he was there he felt it but having a little fun on the court uh.

With don stanley it's it's a testament to how fun this event has been all around that the players are here having a good time laughing joking we're not playing for points out here there's money on the line but um wow jay with his own lob it's a good move.

it's been a it's been a super fun event and it's been awesome to mix it up and play with other players because it makes you play different ways and almost force you to kind of get out of your comfort zone it's been great practice jay taking that on the side of the body there.

Yeah hey taking them to the two now here wow oh wow good defense from jay funny colin didn't know which way he should go jay taking over that center line ended up in an eye formation there.

What do you do in that situation how do you know where to go uh you just kind of have to make a guess i think at that point wow now it's warmed up the third shot lob classic uh that flies perfectly within a foot of the back line there it's got to be the most satisfying clean.

Winner between the legs we need to get a lob count in this in this match oh man but for the folks at home like it's been lob 781 it's been a lobby but i really think at this point if you're not lobbying and i say this for myself kind of a change of momentum here is uh you really.

I think you should really start implementing it into your game just because it changes the rally and it is used as an offensive weapon absolutely it's a necessity at this point and kohler and dawson having rattled off a few.

Points here now nine eight the lobs are kind of shaken up team john's and no it's not that one jay able to finish there it's got to be so frustrating for colin and jade too because you're constantly off the line you can't reach in as much.

As jay would like to reach in because you're preparing for that lob mm-hmm jay called himself for a double hit there good sportsmanship by the frenchman now we got a game point no timeout interesting would you have taken a timeout for that one i would have probably taken the time out of eight six.

Eight seven because they were up eight four right i have noticed the guys like to kind of stick with their guns a little bit more you think that's ego involved i'm not sure if it's just playing with a different partner or uh they just really do i know for myself i really have to fight the urge not to something.

About surrendering and surrendering a time out that's very really tough yeah i agree it feels almost like um wow oh oh fly's just a little long that's a good try there by jones but you're right sometimes feels a little bit like surrender time out and i think that the guys are a little more averse to that feeling.

oh down stanley with a reminder that it's only one by one here all right that'll take us to 10 10. 10 10 2. i will say i had no idea what was coming throughout all of that game all of the.

Runs just didn't make a ton of sense to me but with that john's and the villier will take game one and we'll be right back after this dropping a lot of money on sunglasses always seemed crazy to me i'd wear them a few times and then i'd lose them or break them.

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Try new sketcher slip-ins welcome back everyone you're seeing highlights from this weekend waters been john's anna lee taking on catherine riley lots of amazing partnerships and match-ups throughout this entire week at skechers invitational in.

California guys i'm hannah johns here with leah jansen calling game two here so lethal flick right there what do you think kohler and dawson are thinking coming into this game are they frustrated with the way that game one played out.

Uh zero zero i don't think they're too i mean maybe you can speak for this but i i know i played a fee with callum he doesn't too much get frustrated um i played also a few turns with aj and he seems to be pretty even keel too i think they just made a few unforced stairs uh aj was kind of going for a lot for a second and.

Just kind of a few loose ones at the end that's nice yeah i would agree two even keeled guys probably two of the calmest players on tour on the side of kohler and dawson one zero one that's why callan's such a great dinker he's just so even keeled he can just stay in it.

All day boy yeah and aj's coming out hot 201 you guys sharing some smiles on court i don't know the joke but apparently having a good time wow oh i'm surprised they lost that that's a good thing riley that was an onslaught.

Callum was just almost too ahead of it careful point here oh he played it so well the deceptive run down of that lob and smash back at colin and then closing in missing that last one oh that hurts colin j proving they can lob too that's right it's become a battle of the.

Lobs oh wow yeah wow kellen making the right choice to go right at jay as he'd run into the kitchen was trying to get his way out of the kitchen um so caleb obviously trying to hit him in the air before he can get out of.

There or at least before he can get his hands up great finish by johns i'm loving these these hard rallies of the kitchen line yeah it's kind of a little bit reminiscent of like a high powered woman's match right now there's not a ton of dinking in this match i like it i mean you get that a lot with.

Kohler but jay and colin definitely bring in the offense as well you're good two two one still stuck at two's here oh right through the middle that's so good just looks like a dink and then he just flicks it.

Right up the middle second serve three two two that's amazing he just got a 6-4 guide to whiff on an overhead on a ball that landed two feet inside the baseline so good that's just fun to watch oh it's really good a little off pace.

Actually he didn't put a ton on that last ball and it almost took jay by surprise also great spot as well going right back behind him twice slide out all right well they've rattled a few off before siding out here two five one.

A little longer perfectly into the the cup back there on the sidelines i think they're gonna see if they're gonna continue playing with this wet ball or yep looks like they are two tell us about this layout that pros never want to switch the ball they're.

Playing with um yeah usually it's all about the feel because you've been using the ball for a while and then if you change it up and the new ball just really comes out hot and it can really change the game in a lot of ways wow look at that scorpion well the uh the onyx stir fast 40.

Official ball the ppa being used here that is pre-tumbled so it is roughed up to some extent but still not the same as a ball um that's been on the court being used for a while we're we're really finicky with our paddles with our balls with our pre-match rituals with everything yep.

Wow that defense from j duvilier right there is incredible aj can't believe it i have seen it the opposite too uh i've seen actually partners request a new ball or say that a ball was cracked maybe it wasn't or they lost a ball and they asked for new ball if they're down and they're not doing so well and they.

Want a change of pace they want to switch something up see what it does for them oh for sure it's definitely something that uh people try and do and then i'm pretty sure the winning side will always contest it there are a few teams that like i know when conditions are slow um there's always a team trying to get a.

Newer ball and there's always a team trying to keep the roughed up ball strategy oh that's just too good second serve so careless the way that he did that but worked out perfect a little bit high and debilitating kind of chose to fight the fire enter that being a pretty good target.

Yeah he didn't back it up at all on that one oh that's in oh he's got it oh that was so well put together by aj until the end there he is so creative out there when everything gets firing on all cylinders for aj kohler there's just.

Really can't think of very many people who can stop him finally a dinker alley there john's coming out on top two five one that is rare i know colin works a lot of those mid-court.

Balls um he and ben drill that a lot so we're missed there what are some of the biggest differences that you see between the men's and the women's game well yeah um i would kind of so i like there's two.

Things obviously there's the speed up ratio there's the drop ratio as well um because i would say a lot of times we we tend to drive more in the women's game um and obviously our speed up ratio is a lot higher because the guys just have such quick hands they don't have this biggest swings it's harder to get them.

Through through there um you know also there's just a lot more flicks girls tend to speed up a lot more off the bounce you see a lot more backhand flicks flicks out of the air on the men's side and also i mean it's becoming a little bit like.

That on the men's side but this is a perfect formation of right side players and left side players we somewhat have that on the woman's side but not as prevalent on the men's side that's a good point that's something i've not heard before.

On the men's side of the game you often see oh wow look at that misdirect that's an awesome move um but yeah the more offensive uh aggressive powerful player and then you've got your consistent uh defensive player usually to sort of cover them up when they uh when they.

Speed up the wrong ball and they they keep you in that point um but not so much on the women's side yeah i mean as we're seeing with annalee and lee there's they're starting to switch up sides a lot and we've been seeing it with lucy and cali now where um you know they're getting down lucy and cali are changing it up they.

Actually wanted landon that way whereas you know i don't think aj and callum will switch sides or jay or colin right great read a good cover by dawson just missed it four six one wow oh wow that's crazy from kohler i think most.

People would have just not dinked on that ball it was so short in the kitchen me and hannah had like a very good view of it but i don't even think that got halfway through the kitchen it was so low and jay was shocked i'm amazing he got a hold of it yeah jay's on that one.

yes good five six two oh wow so colin's starting to pull the trigger a lot more at aj to kind of keep him honest and they got a little bit of a run going over there he doesn't miss that one often second.

A serve of slides out here talk about mid game for a while six five two we might see just a fitness timeout pretty soon these are pretty long physical points with not a lot of breaks i don't think there's been a single time out so for this game and if i were dawson and kohler they i.

Mean they got up pretty big like they did uh they got on a pretty big run but that's kind of been reminisce as reminiscent of the first game where uh just teams are kind of going back and forth maybe it is time for a timeout to shake up the what's going on right now five.

Six two oh wow aj ready for that eclipse the net colin i think could have returned it if not for that i think he's frustrated that was set up for his combo and that got in the way second serve still nobody putting points on the board oh wow.

Shout i'm stuck at six for a minute another dropper by aj rather than the overhead not his best up wow wow oh this is a great point.

This is a big point right here wow that's a huge point that was a great point so many resets probably like so many rally so many lobs all right and they're still going after that better shape than me.

That's hard to do i know you work a lot on your fitness oh yeah he brought that one just got down a little look at the kitchen or the the net camera there able to see that finish from team johnson de villiers another successful lab there.

By aj kohler and jay and colin just shrugged their shoulders seven six two just plays along the edge of the net there it doesn't go over so it'll take us to eight six here just long sign up we'll give them our.

Side out much needed side out right there six eight one nicole are still going for it good cover that's a great color covered by callan so well played it's tough and your uh your partner's off the court and you've got the whole court to cover even though you're technically on the offense but.

There's only one of you to do on the other side and there we go that's what they need see if they can make a pool hey one eight eight now j playfully tries to hit that one over i have to say i'm really impressed with jay's defense in this match i haven't seen him get so many balls back in a.

Minute he's really resetting well he was ready for that lob 982 nope oh that was such a good point set up just a little bit ambitious there but then again he would look like a genius if he did make it so can't really say that.

And he does make a few night clip for kohler he's been on the wrong end of a lot of those this match just a little bit out of his reach which means nine nine tied up again i think the crowd wants to see a fast breaker to end it oh for sure.

Everyone likes when it comes down to the wire yup oh i like that calen he doesn't get too excited when the ball's coming at him hard he takes his time he waits till the perfect time to pull the trigger it takes that extra step back and just.

Wails on it with that backhand aj asking where's jesse did she see that i think he's referring to the fact that jay fell down i think i don't know i missed it i have no idea well j and jesse big sir wow jay and jesse set partners for the year.

So must be some sort of inside joke between the two of them all right now we got a game point wow mister oh he set it up so well hey i'm going to fast breaker oh oh overrule by don stanley they called that ball out on the back line it was going.

So fast very difficult to see where it lands all right but the good news is we're going except for devilian johns we're going to a fast breaker that's right all right close game two just like game one we'll be right back just the fact maybe.

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Day i'm hannah johns here with leah jansen we're in the middle of a fast breaker i love the fast breakers i love watching them but being in them same still love them it's it's crazy too because you get so nervous that's just too good at offense kohler.

Is sitting on it but colin is on the second one with his forehand so all right gives him one point on the board very important one point could make the difference now hannah do you think good offense is better than good defense in pickleball oh gosh that's that's tough i mean it.

Really depends on who you're playing with you're going to need one or the other based on what your partner has more of um i think you got to balance out i personally i'm i'm a bigger fan of defense just because you cannot win without good defense it's just i mean offense you can get lucky you can just play defense long enough to.

Where they're going to miss eventually i think it'll take you further oh that's so good dawson 1-1 it's just so tough to go straight through cowlin that's a big feat oh we'll look at.

That's something he added in at the end of last year now callan had some health problems last year so he really we didn't get to see the full calendar but he added in a misdirect that made him really dangerous just because he's so steady whenever he adds in an attack he becomes that much better.

Oh that's so good they bounced it ahead in this fast breaker only on the first serve right uh this is the second serve or not on this side though okay second serve or first serve for this team i think this might be one of the highest.

Scoring uh fast breakers we've seen so far and jay hit that one with authority all right takes us to second serve here on this side three one they want to get as many points on the board as possible right now to prepare for the final serve that johns and de villier will have.

Oh wow that's great region and jay called no no as it was flying past him turns out i just clicked the line four one two this is not looking good for john's devilier right now it's gonna put a lot of pressure on that serve another one.

It's all right so john's will be serving it up at the end here but uh obviously serve is uh it's harder to score a point on your serve than return because the returners already have that guy at the kitchen line and it's a big do or die situation all right so.

They gotta run off four straight right here just to kind of bring it into extra innings and then it goes to sudden death so they would have to win the fifth point as well one five one oh my gosh wow great d.

Wow oh my goodness and oh no way at this point oh my gosh that's just too epic smiles all around here well done to callan dawson aj kohler for finishing that one what a match that was a great match great one to end on full of unexpected twists and turns but it's been an awesome weekend out here in.

California and leah thank you so much for presenting your insight it's been fun to be in the booth with you one last look here at that final point look at this the defense the offense the angles and finally the finish.

Incredible pickleball guys i'm gonna go down there see if i can get some words with the winners so just stay tuned for that we'll be right back welcome back everyone to center court here in sunny california you just watched our last match of the day callan dawson aj kohler gosh i don't think any.

Of us really know knew how that match was going to finish there were so many strange runs crazy game styles used on court did you know how this one was going to turn out absolutely not it was last match of the day so we just wanted to make it fun and uh i got lucky i was scheduled to play mix but uh.

Somehow i got this guy for the last match and and i've learned that he's five for five on the weekend so i think that's the only reason we won today five for five this weekend callan you've just made a killing i think that's a good bump in the prize money as well for those finishes in first place uh callan we can't go any further without talking.

About the lob how many lobs do you think there were in this match i would probably say at least 12 12 or 13 probably just from you alone oh from me probably six or seven maybe more than that there's more than that and i would just refer like whenever i play with him i get so much lob envy whenever he hits.

One i just feel like i gotta go too so lob envy is the real thing i'm going to see a specialist about it well kellen so there's in your lob you don't even go that far back in the court sometimes it will fall within a foot or two of that baseline what is the key to making it so perfect over over the head of somebody as big as jay.

Devilier i just try to do it out of the air and then one take it out of the air so it's further so i'm taking the ball further into the kitchen so it gets over their head a little quicker and i try not to do moon lobs i try to make them a little more linear so it gets over the head and.

Then falls on the court are you also looking for their weight balanced forward to make it harder for them to move back uh no not really i just kind of wait for the point to develop so after four or five dings so i'm definitely i'm trying hard not to think about the law but i can't help it.

Wow guys a lot a lot of issues here you got lob envy you've got lob desire but talk about the whole weekend as a whole you've played with a lot of different partners you've been able to battle out for three days how fun has your experience been here at the skechers invitational it's great um you know it's a little bit low-key and.

It's just a nice way to to get going back into the season because we all took a bunch of time off uh and so just kind of a little tune-up for for the rest of the season so we're ready to go next week that's right on wednesday we start tournament of champion so we'll be back in business in just a few days guys thanks so much for.

Joining us all weekend long at the skechers invitational we'll see you send it through soon i'm making his dog like i'm in a big lease you.

Sunday’s Final Exhibition Matches:
3:00 Meghan Sheehan-Dizon/Allyce Jones vs. Lea Jansen/Leigh Waters
3:45 AJ Koller/Collin Johns vs. Jay Devilliers/Callan Dawson

See you next week for the Club Tournament of Champions.

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