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Back in my back good morning pickleball fans dave fleming here at day three of the skechers invitational what a day we had yesterday and we've got more exciting.

Pickleball action for you we're going to start with the ladies on the court then we're going to have a men's match another ladies match and then we're going to switch over to cbs sports at noon we haven't played a lot of singles lately we'll have that for you we've got anna lee waters playing catherine parento and tyson mcguffin will battle.

Ben johns on cbs sports everybody wants to leave here with a victory at this beautiful country club this is the riviera country club this is the ppa tour and this is the skechers invitational we'll be right back with all the action um all right welcome back everybody it is.

Our first match at day three of the skechers invitational and we've got the ladies on the court we've got megan dezan and elise jones playing against arena tarashenko and lindsey newman again we will play two games and then if we split we will have the.

Fast breaker to set the stage design and jones are from utah frequent partners they have played together quite a bit and are looking to get a victory here they'll be playing against lindsey newman lindsay newman of course.

Is the sister of riley newman so they've made a just really dangerous duo in mixed doubles and she played fantastic yesterday with jessie irvin so we'll see if she can keep that going and then one of the crowd favorites arena.

Taroshenko will join her tarashenko you will see the looping beautiful forehand drops and it's gonna be a a great match of styles megan designs gonna be swinging that big ace of spades pro kennex paddle that's got all that pop you see elise.

Jones bouncing the ball there she will be starting us off there's everyone point one zero one so point.

Two zero one there's the power of design finishing strong so that's lindsey newman to search sign up zero two one point one two one one two two.

Tarashenko goes for it just deep sorry about the little audio sitch there but we're ready to go so we're 2-2 megan designed to serve that's lindsay newman she's gonna crack this one oh just catches the tape so that's been the formula for design big.

Serve set up that drive and then let elise jones create some chaos with the power of that paddle she's got to get on top of that ball just let's it sail again that's the angle of your wrist good finish by jones there gives a pedicure to lindsay newman that's a beautiful cut by irina.

Tarashenko from not an advantageous court position able to throw that at the feet of the folks at the net that's hard to do that is a ball where jones and design are well ahead in the point and suddenly behind because of the quality of the tarashenko.

Ball from the baseline good ferocity from elise jones there again this is skechers invitational day three we've had great action on day one and two and some great matchups today we will have.

The reunited pair from wichita up next of jade devilier and pat smith who did a lot of damage last year not playing together much this year so good to see them back in the second match of the day because this duo of tarashenko and newman is going to get a lot of balls.

Back in play three four one having that paddle ready she does a great job of having that paddle out in front notice that the ball's coming back from these two anytime you're reaching that's probably bad your partner's there that's what.

Jones did there she's so good at tracking balls down sometimes not very often but it can actually be a negative if you get yourself out of position there's a beautiful stick volley by lindsay neumann and it is jones who goes with the drop shot off there.

Ball that just trickled over the tape just wide and there's the beauty of pickleball right there offense to defense one minute you're hitting overheads the next thing you're defending overheads and it is newman the tarashenko who come out on top on that rally talked to tarashenko the other day and.

Her uh cut dink is really on point jones expecting a lot more pace on that ball and was way out in front of it six four two that's what we call a bait ball there it looks like something that design can attack it's a little below the net it kind of is slow and seven.

She takes a hack at it and uh it's a tough ball to attack that close to the net as well so and it is the pressure of tarashenko and newman that just was repetitive and it's hard to keep resetting balls so tarashenko and newman have design and.

Jones doubled up here in game one of day three of the sketchers invitational at the riviera country club look.

If we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone forever but we've tried everything we haven't tried everything bring me the jigsaw.

15 seconds attention all right bring me the jigsaw in uh design and jones would like to bring them a comeback you see lindsey newman willing her partner's ball up and over the net there the newmans have a special power it seems they do that a lot and it.

Works just misses that and timeout works they get the ball back get on the board can they continue to chip away at the lead here design and jones have been doing a lot of defending in this match got to get the third down and get to neutral at the kitchen haven't been able to do it.

Consistently big serve could help make the third easier and lindsay newman with the alton which was all one word 682. you hate when you leave one and catches that tape good scramble by design there so both newman and design disgusted with.

Their paddle and actually paddled their paddle which you can do in pickleball eight six one that's a great job by lindsay newman of defending and then throwing a ball that bounced in the kitchen and catching jones reaching in throws a beautiful lob up over can't quite get the overhead 9-6-1.

second sir 962 right out here to understand are they going to switch or not chose not to beautiful angle from tarashenko there six nine two.

Johnson design of course now trying elise on the left side and she got to ball the top and then pushes it deep 961 beautiful job by tarashenko just misses that same angle she made a second ago.

And a little kiss off the tape and we are at game point for tarashenko and newman that one comes up just short so can the utah crew forge a comeback again one by one first to 11. just can't get themselves to the line.

And make a balloon much better there from design used that drive to set up the next ball and was ready to finish jammed up newman 7.2 that is nice by megan and the more aggressive she is patrolling on that.

Left side the better for this team in my opinion and that's a great example of it there just can't quite finish so they get two of the four back but uh game point number two on the paddle of arena shanko good finish from design there.

Thank you sir 1082 big finish so design goes down the line gets a ball up from tarashenko and then finishes hard cross court so here we go three game points saved much better drop there they get it down and get to the kitchen.

Jones sped it up in the middle and tried to bail herself out got two back but not the third second chance to get closer hey there's there's that middle that design has to own and this partnership she did it well there and folks we are at 9 10. no.

Timeout coming from newman or tarashenko great deep serve so and design reaches in but can't finish pulled around great dinking great thinking from both a placement and depth they were able to push design back another chance to take game one.

And design survives a relentless attack at her backhand on the dank second serve yes ma'am 10 19. another chance at game one here for newman tarashenko and they are able to thwart that one so they chose not to unwind the stack there did jones and design.

Smart decision based on the investment that design had to make on the prior point oh that's going to make it oh and great angle by taraschenko after a brilliant point watch this ball you.

Got to be patient with it and then find an angle and you know elise jones will dive if you give it any chance to get close to her and we are at ten a piece win by one since two.

That'll do it that's it that will do it game 211 so design and jones come all the way back save multiple game points and win game one 11 to 10. we will be right back with game two after this.

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I haven't started yet oh all right welcome back everybody dave fleming and i am joined in the booth by fellow senior pro scott crandall good morning scott good morning the duo from utah we're down 10-6 saved multiple game points and then win by one take it 11-10 in game number one.

Is that the first time that's happened this weekend that is the first 10 all this weekend we had one of those last weekend but quite the comeback big swing at a little ball there from jones but uh really like what they did as a combination in.

The end of game number one design was definitely the object of tarashenko and newman's desire and she kept making the dinks scott and kept them in there and then when they got a chance they finished that's a great finish by design and on that return i'd love to see design come over and just.

Destroy a forehand drive uh just that's the mentality if you are gonna play like she had such a good serve that looking for there we go getting more aggressive just mentally and i know that's you know you have to sort of that that evolves yeah i felt like the the move megan just.

Made was the move at least normally makes yes but if you're playing against them and and you feel they're both a threat to poach well then you really have to watch out when because one of them will always be up and then back as they're in transition and.

You better be careful with those fourth shot half volleys just vicious tyler lewin is going to be the ball boy chase that down throw it back over left-handed excellent job how's ron ponder through a second ball at lindsay newman seeing.

How her juggling skills are we always want the same ball though we can get it 100 especially if we win it there's unwinding the stack got ugly for a minute there but jones footwork is so good she was able to get her body in a good position and design patrolling the middle has just improved throughout this match.

To your point earlier i feel like elise and megan both have really great hands at the kitchen and then what you want to do i'll finish that in a second so once you establish that you have great hands at the kitchen people can't go through you then you really want to.

Master that soft think game and so they can't outdink you and they can't go through you where are they gonna go it's pretty stinking frustrating if that's where you net out and it's balls like that that they keep making that that makes it a problem and tarashenko is like okay you want to.

Bring that two-hander down my line i am ready i like that arena didn't crush it she just hit it straight down just ended it on the spot good job by newman just staying on it i'm gonna choose not to unwind here so elise will stay on the left let's see if where they dank changes they've been.

Going primarily to the backhand of the person on the left so at least jones just refuses to give in and they end up getting that point everyone had their turn taking the swipe at it some very deliberate dinks to the middle of there from jones.

Towards uh lindsey newman's backhand or arena's forehand uh lindsay chose to take most of those that's a ball a lot of people will let travel to their partner and get to that forehand as you mentioned good retrieval by design but can't make the next ball.

Three one two and there's jones just flying across the court may have gotten the assistance of a ball that was hitting slightly deep by newman there we'll never know look at that gut they're still in this what a point by all four ladies.

Switching up against the defense the crowd is loving that and those wicked cut slice backhands by tarashenko got him back in business after jones was bringing heat at lindsay newman oh and elise jones swinging with all her might finds just the top of the net.

I don't think it matters how hard you hit it at lindsay newman if it's at design stretching out her legs sort of shot off the line there a little bit perhaps it was a nice d yes it was had some backspin and hit the line so tough ball to handle.

Gets on top of it a little too much and uh their lead is gone tied at four here on this run and they got both serves still still to carry over on this one and then another so uh big chance to take the lead here for newman and tarashenko swing into the tape.

Who at least make sure she her left foot hits the corner on her way back to the return position oh my and that's uh that's a great take by design and she's hiding her eyes from the ball she hit but it was so deep that it's not a place you're used to getting out of the way.

Uh tarashenko was stuck like a statue because it's not it's just an atypical play that's a nice ball by taraschenko with the backhand filling the middle folks the backhand needs to fill the middle there on the cross court ball well done by tarashenko interesting paddle choice a little.

Tomahawk from lindsay newman in the middle of that yeah i thought she might flick it for an angle with that that grip and that positioning jones saw it just uh yeah i feel like uh diesel and jones were patient kinda got what they want cause that attack the attack from arena was high enough to counter.

Just wide again just a little extra pop and you can see the effort that jones puts into finishing and the design just one swing and it is flying if design gets that high forehand i haven't seen her lose a point this weekend or last weekend like that her high forehand the point is.

Over and the one that she did miss hit tarashenko from behind the court so she won the point so she won the point exactly so they kept that kept that streak alive nice job by jones of putting out the fire there and there's the high forehand finish she left a backhand up but uh.

What i like about her high forehand she doesn't seem to over backswing right like she doesn't over swing which makes it high percentage but she has so much pace on it it is tough to handle when both players say i got it that's usually not good it's better than nobody maybe but.

An arena is especially good at dealing with the next one when yeah when you're running it out of position arena knows where to yeah where to end it and she just went right behind that time perfectly there's the newman yell let that thing go so another man this is a great match to start the day 11 10 in game one again.

You got a one by one obviously thank you it's back to school with the math and here we're at five four and there was a little indecision about what the call was going to be meaning whether they're going to switch or not anything in your mind can affect that.

Return they're not going to switch here i definitely have a a pet peeve of mine is if if i'm the returner my partner's up there and they're late giving the signal i need to i need to know the signal before that service coming so everything affects focus so here we go.

Five five on a one megan design just roping serves and that's just solid thinking and solid defense jones have mixed it up quite a bit now they've got jones on the left and now a two-hander on the ace of spades paddle and that is.

Right at the feet and newman and tarashenko have seen enough of this so uh a spirited battle here on day three of the skechers invitational to get this thing started we'll be right back in the utah duo finish this off and take match number one of the day.

Hey uh katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen and get the creamer i can't i can't come in the kitchen sure you can no i i really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the ball out of the air.

All right spice stay out of kitchens all right there you see net cam staring at it tarashenko and newman in the back what a get oh my and a short hop dank and we got the lindsay newman arm in the air and it should be.

i uh at a in the middle of that point i think dezon and jones thought it was over i'm not sure if it was one of them it was jones who celebrated midpoint and then you get a missed fourth and you feel like you put so much.

Effort in the other one but we'll take it and on the other side that's disheartening eight five just three points from taking this first match and that stays in and we're at nine five two i don't mind that that that take i think.

The ball was was up uh it was attackable but you know arena wisely put it to the backhand side which is the tougher one the tougher side to attack for many people good job by newman there's jones swinging away straight ahead not as shy at all at bringing it.

Okay they're not even disguising what they're doing as newman's set to serve design off the court so that puts a lot of pressure on jones to cover and she does and tarashenko can't handle the next one so you know when you when you stand as they will here with jones off the court.

That's tarashenko to serve but you got a long run design the benefit of having your partner off the court when you're going to stack like that as the returner who has to run straight across you don't have a your partner getting in the way of your vision on the way in but.

You're at risk of a good cross-court surf yeah yesterday we actually saw a s peg as uh jones and mcguffin had a little uh friendly fire on that exact situation oh the return hit the the partner you hit the moving partner yeah that is another one.

When when i'm returning and there's going to be a stack of my partners standing super close to the center line yeah can you move over because you're forcing me down the line right you're taking angles away okay we've got a quick timeout here so uh design and jones two points from a.

Victory will they get it we'll find out after this my name is catherine parento and i've been playing pickleball for almost six years i travel a lot uh to play in tournaments i'm always on planes and i see a lot of people when i travel i need to make sure.

That i stay healthy i need to support my immune system so that's the reason why i use the pureway c-plus one all right we are back there's megan design serving that's a great job by lindsay newman of moving the ball wide then in the middle gets a pop-up partner finishes that's.

What after a timeout should look like 972 great execution and that just dives below the net tarashenko comes up short and we have a match point here for jones and design.

And that goes wide and that will do it so design and jones take match number one of day number three here at the skechers invitational impressive they dug out of a 10-6 hole in game number one and then played very well in game two we'll be back with more pickleball.

Action right after this well welcome everyone back to center court here on a beautiful sunday i'm with elise jones meg dazon guys you're one of the few familiar partnerships.

We've gotten to see throughout these three days did that help you here on the court today oh for sure she's so fun to play with our chemistry is amazing and she's got a lot of power so that helps too well guys we saw a very close game one could have gone either way how strange is it to use that win by one rule and.

Does it make you more nervous uh definitely makes you focus a little more and make sure you're moving your feet and focusing on the ball and yeah well guys you both come from different sports backgrounds you have volleyball i know megan you have tennis how does that translate to the pickleball court for me it's the.

Never say die mentality like you can go after everything you never know if you don't go so you can get anything defensively and stay on the point we definitely get to see that when you're on the court megan uh yeah definitely the movement um and the volleys are nice like translation from tennis to pickleball i always love.

Doubles on the tennis court so playing pickleball is a ton of fun and being up there at the net i love it that definitely translates super well guys you played phenomenal out there today we're going to see more of you later on today with that we're going to take a quick break we'll be right back.

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Hey do we need guys nope how about now still no hey remember daddy's birthday's tomorrow a gas card i could use this evolve your journey beyond the pump in the first ever tucson plug-in hybrid ev welcome back uh netcam gives us a good.

Look at pat smith right there and there's callan dawson and boy is this fun dave fleming back with fellow senior pro scott crandall and scott really like what jones and design put on display to start the day they're a partnership that has.

Played together nice comeback win it and now look who we have we have the men out here and we've got the reunion of pat smith and jocelyn devillier they decided to play with different partners this year but at the invitational we've invited them to play together and they're going.

To yeah you got to put team model yeah back together everybody wants to see it love watching them play together although i mean the opponent the opponent and tyler that's team team model team yeah um we got some good-looking players out here today i think everyone is excited to see.

Jay together so here they go and they're gonna play straight up i was surprised that davilia didn't just start out on the left but uh that's the way they used to do it right so we'll see if they're gonna just give everybody equal time everywhere there's a loan with a huge finish and.

Dawson's got that same ace of spades pro kennex paddle that design was wielding a second ago comes out in uh mid-september he tells me for everybody else that wants to hit blackjack like these two have been doing all weekend and.

We were talking about this off air loong and dawson were great yesterday in their match yeah they're they're they complement each other well because tyler is so great and what the ernie threat and callun's such a great dinker cross court just a bit deep off pat smith's paddle.

There some confusion there if the score were closer they'd probably get a challenge not because pat i thought tyler hooked him but no pat just thought he saw the ball second turn first drive was beautiful.

And then just a tick late to get to the next one that just that's because a nice volley was there to neutralize it from tyler what a get by dawson boy two beautiful shots in a row from devilier there inside out forehand and then gets the atp and makes it and there.

Wasn't a lot of room there whatever the minimum amount of room is that you need to hit an atp that's how much j needs yeah yeah one one millimeter more is like a wide open pantry there to hit it through like.

To me pat made the toughest of those little hands volleys on the first that the first attack from calvin was very good and uh pat got it back hey stuck it well replay the let's here on the ppa tour don stanley head referee making that very clear and warning you folks if you're.

Gotcha volume cranked up and there's a ball that creates a foot in the kitchen you're gonna hear the stanley alarm so just a pre-warning second serve so a let's serve and then a deep serve and jay.

Wisely blames the ball and uh don just stomps it out stomps it out of play and chucks it there's a good look at tyler loon here comes that return from dawson gets just behind him so he got jammed up and pushes it deep a little tomahawk action there with dawson got the paddle up and ready his.

Paddle is always ready yeah always ready you just better be careful if you're attacking him ah smith stole the overhead from devilier we'll see if that ends up costing him the answer is yes after dawson just keeps coming.

There's a beautiful look at the settings we have here and not one of the players that goes for their serve just flicks it in there's probably got a 99 make five three one yes steph curry misses the occasional free throw i don't know that loong misses the.

Occasional serve second turn good job by smith of reaching in and then going back to the outside of dawson nice of jeff warnick to retrieve the ball from the crowd over there look at him here another one of our socal pickleball aficionados.

Brought a lot of juice to the selkirk showdown last weekend just that's nice by devilier tyler ling's like all right i owe him an ernie three five one having played some rec play with jay when i'm usually when i play with a partner and.

They run out to hit an atp i step into the middle right well jay hits the end gets back he's hitting the next shot as well that's a beautiful finish we talked uh all week about the wrist strength and the finishing power of pat smith and we saw it there if jay would just stay out of his way i.

Know it's ridiculous lungs still on the side of the court both these guys are able to bounce around so much they'll advise lob over someone of that athletic prowess and in the middle that is a great.

Lob over that shoulder if that's a righty nice flick inside out and dawson had taken one step to the middle and i think he was sitting forehand ready in the middle and that's why he just took it in the stomach because jay hit a good spot i think typically callum wants to sit.

With his backhand right but when the middle is what's open he had to change his paddle and jay saw it one four five one here devilier from france serving pat smith the german the kiwi he's got a lot of uh international and it's got his parents in the house for the first time since covid.

I've been supporting him all weekend and they'll like that one right on cue appreciate when the points pay out what i'm talking about thank you boys good looking pat smith right there oh just pat smith's dad is sitting in the seat that has the perfect perfect view of.

That baseline we'll have to that's a good ball there so that's the danger when when these two are going you've got huge court coverage huge reach and they both can bang drives on their thirds villia was in good position there just couldn't quite finesse it over.

Five six one that is one of the things when you're playing calvin his hands are really fast but he sometimes hits that volley love your paddle and we'll just get you in the chest if you're not ready oh good read by loong but uh the ball was so close to the net he had to hit up on it and couldn't couldn't generate any.

Spin on that ernie to flick it in which is asking a lot lung and dawson are not gonna hurt you in this until the ball is up they'll just stay steady and dawson's able to get one out of the air and just then push the pressure.

Yeah dawson was able to hit a really aggressive roll dink that made pat smith's uh counter dink very difficult just put it in the net and you see rarely do you see three players on the court shaking their head but that's what happened there lung knew.

He left it up got away with it and uh it is dawson and loong who have snuck ahead by a pair oh and then a kiss off the net and it is 9-6 and dawson sweating quite a bit going to the powder to get a.

Better grip although if i'm looking i want to hit every ball just like the one i did just perfect off the net and staying in and we've got a timeout called after that thing catches the net and it is dawson and loong who have stretched out a lead they're up 10-6.

They will have game one on their paddles when we come back this is the skechers invitational at the beautiful the riviera country club i felt like i had to always drink water over and over but i still felt a little bit dizzy by the end of the day but once i tried to incorporate more electrolytes.

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Dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late one come out two come out time in ten six two.

All right welcome back everybody we got a game point yeah shut up great great defensive hands from pat smith beautiful just saved the game dawson came after him so the one beloved timeout wizard strikes again gets the ball back to the people that use his wizardry.

Says to himself stop missing it's tough to reach out and attack that ball when you tyler and allen have such good hands it just doesn't look like there's many places to go with it and that is just as hard as a ball can get hit right there tyler's high forehand is pretty much money.

Second chance to close out game one oh and dawson's lobs finally do make an appearance that's a great track down by devilier and there it is i warned you folks so i warned you that at any moment that alarm can go off and don stanley is on top of it.

The crowd who probably aren't used to it got a kick out of it third try here as the second one is thwarted by the footfall great job by loong to reset that and they're back in position what a point to win the first game that is what a match point should look like switching sides great athleticism ernie.

Defense loon goes flying across the court and dawson ultimately lets it go we said they look great yesterday they look great again today we'll be right back.

we go game two all right we are back and there's a look at tyler loong and kyle dawson played great yesterday played a great first game here and looking to keep this going and dawson's like bring it just bring it i'm right here yeah callan is just an awkward matchup because he's he's just.

Such a solid dinker and he's got such solid hands it's like jay and pat they just don't get anything out of that exchange if i was if i was them i don't know if i was just continually going left side to left side dinking with cal and i maybe let's go right side to right side of the.

Tie or just just to mix it up and see what happens whoopsie there but good good start to get a couple on the first serve of game two they do get to and see if devilian smith can find some of the 2021 magic this team had one of the few teams to beat the john's.

Boys last year and it is tyler loon he says you put your head down i'm going and that was a fun one for him because it was sitting there and he just lit a little little squash down that smith the server there this is a team we haven't seen that like the.

Energy that they get and the positive emotion and yelling and the come on from de villier just hadn't been there yet and it's because of the play of their opponents here's smith saying la so he's going to bring out the uh the french to get the frenchman going.

Smart move tyler's just played a perfect compliment to callan's awesome thinking it's like okay watch your partner dink and just stay ready and as soon as they try and get out of that dink right now punish it perfect from tyler that's hard a lot of people when you are.

Not the object of your opponent's desire you get into sort of daydreaming and you know you're not engaged and he has been on point yeah dinking can be uh like a metronome so you gotta stay focused the overhead cannot handle the ball in.

Transition so three zip is the lead that's a good drive and that's the that is the danger of this team heavy heavy drives and i think that's where jay and pat got many of their points in game one was from effective drives.

And if i'm playing callan and tyler i think let me let me just let me let me try and maximize that play especially if they're unwinding something here which they are they do not want any part of changing sides that's a great leave and that's what.

They do now they frustrate you because you hit a good roll dink over there and dawson just neutralizes it and says okay next leaning in there and the lead is now 4-1 4-1-1 that's a great first volley there.

And necessary callan was posted up in the middle that volley went low and to the outside dawson try some high octane service points there comes up short on the tube volley so see if smith and devilier can build on that.

So there's a yeah there's some of the emotions sometimes defense is it i know loong looked up and might have had the sun in his eyes because he usually clobbers an overhead yeah there's some lefty lefty son right he would not have had the sun in his eyes on that overhead oh that would have been nice if that.

Went over devilier has made some ridiculous behind-the-back balls in his career and and it had the potential to be yes a momentum changer for devilier smith that's a tough place to poach when your partner's in trouble devilly i thought he had a read on that.

He did not his hands were in the cookie jar and mom came around the corner beautiful volley from pat smith there again the drive is high these players are so good you're you're in trouble ah smith goes for the i'm not giving you any pace on the server lobby serve to go with his lobby game.

Pat smith just trying to put all oh my this point is crazy and devilier just misses point i mean we had pat smith literally hurtling and just staying on the outside of the court he was within two feet of loom at one point during that.

Exchange that was nuts and pat smith bails out devilier there on a ball that was hammered at smith they did change where they dinked over those two points they went to loom see if that continues that's usually the no goes on there but uh got away with it three five one.

Oh they could have gotten out of that that might have been it but just too much pressure i mean when jay was executing the ernie there were some spots to go but he just tyler put himself right in right in the way and defended the earnings that tank sails just a tad wide so it's dawson and loong up again and up.

5-3-1 here in game two there have been a few of those in this game too where that looks like appetizing counter play for uh for dawson and lone but they just didn't quite execute that's much better there like bring the ball back across the grain catching them by surprise and then they.

Get the big finish so they just haven't been able to sustain the energy they've got the ball back after a nice couple of points there tremendous job by dawson on the one before that to throw it into a safe spot but can't make the next one so four five one.

he was ready to pounce on anything that came back i can't believe it two-thirds missed so that that's sort of been the theme they do something great and then just can't keep it sustained that's kind of the rhythm of a.

Pickleball match a lot of times great defense when you're the returning team and then you want to use that momentum you get super offensive uh when it's your turn to serve it doesn't always work out and it doesn't there so a quick timeout called by devilier and smith dawson and loong.

Up in game two dorothy i really think you'd like the magnesium perfect i'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks dorothy you too come on does he do that every time every time.

Happy birthday matt oh thanks lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have i have one more surprise for you okay oh come on.

I love it babe all right there you see devilier from kitchen cam trying to mount a comeback call the timeout after the miss and second serve here's your timeouts folks that's all i'm gonna say six four two so a couple of solid points missed third.

And we'll see if they continue to drive the ball has been effective for them they just got to make it a couple a couple of misses for callan dawson at the kitchen in a situation you don't expect him to miss.

Same ball he's going to just keep throwing it over there and if jay runs around it and hits top spin there is a high degree of risk on the depth and pat smith's that ball was a little too low and to take that approach to the drive he was just standing straight up.

Another short return sets up the chaos and might have might have stuck a paddle on a ball going deep but uh it was headed high chest from and then when you lift your paddle your volley goes up and then he crack crushes the reply that's nice by david so solid you know.

That's why you know you've talked about it a lot scotty plays the ball to your chest to get you to jump up and then he gets a lovely filet back to finish that and dawson's certainly not the tallest player on the court but he plays in front of his body and reaches in and.

That's very very effective for him boom that's why the returns going to dawson probably a better idea because loong as we've seen all all three days has been just hammering forehand drives when his drive is good it's excellent and it has been.

This weekend i agree okay so they get a couple more and are within two of taking this it's go time for the boys from wichita yo youtube ah smith was able to bail out a very short lob is more of a low and uh.

Couldn't handle the next one he's got to stay by the buck there here devilier that's nice there loon came from a long way to get there and pat smith paddle was ready oh.

Pat smith just couldn't quite get the paddle face square got a little behind him and missed it wide so calla dawson to serve two points from winning this one we've seen that that pattern a lot of the drive's a little high pat and jay have done an excellent job of volleying the ball down and just.

Ending ending the point similar to that one oh and confusion in the middle there so uh big opportunity usually 10 has more weight when you're playing win by two it's still obviously a necessary step but uh.

Now we saw a ten all game and and uh with the ladies with the first match again win by one here so uh this just feels like the time if uh jay and pat are gonna make it happen this is the time and the third is way too high so can they go on two.

they cannot because dawson sticks a perfect volley there yeah he didn't overplay that he's made jay do something extremely difficult and dawson comes flying in again and uh the fourth if you were going to have to deal with the ball like that's got to stay in the kitchen not come to the.

Midcourt because then you're setting up offense that's a great great volley there so second match point coming up here you heard ling say my bad because the drive was up oh my goodness and uh pat's parents certainly are enjoying.

That one over to the side of the court if at least joint was playing she would have got that oh yeah goes to the two-hander for the dink and then that does give you the disguise if you want to speed it up and that works out well for him all right within two just why that's a great cross-court attack from dawson.

Another reason dawson's attacks are so good is because he doesn't have much of a swing you don't appreciate how fast it's going to be coming when he hits it great read by callan dawson saw the devilier paddle loaded up and jumped in front of his partner and punished it the first one spun off.

The net and rolled over let's see what happens with this opportunity to take the match and it is dawson and loon looked great yesterday playing very complicated they complement each other so well we talked about it the way the points come together one can.

Erase the negatives of the other and then they both have the ability to finish so we'll talk to the winners right after this so.

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But with new hands-free sketcher slip-ins it's a thing of the past just step in and go without bending down and without even touching them plus they're machine washable try new sketcher slip-ins welcome back to sunny center court here in los angeles guys that was an incredibly close match and pat and jay.

Started coming back in that final game what were you thinking what were you saying to your partner at that point um i mean they're making some great shots doing a lot of good stuff out there but uh i mean me and tyler just try to keep it simple and we have a game plan and usually when it starts to fail we just look at each.

Other and say let's let's do a little better job at it well tyler you're known as an ernie master anyway you can break that shot down for the folks at home so we can all try it uh hire me as your coach and i can teach it to you a lot of practice a lot of experience a.

Lot of anticipation you're going to miss a lot but also it's going to come with time well callan you have been named by a few people including pros as the most improved player for the second half of the year and you've been the sport a long time many many years how tough is it to continue improving even with as.

Long as you've been around and you've been practicing and playing for so long still keep that energy high um i mean just the last year i've been fortunate enough just the jobs that i got allowed me to work remote so i've had a lot of time to really drill and train more than i've ever had before so it's been a lot of.

Fun and really exciting the work from home is something that covered the one good thing that covert brought us huh guys congratulations we're going to show you one more match before we head into cbs sports coverage we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation.

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All right welcome back everybody dave fleming with fellow senior pro scott crandall who has been by my side for the selkirk showdown last weekend here at the skechers invitational scott we've seen some great action.

Last women's match of the morning before we then switch over at noon pacific to cbs sports we'll have a mixed doubles match seeing kovaleva and right play parento and newman that's going to be something then a couple singles matches we'll have anna lee waters playing parento and.

We will have tyson mcguffin playing ben johnson singles so that'll be a lot of fun over on cbs sports let's set this up impressive color coordination here by jesse irvin and jana grechina here they've got literally the same colors head to toe looking good out there.

Irvin is coming in i've gotta believe with a ton of confidence she played one of the best matches i've ever seen her play yesterday from a pace from a driving the ball from a taking over and exerting your will on an opponent she.

Did that brilliantly yesterday yeah she and lindsay newman uh paired up very nicely and played a very strong match that was against catherine and leia right and jessie was moving very well lindsay newman was making every ball and so yeah she comes in with a with a.

Lot of confidence um but this team they're they're up against today irina and callie smith are very strong that's an intimidating team uh they're both playing very well so um jesse and jana have their work cut out for them i believe they've played once before um so this isn't uh.

This won't be their their first time playing doubles together but um they've got a tough team they're up against yeah so you got uh jana grechena serving to arena tarashenko let's play pickleball callie smith hitting the ball there also from utah utah well represented here today design and jones earlier.

As well as loon in the last match and yesterday we saw gretchkina get very comfortable with her match with that forehand roll dink over there on the right side so keep an eye on that she was actually with taraschenko yeah it'll be interesting to see if if diana gretchen can get that that.

Forehand cross court going get some comfort get some rhythm because once she gets rhythm she hits some really nice forehands and we're gonna see if uh callie smith and tarashenko play it straight up or stack it two very uh accomplished players on the left side of.

The court they both they've both played so much they they're they can handle it they're pretty interchangeable i think a lot of it'll it kind of comes down to well who wants to dig across court with janna who wants to who wants to be in front of jesse.

Just wide there from grechina so uh first point is on the board and it looks like we're gonna have a stacking situation so they're gonna keep cali on the left to start we'll see if that continues so on that point i i saw yana hit some hit some nice dates kept that point under control and uh kind of forced cali.

To go for a difficult attack that jesse wisely let go long and there's the ferocious finish from cali smith whose paddle is always up also yeah and cali didn't didn't attack the first one as well as she could she was very patient until she got the one that was high enough to crush.

Smith not able to put that reset in the court coach king actually on that and in front of it despite the pace that came she knew she was in trouble well she was on the receiving end of pace because her first forehand was telegraphing down cali's line and callie was sitting on it oh good try there you saw irvin try to.

Get aggressive in the middle and take a couple of those balls um fend it off nicely by smith and tarashenko three zero one tarashenko and smith are throwing beautiful thirds into the kitchen and and then dictating play after that and everything's working here so far for.

Them i'm not on that but they're defending well if one you know when jesse or jana get a ball to attack callie and arena are defending it then coming in and playing on their terms just like that yeah this is uh this is a team that can do serious.

Damage but also defend and frustrate you and the choice to put smith on the left side has paid dividends to start that is just absolute filth from jesse irvin who just holds that paddle out there for an hour and a half and then flicks it back behind callie smith i don't think most people's wrist can go that far.

Backwards so that's not a shot it's ridiculous but i think jesse is going to have to with that reaching out forehand being more aggressive but she's just going to have to put the ball away you know more efficiently which is tough to do against cali and arena because they're both good.

Defenders but if jesse gets to look she's going to have to go for it and that's why because if jessie doesn't then her partner's going to get attacked yeah and the the tereshenko smith attacks have been very very effective it is seven.

Nil here smith and tarashenko are flying to start game number one i think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams ups or fedex for this one fedex they deliver on saturday.

It's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality black shell soft how does he know all this stuff that's all right unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow more smith taraschenko just dominating this match so far and we'll see if that.

Continues timeout called by irvin and gretch kina coach king has gone to the sunglasses as well here let's see if that little change see the ball a little better potentially i know that side is tough early in the day with the bleachers behind instead of the blue background and that is exactly what the doctor.

Ordered there nice patient point from yannick great adjustment leslie frank is headed over i think the referee's mike battery has died okay we want you to be able to hear leslie loud and clear out there folks so there's a look at netcam and.

The coordinated outfits of gretchkina and irvin the timeout see the sunglasses maybe was seeing the ball because there were a couple misses that are uncharacteristic for gretchkina i think this just is a good this this.

Battery is actually helpful too okay you just hit a good ball settle back in let's get on the board and sometimes getting rid of that zero can create three or four opportunities here just kept fighting and then a ball up irvine just couldn't poke it back if she was in a tough spot to handle that ball.

That is what was working for irvin yesterday now the first one was going to be about five feet deep but uh they don't let it go it's all good if you can line it up with the person's body they can't get out of the way if you hit it hard enough step back attack on the fourth from cali smith cross court.

Sets up tarashenko so they do get one interesting they choose not to unwind the stack so gretchkina now found on the backhand side and maybe that's the way this team has the best opportunity we'll see we know we love that gretchcano rolled forehand dink but uh maybe she's got an inside out for him.

That she can use too that might be in it is oh no it was so close to the net with so much backspin that uh you can't get on top of that ball and keep it in so uh either a topspin ball there.

Or dropping it that's why you always want to make one more ball and see what happens cali smith finishes and another timeout called here so okay we're making sure that a timeout was available we're gonna keep it here.

Though so scott it's eight one what are you telling gretch keana and irvin well i wait i like that i like that they switch to that i do too give it a different look um you know i i told jesse at the last time out.

When you get your chance when you you know they're going to hit most of the balls to yana probably but when you get it do so make sure you do something with it um and you know that's where they got their point jesse surfed big and then hit a big drive similar to kind of the approach he took.

Yesterday and so it worked but you're not going to get that up that many opportunities because cali smith and arena tereshko aren't going to allow for them however yada is hitting some nice some nice things she's she's getting the these points to um to develop and then it's just a matter of who's gonna pop it.

Up first and then and then attack um so so every opportunity must be taken advantage of especially with this scoreboard so time back in callie smith goes inside out twice and it beats irvin there that's pretty yeah once you back up a few a few paces which understandably if callie's going.

To be taking full swings i don't want to be meeting it at the kitchen but some angles opened up when jesse backed up that's a beautiful ball by irvin right there so they get it back but the mountain is significant full.

Action pickleball will be the quickest way to come back we'll see if it can be a consistent way wow callie's like how many balls are going to hit the bed on this smart play by irvin somebody tracks that down you're going to give that ball right back to him.

A nice drive from jesse but a quality and even if you don't get all the way back if they can get five six obviously they'd love to win this 11 10 but a little confidence for game two you want to try and establish can we get some patterns yes find find something that works and then get a little.

Confidence that yes we can score points when we hit quality shots second chance at game one here for smith and taraschenko good combination from gretchkina and irvin there so try number three callie smith to serve okay.

So hey 10-6 come back in the first match of the day from design and jones maybe they can pull something out here there's a big drive oh if your partner's going to hit a big drive get you got to go gotta go get in there and and look for something high to.

Attack yeah the uh and that's got to be the you know the mentality that's what we're doing so if it's high and they beat us so be it and the other thing on that is like when i'm playing with that when i'm playing with a pro if i'm playing with warning.

Or something in a rec game i will make sure i run in ahead of him because they don't want to hit at the person who's first so i'll direct traffic to my pro partner so if you want your partner to get the ball get in there and look scary so so they don't hit it to you who may actually be scarier than you but.

They're just a step behind so that makes a lot of sense so good handle there so again creeping forward after being down 10-1 nice cross-court roll from grech kanan watch how irvin just reaches out and finishes beautiful finish.

They decide to put tarashenko on the left to try and finish this match and oh it does not dribble over so now that's in their heads we have been here for five tries and don't have anything to show for it and jana and jesse got a much better mindset now that's nice and now we have some energy kina and.

Irvin now dictating play so looky here at 7 10 1. on grizzkina decides to do a cut instead of just waltzing in and ripping a drive there that's been very effective for her and ervin also so they got two short returns so at 7 10 the opportunity was actually really there for them but couldn't execute the next ball.

Sixth game point and callie smith speeds it up and that ends it so tarashenko and smith come racing out playing flawless ball to start gretchkina and irvin changed some things up made some balls stayed a little more consistent so.

Can they carry that back half of game one into game two we'll find out right after this thank you not yet buddy what are you guys doing we're getting.

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Welcome back everybody dave fleming with scott crandall here and uh gretch kina and irvin you see walking out onto the court just the energy's better the the point construction was better but when you're in that big of a hole you can't get all the way out all the time.

But it can carry over to game two will it is the question tries to pull her body to the left and then go down the line with it finds the net and even a one or two nothing lead will mean a lot to gretch keenan and irvin here smith was on it just.

Wasn't able to finish it and i'm not saying the sight lines were why she missed that but uh that's a ball she seemed to be on so we'll see if that plays a role here or not yeah i mean uh jay devilier and i just gave jessie and jana a pep talk to don't attack cali it's not gonna turn out good first ball in that cali turns.

Out good just short on the third for gretchkina there she said there's no way i'm missing this one in the net uh hi at least you have a chance to scrap but that was significantly high and easily finished they do get one.

And irving's sneaks in well jay feels better he's not the only one who's doing that so i like the slide from gretch kina but she was not set and i'd rather have that be just a block than the full swing coming from that ball i yeah i like that she ran around hit.

The forehead but i think she could have just dinked it because i don't think she had the time to attack there but if you're patient you will you will get a dink if you run around get get ready with your forehead you'll have time to maybe do something with it that first one i don't think the time was there.

There's the power of irvin yeah that's the pattern that won uh irvin and gretchkina the first point irina sped up down the line to jesse's backhand and jesse crushed it down the middle and you just i just love the way cali smith approaches when the return goes to her partner she is on the prowl on the serengeti looking for anything.

That's one of one of uh one of jesse's favorite plays there is driving into the into the unstack for sure and then they get a uh tarashenko is able to handle it but it's short and now you have a lot of options so see if they decide to switch or not here i choose not to.

Three three two so just fading away a little bit nice patient point from tarashenko and a quality dink to finish that really good that's why irene's a professional champion oh you saw callie smith on the hunt.

Again might want to return to cali here because she is reading the ball well from the drive from taraschenko but you also might want to keep your paddle in front of you if you're jessie how do you get how do you get hit in the body your paddle should be there they do change it and gretchkina.

Actually took a good drive from cali smith and flipped that script quickly beautiful forehand down tough ball to roll side and keep it in yeah it looked like callie was popping that that defensive dink up but it landed short enough that uh it couldn't really be attacked easily.

So good defense from cali smith keen is threatening the ernie which will throw the ball in the middle but if you short hop it behind you that angle is so tight it's hard to keep that in and the big swing by gretch kina catches the net so again tarashenko and smith.

Playing solid very few errors and they're way ahead much like they were in game one here in game number two all right we're back timeout called by irvin and gretch keenan turned the tide.

In the first game didn't get him all the way there but certainly made things a lot more interesting and it worked to get the ball back now do they do something with it but that timeout just demonstrates that you're you're not giving up you're gonna.

You're gonna fight for it anything can happen pickleball like that's just a slight over counter if you're getting that up there if you can just control that counter more down and less hard it's probably just a less swing factor here just the smaller swings are higher percentages bigger.

Swings it's hard to everything's got to line up perfectly wait what oh my that hit the bottom of the tape and then somehow got over like that's the lowest ball that hit the tape that i've ever seen be made but.

It is now match point callie smith said top spin yeah wow oh my and the tape's like okay i gave you one you're not getting that one too callie no no no no i know it actually was hit harder so.

She smiles on her way back second match point okay so we saw this the first game they didn't get all the way back but they saved a variety pack of game points so can it.

Happen again so the good news for yana is she is seeing that great it's the your momentum is pushing you when you're coming that fast in the big swing it's gonna be hard to keep that in but the contact is right where you want it to be.

so again it's like that's where attacking cali is dangerous and cali slightly overplayed that but that that was a that was a pretty pretty easy sitter i wouldn't expect her to miss that again that's a great ball there so location was there much lower.

And uh and much more compact yeah and and the backhand a lot of the ladies have the big swing but also have sort of that half to a quarter swing two ander and still get a ton on it because of the left hand being on the paddle hello jesse thank you just like that one.

And uh okay i feel like i've seen this before can they get it all the way there that's a great volley by tarashenko just enough of this so another chance at a victory here can't handle the ball and transition second chance.

On this possession and that'll do it so cali smith and arena tarashenko got up early in both games and just kept the pedal down got pushed just a little bit in games one and game two but uh folks utah undefeated this morning jones design.

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Have more time for what matters most well welcome back to the action everyone i'm here with irina tarashenko cali smith ladies before you took the court today what was the discussion as to who would play which sides i know you've played together a few times in the past well irina knows how much i love my forehand so she's like cal just take.

Forehand no uh we just we planned to go cross court um anything out of the air uh go hard said we got we've got fast hands we have fast reflexes uh so it's fun to play with irena she keeps it light and really fun for me and she's a wonderful player had great setups and so it made it easy on her drops and her.

Dinks to kind of play well so thanks irina started out with a formidable lead in game one but how true is it in pickleball that you can never relax very true you guys stay alert and uh jessie and jana picked up the game quite a bit and jana started putting quite a.

Bit of spin on her dink so i was telling myself to try to take him out of the air it took me a while to adjust but at the end we persevered so that was good well guys this is back-to-back tournaments for us which are coming off a tournament last week one this week we've got another one coming up on wednesday how tough is it to stay dialed.

In we've got a crazy schedule like that especially kelly for you with two kids in tow uh well after a few years you get used to it and i think my kids are used to it by now so i love my kids camber stockton my husband who is the biggest trooper of all time he's actually the hero of the.

Family uh kyle so i just want to thank my family my friends sponsors for all that you guys do to help support us so that we can go back-to-back tournaments so after vida health onyx and spry you guys have been wonderful and all my family at home who help that process as well every irena knows that it's it's kind of.

What you do it's it's back to back you're tired but you persevere through it um it's you and always play to win always dream big work hard and do your best thanks guys dave take us away i love it every time all right well.

Impressive from cali smith and arena tarashenko and she did mention that we have a tournament next weekend i talked about how well utah did this morning well guess what we're going to utah tournament of champions north of salt lake city and brigham city it's back to.

Traditional play your normal partners brackets draws all of the things that you're used to i think these two events have been a lot of fun for everybody to see how different combinations pair up but we'll be back next weekend and we'll talk about that all next week but uh it's been a great morning a play so far.

Today and now what we're gonna do is we're going to switch over at noon pacific time to cbs sports network we'll have matt wright and lucy kovalova playing riley newman and catherine parento and then as i mentioned in the open yes we will have some singles ben johns will play tyson mcguffin and then anna.

Lee waters will play catherine parento and then two more matches at the end of the day will be back on the ppa youtube channel will have megan design and colin johns against elise jones and aj kohler and then kohler will stay out with leia jansen against lee waters and callan dawson so.

It's gonna be a lot of great pickleball to finalize three incredible days here at the riviera country club again yesterday was a huge day for the pickleball world to be on national tv and i hope you've enjoyed all the coverage all weekend.

We'll be back here later this afternoon but head over to cbs sports network for the next match for scott crandall hannah johns everybody in the truck everybody that puts this together i'm dave fleming we'll see you later bye-bye.

Sunday Playing Schedule: (All times are Pacific)
Exhibitions: PPA TV
9:15am Lindsey Newman/Irina Tereschenko vs. Meghan Sheehan-Dizon/Allyce Jones
10:00am Jay Devilliers/Pat Smith vs. Callan Dawson/Tyler Loong
10:45am Jessie Irvine/Yana Grechkina vs. Irina Tereschenko/Callie Smith

(Summer Championships) CBS Sports
12:00pm Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova vs. Riley Newman/Catherine Parenteau
1:00pm Ben Johns vs Tyson McGuffin
2:00pm Anna Leigh Waters vs Catherine Parenteau

Exhibitions: PPA TV
3:00pm Meghan Sheehan-Dizon/Collin Johns vs. Allyce Jones/AJ Koller
3:45pm AJ Koller/Lea Jansen vs. Leigh Waters/Callan Dawson

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