Point-by-point players analysis and summarized at the end of the video beginwith Johnson serve Tulum oh Tyler Loom right away finding the open corneryeah and a big matchup here Hunter Johnson has handled himself nicely on the right side but alittle bit different attacks coming from Ben John so we'll see how that heads-up matchup unfoldswith Ben on the left and Hunter on the right another unforced air for the Maddrops and you have interesting Insight in the draft process dive intothat in just a moment for the pioneers foreign one of the GMS of one of the Premier level teamsso dive into Ben John's strategy for the Pioneers.

Right so Dave Fleming uh the GM but 1a1b whenyou have Ben Johns on your team so actually Colin Johnson's brother was available in thefourth round and they chose to go with Tyler alone so I think the reason for that is if it'sjust a men's doubles tournament only I believe that Ben would have drafted his brother but thefact that we have mixed doubles and singles in play I think it might have been the right toplay to draft Tyler Loom with their last pick oh Hunter Johnson tested by Ben Johns yeahI'll tell you what those those openings close quickly as there was a sliver of courtopen and it wasn't open for very long oh tagged by Julian Arnold answering back andthe madrops needs some momentum on their side nice to see Julian Arnold too he lovesthat speed up with his forehand off the.

Bounce fantastic job by him especiallychanging with loom in front of him so the Seattle Pioneers lose one of their freechallenges they have one left to use as a freebie Hunter Johnson speeds it up to Loon and itworks well and that's where you do have to be just a little bit weary with lung beinga left-handed player that middle is going to be a little bit of a dangerous position tospeed up to not Julian Arnold goes right back to the middle of the court that time against BenJohnson yeah we'll have to monitor because that's one of Julian Arnold's favorite shots and I sawa previous match yesterday where it worked very well and then one against Eric Lang where it didnot work so well so uh as you mentioned the two uh Four Hands in the middle he might want to avoidthat spot or go there a little more infrequently.

Miss for Ben Johns and the man dropsgetting their biggest lead so far of the game and it's also hard too becauseas much as you want to try and maybe avoid metal it's also a great location in termsof dinking because Luke is so athletic off the corner he's looking to constantlyearning when that falls going line the line then he finds the corner Julian Arnold bumpinghis chest that was a huge check my goodness so he's yeah he's he's man he is really I'm notsure if he's just living dangerously or or or he just is so confident in his abilities becausehe's going to that well he doesn't give a darn Living Dangerously Julian Arnold Mr Andiamo Iwill say too though two paddles have touched how many times on that ball so it's not somuch that it's the two forehands there's also.

That physical amount of communication andwho's taking that in terms of the counter foreign I think one of the other elements too is wherethat speed up it's not just about the location on the middle it's where it's coming frommiddle to Middle the shortest distance it makes the responsibilities a little bit moreunknown if he's taking that speed up from the far left side that's going to become way moreBen John's ball covered in the middle yeah and that's a very good point uh uh kind of usingyour inside stroke when you're on the left of your outside stroke way different in the uhamount of time you take away from your opponent so I think that yeah I think what they needto do is let Ben take that middle uh there's.

Three no-go zones in men's pickleball it's thebin John's forehand on the left the JW and the Riley Newman so just let Ben do his thing loon canworry about those backhand counters not forehands ears just like that tie it up yes theCardinal send a pickleball changing your mind uh Julian Arnold right there had twohands on the paddle dropped one off you wanted to be aggressive he ended up going with asoft shot and paid the price with an error same exact thing friendly gamehere cam you know he's just he felt bad for the guy Julian he's justgiving him one back friendly game Arnold back to served to Ben jacks and that goes charms he said it wasa no-go Zone but he's not listening.

Yeah but that's more about the shapeof the ball coming his Direction just a really well struck ball dipping downand bend just about a half step late that's a wicked forehand from Julianthe bench Thomas Wilson is the man that delivers that informationto the players finds an opening there no doubt no disrespectto Hunter Johnson but it is a different looking team for the madrops without Thomas Wilson butJohnson has has been holding his own so far missed that time Thomas Wilson I mean I don'tknow if he was just being nice to his good friend Hunter but he described it as seamless asthat correct cam as the transition the exact word he said yeah he's even rocking my own Jerseynot even sure you can tell he's any different.

Because said the same thing that they'revery pleased with the way Hunter Johnson the former tennis player out of SMUhas been settling into their lineup Tyler loon wasn't going to let thatchance pass him by this ball well popped up over the top of the southpaw and just punishing the ball 11 12. 00 just long for Johnson and that's whereBen Johns gets dangerous yeah it's just it's classic binge on stuff here his opponentscome out hot they're ripping balls they're making great shots and he's just going abouthis business and we're all tied up foreign wants that one back in Seattle taking anotherlead here now since the side switchers.

There's definitely been an adjustmentby the Seattle Pioneers that they've been looking to Hunter Johnson a bit morejust in terms of the dink you can see most of the falls going his Directionexcept for a handful of shots going to Julian Arnold and I think it'sgoing to be all about kind of isolating Hunter Johnson at this point you've got to slowdown the fiery play of Julian Arnold just long for Ben Jacks yes and he he hadHunter Johnson in an awkward spot but at the same time that ball was relatively lowso a high degree of difficulty for that shot for Ben and he just couldn't come up withit foreign to serve to Johnson the man drops yeah so I think this is definitelypart of the strategy because I have not seen.

Tyler Loom hit a two-handed backhand counter yetwhich is one of his best shots so surprising in the middle because Ben is there but maybe they'retargeting the loom forehand more than we expected thank you and that's just great discipline right therefrom the Seattle Pioneers they have several opportunities I think in the middle of thatrally to speed up but it wasn't the look that they wanted they waited till the speed up cametheir Direction counter and then finish Oh What a fine Julian Arnold seesbenjons inching over and pickpockets him on the back side all throughoutthe sexy time for that one that was nice Ben John's making the move and ashe's hitting the ball and Ben Johns is.

Moving the manipulation of the wristfrom Julian Arnold beautifully placed John's taking control earning that oneback it's pretty wild in the middle of the Court astonishing yes this isa rally scoring game to 21 and I believe it's happened five or six times inthis match I'm definitely shocked by that perfect watch just picking apart the madrop single-handedlyyeah Ben John so good at that shot right there he's been become known for it or thereason why they've been able to get back in this one yeah but think about thesecond half of this game you haven't seen.

As many opportunities for Julian Arnoldwith the forehand flick through the middle now that's obviously on the fourth thatdoesn't count I I think that's it so that one absolutely does not does Ben Johnson comeup with plan a plan B what if plan a isn't working then is he is the blank turning intosome sort of system it's already set up okay oh boy taking care of that Hunter Johnson yeah I thinkyou're exactly right pops it up it's it's plan a plan B plan C and he'll just usually onlyneeds by an a I was gonna say the same thing okay oh what a finish for Tyler loon Ben Johns on theATP and the Mad drops seem to have control of game.

Number Ben Johns and Tyler lung had twice thenumber of winners and fewer errors than Julian Arnold and Hunter Johnson and this was thebiggest determining factor for their match if this video is helpful to youa subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
MLP Pickleball Men’s Doubles Highlights with Ben Johns / Tyler Loong (Seattle Pioneers) VS Julian Arnold / Hunter Johnson (Los Angeles Mad Drop) at MLP (Major League Pickleball) Daytona at the Pictona in Holly Hill, Florida – Match Date: 03/26/2023

In-Depth Analysis of the Men’s Doubles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors ratios. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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