Hey guys it's kip from famous by friday pickleball very excited about this new review the new selkirk vanguard power air paddle very excited about this sell kirk took a lot of the technology and a lot of the feedback from the project zero zero two paddle.

And put it into this new paddle the power air if you watched a couple videos ago you know that the bat the paddle that is in my bag is the project zero zero two so very excited to see what they've done with the information the feedback the technology from that paddle and that they put into this.

It's very exciting there's a lot of technology in here too it is a polypropylene honeycomb core but it's at a polymer honeycomb core that's actually created created to match the quad 4 hybrid face.

So on the face of this pedal there's four layers two of them are fiber flex and two of them are quantum carbon so selkirk says that this will give effortless power and control so we will see usually those two don't go hand in hand either you have power you have control this effortless power.

And control also what they found in the zero zero two was that the opening moved the sweet spot up the face so they have taken this opening made it a little bit larger but moved it down on the face to the throat which should bring the sweet spot back.

Down and they say that not only is it going to get through the air faster because of the opening the throat's also going to flex and once again give it an enhanced power hence the name power air it's going to give it enhanced power and more consistency once again those two things sometimes don't go hand in hand but.

We're going to see it's just very exciting also this throat should give it a little more feel that it's lowered a little bit should give it you know just like i said optimum airflow just improve and prove ball control.

We'll see now you don't have to hit it all the way up here you can kind of move it back down to where it goes uh it should it should be a little more it should be more consistent than the project 002 which once again i'll say that it's in my bag and i use it but i'm anxious to hit this paddle also.

There's so many there's so much technology in there they they did um like the yola paddle that ben johns uses um when they eject a foam around the perimeter of the paddle to give it a little weight also it moves the sweet spot out a little bit.

Gives you a little more sweet spot they did that with this too there's foam injected around the tire parameter of the paddle that should give it more stability a little more reliable feel and also open up that sweet spot just a little bit there's like i said there's so much technology that goes in this.

Just excited to get out and and play with this a little bit and see how it goes they've also got this you can kind of feel it it's called a next-gen texture surface a multi-spin surface that selkirk said will provide more spin than any other technology on the market and should last longer so you can hear it i know you can hear it.

I'm just so it's going to have more spin more power i should and they say consistency and control i mean that's that's what you're looking for in any pedal so just very excited to get out and hit this we're headed out to the courts right now.

Gosh there's so much technology in this battle i'm not sure if i've i i've ever had that much technology in in one place it's just it's very exciting and with four covers over the the new kind of honeycomb core um just very excited to get this i hope all those things are true.

We're headed out to the courts now i hope you guys are too i'd love to see out there we'll hit this paddle around a little bit and see how it works so the vanguard power air paddle headed out there right now guys be back in just a moment oh.

My gosh so oh no so so oh oh a little fortune hey guys back.

Just spent the last few days hitting this brand new selkirk vanguard power air just a joy to hit this paddle it is it's just it does everything so well the effortless power is there partially because of the quad flex four hybrid.

Cover there's two layers of fiberflex and then there's two players of carbon that really allow for this uh silker calls it effortless power and it really is the ball just shoots off there part of that's because of the throat the the flex of the throat that kind of.

Increases the dwell time but then throws the ball out there the power it's aptly named the power is there the air is there because of the aerodynamic throat that just gets this paddle through through the hitting zone just super fast.

The thinness of the paddle the edgeless design once again allows for the paddle just to just fly through the air just with ease so you get there really fast and then you have the control to put the ball wherever you want it really does some things well the surface on here the multispin next.

Generation texture surface really allows for great spin and produces spin even if you don't try you don't have to do the great exaggerated exaggerated swing to produce the spin the spin is there whether you want top spin or backspin side spin whatever you.

Do spin enthusiasts are going to love this paddle the foam that's injected around the perimeter has has moved down the sweet spot a little bit it hasn't exaggerated the sweet spot it's still relatively relatively small which goes back to its beginnings.

Of the project 002 which also had a very small sweet spot it's an adequate sweet spot it has increased in size the only place if you hit it up here it's it's not going anywhere anywhere in the red up here where it says silker it's it's not going anywhere at all but anywhere anywhere else it's a pretty.

Solid feel just the attributes behind this are incredible it does have just effortless power very consistent very accurate the spin is amazing the dwell time it allows the control it's all there it is everything they.

Said is there however there's always a however you are going to get some flyers with this because it does throw the ball a little bit but they're not as many as you would think not it's not as many as you'd expect.

From a power paddle anytime you see power on a paddle you're thinking i might have some flyers there's not as many as you think but there are going to be a few also like i said out here at the end where you don't want to hit a ball anyway but out here at the selker again if you hit it it's a horrible sound it's very.

Jarring and it doesn't go anywhere the most interesting part of this paddle and i'm going to take a little trip down my golf past there's different shaft stiffnesses in golf and the higher you swing you go up and shaft so there's regular there's.

Uh they're stiff and then there's extra shafts so if you swing really hard you don't want to use if your swing speed is really high you don't want to use a regular shaft because it's going to lag behind and you're not going to get the results you want the harder the more velocity the higher your swing speed you want to use the.

Stiffer shaft go to the extra stiff shaft this paddle because of the flex in the throat has the same tendency it is effortless power if you try and jump on this and hit with more power the power is actually i think just maybe because the flex.

Maybe doesn't keep up with that or it's it's almost like golf you're not going to get the results you need or the results you would think we proved this when we served our serving speeds the harder you tried to hit this the serving speed actually went down if you just let the paddle do it just relax and swing nice and you know.

Nice steady good tempo the ball would just explode and really take off now that's a testament to the paddle i mean it it's named power air it is exactly what selkirk says effortless power but if you try and jump on this paddle.

And try and hit it really hard and try and increase the power actually the speed goes down that's not really a complaint or a dislike but it needs to be said because that's kind of what this paddle does a little bit but if you just swing consistently in a nice even tempo the ball's just.

Going to explode off the face and really do some good things like i said all the things are there i'm going to go back through them the power is there effortless power is there consistency accuracy the spin is tremendous dwell time's awesome it's quick through the air the sweet spot's adequate it.

Does so many things well just you are going to get an occasional flyer they're just they're kind of built in and out here at the end is is pretty dead now i will i will say also that i only tried the invicta i didn't try the s2 i didn't try the epic i'd be interested if you guys have.

Tried that whether you found it was it was also pretty lifeless out here at the end or if maybe some of those attributes are different as far as sweet spot or anything that you found with those two paddles because honestly i didn't try.

Those two all i did was try the invicta size it's a great pal this is going to be a wildly popular paddle i it's you're going to see a lot of these out there i just i predict there's going to be a lot it's going to appeal to so many players for so many different reasons it's that good it does something.

It just really does well i i always end this with is this going to go in my bag it could but i honestly like the project 002 just a little bit better the project 002 fits my game just a little bit more.

But maybe i'm just accustomed to it more than this because i spent more time with that paddle but i enjoy hitting this i i enjoyed hitting it a lot i i really look forward to your comments as always i please leave your comments if you've tried these i i think we're going to see a lot of.

These around the courts i think they're going to really show up so thanks guys as always hit like hit subscribe we'll be back with more content thank you for stopping by hope you're getting out to play fall is almost here it's going to start cooling off we can get back outside a little bit so.

Thanks guys that was like oh maybe i should move
Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Pickleball Paddle Review by Famous By Friday Pickleaball