All right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Scott Crandall and we got more mixed action in Ben Johns and Annalee Waters will be on the court but across from each other in fact Ben Johns will be playing against both of his usual Partners here as his brother come Collin Johns his normal men's partner and Anna Lee Waters.

His normal mixed partner we'll be on the other side now his partner is the very formidable Kylie Smith so we got quite a treat in front of us here Scott yeah we I think we saw a a match similar to this last weekend and Anna Lee and Colin put up a great match against uh Ben and Jesse I believe it was yes it was so I expect something uh very very similar uh.

Here but it's like I really enjoy watching Colin and Emily Play Because Colin um I mean last week he was playing the right side which he is you know a specialist at and then you know Annalee who is pretty much as good as any of these guys can play the left side all day long and they really are they really.

Are a tough team so this will be this will be a high level fun match yeah there's no doubt Colin and Annalee would like a little Revenge from the match you mentioned that was a very tight three-game Affair last week just up the Road here in Southern Cal all right let's play Pickleball Cali Smith the serve to Colin Johns.

And Ben comes over but a little too much Pace on the deck from Colin to be able to get second serve so I think that the first match of the day for three out of four of them right Cali played once Kelly played in the first and the other three this is their their first match their debut so we're.

Gonna give him four points to warm up no time just catches the line and actually what we talked about Anna Lee can take over the middle of the court I don't care who's on the court it doesn't matter yeah she uh kind of what this this format of Changing Partners all the time kind of.

Demonstrates how good she is it doesn't matter who her partner is or when she's playing against she more than holds her own against any of these guys here we go that's it oh and Hannah Lee goes for a wicked role that's just wide Johnson served to his older brother Colin Jones.

There you see some of the indecision Ben and Cali have not played a lot together Annalee looking for that ball and wisely lets that one sail deep zero one one second serve yeah it'll be interesting to watch Cali to see uh it can't be that easy knowing how much do I get out of Ben's way yeah and what's my ball and.

What is his that one being a perfect example especially when you're talking about somebody who is usually the alpha on her teams especially in women's I mean she brings big pace for a core coverage I mean she's God all kinds of athleticism yeah and Callie's her kitchen style is.

Really being on the kitchen line and leaning forward well if you're there it's hard to get out of bed's way right if you need to do nice rolling volley there yeah because we see some of the ladies get very comfortable giving that ground to Ben so he can get in.

There and and dictate the point foreign construction by John's it's like one to the side good one to the middle and let me clean up the winner foreign she just left it there and was able to not panic when it hit the tank all right.

Beautiful first stick volley by Anna Lee Waters and nice finish by Colin second third can just keeping your opponent back if they're back but make it hard on them foreign so what do you like what you've seen from either side here so far Scott well I'm I I keep looking at Cali to see how.

Does she manage how does she manage the space with Ben and she's doing it very well let's wear a handful of punts in and she's she's already figured out where she needs to be and yet still playing her game aggressively foreign.

Clinics in Austin for a minute there with the John's boys going at each other yeah well I mean Colin was going across court with Cali and I think Ben would probably prefer that Ben go Cross Court with Anna Lee Colin had a good look at one there just a little too much on top of it and pushed it deep I think he was surprised.

At how how high is just how high that was I do enjoy sitting this close and getting to watch how Annalee hits her two-handed Dink and all of her her two-handed shunts there is a nice Cadence and Rhythm to it which is why it's such a quality shot foreign.

He saw that that Cali was hitting a ball hard from too low and he he knew I mean I'm just gonna oh leg just don't get hit but you've got to recognize where where's where are they attacking from because if they're attacking from too low this is not what I want to get involved in.

Foreign Lets All of Southern California know to let that one go four three one Don Stanley the referee for this match here at the Skechers Invitational we got mixed we got men's we got women's we got new and old Partnerships it's going to be fantastic three days.

Foreign she's always expecting everyone to be coming fast you know that's a mentality that players at all levels can adopt it's hard to get there for some but you're always looking for it to be fast you can adjust to a slower ball by Colin John sitting on the line gotta.

Trust your partner to have the middle very trustworthy partner okay so a little uh little strategy talk from these two as Anna Lee you see you there gets the serve going that's a great Point all the way around as both sides went from defense to offense and back and it's ultimately big.

Brother gets the winner I know and there's the movement from Annalee Waters her ability to poach is uh a bigger weapon I think some people appreciate I mean she even got bent on that you think he would know foreign.

There and suddenly it is Anna Lee and Colin with the lead big screen no but Annalee will take the winner instead and uh this train is rolling timeout is indeed called so Colin Johns and Anna Lee waters are now dictating the play at the kitchen line setting themselves up for a impressive.

Comeback can they keep it going we'll see right after this all right we are back Colin John's Hannah Lee waters on a rampage Dave Fleming with Scott Crandall a timeout Smith and Ben Johns to sort of settle this down Don Stanley calls us back in and here we.

Go that is gorgeous by Anna Lee Waters Colin and Natalie have uh like I mean these last four or five points they put some nice combos together they're not they're not doing it in one shot they're picking the right ball to attack and then follow me.

Colin cannot believe it he had full scorpion ready he actually got his brother to hit the ball he wanted he's like here's your toy I'm taking it and oh man it just caught the tape that's in that's in boys Waters that starts the fight there in the middle and catches Cali just.

Jammed her up a little bit Scott too yes sir foreign just can't quite make a reset these are some great exchanges though but the hand speed of this is for eign foreign.

Chooses to go across Court attack after trying one at Cali Smith and Ben was up to that attack big serve goes just deep you know and the point before we saw another ATP just get defended like nothing yeah we're seeing the Ernie's defended now too that's just a thing just you know part of the game it used to be clean winners.

Everywhere how much everyone is changing and getting better with the strategy goes for just a little too much on the angle off the one that just dribbled over it's always a delicate shot yes foreign.

Scott Anna Lee had a high two-hander she pounded it down and Ben just put his battle in a perfect spot on the floor and just dug it out foreign just wide so they crawl all the way back within one what a battle here again Ben John.

Staring down his usual two partners Don Stanley referee alarm clock blares out no no no we have to we have to get that for for your phone you will never not get up for an appointment clip it and ship it yeah Anna Lee couldn't get the paddle out of there and you know Colin has such a good read of what's in it now that Ball's.

Like likely deep but sometimes when you're engaged you just can't yeah the other thing the band does especially playing with the new players you'll hear him say coming if he sees a ball that is attackable just giving as much information as he can to his partner foreign.

Throw away I'm gonna make that 99 out of 100 that was the one not two I mean it's it's caused by all the defense and and Cali have been playing but she won't miss that again for another six months that's a great attack across the body if you're sitting there it's hard to get the paddle ready.

Reminded the game to win by one 991 what thanks Don beautiful job of Anna Lee Waters patrolling the line and they have a game point here another one foreign Colin and Cali going across Court.

And Lead that speeds it up Ben was ready but she was ready for that reply and it is halfway to the Revenge finale and Colin lost to Ben and Jesse last week can they finish the deal in game two we will find out after this all right we are back Colin Johns and Anna Lee Waters take game number one.

Getting us started here I mean not just the power but how quickly she reloads bang bang bang I mean she's ready and on the next ball oh she saw that coming and just got on top of it again with the two-handed backhand it's easy to follow through all the way across your body and not be ready she.

Doesn't do that she's ready oh my so both ladies have the Ernie set up perfectly and aren't able to execute them one two thank you start out the the Ernie defense is getting so good.

When you jump that corner you know you're gonna do something with the ball no and then that uh dividends for Johns and Waters foreign you're way behind out zero two one.

From Colin John's trying to sneak it behind his brother it's tough because they know each other so well so difficult for the attack to work Callie Smith executed a full deck without hitting the ball there that is gorgeous defense of Ben Johnson trying to take over a point they said.

Not right now but your your point before about Cali executing the dink behind Ben that's actually good good perfect partnership don't assume he's gonna get it be ready my goodness the defense and she comes flying in with all the force of the two-hander and Ben is ready that's I thought the third time I've.

Noticed that she's fired fired at Ben's body and he's he's been on it every time thank you Colin and Colin's defense in the middle amazing thank you just ridiculous Point here who is gonna blink first and once again it is.

after way too many beautiful aggressive danks in the middle of a point well there were I mean probably close to 10 attacks that were that were reset blocked and and just neutralized the defense was spectacular four four.

Finally gets the Finish there but uh you got to hit 11 winners just to hit one it's unbelievable see that's why it's fun together Ben playing against his partners because then you get you get a good combination of all the best players playing against each other.

And oh and Anna Lee just uh she might have been just a tad late and no one cares found a ridiculous angle there yeah plus you got John's family bragging rights going on here as well four three one second serve at four three two as aggressive as she can play her choices are usually so.

Specifically on point that one just a little love for that Colin Johnson making his first appearance on the left speeds it up and it pays off yeah Colin has a nice repertoire of speed ups and they they work very well against everyone depend s lucky for him he doesn't have to play.

Against him very often so suddenly Hannah Lee Waters and Colin Johns have snuck in front much like they did in game number one and they were able to hold that lead so a timeout is called again will they be able to hold it and will the partners be able to beat Ben and Colin Kali today.

All right we are back Ben Johns Cali Smith have called time out Anna Lee Waters and Colin John's really pushing to get a victory here at the Skechers Invitational Ben says enough of this big brother you might know where it's coming but if you can hit it hard enough it doesn't matter it's not coming back.

There's a ball that Anna Lee was on and then thought maybe Collins taking it yeah I've seen a lot of attacks in Ben's direction that are just not working I would prefer to attack Ben's partner whoever that is not that I mean Catholic defense is phenomenal but I would just attack not Ben thank you.

they were able to get them behind in the point again and they're within one here that's a great shot from well behind the kitchen one and a nice flick roll so she knows she's gonna get opportunities because they're going to maybe take a ball like you said not attack Ben attack her but maybe not.

The perfect fall to attack her and she is ready again we're tied up foreign TP because it was never more than an inch above the ground yeah that'll make it tough to defend Colin was in a good position to defend an average ATP that one was above average pure filth on that ball from so low yes.

When you're on the receiving end of that there's no way it can go in so I'm gonna let that go out oh it said so that's one of those where you go okay that's just okay just freaking take that point to church he tried a really difficult ball and I'm glad I was here to watch it yeah so quickly now it's the other John's.

Calling timeout so can Ben and Cali keep the Train Running we'll see after this all right we are back it is Annalee Waters and Colin John too call timeout they are now trailing by two foreign come back Cali has hit some excellent.

Shots that have made the difference to give him this three-point lead and certainly under attack there had a beautiful reset in the middle of that point so they're rolling and and it continues and that's just stupid that's just he shows the same again we talk about disguise with the one hand he shows the.

Same look and just flicks it over there and they are on game point here double bouncer the crowd loves it okay so big brother said I'm sick of your counters I got a counter for years saves one game point that was well done by Colin.

His paddle was sitting at the perfect angle to get it down so they are able to prolong this game now can they keep the ball for a while a bunch of runs so far in fact all day here and they get one I talked to Colin when he was in the booth and when you have kind of new partners he's not surprised.

There's been so many runs because you're not as comfortable working with a partner to either dig out of a problem or just getting used to what's going to make you successful that makes sense down by Cali Smith there again heading down.

Not quite ready there so they were able to get one but the third game point and they it's a faster breaker on the horizon if we get there foreign third match of the day where we split and we are going to the fast breaker so again if you're just joining us this is.

Quick that's why it's the fast breaker Scott each player gets to serve once they get as many as they can when they serve it could be zero it could be five whoever goes first gets the first chance the other team gets both of their chances and then it goes back if needed to the fourth player if we have a tie we play one rally and that is sudden.

Death yes whichever team scores first is the favorite okay so Scott's going with whoever gets the first point is it's certainly proven that answer so far so uh we talked to Colin about this earlier too do you play a little less high risk.

High reward meaning shake and bake's more difficult in this because it is truly a high risk High reward when you only get one chance do you want to just get to the kitchen and dictate so it is Colin we will serve so they'll have the first serve Cali and Ben will have the second and third and then Annalee if necessary.

All right so nothing on the first opportunity so now can Cali and Ben put a big number on the board Callie will serve until stopped foreign so they get one so Cali will continue to serve one foreign.

Hits it down just a bit so now Ben will serve for as many as they can get they've got one in the bank all right they get a second one so two nothing to serve big Advantage here now they've already got two and at least still will get a chance to.

Serve and Ben comes flying in and now the deficit gets dangerous now you put a lot of pressure on there with getting three zero seriously what and now you start to get a little ahead of yourself and uh not that you can't get four on annalize surf to tie.

This up but you hope it's just four you would need five because the tiebreaker all right so they stop it but all right okay so zero four four to tie five to win okay then sneaks in there and comes up a little short so uh the opportunity continues here one four one four one.

Oh my and Anna Lee has a great look at it but can't finish so and John's again gets the victory over his two usual Partners obviously he would go to battle with a player of Cali Smith caliber I'm sure any day of the week as he did today so the fast breaker goes to Cali Smith and Ben Johns Cali Smith now 2-0 with pass Breakers oh nice one one one.

Earlier today so uh very fun match we will see all four of those players on CBS tomorrow at one o'clock Pacific time and we will talk to the winners hear what they think of that battle obviously it dropped the first game came back and uh really had to dig in and find their best stuff and they were able to do that so.

We'll hear from the winners right after this well welcome back to Center Court everyone I've got Cali Smith Ben Johns after a grueling match guys you looked a little frustrated in game one what did you do to come back in game two well Ben played his game so it's really nice thanks Ben no uh we just we just stuck with the.

Game plan uh mixed the dinks around move it around wait for some opportunities um I just feel like that game plan went out in the long run well Ben you know how badly Colin wanted this one he's been trying to defeat you for so long but you remain undefeated how did you do it and are you a little bit sorry uh well no not not really.

Sorry we enjoy competing against each other each other always uh but luckily he's on my side of the Court most of the time uh but you know it's always enjoyable uh win or lose against him and really anything especially pickleball though uh but yeah no I think they played great it was a really good match for The Spectators so I enjoyed it I.

Hope everybody else did too guys what is your favorite quality in an encore partner I really like communication especially when you both know the game plan you know what uh you're getting yourself into and where who's supposed to be where I just feel like I feel like it uh works better when you work together.

How about you Ben oh I just want them to be good that's all that matters no I'm kidding um of course just just fun for me really uh I think I I and a lot of other people play are best when we're having fun in the court and pickleball is meant to be fun so uh yeah whenever I'm having fun with a partner.

That's that's the most important I think well we have a lot more exciting matches coming up guys don't go away
Watch as Ben Johns and Callie Smith take on Collin Johns and Anna Leigh Waters