first thing i notice is sound is different it's different right it's being feeling a little thicker than it looks maybe maybe having to do with the edgeless design felt good overall didn't take you long to get dialed in on that very consistent this feels like a.

Kind of a control paddle but with uh kind of a pop when you press go the ball goes well i mean i've always liked powerful paddles but just steered away from edgeless paddles just due to a smaller sweet spot you don't get that here i mean it's still powerful you still have to you know have some touch but you get.

Forgiveness all around the face but when you have a power paddle uh play with power right accentuate it being edgeless makes you get the sense that you're playing with a bigger paddle you know it makes the whole face just feel usable i feel like i could whale on it and it just like that's what made it feel like a thick panel was the ball.

Would drop and if i'm playing with a thin normally edgeless paddle it's like those all sail to the fences but you know gave me confidence so the ball jumps off the face and yet there's a nice consistency to it i think that's also the the face on it because you're able to grab it and put that topspin.

That you hit with some of your backhands when you hit the slice you could really see that instead of just keeping going it would kind of float hit and then skip i'd say without a doubt this is the most spin on an edgeless paddle that i've played with consistent there's just more forgiveness here the sweet spot's been widened a little bit with the technology.

In here and you can feel that consistency on the short game i didn't feel like anything was overly head heavy overly head light it just felt right in the middle uh and that alone just helps me feel quicker at the net i think where it's going to surprise is people who are more control oriented and thinking they don't want a power paddle.

I think they can use this have some consistency and still have a little bit more put away
Today the #PickleballCentral play test team of John, Kevin, Joseph, and Mike experience the new #Selkirk VANGUARD Power Air pickleball paddles on the court for the first time, and share their reactions. These guys represent different play styles, and each appreciates different aspects of the #PowerAir paddles and technology packed into them. Are these paddles right for you? And if so, which shape best suits your game? Perhaps our play test team will help decide.