Today we're giving people money if theycan successfully serve a pickleball Kyle if you can hit a legalserve you get twenty dollars yeah all right congratulations you just madetwenty dollars now Kyle you can double your money and make forty dollars if youcan hit it past that first line of tape but if you don't make it you get nothing whatdo you say oh I'll make it all right go for it all right you just made forty dollars all rightKyle one more time there's a third line of tape over there you can hit it past that liner tapeyou get a hundred dollars but if you don't make it you get zero can I take my money right nowyou can I don't want to okay okay go for it you're going home with nothing but maybe you canhelp me for the rest of this video oh man let's.

Go how's it going what's your name Courtney niceto meet you I'm Shea nice to meet you if you can legally serve a pickleball I'll give you twentydollars so from right here over into that Court nice Courtney you just made twentydollars no you can double your money and make forty dollars but you have to hitit past that next line of tape or you can just take your money right now I'll doit we'll do it yeah all right for forty dollars but if you don't make it you gohome with nothing okay okay good luck congratulations you just made forty dollarsnow you can get a hundred dollars if you hit it past that last line of tape and into thecourt or you can walk away with 40 right now those first you look pretty easy but the lastone's kind of hard I know I'll I'll try it.

Oh now Courtney hey I don't want you to go homeempty-handed so I have something for you okay okay this is Yolanda the Yola okay it'sin a Race Across America with four other titles the first one to get from Californiato Georgia wins and if your paddle gets to us first I'll give you 500 so we're just passingit from California to Georgia using only the pickleball community so you just need to takethis paddle give it to somebody else closer to Georgia okay if you can serve a pickleball I'llgive you a hundred dollars yeah let's go rob where you from I'm from Rochester New York nicewhat division you playing in this weekend Pro division he's a pro he's a pro he should havea great time with this here's how it works if.

You can serve a pickleball into that Court I'llgive you twenty dollars to start okay all right it's not a trick ball regulation ball neverused this paddle I'm a little nervous you got this it's kind of soft you gotta set thenerves aside here congratulations rob you just made twenty dollars thank you you cango double or nothing for forty dollars but you have to get it past that next line ifyou don't make it you go home with nothing okay all right all right I'm gonna lock it I'mgonna go for it good luck good luck all right hey congrats you just made forty dollars heythat's how you go pro baby the last line for 100 yeah or you can just take your moneyright now and go home forty dollars right now or a chance at 100. this is easy I'mkeeping my my forty dollars this is easy.

Thank you Mr Underwood address man it's beena pleasure here's next come on over how's it going man Mike Mike nice to meet you I'm[__] all right now Mike all you got to do serve a pickleball into that square legallyyeah legal syrup you get twenty dollars okay congratulations okay 20 now we can godouble or nothing yes forty dollars but you have to get it past that secondline okay the second yellow line let's do it but if you don't make it you go homewith nothing still do it let's get after this but you made it no you made it okay youdefinitely made it so you've got forty dollars yep if you can hit it in that last sliverthere yeah you get a hundred dollars but if you don't you walk away with nothingI gotta go for it man feeling good today.

Mike Mike's doing it for the content comeon Mike let's see what you got all right nope oh Mike thanks Jay thanks for playing thenI'll give you a chance to win 100 right now if you want to just serving a pickleball you wanna tryit awesome man what's your name awesome I'm Shea if you can serve a ball into that square like alegal pickleball stir I'll give you twenty dollars oh I did that's confidence right there nicejob all right so you just made 20 you can take your 20 right now or you have a chance at fortydollars if you can make it past that next line wants it double or nothing take your 40 right now and run or you can tryfor the hundred dollars but you gotta hit that back sliver back there I'll stick with man financially smart right here good job.

Man congratulations just forty dollars surethanks for playing man just like that forty dollars who wants to try serve a pickleballcome on in come on in he's already here what's your name yeah I'm Shea nice to meetyou jack server pickleball win twenty dollars all right you just paid 20 now I'llgive you a chance to winning forty dollars but you got to get it pastthat next yellow line there you see it yeah if you don't make it though yougo home with nothing do you want to take your 20 right now or a chance at 40. 40.okay good luck yes yeah good luck dude you got dude forty dollars thank you nicejob all right we got one more chance for a hundred dollars that back line there it'sjust a regular deep serve but if you don't.

Make it you go home with nothingup to you I'll just take the 40. oh he went with the backhand approachthat's my new deal you've got twenty dollars yeah no I'll double it upyeah okay double it up where do I gotta put it you gotta hit it pastthat second line of yellow tape okay dude 40 bucks now I can risk it all but I got itin the last foot you can take 40 right now or go for 40 right now all right here you go man 40bucks all right thanks for playing who are you with Joker yeah yeah sponsored by Selkirk oh goodbut I use the soaker I just bought the new uh nice you like it getting used to it but I'vebeen always using the more the corrugated one for quite a while yeah and it's just getting alittle used to it I gotta drill with it before I.

Play with it awesome I like salesford productsI got it all my gears out there you hear that playing with Selkirk Pace I've justbeen seeing you on Championship Court I know yeah we've got a couple so if youdon't know this guy this is AJ Kohler probably one of the best in the game if notthe best we won mix today so I'm feeling uh I'm feeling good about my game right now pickone of these battles that one or this one look at this stupid thing what did youdo to this dude that's all his job not me this you Kyle so if you can serve apickleball into that square you get 20 dollars I thought you might do the no look thereI thought what's that you can take your 20 bucks and run yeah or you can go double ornothing but you got to get it past that next.

Yellow line do it again yeah dang oh 40. didthat last liver back there yeah if you make it in there that's a hundred dollars in yourpocket yeah I'm doing it but if you don't make it you go home with nothing that's it yeahall right let's see it bro trick shot King is that it I'll give you another chance ifyou make it we'll give a hundred dollars to somebody else oh I like that hey what'syour name this is Monica all right AJ is about to serve for you Monica oh okayif AJ gets this ball in that last sliver back there you're gonna get a hundreddollars all right Monica this is for you it was at this moment that he knew he [__] up all right bang you just made twentydollars now Monica we can go double.

Or nothing for forty dollars butyou have to hit it past that second yellow line there you guys are just likethis where I just hit it basically just where you just hit it just do whatyou did again you get forty dollars how's it going you want to try serve a pickleballwin a hundred dollars we're gonna start off if you can hit a legal pickleball sir just aregular serve you get 20 dollars okay yeah thanks you just made twenty dollars yeah allright we'll give you a chance of making forty dollars if you want it okay well you have tohit it past that second yellow line okay if you don't make it though you get no dollars okayyou want to try yeah okay yeah good luck good luck oh that would have been just made forty dollars.

Yeah do you want to try it for 100 yeah okay ah Sarah for fun can I do it again yeahyeah you got this you got this for fun good okay Hey sir hey here's what we'lldo I'll give you a hundred dollars but you have to give it to somebody else okayokay anyone you want to what's your name Chris that's my dad's name that's prettycool but you want 100 bucks keep it too but all right have fun hey serve a pickleball win ahundred dollars super simple you want to try hop on in here come in come in what's your name Haleynice to meet you I'm Shea 20 just a legal serve Haley you just made 20 dollars all right nowHaley you can go double or nothing for forty dollars but you have to hit it past thatsecond yellow line okay what do you think.

All right good luck all rightHaley you just made 40 dollars time to go past the third if you want to for ahundred dollars all right but you don't have to okay you can take your forty dollars and justso you know no one's made it yet you give me practice I'll give you a practice okay I'll giveyou practice hey this is a practice doesn't count I'll try I'll try it okay butif you don't make it that's no money okay that's fine all right good luck oh it's a little short Haley hmm if you can hit alegal pickleball serve we'll give you 20 dollars congratulations cool you can takeyour 20 right now or you can go for 40 but you have to hit it past thatsecond yellow line 40. let's see it.

That's good that's good do you want to take yourforty dollars or try for the hundred dollars no one's made a hundred dollars yet upto you has anyone just taken the 40. a lot of people have yeah okay I thinkthat's a smart thing to do I think I think well let's see whatwould have happened okay smart move hey guys hey we're doing aserver pickleball win a hundred dollars and you guys want to try just the ball heyall you gotta do at least I know you're my time crunch if you can start with pickleballI'll give you twenty dollars okay good luck that's good that's good now Lisa you just madetwenty dollars I'll give you a chance to win 40 but you have to hit it past that secondyellow line okay but if you don't make it.

Though you get zero dollars that's okay Iwant to go for 40. oh I lost my 20. thanks for playing oh man this has been this is the guybehind the camera all day today we're gonna give him a chance at all right so much pressureokay let's do it good luck good luck dude a little short a little short what's your nameNico Nico where are you from uh California okay well here's your chance to to win maybe a goldmedal right here you wanna try yeah good luck bang now you can take your20 or you have a chance of making forty dollars if you hit it pastthat second yellow line I'll do that if you don't make it though you get nomoney all right yeah okay good luck do you want to try for the hundred dollarsyeah yeah you do yeah but if you don't make.

It you get no money yeah dad is thatgood financial decision you think so all right good luck if you make it 100if you don't nothing all right good luck yo you just made it the first one let's go heyguys man over here here is 80 and I will vimo you the rest 20. I only have 80 left thanksfor watching make sure to subscribe use my Selkirk discount code to support thesevideos and I'll see you next one peace
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