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The Single and Double Black Diamond paddles have arrived. They are from an Australian company called Six Zero and are looking to make some waves.

I fell in love with the Single Black Diamond, with enough power to make it #2 on our speed test and the top polypropylene core paddle. If you don’t immediately walk away with a better serve, then you might want to stick to the 2.5 courts. It’s hard not to like it; it hits so hard that your resets and short game become problematic. Keeping the ball in play becomes the challenge.

The Double Black Diamond was a good all-around paddle but it didn’t have the draw for me that the Single Black Diamond did.

But overall, neither of the paddles passed on the Starrett or Sound tests. Most importantly the decibel reading was one of the highest I’ve tested from a modern paddle.

It’s a good start from Six Zero and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they put out in the future.


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The total measurement of the paddle cannot be more than 24” in total. To measure, you take the furthest-most point on the top to the bottom of the handle to get the [L]ength and then the side is the furthest points on the paddle face from left to right to gather the [W]idth.

L” + W” ≤ 24”

The sound test is self-created and not a requirement of the USAP. However due to various committees pushing for ordinances over sound complaints, Sun City Grand has put together their own study and determined “zones” for which certain paddles could be played or banned from use. Taking the loudest and well-known and acceptable paddle on their list of “Green Zone” paddles, the Onix Z5, I began my tests. At a 5ft drop, my specimen paddle showed a rating of 97.3dB at approximately 2” away from the paddle using a Franklin X40 ball. With 97.3dB as a baseline, a passing grade is anything less, which should give it a “Green Zone” passing grade. Do your part to reduce noise complaints in the community. Addressing it early on will ensure our sport thrives for years to come.

For more details:

As a reminder, the legal limits of roughness on a paddle are 30.00 or less Rz and 40.00 or less Rt. Using a Starrett SR160 in accordance to the USAP guidelines of taking (6) readings on the surface of the paddle. Upon speaking with many in the industry, it was noted that they use a center placement of the Starrett device. Measurements taken at the following angles: 0°, 45°, 90°, 180°, 225° & 270°. I have coined this as the “Compass Method” and has since advised against it, in favor of my own “Clock Method”, which visually looks like a measurement taken from the 12 o’clock to 5 o’clock, aka 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° & 150° respectively. The reason for this is that the compass method is prone to duplicate measurements when taking readings from opposite angles (I.e. 0° & 180° are the same plane). Whereas the “Clock Method,” no angles are duplicated; each plane is unique.


I am just a guy on the internet who loves Pickleball and wants the best for it. My results are just that… mine. I am not an ambassador or in any way affiliated with any paddle manufacturer or USA Pickleball. Take it with a grain of salt. I try my best to be as accurate and as transparent as I can.

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