Point-by-point players analysis and summarized at the end of the video spot onSunday let's play Pickleball and a little net cord one for thehometown boys birthday gift early birthday gift from the netis 24th is on Saturday one wow that is a fun singles rally right thereDom I went cat and mouse the firefight in a hurry and Ben Johns comes out ontop of that again testing the hands of Ben Johns probably not the bestthing that Alshon could do right now side out so two out of the gate for Ben Johnsthe other half of this is still a little in flux but Federico stacksford is going to playsomebody Garnett and gave Joseph were on the.

Court it was Garnett 11-3 in the third so thatjust finished up so Connor Garnett will play staxford in the other semi that is eight Wickedforehand from all Sean that is a grown-up forehand down the line there from Alshon head Ben John'sjust leaning a little bit to the middle foreign and sometimes Dom you return to the forehandbecause of running around all the backhands right and you saw all Shawn right there trying towhip that cross his body like we saw analy Waters do a lot of he just stood up too high didn'tstay through it and Ben John stays through that forehand right there for a winner did he eversmokes that down the line for the third Point here three one and a little flick backhand roll catchesal-shawn leaning and it is 4-1 Ben Johns.

One more possibly time out here for all Sean youcannot let Ben Johns get hot like he is right now John's was there and tried a big time flick but the backhand cut from that man ChristianAlshon gets the ball back so see what he can do with it here he's got some sleeves onthis afternoon he had the cut off on earlier again returns down the line to theforehand it is the stronger side but you're making him run and move and hit 4-1 shout out a little Miss hit therefrom Ben Jones trying to flatten that backhand dink out down theline to the all Sean forehand just wide from all Sean thereso he's had three swings at a.

Forehand in a row and hasn't made any of them point and Ben John's continuing to takeheavy swings at that serve five one foreign got himself back in control on that rally andthen has a sitter but it kisses off the tape how in the world he got himself back in controlhere especially if there's this ball here both players were in trouble there and there'sa beautiful move by all Sean tall but quick two five oh my Ben is smiling a little bitas he goes back because he knew he was in trouble and all Sean's hadthat spot open a couple times he was.

Successful in the first one misses thatone he's got to put that one in the tank know that it's there oh so the forehand isbetraying all Sean a bit here in game number one odd Miss with a little backhand drop from Ben Johns you don't see thatvery often especially wide my goodness look at that shot and then as youtalked about earlier Dom all shot and ran out of room with how Wicked that cross court and thenthe ball taking off with the topspin to the side scary good conversation with Kyle right there time in Ben Johnson big in game numberone of this first men's semi-final so the auction time out gets the ball back unlikedoubles you don't have to fight through two which.

You have to sometimes after the time out andlet's see if all Sean can put something together that's just right out it is Dave we talked aboutearlier it's just like a fly swatter with him he just he's so loose with it and he can dowhatever he wants go wherever he wants just goes inside out backhand and that table tennisbackground really helps with shots like that tennis players aren't used to doing that soif you bring you know a little something from everything in your background thereand it is 8-2 after the missed return why I mean that ball right there but again that'sa veteran move from Ben Johns right he does not hit that ball 100 it was hitting at about 70percent he sees all Sean's late coming up he creates some shape to it that ball dips down athis feet he's got to hit up on it Miss hits it.

With the wind at his back that's gonna gowell deep so all shot started out with a gorgeous return down the line but he isin a seven point hole I think that's six three nine make that five a little love offthe tape for all Sean he'll take it four nine make that five so point threequick points Ben John's not a frequent timeout user though so we will play on good look at the chance to keep thatrun going there all Sean can't find the two-handed backhand so Ben John's back with theball within two of closing out game number one.

That's a ball that's got to be madeyeah he wants that one back because that's an easy ball for him he'sjust again it's what Ben Johns does to you he forces you to try to get thatperfect and you end up in the net with it questions good pressure from all Sean saves a game point five ten too good from all Sean pulling Ben Johns from twosideline yeah it's a good job again like you said Dave of all Sean if he's going to be successfulthat's a good read right there John's didn't have the ATP so he flipped High over the post alsoI'm able to control it and there we go with.

That forehand from all Sean we saw him havesuccess with that early now he found it again so is it too late to find the forehand710 save the game point at 10-5 and that one just misses wide I saw the ball in oh yeah we have a that looked out onmy call and we have an overturn there 8 10. Roger Workman says I saw that out that Ball's really close on okay so Rogerhas seen the consecutive balls in and uh Ben is playing through it here10-8 game point number two let's serve as long as itclears the kitchen we'll replay that's a good deep return fromAlshon after a very tough serve.

Two game point six about an overturn inthe middle of this he's just creeping back in is all Sean and anotherMiss return and we are at 9 10. 9 10. and all Sean had a look at a forehandthere and did not execute it no and Ben Johns counters it so well againthe Inside Out forehand 10-9 so a 10-5 game point a 10-8 gamepoint here comes a 10-9 game point oh and all shots there but pulls it wide bothplayers had the same number of winners but Ben Johns had fewer errors than Christian Alshonand that was the biggest determining factor for the first game quarters and semis and soforth so uh zero zero we will play through.

A great start for Christian all Sean again a goodPace right there on the ball he takes something off it hits a spot with it Ben John's bendingover almost too far to try and get that good execution by all Sean and then he misses his Serveby three feet wide you don't see a wide serve in the program hardly ever like that is a that'sa unicorn either yeah that's that's Pat that's like a unicorn and then a Ben felt so bad that itwas three feet wide and he's like try again can't really do that in the Pro game a do-over so heactually there's zero percent chance Ben is trying to give him the ball back either just to be clearso a couple of wonky serves to say the least there oh my what a get from all Sean and then Bensaid you know Bravo and then get that out right there's nothing much he could do with it.

Boy that just ripped off the line there so John'sthese are into the wind okay so he hit a huge serve to win a 10-9 service Point againstMartinez Vic earlier and now hits that one Headhunter great job by Ben Jones getting outof the way of that ball right there so smart man that's a tough Dodge there because you'renot expecting that ball in that location and Ben just calmly goes back that'sone that could get the IR up of some people it's not on purpose butuh something to think about side out one two point we'll miss it on the returnfrom Ben johns but again Alshon is also putting a lot of pressureon John's with his serve as well.

That was a weird ball flight from allSean there on the ball that sort of got caught up into the wind thereand then stayed down and in two two oh my that was in it did you just seea tomahawk off the bounce winner we did yeah we did absolutely Ben John's ballstayed in it hits the sideline about a foot from the net and also does go tomahawkcross-court winner ends up in the first row great slide and get on the firstone but can't track down the next so uh back and forth we gostill to a piece in game two that sails a bit deep you see Ben Johnshere and Austin wearing the burnt orange shorts there for the locals they love theirburnt orange the longhorn fans certainly do.

Right out two three again pressure on the serve short returnfrom John's all Sean able to come in and dictate the point that's why especiallyin singles that serve is so important I thought the ball was wide over there butJohns plays it and added entertainment value for all of us thank you just beautifullydone around the post he dots the line you got a ball you happy with that one okaytime is it in okay got a new ball in play Sean was in trouble because of the serve placement three three.

Just filthy too good I mean youthink he's gonna pull that back Cross Court and he just levels itout and goes flat down the line that you just talked aboutdown the line's a general turn follows that up with a service winner so it isBen John's up 4-3 here see that on the scoreboard choses to go body that works out as he gets theair off the forehand from all Sean and now it is Ben John's creeping a couple ahead it's theBen Johns Patton when he feels the ball is going out both hands go down with the paddle and it'slike I'm letting that go don't touch it we are not going to let my paddle accidentally hit itwow that is just a huge serve there from John Ball coming up next Daytona Beach then hello Utahheading to the Selkirk Red Rock open Newport Beach.

For Doubles Doubles only out there and then theNorth Carolina opened can't wait to be up there seeing a lot of good effort from North Carolinaplayers saw Brooke Buckner earlier Colin Schick last week North Carolina's coming they're goingto love to be in their home state representing yes so if we're near you get your tickets andif you're a player come play where the pros play a ball skipped right off the line onall Shawn right there gave it a uh lengthy little stare but uh that ball flightplus that skid there's no doubt what it hit misses his one of his favorite shots actuallythat inside out forehand he'll roll it if he's in the corner or smoke it like that one but uh doesnot find the court Alshon needs to go right here I didn't I don't know what happened there.

One of us saw it so no one saw it literally noone on the court saw it so it's good yeah okay all right because John's asked bothreferees because if I got by him so fast no what hands from Ben Johns that is theexact right play from Christian Alshon he just got beat hands and again what do wesay that Ben Johnson does better than most is it anticipation right there you put yourhand up Dave that's the right answer brother oh and there's the all shine reach butJohn's was ready for the one before it and we are at seven four and thenDave he he anticipates better than anyone for the most part but then hedoes something with it right so he anticipates and then he goes hard crosscourt or he punches flat down the line.

And all Sean tries for a very difficultball on the move there tried to bring that back Cross Court thatcomes up short and it is 8-4 Johnson's doubled up all Sean herein game two of the semi-finals four all Sean with a little daintydrop shot there that works dainty dainty uh I I like that one it was verydainty soft accurate perfect all right four eight yeah that started with a problemwith the two-hander way too high and again also I'm trying to go Cross Court crossbody and just not successful with that right now no points again on the allshot serve yeah I don't know if that wasthe thumb up it's not good it.

Was a thumbs up from all Sean is BenJohn's paint stuff sideline nine four foreign at a championship Sunday point andwe for the air quotes tweener King have not seen a tweener from all Sean andthis could be the last rally of this match and it is on another another match ends witha missed return Christian Alshon had three times the number of Errors than winners andBen Johns was mostly balanced on his winners to errors ratio and reason Ben won the match ifthis video is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we arebuilding an audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Men’s Singles Highlights with Ben Johns VS Christian Alshon at Onix Austin Showdown Pickleball Tournament at the Elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway, TX – Match Date: 03/16/2023

In-Depth Analysis of the Men’s Singles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors ratios. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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