all right welcome back everybody and uh tomorrow is the day pickleball live on CBS one o'clock a local four o'clock Eastern we are excited that this will be the inaugural pickleball event it's going to be incredible tomorrow Scott it shows where.

Pickleball just keeps elevating it's mentioned all the time and now boom CBS so tune in tomorrow pickleball fans tell your friends tell your loved ones that love the sport they're going to see a great show we've seen a great show all day on this court and this very court is the one that will be featured tomorrow yeah I'm looking forward to this matchup.

Right here Tyler and Tyson against Callan and and Ben I really I always enjoy watching Callen Dawson uh play because he's just such a good dinker the variety of his lobs are always fun to watch and especially when he's playing people like you know Tyson is amazing Dicker I think we should have some some good long strategic points.

That will be very fun to watch yep there's a look at netcam right there so uh we can get even closer to those dinks you talked about Scott and you know you've got uh Callan playing with Ben here so uh should compliment each other pretty darn well there and uh yeah I feel like when your Ben's partner your job is to make a.

Lot of balls so that uh Ben can do Ben things and uh Cowan uh Callum makes a lot of balls makes a lot of balls and has the pop in that new ace of spades uh paddle that we'll see Megan design yeah he doesn't have to pop as Megan does but no it is uh he does hit it harder I've seen him hit it before so a return that just kisses the.

Sideline there from Tyler alone McGuffin actually overran that because he thought he was in perfect position Ben kicked it behind him that time he hit 16 with the dealer showing a six with the Ace of Spades pushed it deep and that was a double bouncer if you're wondering why everyone was so casual.

About what happened there for the first bounce didn't really come up high second serve zero one two zero one two shut up now an interesting the interesting thing about Callan and Ben Callan is such a wide low stance that's not ideal for getting out of Ben's way if he needs to.

Him McGuffin dug himself out of his own hole there uh defended a two zero one John's attack so first two go to Loon and McGuffin I'm not going 301 nice drives from Thailand yeah just they've got pace and they're coming over.

They're coming low over the net so uh three zero one he's asking a lot of the volleys yes he is and McGuffin talking to the crowd is not a surprise another one beautiful world bye Tyler lung and McGuffin cleans it up again we're at the sketches Invitational he's got his Skechers gear on.

Foreign I've seen enough of Tyler's forehand I would return to the other guy yeah this thing is dialed in look at that tried to go for the big angle on that and just pulled it Bloom's got the big Whip and forehand going today folks.

That's the first time Dawson's been able to win at the dink battle long enough so that uh Ben can get in there I think that's a pattern that could be repeated or something even it's not a point or a sideways ball that you wouldn't get there the crowd is loving that effort.

It's nice to have two chances you can swing at it and then go chase it yeah still can't still make it we can have a Bugs Bunny uh baseball kind of thing get three three swipes at it if you need foreign there.

Boy three four two you feel like all those four hands got them a huge lead and you look up and they're only up one and that is clean and right in the corner and we're tied at four four two little recall we replay serve here.

Foreign 4-4 back to Tyler Loom that's nice just perfect Pace on that too that had no danger going long boy 542 yeah that has been the money maker so far the loom forehand.

Here comes another one that time Dawson's able to volley it behind McGuffin yeah that's just an excellent an excellent volleyball count but still the drive from from Tyler's not bad he forced Callan into hitting a great shot foreign looked at the one before that and as you.

Mentioned we got a second baseman a baseball guy he's got that ready position he wasn't getting moved out of the way there but uh found the next one with another extension foreign thing happened again Ben looked at the one before that didn't get it gets the next one indecision in the middle but.

Pretty much every time Ben has reached and stretched middle and flicked that that's just winning I'm I'm a little surprised that Tyler and Tyson haven't been haven't had an answer for that ball and now suddenly it is Ben Johnson on a rampage so the timeout is called by loon and McGuffin loong and.

McGuffin have been looking very good on serve with the drives from Tyler loon but all of a sudden Dawson's dinks are in on point and Ben is making his presence belt here at the Riviera Country Club all right we are back and it is McGuffin and loong forced to call timeout had a nice lead to start but uh the beautiful.

Dinking prowess of Dawson and then the finishing of Ben Johns has them in the lead another one at the kitchen line goes their way yeah Ben and Ben and Cal and they look they look pretty comfortable in in this in these big battles and these kitchen points.

And that time it was kind of Dawson that sped it up and that fed into what McGuffin and lung have been doing second serve Johnson comes up short on that one so five eight love everyone let's see if they can get a short return and get Link's forehand going again.

Oh they got the perfect scenario there I did I did mention it I didn't know it was going to Skid off the tape perfectly six eight one second third nothing his footwork is so good just couldn't get reset that time but that I mean that that Loom Drive is just perfectly nice and low.

They finally go the other way much different results so uh we raised the question in earlier about why would you keep going there they finally maybe they heard us I'm gonna go with that I think that Ball's staying in I think it had enough topspin and you know there was indecision with John's there yeah.

I think there was an opening in the middle and Ben was going to close it and then Tyson found some Cross Court space with a nice roll so there's that same pattern that got them the ball back last time which was a speed up by Callen Dawson that was countered and put him behind.

There within one see where the returns start going thank you defense for days and then learning went for the 39th shot drive there that's a tougher ball to drive off of a off of a high Ben John's forehand volley ball that's nice by Tyson McGuffin and The.

Barking is on the court and we're tied at snowman eight a piece go for that big looping sir trying to land it deep down not quite as but still it's a mistake and now it is McGuffin and loong with the lead and the Don Stanley alarm clock.

Foot slides into the kitchen there Tyson had his Sketchers in the kitchen sketches Invitational but you do not get to putting Skechers in there as some sort of bonus so all feet are judged the same way looking good out there though is McGuffin Dawson just pulls that wide.

It's like he decided he wanted to go there before the ball got to him and then by the time it got to him it just was it was still slow that one's slow I can do something thank you oh man that Court sorry not sorry and the other issue we have right now Scott is the Shadows obviously you can see it.

On on your screen balls coming in and out and back in so you really have to focus a little bit and that time John's able to let that Cross Court attack go so close continue we're first to 11 win by one and it is now Ben Johns and Callan Dawson who have a one-point lead.

10-9 gotta win by one he's got to play a smart Point by the buck here hit a good return and get to the kitchen and see if he can't get that ball back and so they got a chance to do just that when we come back all right we are back Ben John serving.

For game number one foreign foreign longest point of the match is game .0 and McGuffin throws up a lob on the Baseline and we're back again and then got the next one so what a.

Phenomenal Steely nerves to throw a lob up in the middle of all that that was that was Brave especially having missed the previous one not a good one so again one by one nine ten one foreign of getting that down the pace was not huge but the placement was placement over power second chance to tie it a 10.

Literally I think the first one that's found the net it's a little tougher drive at 9 10. than it is at uh 4-0 so and point two oh my God foreign just goes deep but it was the quality of the Dawson think before that that gave Ben a chance just didn't quite execute.

It game point three at ten nine they're just showing us they switched in the middle of the point Ben is fine over there on the right Helen just has to be careful digging down the line to Tyler because we haven't seen the irony there he's looking for it foreign.

here we go I've gotten flashed in front there thought he had a chance but a really good volley no I like that yeah look look for a cheap one if you can get it another great first volley by Dawson.

It's just a little higher on the drive too before they were just a ball or less over all right fourth fourth try Dawson serving foreign defense there's a ball in the middle that Dawson thought Ben was going to come take he did not but they survived.

That moment and then get the finish so really high quality at the end of game number one and Dawson and John's are finally able to finish it so we will be back with what's hopefully as riveting a game number two here at the Skechers Invitational all right welcome back everybody a great game one Dave Fleming with fellow Senior.

Pro Scott Crandall and Scott we want more of that that was a fantastic game with a lot of lead changes a lot of momentum uh a lot of runs first drop by Loom got it to that backhand side one zero two is that out so that's two to the backhand if you've.

Seen that Howitzer forehand going on you're like well maybe I'm done and wanting to deal with that thing that's a that's a quality return of serves out so a couple dink errors one from band one from Tyson they don't miss a lot of dates especially dinks where they weren't.

Under pressure at all early in a point there's the Dawson LOB that's just really good my pen John's there because the retrieval a lot was fantastic and they put it out wide where you think okay I've neutralized this whole problem or not did you see Ben put two hands on it that's what everybody wants him hit him.

More different shots yeah he needs more variety there it is again that time Loom is sitting on it so he saw that fish once and then and loon was sitting on it with his two hands out in front of him yes so I see you but you're not gonna do that to me twice.

Maybe not twice in a row yeah well plus it'll probably put in a different spot so that okay Carolyn so it's McGuffin with the lob and AJ Kohler walking by the booth just can't can't be happier with his uh boys on the court here as the lob can be such an effective copyright AJ just make 20.

Cents so oh yeah he definitely made a full quarter yeah but again if it's an inch or a ball above the net you don't get John's hitting down on these drives and then another return to the backhand so their returns are already in a much different place.

Than in game one despite the fact they won game one oh boy that's a ball it's another one of those where the ball just didn't end up in the spot that's what you thought it was going to be and then just the contact point was slightly off and there's your Miss.

Foreign and if you hit a passive dank in the middle you're just giving him options Galore foreign can hit a pickleball there's your answer he snaps that high for him sick Adam.

On opposite sides there so loon got caught up well I mean Ben's third shot Drive was was dipping and Tyler hit a 10 out of 10 degree of difficulty yeah to neutralize it only to get lit up by yeah you're like okay how are we supposed to win that point yeah.

Yeah equality unattackable ball and then and then Callum does that all right can they right the ship we'll find out right after this all right we are back Ben John's calling Dawson looking good in game number two trying to close this out and John's just a tad late there yeah he was he was you know when he was.

The ball he thought was coming it's not the ball that he got just to be able to roll that that far and not have it be able to be hit out of the air let's just that should be it should be there should be authorities called on that shot right there good night oh great cat.

Foreign gorgeous angle into the crowd here so had a chance to finish it earlier in the point but ends up with the Ernie silly angle add to the Highlight Reel sick tricks great defense because Ben is putting that in the middle knowing you are going to do.

Something with it and he was ready for the one after that too that's really nice by McGuffin here plus Ben had set it up by going extreme Cross Court boys yeah and once this match changed when Callan Dawson just found his he was blocking solid and then just so good at the kitchen line and then Ben has been.

Able to really exert his will there's a nice move behind Tyler alone enough of this bad stuff he says one six one okay foreign hit a backhand dank as Ben's partner and Callan has hit a bunch of those today it's just stylistically funny which is.

Why that's a good spot for them to put it first oh the Cobra came up and it worked out so yeah because they're both if you get both players moving you think okay we're ahead if they're a little unsure but Dawson if he's taking that is not giving them anything to attack from that ball.

There's the big loon drive again but neutralized but yeah like normally normally those balls too Calvin the dinks to callan's backhand Ben the only one takes us as a for him right if I was Tyler and Tyson I would keep hitting it there so they can they can be talking about it negotiating over it and.

Start out a little flick there a little uh where McGuffin wanted that one for sure so six two is the lead game one in their pockets see if they give that to Dawson again make him make the next one I do he does.

That's a good Ball by alone mayor catching Dawson in transition yeah Tyler's shot was just the right amount of aggressive and it is McGuffin that steps in front and so sweetly rolls it down the line Beautiful by McGuffin right there there had to be some deception in that because.

Ben didn't really attempt it I think Ben was thinking it was going somewhere else it just makes it a greater shot from Tyson yeah to do that past Ben and he didn't he didn't move he was beat foreign ball that Ben was gonna destroy uh no no communication though here we go four six two it's probably a.

Ball that Colin just runs to the side of the court again knowing that partner and McGuffin thinks I have stopped him and I've put it behind him wait it's behind me how did that happen it happened fast yeah it did six four one what's the challenge of the Ernie if the ball doesn't travel where you want it to.

Because you are so far out of the Court seven four one and that time it is Dawson that pulls the trigger to start and Jon slides in and finishes that is a pattern that works very well and he's playing with Colin because Colin has that very deceptive forehand so nice job by Dawson of getting that going.

Foreign another push off from the Don Stanley alarm system and we are at match point and this has just been a methodical grinding impressive display like we're not leaving any decks for you guys to tee off on there's going to be no chaos and that'll do it I think that's oh.

That's ten I apologize that's 10. and now we're at games foreign ER back out and the block by Alan Dawson stays in so Ben Johnson County Dawson just on it from the beginning to the end struggle at first with a huge Tyler Long Drive which was really impressive we had McGuffin barking away they were.

Looking really good and then most Dawson settles in played really really well and he was able to find how to how do we work at the kitchen line together I'm holding my ground on my backhand and he did it and he did it well so it is Dawson it is Ben Johns they are the victors will be right back.

Welcome back to Center Court everyone I'm here with Callen Dawson Ben Johns guys you got the chance to play together just last week and your games didn't come together as well as you would have hoped but what about this week coming back together getting a second chance to play together do you feel like you meshed better this time around.

Um I mean yeah definitely we meshed um a little better than last weekend but we kind of just came up with the game plan and stuck to it and uh it all worked out talk about those long dink rallies is it ever hard to stay patient and hang in there or do you like the rest of us get impatient and just want to knock the.

Ball uh I've been known to get impatient from time to time but you know when you're playing with Callahan over here uh he's cool as a cucumber he's in like a Zen mode uh so he keeps me calm I think we're both pretty calm and uh there were no uh premature attacks I think that's right you guys are two of the calmest.

Guys on tour I believe what contributes to that personality style do you think um honestly I don't know I think just uh playing a lot of sports growing up um so it's uh it's all the same you know we're just out here trying to compete as long as we prepare before the matches there's really nothing to be uh too.

Hyped up about there you go take tips from Callen Dawson cool as a cucumber out here on Center core we'll be right back after this quick break
Watch as Tyler Loong and Tyson Mcguffin take on Ben Johns and Callan Dawson