Served a couple great cats oh what a point anywhere yeah you've got to be ready for the power game but if you if you overplay it the Finesse game is there wow how about that that was power finesse that was all of it.

And it's the anticipation because you can't just come flying across like that for the birds in front of your partner unless you see it I mean that that was a major sick trick then yeah so casually look at this he's coming out of nowhere I was so good that we decided we're here to thank the court is open because it isn't.

just Chuck catching back up by Frank man it looked like Tyson McGuffin had Anthony Davis had a string in Frank Anthony Davis able to win it anyway yeah Geppetto had Pinocchio moving all over the place and it's Pinocchio here we go the ladies are ready let's play Pickleball.

all right welcome to the court ladies it's very cool love that point foreign.

unbelievable we actually saw Carlos alcaraz last night in his match at the US Open be forced to hit a shot like this and look at Frank.

Anthony Davis do the same thing unfortunately I see another reset so very smart play to be aggressive it's part of the match thank you wow.

Outstanding play from Lee and Anna Lee however Newman Tyson McGuffin with the serve oh Tyson what's a great defense right there oh we're doing a little tweener action right now oh what a beautiful point right there for Tyson McGuffin.

another crowd going wild for that one
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