the Selkirk event at Dick's today has been super good we've had a lot of people show up a lot of new people as well as some experienced people and they're all learning a bunch of new shots they're testing out some new paddles it's been great it's been really fun to meet all of these people and.

They're all having a good time too so I've been able to teach most of the day here at Dick's House of sports um you can see the courts behind me they're not full-size cords but this actually turned out great we've been able to cover topics from dinking to blocks and volleys to serve to drop.

Shots transition zone was very popular come here
The Selkirk takeover at Dick’s Sporting Goods House of Sport in Minnetonka, Minnesota with Selkirk pros Susannah and Porter Barr was a massive success 🤩 #WeArePickleball