thank you foreign Auburn covered vista's magnified Championship court for the seventh stop on the carvana PPA tour Tyson McGuffin.

Looks to double down for the first time in his career and Jesse and AJ find common ground in St George Utah for the first championship Saturday on the carvana PPA tour a guaranteed first-time gold medalist Megan Elise or Leia in the women's Pro doubles matchup and Pablo Tellez well he likes to get golden as well and can.

Deckle bar find a title with another John's brother who will find themselves Atop The Mountain here in St George and who Mike plateau welcome to beautiful St George Utah for the Selkirk Red Rock open the fourth day of our coverage means it is time for the finals championship Saturday the first.

Time in the carvana PPA tour take a look at this starting off our day it's Catherine parenzo versus Salome defeats a women's Pro singles then we will head to men's doubles bar John's McGuffin and long not to mention a women's doubles a guaranteed first time a gold medalist from the women's Pro doubles matchup then mixed doubles and we will close out.

Our day Tyson McGuffin versus Pablo Tellez in men's Pro singles and welcome to Championship Court I'm Cameron Irwin alongside Senior Pro Dave Fleming and so many opportunities are in store for the many players about to take Championship Court who do you think is going to be the top dog today we have people who are going to step on this.

Court on a final for the first time ever Brendan long who was unbelievable in the semis yesterday he'll be here can he get his first gold we've got the two Seattle Pioneers at a right and Megan design they desperately want gold and then we've got the man the Lefty from Colombia Pablo Tellez is he going to leave here with a gold medal around his.

Neck today we'll find out well everyone's digging for gold in Utah today we'll have first serve coming up right after this my name is Lee Waters and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true.

They have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my god oh my God happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at. the game is evolving so are we are you evolving foreign for the Selkirk Red Rock open women's.

Singles starts our morning I'm camera Norwood alongside Dave Fleming and Catherine parento the number one seed looks to get golden yet again she has been deadly in 2023 on the carvana pupa tour facing off against Salome defeatsay the number three seed out of Georgia just an incredible athlete that has come through the ranks and looks to contest.

Against the top seed and that's a sharp angle and I believe Salome davite may have accidentally hit somebody she's very concerned making sure checking in we got a cameraman involved already here cam uh unbelievable stab by Catherine and then you see the concern from.

David's there but uh because I was hammered so everyone's involved in the first rally here we will play our singles competition today best two of three games are played to 11 traditional scoring so side out scoring we talked to Catherine parento just before this matchup she gave me a little.

Bit of the scouting report against Salome Davide she wanted to move her vertically not just laterally yeah and we've seen Annalee Waters use that effectively against Salome Davide as well she has great ball strike inability when she gets there but you can definitely win a foot speed battle and you want to see how well can she swing.

The paddle when she's having to come to forward and is not set also discussing the fact she wants to mix up her serve and everyone has been serving big here in St George yeah you almost have to it's uh it's more than just a thing to do it's it's an opportunity especially in singles of balls playing a little faster here we're.

At 2700 feet up in these beautiful mountains you described and you want to take that advantage to make your next ball that much easier and another sharp angle as Salome Davide finds herself at the kitchen line yeah that's the big thing David say it's been changing in her singles game she loves to be at the Baseline but in.

Pickleball singles you want to take that net when you have the opportunity and she's doing that now a fantastic outstretch volley from Catherine parento the other thing when you talk about taking advantage of a foot speed is don't volley it back to where they are short angle means you've got to come both laterally and forward.

Really smart shot from Catherine Catherine prento originally out of Canada turn pro back in 2016. it's a fantastic Collegiate tennis player Michigan State 2-1 she was taught the game by Simone Georgine Not Just Tennis but also pickleball.

It's a good teacher Point false sprays wide Catherine just 28 years old standing at five foot five but has been working tremendously on her lateral movement and her physicality from last season to this year and it has showed up big time for her side out and there's that altitude playing a role.

That's a ball that parento just wants to Vijay to have to hit a swinging backhand overhead but uh stays up in the altitude and sails a bit deep Inside Out salomate defense 37 years old originally out of Georgia the country Georgia yeah not a bulldog not a bulldog three one a professional tennis player.

For a period in her career side out Catherine's like come on net you gave her one give me one back doesn't get it there the other thing with David says you'll see her positioning when she serves she will not just stand right in the middle she's looking for a little bit of an.

Angle she has a unique approach to get a little spin on her serve side out the lob gone wrong yeah again it's getting that uh perfectly measured here and each day the conditions are a little different later in the day and our last matches is going to be in the 70s for the first time during this tournament.

Slide out so far DaVita has answered the call even though she trails in terms of the scoreboard she's done well at the kitchen line yeah and that's the new Salome right there not just trying to hit winners and there's a good look at the 56 degrees now so we got 15 or 16 more to go here folks it is the.

Warmest morning we've had so far and Catherine parento getting some extra love from St George here one of our most fantastic audiences and crowds throughout the 20 plus stops on the carvana PPA tour they were fired up this morning for us out there talking about you the voice of pickleball.

Foreign that's a great shot in transition taking that ball out of the air I love that because you're taking time away and it's a risky swing but a beautifully struck ball with that cell Kirk paddle here at the Selkirk Red Rock open to has two gold medals and women's singles in 2023. they came back to back.

From the Vulcan Indoor national championships to the then red clay hot sauce floor to open most recently taking silver in Texas at the Onyx Austin Showdown powered by invited yeah DaVita is usually very much on point with her groundies and so far has been a little off and this is when parento wants to just take full.

Advantage another one spray deep and this is not salome's first time in a PPA final for women's singles gotta go back to 2022. this is the first time in 2023 point and I think we got time out coming here cam.

So a steady Advantage for the number one seed Catherine parento on Championship Court foreign books.

sticky floors catching breaks and second winds you never forget the way some things taste great taste 96 calories tastes like Miller time a lot of conversation around paddles and paddle technology this week and it is also important to note that the paddle of Salome DaVita was challenged earlier.

On in the competition throughout this tournament so it will be sent off to the USA pickleball lab Steve tell us more yeah what I can't tell you is that all three organizations the PPA USA pickleball and Major League pickleball are working on the solution we desperately want fair play and we want to be able to do it on site we also.

Want to be able to do it correctly to start with so yes paddle testing will continue those organizations are going to all come together and figure out a solution so that all players are playing under the same rule book and then it is the best play on the court that wins that's what we all want so she will continue to use that paddle.

After the competition has concluded it will be sent off and tested within the lab it was tested for grittiness on-site as well and passed that and just to finish that point it's deflection that uh people are very interested in it's the Hot Topic means how how does the ball repel off of that paddle face and that will eventually be.

Tested right on site right now it's being sent off but it's all being looked at Catherine parento the ATP it should be worth two in singles really should because it doesn't show up that often and that's just great Court coverage and that doesn't panic just took her time hit it into the Open Court.

Well done Catherine points man Catherine parento got to a ball on her backhand side I didn't think was possible and then just not only got there but then hammered it she looked like she was behind in the rally and immediately flipped that switch.

Eight to one pin points accuracy for Catherine parento you don't see a clean winner off a third very often at all nine one I think she just got a new nickname pinpoint parento alliteration is fun cam point yeah David's just out of sorts over here she had that great first point was so.

Worried about the photographer that she hit and it has not been good since then it's all Catherine point game number one to Catherine parento and rather with an emphatic first game as well 11-1.

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Catherine parento and Salome Davide face off at the Selkirk Red Rock open game two about to get underway for the women's Pro singles finals looking for a response after game one went 111 not in her favor shots like that clap your paddle like Salome did and just say okay that's just.

Too good because there's not a lot of room here and that is on the line point salame David say started playing pickleball not too long ago mentioned Captain parento back in 2016 but Salome davite was more so in 2021 are practicing that much more in 22.

Fantastic overhead from David's day yeah there you see that high level tennis background going for pace and angle because parento read it just couldn't get there so at the beginning of game number one they kind of had a little bit of a stalemate at that three one four one area what was working for Salome in that.

Regard I think trusting her shots and then coming in behind it when she had the opportunity I liked that she was doing that it just didn't happen enough here she is coming in again Catherine parento just one step ahead she said she wanted to bring David say to the net and find some passing shots because the difference is again when.

You're playing a player that doesn't have the lateral quickness of some of the other ladies on tour you don't have to be as fine with your passing shots smart from parento just hit that open court don't try and hit a line Point there's another missed return and David's just does not have this setting dialed in what I mean by that is the.

Ball the weather and the altitude foreign I mean she'll go matches she'll go tournaments not missing a backhand by 18 inches there she did there that was a no pressure swing point 4-0 now for Catherine parento looking to find her third gold in 2023 in women's.

Pro singles Emily Waters the goat of pickleball in terms of the women's game has even been defeated by Catherine parento this year he has there's a nice two-handed backhand overhead and yeah parento got that win that was a big breakthrough.

And then was able to follow it up and win that tournament we've seen some people get the big win and then not finish it off so she wants that top of the perch back until Anna Lee shows up again Annalee is not playing in April side out each one of these athletes taking some time in terms of load.

Management so many opportunities to play which is fantastic for each one have to take care of themselves as well and again Catherine brings her to the net from three feet behind the Baseline what a shot yeah and then you know David say again that's that's a very makeable ball two in the backhand she could have crushed.

Back Cross Court and just didn't make it point timeout receiver 6-0 May taking the timeout here at six to zero Catherine parento is on an absolute riot right now only one point scored against her.

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All new Power Band technology delivering controlled effortless power all technology every shot Championship court is the place to be this Saturday and speaking of places to be we'll come join the PPA tour come play where the pros play Newport Beach up next April 21st through the 23rd then off to North Carolina Atlanta Texas and.

Back to the West Coast for the next five events on the docket and again you can catch all of that at you can learn more about each one of these Pros their finishes zeros in the background all at I don't know what Salome said to herself during that time out but that looks a lot more like the Salome we've seen all.

Year and literally just a couple days ago she was fantastic in her March to the final well not to mention she's been fantastic in the last two months on the PPA tour for women's Pro singles picking up three Bronze in the last four events one six Catherine parento has it dialed in.

Even Davide is smiling she's like I hit exactly what I wanted there's no way with the altitude Corner Pocket winner I think salame just jokingly said can we check her battle that was pure comedy light-heartedness from Salome Davide another one in the corner and parento just does not want Davide to.

Find her best game and she is every chance she got she's blasting a ball in the corner and coming in behind it what an effort on a championship day foreign and what's interesting she told us the scouting report we saw her practicing the drop volleys drop shot she hasn't needed to do it because she's been so.

Dominant point well too much spin on that one for Catherine parento 2-7 27 point been impressed with that two-hand backhand of Salome Davide now 3-7 yeah.

And the way to spot a former tennis player is that right there a swinging two-handed backhand up above your shoulder that is a difficult ball to hit if you've never done it before point and just like that 4-7 so a run for Salome Davide Catherine parento slowing things down heading back to her bench.

With a little bit of love from Saint George Utah who's now on their feet so Dave I have to ask first and foremost Salome Davide you talked about it said something to herself in terms of that last time out taken at the Selkirk Red Rock open what have you seen in her game in the last four or five rallies the consistent ball striking that she's.

Known for gets her feet set has figured out where the swing path needs to be in these conditions and is now dictating play you saw parento having to scramble and play defense and the big question here is can she keep it going or did she get there a little too late uh the question is it a little too late for Salome DaVita after dropping game at.

Number one now down by three foreign tosses that ball back 7-4 point question there Jim Ryan our head referee was ready to confirm the call from that lady right there Catherine parento Carolyn duncanson our second referee Jenny Nguyen tracking Point Steve.

Toronto our video and again the returns just are not there for DaVita they're betraying her can't get there quick enough so how can she keep Catherine parento from bringing her forward have a chance yeah she certainly does.

With the depth of her own ball because then if she does that you will not have Catherine deciding how the point is going to be played out a reactionary play from parento off the net cord and a beautiful one you know I've described her game before as balletic and to be able to contort your.

Body like that when you get that unexpected net cord and then do something with it Cameron very impressive foreign there's some depth from Catherine parento 10-4 which means it is now Championship point for Catherine parental 10-4.

On her paddle flying in but a side out she had already seen her Instagram post with that beautiful backhand winner Walk Off shake some hands tap some paddles couldn't make it point yeah and the other big problem for David's throughout this match is she hasn't just been pushed back at the.

Baseline she's been hitting two or three steps into the green behind the court that's just a tough place to live against parento parento finding a bit too much 6-10 6 10. fantastic Molly some nice footwork from parento at the.

Kitchen line yeah again finding that short angled volley that's just so good don't try to do too much and don't hit it all the way back to the Baseline and give David's a chance to get to it Championship point for Catherine parento from the top of the net the 11th point is found.

Pinpoint parental is perfect 11-6 yeah just a dominating performance you know David say didn't find her range until Midway through game number two and I wondered was it too late and indeed it was parento back on the top of the singles Mountain her third gold medal in women's Pro singles on the carvana PPA tour in 2023.

Oh I don't think she's feeling it right now I'm gonna be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC live you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam.

You feeling it now let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go can't bring me down the future of pickleball is here welcome to Top Court get ready for unlimited access to top players.

foreign it's time to hand out the first piece of Hardware Catherine parento victorious in women's Pro singles it's also time to introduce you to the third member of our crew who will be standing Courtside and chatting with all of our gold medalists.

Cameron Blackwood is currently standing on Championship Court along with Catherine parento thanks cam Catherine what an incredible lead here 11-1 in the first game what was the game plan heading in knowing she has such heavy deep balls at the Baseline yeah I studied a lot last night and this morning I watch a lot of Fame.

Of her in the past because I haven't played her since uh I would say I think November so I haven't been playing her and I just had a really specific game plan I took it one point at a time and it worked out pretty well for me today and after taking such an aggressively the game one like we said 11-1 very quickly how do you mentally stay locked.

In knowing her shots could start falling at any moment yeah that's what I told myself I said I know she's not gonna play that way the whole match so I had to stay focused and she started coming back and I just told myself okay one point at a time think about your game plan and uh yeah I'm just really happy to get the W today well let's go ahead.

And get the trophy in her hand we have Rob Barnes with our title sponsor Selkirk we are pickleball have you come in the middle here do you want to turn around here turn around yeah yeah on behalf of Selkirk congrats on women winning the women's singles open at the.

Selkirk Red Rock open do not go any where we're gonna be right back with more here on Championship day Saturday thank you thank you see that thing John Morant has that's a.

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Busy Hard Sell flavor for everybody the Selkirk Red Rock open in its Championship Saturday we now move on to Men's Pro doubles the number one seed decal Barr and Colin Johns facing off against Tyson McGuffin and get this Brendan long a name that was announced multiple times just a few weeks ago at Major League pickleball as he was moved.

Into the Challenger level after the shuffle draft and then moved on up to the premier level to replace none other than his current partner in Tyson McGuffin for the New York Hustlers he played beautifully at Major League pickleball and then yet again the Selkirk clad Tyson McGuffin says you're so good why don't you come play with me.

Here in St George yeah and I'm gonna have my really bright pink Skechers on so you're not going to have a hard time finding me and here's the interesting oh man we've got people body painting up here this is we're into this here today let's go everybody that's a new kind of tattoo let's get the markers out and uh use do you have does anyone have a.

Poster board nope all right we'll just use just use what I've got here is a name people knew and he hadn't quite had that breakthrough they really knew this guy had a lot of talent not only does he have a lot of talent but now he's showing it on the biggest stages he was the target of multiple hands battles yesterday when they beat.

Riley Newman and James ignatowich and as that got tight in game number two the question was will he stand tall in the middle of that and boy did he ever and that's why they're playing here today well Brendan long is just 33 years of age playing alongside Tyson McGuffin also 33 years of age on the opposing side decal Barr playing with Colin Johns.

He does have a title with Ben Johns however he's looking to find one with Colin yeah it's hard to get a championship with both of them because they're usually playing together so the fact that he's got that and uh okay it's it's arts and crafts day here on a Saturday and uh we love we love that we had Susannah Barr doing very well while.

We're on the bars here but so decal and Colin interesting we talked to Colin before this they actually met in Canada in Vancouver nine years ago when they were both trying to scrap together a pro tennis career Cameron and now here they are trying to win a major championship here in pickleball well we will have first are coming up after this.

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Helping you make it to the game stay in the game and win the game Select Medical is proud to be the exclusive provider of physical therapy of the PPA tour foreign to sell Kirk Red Rock open the seventh stop on the carvana PPA tour in 2023 St George and the Red Rocks create a beautiful backdrop to one of the most.

Iconic settings in pickleball Tyson McGuffin Brendan long Colin Johns and decal Barr getting set for the Men's Pro doubles final look at Brendan long and the pink shorts he will be playing the left side with Tyson McGuffin and will be required to do everything dinks drops I mean every ball could be coming his Direction yeah.

He's he better be planning on hitting thirds because he's going to get them all I mean they're not going to let that forehand of Tyson McGuffin dictate play from the Baseline on the returns well and I don't know if you're catching what's on the video board back behind Brendan long Collins even laughing this was a graphic created by Brendan because.

Traditionally before each one of our carvana PPA tour stops they put out coming up next with the player ID and what what the date is well Brendan didn't get one of those and all of a sudden he puts this out on Instagram this last week and he makes a final yes I mean again all the art and crafts here today and.

His hit and everyone's like oh what is that and uh look at look at him he's even pointing to his artwork back there now how great is it that he didn't take himself too seriously draws a little stick figure and the stick figure ends up on Center Court just like he did in a final that's what these players as.

They're trying to make a difference and differentiate themselves having a little fun out there on the social media is a way to do that and to get the fans behind you you don't think more people are loving him because he can draw a stick figure and a little hat on that of course they are all I'm saying is if Brendan long picks up this.

Gold medal which would be his first on the carvana PPA tour I don't think he's gonna have to be creating graphics for himself for much longer or he may want to if he's superstitious that that little stick figure is going to be undefeated I hope he does I just don't know if he'll need to yeah he won't no that crew better be making Brendan long.

Graphics right now Tyson McGuffin coming back out onto the court and Tyson mcguffin's biggest fan also in the crowd rocking his own versions of tattoos deckle bar out of Israel former pro tennis player like you mentioned both him and Colin Johns fun fact about Colin Johns he had two forehands in his tennis.

Game he does not utilize that technique and pickleball we actually talked to him about some of the things he's been working on just in this last month alone he's actually been working on a two-handed backhand from the right side he said you know I may only see about three of those contacts in a match when playing.

Alongside his traditional Pro partner in Ben John but he said I'm not going to miss one of those three no you get you know that's that's how finite he is willing to practice three balls in a match but he wants to make that backhand two-handed Dink and use it effectively foreign doubles competitions on this Championship Saturday will be played.

Best three of five so we change formats and challenge these players in a new way once they make it so the doubles finals you have to be consistent for three games so the first point to McGuffin and long yesterday we saw decal Barr and Colin.

John's play their soft game really well they have great hand speed but that was on full display foreign look at Brendan long just coming out here flicking winners from the kitchen line really nicely done there he's going to see a lot of action point.

Our bronze medalist for Men's Pro doubles Riley Newman and James ignatovich the traditional partner of Tyson McGuffin and there could be multiple competitions still in store for James ignatovich and Tyson McGuffin there was a lot of conversation jokingly.

About dropping yesterday but it was just for this one we just want to clarify a bit absolutely and that's a ball that decal usually makes he takes that drop away and just tried inside out instead of just really pounding it in the the defensive prowess of McGuffin makes you try and be a little too fine sometimes.

Second serve Brendan is smiling because he knows he had plenty of space to work with yeah that's one of those things where that's now going to be in the Colin John's database if he goes two-handed backhand he's going to want to bring that down the line I wonder what kind of processor that.

College what is God as you see I don't know is that considered a bird there would you give that to him or just like an extended poach yeah that's more of a poach you know he he didn't actually ever jump diagonally so I'm not giving him the bird but I am giving Brendan long another winner down the middle and is this guy nervous on his first final.

Absolutely not four one two point Miss return tell me about receiving team that's an additional and a timeout called by Colin Jones and Deco Barr so Brendan long you mentioned it not playing with a ton of nerves at least showing up here currently with a.

Four-point advantage foreign.

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Let's see if Colin Johns and deckle bar could find their return foreign the middle six foot three Deco bar yeah and that's what uh Colin John's doubles Championship day points usually look like him fending off setting the ball up and having his brother typically take the middle that's decklebar's job.

Today and Brendan long is absolutely on fire here in the start of this match he gets away with one right there shut up yeah a little pop-up on the fourth you either want to put pressure with that or concede the kitchen not just lay it into an open place especially with that long.

Arm of duckle bar you mentioned his height he's got Long Reach to go with it all right and decal if you look even now about three feet beyond the kitchen line that's not normal yeah no he's uh backing off a little bit in these uh Cross Court dank rallies and Brendan long is taking advantage in the returns we talked about.

How important those are a couple of Misses from CJ a couple left short which have also been pounded so they got to get that fixed in return the first priority on the docket a massive swing from Tyson McGuffin Cross Court it's rare that Colin Johns doesn't find a reset yeah Tyson is going.

To be in Brendan Long's personal space all day getting him fired up second serve nearly a third winner cleaned I mean you want to think is he confident at all my goodness he's going for this now room I don't know right toes all when you're here when you hit right toe was on right.

When you hit yep right toe of Deco bar foot fault kitchen line violation Point yep boy right there great great call Great alarm clock scream from our head referee Don Stanley there all over it Anisha Smith our second quick hands for Brendan look he's going head-to-head with Colin.

Johns ten one two amazing the sixth seed and their first competition together Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long take game one and they take it 11-1 over deckle bar and Colin Johns we have here.

foreign foreign to one Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long taking the first game in the men's Pro doubles.

Final at the Selkirk Red Rock open Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming and maybe after this first serve walk me back through how they got it done oh boy they got it done by being the aggressors like they were there they were the ones hitting down long just made a mistake there and what's up with 11-1 in game ones here today Cameron.

Women's singles 11-1 here we are 11-1 again as a reminder the devil's competition will be played best three of five two zero two start out yeah and the three out of five makes you feel a lot more comfortable with getting run over in game number one because.

You've got time to come back it's not like we got to win two in a row and figure this out quickly you still need to figure this out but there isn't that same urgency that a best two out of three brings to the table this game is so rhythmic right and and I think it's interesting you go from.

Multiple days where you're playing competition after competition match after match to a final where just one and you're done or in the case of Tyson potentially two absolutely and there's Tyson again he was shoving Brendan long the other day chest bumps I mean this is a Duo that looks incredibly comfortable like.

They've been playing years together another missed return from jaunt Ed Colin John's with a little bit of force on that off the mishit right off the paddle looping that back in within the Baseline deckle bar yeah you saw several middle dinks on that particular rally so we'll.

See if that continues here as a way to change things up new partnership make them figure out the middle point Brendan long goes long receiving team four two one you mentioned the middle dink now four two and a timeout called and we got all.

Sorts of things happening in St George Dave I don't know what that is but I mean come on now I mean Utah is bringing it there they've got the pickleball heads they've got the paint on their bodies it's arts and crafts and lots of fun in Utah oh okay.

foreign amazing come out a lead now for Colin Johns and Deco Barr Men's Pro doubles final it's four to two they found a little rhythm into game two.

Boy and they've had some good luck at the same balls in game one when they're 111 one just missed a couple attacks when they were well ahead in points and you've got the veterans who nothing is going to phase them they don't care that they lost 11-1 a lot of pickleball left and you're seeing it here from Colin and deckle.

Point one of the first speed UPS we've seen from deckle bar in terms of a volley taken out of the air on the backhand side yeah really hugging that kitchen line now and reaching in such a smart play by Brendan long people love to drop to that backhand side but if you've got the athleticism and more.

Importantly the Reed you can take that away with an Ernie true popped up and put away for Brendan long it's interesting to watch the core position of Tyson McGuffin he is squeezing middle they are there's this image that you're supposed to be right in the middle of your half of the Court.

Well folks that couldn't be more wrong and as this match progresses watch how close Tyson and Brendan get to each other and that's the position they desire squash I like that contact from Deco Barr just changing that paddle face right on contact six two one.

Oh quick Fist from deckle bar the counter yes and then it was frozen for a moment like a statue just to make sure everybody saw it back to the Baseline throw that a counter goes untouched Colin choosing the right time to bring some Pace come out with Stephen King and.

The reason that prior counter is because they're putting the ball in the same place we talked about this yesterday Cameron Colin and Ben really know where the ball is going to go off each other's paddle and that just makes you so much more dangerous Colin and decal today in game two have said we're going to funnel that ball.

Into the middle we see how close together they are standing how are they going to deal with that and if I go there then decal knows I just got to sit Middle with that paddle and that's why he is able to hit a clean counter so really nice recovery and a complete flip of the momentum here in game two a complete.

Um Booyah baby we got the pickleball head back out on Championship Court let's talk a little road two for McGuffin and long the semi-finals they actually had to face off against Newman and ignatowicz which you've mentioned that went only two games played 11 9 13 11. I think a lot of people when you look at.

Those draws two versus six would have thought Newman and ignatowicz with the rise of ignatowicz and the play of Riley Newman it would have gone their Direction but that wasn't the case no Riley Newman came into this tournament with Andrea Coop and James ignatowicz two new partners and everybody thought oh man that guy we're going to see him.

Twice on Saturday he's not here at all and it's because of the great play that has happened on the other side of the court and also trying to figure out the new partnership thing some do it very well you're seeing it on this court some struggle no what he just couldn't get out of the way nice job by our viewing deck as.

Their hands were tested yeah you got to have good hands everywhere on the court here cam including the fans and this is back to sort of John's style pickleball drop the ball get to the kitchen line dink your way to a ball that you like don't let them have things they want and you're gonna have to pull the trigger like that to get the ball back that's a.

Great ball from Brendan long there but the pace of play and the point construction has been very good for Barr and John's here in game two shut up trying to look for the Ernie Osby Ernie I don't know if I've ever seen that one would have been really fun if he made it that's for sure.

And that is why they have not been returning to Tyson McGuffin could you create all sorts of problems especially when you are trying to unwind or get to the other side of the court because they only want to play one particular side and that's how you fix it tackle taking that first ball.

And then just such a casual defense of this look at this yep just hanging out in the park on a Saturday third drop gone wide we want to talk about serve a lot watch deckle ball really go step into it and go after it gets the result that he wants one of the biggest serves in the game elevates high contact point right.

Near the hip Colin's looking at the ball because he hasn't missed the dink since he was 18 years old in his mind so a hold for McGuffin and Long Bay Trail by seven but it still feels like they have some sort of Rhythm on their side momentum especially late in game.

Two second sir and the mystinks keep coming but now on the side of McGuffin and long you see McGuffin great partner great positivity for his partner wants to keep that same Brendan long Spirit going McGuffin another one with a big serve went for a little too much there another.

Shot tying this thing up right here they almost did it with defense I like the fight here from long and McGuffin duckle bar again looking to close out game number two and even the score at one a piece with a backhand slice Deco bar cuts that ball through the air 11-3 in game number.

Two yeah just a really impressive hey we're fine let's get back into the slower game and then find where we're at so who's gonna have the answer in game three both sides have one in their pocket we'll find out after this yes yes first you know what that means ladies and gentlemen your guaranteed.

this spring you don't have to be a baller to buy like one with a power bid approval from Guaranteed Rate you can go head to head with cash offers and win call a guaranteed rate loan officer today foreign.

thank you nodded at one apiece through the first two games of the Men's Pro doubles final Colin John deckle bar facing off against.

Brendan long and Tyson McGuffin for the Selkirk Red Rock open game number two looked like it was in steady control for those two the boys in white we talked about the road too for Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long but on the other side for Barr and John's.

They faced off against AJ Kohler and Travis rettenmeier in a match-up that went to three games eleven seven seven eleven eleven six and Kohler and retinmeyer are kind of a scary Duo because not only is there creativity but there's some power for them as well there's a lot of great hands there's a lot of chaos that AJ.

Creates Rhett Myers got the big forehand that was on point yesterday but much like in that match we are seeing it today there is no Panic and they don't wildly change what they think can help them win yeah Brendan long played brilliantly can he keep that up if we just stay to the game plan maybe he can and maybe we can dictate and we saw the.

Team in white take care of that and now they're gonna just you know they're not gonna change They're Gonna Keep returning the ball to Brendan long they're going to keep the Cross Court danks bar and long and then they're gonna feed the ball into the middle and it is working.

Again well prepped for the speed up yeah and he is so good at that scorpion move which is when you bring the paddle up in front of your body to protect it like that scorpion sting and he stung Brendan long there that's impressive missed return 2-0 at least two games still to be played in.

This final they call that point and we do have replay but we haven't needed it yet luckily so the and by replay of video challenge what you refer to that's the ball that was called out of bounds but not being contested here continuing to try and find that backhand.

Drop of Deco bar yeah they're just this is the game plan we're not changing we think we can win in this formation and long has had a couple errors creep into his game here you saw the shift from Colin John's and Deco Barr but I don't know if there was a shift big enough for that overhead no.

That's a great recognition by duckle bar he saw a ball that was going to be trouble so he had to get out of there and retreated so he can be in a much better defensive position that's smart but just too much power from Brendan long and too much power from Brendan long again right there but in a bad way what do you think has the fastest serve.

On the camera we just saw there from decal Tyson's has a little more jump to it with the swing path that he follows but decal as far as just pure Pace I would give it to him not doing too much I love that shot from deckle bar yeah and he's all over the kitchen line winning that Cross Court.

Dink and making long try and be a little too fine and if he isn't he's there with that reach foreign s for McGuffin and long you don't usually see a switch and a ball hit the kitchen line there but it uh it worked out and you know that's something for them to just put in the back of their.

Mind if this score continues in that way that maybe that's a way we'd like to try and play but we're a long way from that hello he's looking for the opening through the middle after the Cross Court dinks with Barr yeah and we saw Barr and you uh called it so well Cameron just the right pace on the shot the very same ball that decal Barr did a little too.

Much on that one from Brendan long a little too much on that serve but that's part of duckle bar he knows he's going to miss a few search but he gets misses and short returns it's worth it catching the shoulder of bar yeah and that's trying to do too much you know Colin is not in any trouble here whatsoever so no reason to take.

That ball and uh paid the price himself sometimes when you take the wrong ball you get your partner hit at least that time he got himself yeah but uh trouble getting to the kitchen here for McGuffin and long over the last game and a half I do like the change in pattern though you see Brendan long going a little bit more Line to Line with Colin Johns which.

Feels like it's allowing Tyson McGuffin to get more involved get a couple more balls but this is uh John's Brothers pickleball with knuckleball playing the role of Ben Johns and they're doing it perfectly yeah what it's been a few times now in that backhand side for Brendan long time he came out hot was comfortable.

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Johns and Deco Barr playing a steady style of pickleball but he's not the only John's that's showing up on this Championship Saturday yeah no yesterday Ben Johns was uh watching Brandon long and was like Hey I love to see B long doing big things he tweeted out there now against his brother probably a different rooting interest here today.

For Ben who is taking this one off this was the first tournament ever in pickleball that we'd had the double triple with Ben and Annalee Waters winning all three of the medals so we'll have no defending Champions today seven to one again Colin Johns ranked the number one men's.

Doubles player in the world because well he spends a little more time on the court just in terms of now being there with deckle box exactly people always ask that they're like how'd that happen and this is no joke amount of points especially if they win this match gonz and bent Johns have won every tournament that they have played in in.

2023 Collins trying to keep that undefeated streak going yeah so the Brendan long pressure and level has come down a bit in there what's happened especially in the backhand dinks is he's either put it in the neck and then over corrected in deckle bar has been reaching in and.

Taking that ball out of the air and hitting winners that's a good sign for Brendan long who earns one in the Cross Court rally yeah and a miss like that will give him confidence like look I can win this he did in game number one he was terrific and that's the second time that exact same scenario is worth in the favor of.

The six seed yeah and that's a great way with the movement and quickness that McGuffin possesses get yourself involved in this a little bit they try to keep him honest there and go to the forehand side but he's well prepared yeah and off a great return to be able to get a drop and crash out of that is impressive.

Big smiles from McGuffin when that flow is looking fantastic in Utah here today scuffing out of Coeur d'Alene Idaho Great Pacific Northwest still trains out of Idaho oftentimes has several Pros coming to him in terms of training sessions.

Yeah that's that's also the home state of Selkirk named after the Selkirk mountains out there in the Idaho slash Washington area Washington State well Kirk for about eight years in Piccolo whoa that thing out of flames on it after a very lovely touch on the lob.

Deckle goes full rope an inch inside the Baseline Cameron wow 9-4 so good is correct decal bar wow this reads on those and execution just just enough touch yeah that's perfect he's putting enough Pace but he's going down with the ball too so that that thing is not coming back and this Duo who met in.

Tennis are looking fantastic in pickleball so if you want to learn a little bit more about the great game of pickleball from these top tier Pros let's take a look at a top Court tutorial from a top tip on the serve I would say really focus on squeezing the paddle you can also focus on visualizing your.

Target give yourself a spot you want to hit to and then you squeeze and then you point the tip of the paddle to your Target and when I say tip of the paddle usually I mean the top of the paddle and you're just pointing right to your target so that again it's a hard ball hard surface as your paddle moves around the ball also reacts to that so you.

Really want to keep all of your shots in pickleball pretty simple and really that stroke really dictates where the ball goes for my top tip getting the bowl getting your serve as deep as possible into the Oppo into the opponent's Court one thing you really want to make sure is that you get you you stop balanced right you want to try and use your legs.

With this as well if you just swing with the arm it's harder to control the depth of the ball okay so what you really want to do you want to load with your legs and really swing through the ball there Jesse Irvin and Pat Smith giving you an education from the Baseline game point.

Taking a little Pace off and a side out for long and McGuffin and here's the side switch Cameron so McGuffin will be on the left this is the time to try it great to see Tyson McGuffin back at the top of his game been dealing with some injuries as of.

The last few weeks and months there's the poach of Brendan long yeah so you have to change your return patterns and Colin John just had a little conversation with duckle and I'm sure it's about we're returning to Brendan Brendan off the bounce so here we go so you feel so good when.

You make a side switch as a team and things start working you're like look we're so smart look at what we did and now they got to see if they can finish it oh and one more and that isn't gonna sit well with Colin because again the return went to McGuffin and that is not where.

They want it and now they're going to call time out and think about it so how to match or excuse me a game point didn't get it done and now suddenly the crowd is all mcguffined up here look out they're fluffed up they're McGuffin up right now it's eight to ten and one of the hard elements is as much as you want to return that ball to Brendan long you.

Have Tyson McGuffin serving at you who you mentioned does have a tough serve yep yeah so it's again getting your footwork set where has he been serving so I can get that and not allow this drive and crash the shake and bake that we talk about because Brendan long is very good at finding that and then he has not giving them any chance he is.

Finishing that volley each and every time well it's also challenging to be able to poach from that right side because it's going to be that backhanded poach more often than not I know they found it a couple times they tried to find Tyson in that same regard when it was flipped on the forehand side as he was creeping over just a little bit of a.

Different look in terms of the poach Brendan long doing a nice job with that trusting his partner getting all the way to the kitchen line on that quick shot yeah so you'll see McGuffin go after the serve here and Colin Johns is going to be doing everything in his power to get.

It to the right side of the box and as far to the sideline as he can turn it it's a lot of opportunity there for Brendan long but they did make long-headed shout out and that's what I'm talking about it's a two-handed forehand we saw.

This from Colin Johns again puts the other hand on the paddle and swats that down game number three to Deco Barr and Colin John they are one step closer to picking up a gold in St George yeah nice rally with the new court positioning from McGuffin and long but a little too late with that we'll see if they come back.

With it that'll be very interesting here Cameron eleven to eight in game number three how much does comfort slow you down try penetrax penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one.

Online rated joint and muscle cream foreign foreign the game number four we go Colin Johns and deckle Barr just one game away from.

A gold medal at the Selkirk Red Rock open the seventh stop on the carvana PPA tour in 2023. Colin Johns and Deco bar I mean if they can get this done that's screaming volumes for Colin in a new partnership yeah so I think we have an interesting situation here you can do this they're changing sides to start the game you can do that your new first.

Server so on the far side of the Court you will see Brendan long starting game number four here on the left side or on the right side excuse me they're going to start with that switch like you mentioned foreign.

Yeah there's just not enough room to track that down you know we talk about it a lot man all these overheads come back they don't in tennis much harder to put it away so you have to find a nice angle McGuffin did there second third and Brendan Lawman's looking for a hole in his paddle Donuts being served.

It's like his partner's got a paddle with a opening in it but his certainly doesn't third yeah Barr continues to return it Cross Court to McGuffin and he is absolutely blistering it you.

Guys questions as to the call on both sides uh no see it wait so so I think they're calling the lob from Colin Johns out yes and I the call Don was asking onisha our second official whether the call was made that it was out of bounds she confirmed that yes the call had been.

Made by Tyson and Brendan because he can't wait until he sees that his shot missed to go wait no that other one is out so here's a big start for this team in new positions getting it going and duckle bar is having a conversation about that and the crowd is roaring because off camera Tyson's playing the ball into the.

Crowd decal is questioning the very thing we were discussing right now with Don Stanley which is hey he played the ball how are we still going to that next shot and that's why that clarification was necessary oh Idaho.

We're getting Idaho chance now into our stands I thought we were in Utah close enough but that's still not that close these These are big States back here if you're working on your states of the United States puzzle looking to go inside out Tyson McGuffin just missing.

Zero three one and that's the second time we've seen Deco with a fantastic counter yeah this time it's off Brendan Long's paddle right in front of him earlier in the day Brendan long had had to come over to the middle to hit that particular shot and barsman up for the task second serve.

And no one feels in that cord heavier than Colin Johns is this the The Life just leaves his body there's no muscles in his arms he goes full Gumby yes he does and the middle dink getting utilized again even with the switch yeah that's what they want let them figure it out especially now they.

Haven't played like this much at all throughout the tournament so new partners in new positions see if they can figure it out nice reset by long watch the ATP defense hits the Baseline for Tyson McGuffin that's as good a men's doubles Point as.

You will ever see the resets the attacks and then a clean winner ATP and then the paddle goes for a ride in the Utah air my goodness McGuffin is there we go again we talked about it yesterday you signed up to play with him full contact pickleball you need body armor to play with him dude those hockey pads that AJ Kohler has he should share those out.

With whoever the partner is for the week you want to read again Tyson McGuffin coming alive yeah so decal Barr is seeing all this happen down the middle he just needs to get beat on the outside shoulder not to his right just stick the paddle and be more Center spacing with his positioning.

From bar right there closing down the middle side out now decal bar down by four and was it just a half step lace yeah the Reed is perfect but it came after and then the paddles behind you and the ball height is too low to pull that off between her defense.

He makes the tweener and then leaves a one mile an hour dent in the net that's the one point you want to win because then it's going to be everywhere oh well those tweeners too are some of my favorite usually you see them after somebody's chasing to the Baseline back to the net through the back of the legs but that one facing the net from the.

Transition zone that's just filthy shut up sorry and we go for Gumby again I can't believe it just flailing away no skeleton to his body whatsoever I will say it's brutal when that happens I mean it just is deflating I don't blame you Colin.

Especially when you have a perfect greet on the ball that's coming you're ready to pound it and then it goes off the tape and jumps over your paddle and stays in he feels Vindicated that the next third was missed the other thing I want you guys to watch is the positioning of Don Stanley our referee we can show the full court view.

Here coming up he gets really low checking that paddle contact point on the serve and that may have been the conversation the deckle bar had earlier too about how these how the serves are being struck by the other side who knows second sir as much as there's been conversation.

About paddle technology there's also been we have a challenge of the outcome plenty of conversation about legal versus illegal serves there's no doubt about it you got to strike it below the rest or excuse me below the waist with the wrist down the paddled position down below that and we have a challenge here Cameron on that.

Serve well and I believe just a challenge though on the in out of that serve correct gentlemen news that you'll know that in the quarterfinals the semifinals and of course here in our again Don Stanley our lead official second referee onisha Smith Wendy wrath our tracking referee.

And our video referee Charlotte Jorgensen the call on the court as a reminder was out of bounds and Colin thinking this ball is inbound so again we are in the midst of a video challenge I wonder what Booyah thinks in around I mean he would know he is a.

Ball technically so again taking a look at our video challenge the Utah fan standing room only on the edges of Championship Court everyone piled in there's a good look it's people are trying to get as tall as they can to see over the top of the fence yeah this.

Would not be good for little five eight me I would not even be peering over to have to get on somebody's shoulders like that little youngster right I'm sorry Dave but I'm not putting you on my shoulders I am certainly not asking although then I'd be able to be seen oh I have to review the outcall stands the.

Team is charged one time out the challenge is lost and timeout is lost we resume play at 172. one time out two timeouts Don Stanley has confirmed that the call stands ball out of bounds just a slight shift to the right side gets Brendan long out of the way.

Yeah and I like what tackle bar saw there but didn't execute a little too big a swing from there and boy this side switch is working well for McGuffin and long such a big man and so agile too I mean look at him take a ball that is coming not to the edge of the court for the middle and jump through there and Ernie.

It perfectly oh hey one two one go go and that ball also lands out of bounds so that's the difference the patience and you I believe talked about.

The controlled aggression that you need and you want your t-shirts to be printed up Cameron you got to pull the trigger at the right times and that's a couple of Misses here from deckle bar tough to come back there's a much better choice there out of the air all right 282.

Foreign Pace on the speed up those timings for counters so tough yeah if you don't have a good read on it even though your paddle's there it is not positioned to be able to handle it and Colin John's with another missed return and.

We might be playing Five here cam reminder as decal and call in one game number three so they are up in terms of the total game score two one and one more for McGuffin and long game point a great location on the fourth from deckle bar.

Really good handle of that ball so big hole to climb out of but uh it's been done before there's the first step yeah so we'll see if they continue to do that drop to the McGuffin backhand and let decal bar just go hunt the next one so too smart thanks for McGuffin there number one return to duckle Bar keep him.

The heck off the kitchen line and then secondly step back and pound that forehand instead of trying to reach in and take it out of the air no no is that out yes 10-3 plenty of room to work for long and McGuffin.

two unbelievable saves from Brenton long he gets pushed wide and deckle bar smartly finds the middle yeah and even though you don't get it on the angle you get at least your opponent a bit out of position to McGuffin and long.

We are going the distance for the Men's Pro doubles final game five 11 points to be played to determine our gold medalist the highlights are plenty especially in game four for McGuffin and long blowing and vibing the paddle has been tossed more times than not for long and McGuffin game five after this.

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There we go we're not turning back the last time decal Barr won a title was back in 2021 with Ben Johns right here in the Red Rocks now he's partnered up alongside Colin John so can he find another title in the Red Rocks standing in front of him Brendan long and Tyson.

McGuffin Tyson McGuffin has not found a men's doubles title since May 20th of 2021 at the Atlanta Georgia open and for Brendan long this is his first final ever on the carvana PPA tour so much at stake for these four players here in St George Utah game five now how might this shake out Dave.

Well I think Colin and and decal have to find the patterns of where do we make Brendan long uncomfortable they did a great job in games two and three on the backhand so now that he's over on the forehand side let's see how well he forehand digs and if you leave it up he's going to clobber it like he did there and I am a Miss because deckle bar.

Did in fact earn one more title alongside Adam Stone in 2021 at the PPA championships got to give Adam some time you know he won't toot his own horn he will not and you mentioned that victory for Barr and stone and that was the only one without Riley Newman and Ben Johns in the.

Winner's Circle Forever Until 2023 and here we could have two brand new people as well so us calling Adam's name could be in the rear view for a long time here unfortunately for the podcast and broadcast and retired pickleball Pro you saw the change of size in game number four for Brendan long and Tyson McGuffin now the change of a tire.

We're in the green Colin Johns and deckle Barr for game five it is the Masters weekend so uh well done boys what we didn't review the color palette to talk about shades of green however Cameron and Deco bar loves to find the combination the backhand to backhand.

Combination sliding to the middle and that creates space and that is a great job by Brendan long of fading himself and having the paddle ready and just countering it into the open court and does it again as Stefan ball runs him out of position sometimes players try to do too much when they have this much court but again.

That's a problem for Barr just get back to that game too in game three when you didn't have to try to do too much still feeling like there's some space but I don't know if that had been opened yet yeah that's a long arm of the bar right there zero one two zero one second serve.

On the back side of decobar yeah he is over committing to try and help and I understand that but if the return is that short he is really in no man's land standing at the kitchen so the emphasis back on the third shot of Brendan long one a piece we play to 11. must win by.

Two change of ends at six Ernie from the long arm of Bart so there's a great read by decal so again they did so well in games two and three when they danked their way to a great ball and that is what happened there again McGuffin letting a higher arcing.

Third come to the Apex and then pounding it great choice from McGuffin oh and they got away with one just a slight hesitancy in the middle conversation now between these two yes and you know that's what you want to do Colin is mixing up the dinks to the forehand then coming back middle and did get a pop-up there bar just couldn't.

Finish it second the bar sits with the right foot on the center line he's going to be put on alert closing down the back side Roger McGuffin did not want that one to be that high that was a much easier ball than he wanted bar to have so Barr had a ball that was going to hit 100 miles an hour and be a clean winner.

And they got a second look at it but uh long couldn't put it into court oh that nearly spun back in so stuck still two to one you don't want the seat behind the Booyah there makes a terrible window great door.

That just slides wide so two quick service opportunities lost for bar and John's he finds the sideline to all so if you are going to take the middle of the Court you can't put the ball back to the side where you're not covering because you're leaving that.

Wide open and Brendan long takes advantage again a little bit of a low take for Tyson two two Tyson McGuffin also looking to do something for the first time in his career he would need to pick up the title here.

To be able to get the first piece of it which is to win two golds in the same day come on there's the grinded out points that they want and then decal Barr gets a ball where he's attacked and he's sitting forehand middle Beautiful Finish from him.

The third overhead into the top of the net yeah and the Sun is at their back so that's not a sun issue on this swing just trying to find a little too much angle from that deep in the court and right now all the dean Crowley's going to John's and Barr.

Five to two a timeout taken even before the change event so the dink rallies working in favor of the number one seed Colin Johns and Deco Barr so often when things are going wrong the strategy is patience and grinding out points and that's come to fruition and game number five yeah and you wonder.

Why the guy's undefeated this year you don't Panic you stay with what you do well yeah they're gonna hit some great balls and yes the sexy points are the ones where they're running around and shoving each other and fist pumping and guess what you get the same amount on the scoreboard for a mistake so they're.

Gonna stay in it I think Colin's gonna just really want deckle to stay in that zone he's gotten himself a little out of position and the scoreboard you felt like man I feel like tuckle's been beaten backside a lot like the score would be maybe the reverse of this that has happened when they're serving so it hasn't hurt them on the scoreboard and.

Now it's just stay in the dink you know McGuffin wants one more crazy point where he can get this Utah crowd rallied back behind them thank you and again the counter ability of deckle bar what a great job of using a defensive.

Lob to give them a chance to get back in it and Colin threw that to the heavens there and it came down and they were able to get up and the veteran Savvy Ken green is up in game number five foreign on Holland America line.

we'll make it the time of your life time again visit or call your travel advisor on my way the Selkirk Red Rock Open Championship.

Saturday from The Little Valley pickleball complex in St George Utah we are in game number five of the men's doubles final I'm Cameron Irwin alongside Senior Pro at Dave Fleming the voice of pickleball Colin Johns and Deco Barr are looking really steady in game number five as they look to pick up gold against Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long.

So second serve now for Barr and John's six two so there is a time it is now Dave wow the switch up 6-2 on a one and missed two third drops they weren't even drives that were missed there in the net shocking they're really happy to get a piece of candy to put away here first chance at an Easter basket I like.

That solid bunny more than a hollow one yeah all the way on the right side dictating terms and now we're hearing him match the McGuffin yell look at that and then the Roar you out yeah drop the paddle Tyson that Ball's out of bounds.

Six two two point what a leave I mean that is such a good lead because that swing path looks like it's gonna go well out but it just misses point and another missed a return so eight to two now and you have to call a timeout here.

Down by six the Selkirk paddle at the Selkirk Red Rock open hits the court a lot of us missed hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot um foreign.

foreign Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long need to make moves it's game five of the men's doubles final decal Barr and Colin Johns in complete control.

Second time after a timeout or a side switch which works as a timeout where the third was missed by Johnson bar that's three opportunities you one incredible save to the next push off kitchen violation unbelievable track down earlier in the.

Rally there from decal but unfortunately for him tennis players you rotate your hips and your left foot points towards your opponent and that often puts you in the kitchen a little growl from McGuffin I guess they call it more of a bark yeah look out come on Tyson McGuffin might as well be.

A pit bull out there oh no that ball well into the air man that was exact point construction the McGuffin and long wanted some indecision by Tyson I think that ball popped up enough but he actually took two steps back yeah I'm surprised that he wasn't there and it's again.

Trusting where that ball from your partner is going to be and they're new so didn't quite buy into it and opportunity lost long now on the left and you see immediately able to switch back to their technique from games two and three ball on the ground in front of Brendan long they want to put him over.

There there's a huge Target I know you can't see it at home but I guarantee you it's there one side out 9-5 and John's two away and that's where I'd love to see decal stay in that for a minute be set and then get one that's maybe a little more.

Up you've seen him Miss over there put that pressure on Brendan long five night one he catches him great job by Brendan long there of hanging in there and then dink that traveled a little farther than CJ usually hits it and he's ready foreign.

Johns thought that could land boy and Barr was a human shield that CJ is trying to find the ball through him and hung in there with it boy there was an opportunity for McGuffin along there no no going straight at John's again this time it goes in favor of Brendan long and they got on that other side just.

Through a switch that wasn't intentional oh and Tyson McGuffin one of the best from the Baseline and look at Colin Johns calling time out here on offense to go sit down and make sure they are set to try and finish this off five games is a lot you want to have everything ready we'll see what they do when we come back.

My name is Lee Waters and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely.

No idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my gosh happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at the game is evolving so are we.

Are you evolving thank you just two points of Separation in this best of five men's doubles final at the Selkirk Red Rock open to speed up from Deco bar into the top of the net the timeout the offensive.

Timeout taken by Colin Johns but yet they do not find a point yet Colin johns with a outrageous save behind him and then the ball out of bounds he thinks decal's taking that for sure Championship point not so fast the side out decals expecting that ball to be on the.

Ground from Colin Johns and it travels too far and Brendan long clutch finds the open court and get the ball back Tyson back on the left one to McGuffin and long echoing through the Red Rocks right now the fans for Tyson McGuffin the right time to get aggressive McGuffin and long and there was some.

Absolute craziness off the net cord in that Colin Johns had to make a left-handed save and it is Brendan long having the nerves to pull the trigger there and it's 9 10. first serve catch him Tyson McGuffin looking too much to the middle second serve still trailing by one the switch and the tie.

Foreign testing the flexibility of Tyson McGuffin must win by two the leave and land they earn the ball back clutch from duckle bar there as all the momentum was on the other side of the court and he found the Baseline one side out.

Yeah and Colin and deckle cannot get the ball on the ground they're fine once they get to the kitchen but they haven't been able to get there at crunch time here calling with the speed up and his own energy but how about the ATP defense unbelievable by McGuffin and then it's the Cobra strike from Colin.

Johnson they've got a second shot at a title he laid it up for Deadpool 4 took on crashing in oh my goodness this crowd is in awe right now two championship points bend it off and the ball back to long and McGuffin foreign.

Right shoulder spinning out of the way french fries on the board okay so play has slowed here smartly every rally so critical and all of a sudden the tide has turned for long in McGuffin and the paddle is down and timeout has been called and there will be a match.

Point on the other side a match point a championship point there first for Brendan long and Tyson McGuffin the VIP the viewing deck our grandstand everyone is getting ready Tyson McGuffin looking for a title in Red Rock Brendan long.

With a shot at his very first title on the carvana PPA tour so here we go with where do we want to put the return if we're decal and Colin and if I'm Brendan long and Tyson McGuffin it's if it comes to McGuffin I'm hunting and Brendan long go try and finish this and vice versa if they get a short return to Brendan long.

Go out with what got you here which is that bringing the extra pace Brendan long will serve Championship point a second shot and a second serve unwinding the stack our bar and John's get out and we keep going.

Unbelievable deckle bar in the first match point down pulls the trigger on the first ball he sees and then it's Colin John setting the table this is epic one of the best finals we have seen in 2023 the put away eleven twelve two.

Perfectly placed for Brendan long Championship point two more shots at it for long and McGuffin Tyson will serve 12-11 too.

Foreign trying to do just a little too much to close it out there gets out of position and Barr and John's get it back they've saved four they've had two of their own please I just hear you.

Oh that hung just on the top of the net slight breeze would have sent that all right Keanu a little Matrix action from Tyson McGuffin yeah another early trigger pull from Barr doesn't work out number five here over an hour and 40 minutes in this match.

The swiping arm of Colin Johns paddle Taps twelve eleven two Championship point out of bounds McGuffin and long fine gold amongst the Red Rocks the first title for Brendan long and Tyson McGuffin finds his first since 2021 just an epic match the scoreboard.

Shows it to go almost an hour and 45 minutes to fend off two match points against earlier and then to have the shot that Brendan long hit to set up the Miss on their sixth try what imagine what deserving champions keep it coming.

Booze sticky floors catching breaks and second winds you never forget the way some things taste great taste 96 calories tastes like military time what a fun match that was for the Men's Pro doubles final Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long Victorious I told you he.

May not need to make any more Graphics but I can tell you one graphic needs to be made and that's him with a title next to his name standing Courtside now with Cameron Blackwood over an hour and 40 minutes that match was right there they had match point over there Deco misses the sitter what are you telling Brendan here to win his.

First PPA title are you not entertained so I've been losing to BJ and CJ it feels like since I've been in diapers if you know what I mean uh kind of a low-key fun fact I haven't lost a CJ when he plays with so many other than Ben so uh I came to take what was ours there you have it you guys took the.

First game 11-1 looks like they were taking it but you made that switch late in game three what were you liking on that uh well a couple of things happened one decals kind of killed me on the cross court dig pretty bad so that's one reason another reason is on one of the overheads my shoulder actually popped and uh it started hurting pretty bad and.

I couldn't hit it very hard after that so that was one reason we decided to switch um I also kind of just like to prove to people that I can play on the right as well because a lot of people don't believe that so I thought that was a good move um and then uh in that fifth game there.

Uh they just kept dropping to Tyson's backhand uh so we decided to switch it back when we were the one returning so that we could stop them from coming in and we loved your Stickman graphic are you sticking with that looked like it proved well out here uh yeah you know that kind of got me a lot of Instagram followers and as you'll notice I don't.

Really have a sponsor here and I kind of learned that being good at pickleball doesn't get you sponsor it's kind of about your brand and your Instagram there so kind of want to ask a favor all the people here and all the people watching to uh go follow me on Instagram at uh Brendan H long so I hope I can get a sponsor.

our title sponsor we are pickleball on behalf of cell Kirk one and congratulate you on winning the men's open doubles at the Selkirk Red Rock open it's coming up right after this.

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Thank you gearbox introduces the all-new cx-14 ultimate power with SST core all new Power Band technology delivering controlled effortless power all technology every shot an outstanding showing for Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long and the Men's.

Pro doubles of the Selkirk Red Rock open on the carfana PPA tour we head next to women's Pro doubles the number four versus the number six Jansen and Jones versus design and Wright I'm Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming and you want to talk about some gritty players well they're about to hit the court some of the most competitive in the game here.

On Championship Court we will start our women's doubles match up just after this break he's feeling it right now I've been on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC Liv you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh it's your phone it's okay hand it over.

Yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam You Wanna Know let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go the future of pickleball is here welcome to Top Court get ready for unlimited access to top.

Players you want to talk about greedy competition well the four women taking the court next are the epitome of that Elise Jones Leia Jansen at a right and Megan Dizon for the women's Pro doubles final.

Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming and we saw some outstanding play from all four of these individuals just yesterday and even into the late night hours to then turn around and show up here on Championship Saturday yeah they're certainly glad they didn't get an 8 A.M match time call here the sleep and just the recovery that's.

Required and as we just saw we went to Buck 40 in the last match and going five and this is a very even match on paper you've got the two Seattle Pioneers Megan design and at a right who had already stamped their name onto pickleball at Major League pickleball last week with the MVP of the event Megan design had a right so solid and.

They've been actually playing Megan on the left side at MLP they actually played Ada there so we saw the importance of what a side switch can be in the men's and then Elise Jones and Leia Jansen have just become a thing they're a thing this year I mean they know their role they support each other so very well and the challenge for the.

Crowd here is we've got at a right and Megan design from Utah and beloved Elise Jones from Utah where's the allegiance going to be here cam that's going to be the question so let's take a look though first and foremost at our upcoming tour stops if you love watching the carvana PPA tour well why don't you come out to a tournament play alongside these Pros.

Your next opportunity will be at the Newport Beach doubles shootout then we'll head to North Carolina Atlanta Texas and San Clemente also on the docket as well as numerous other events we're playing this great sport year round here on the carvana PPA tour yeah I love it Coast to Coast we hit the middle of the country.

We've got some special surprises throughout the year one of those is uh just recently announced Jack sock the great tennis player probably the best doubles tennis player in the world still today he's going to jump in the draw and he's going to jump in with Tyson McGuffin who just won men's with Brendan long so I'm sure Jack saw that result.

And went all right I can't wait to be by his side and in this match Cameron we're gonna have just all that bread as you talked about Elise Jones is going to be scrapping balls out her job is to make Leia jansen's job easier because Leia is the finisher on that team and then we talked a lot yesterday today about the work that Megan design has put in to.

Complement the incredible power she has so much more comfortable at the kitchen line she used to be there and then back up all the time now she's holding that line and she was absolutely sharpening and knifing everything on that cross-court think with the backhand we'll see if it's on today Leia Jansen and Elise Jones have come up.

Just short of gold in 2023 they've had two opportunities on Championship Saturday slash Sunday this year their first for Elise Jones actually first championship Sunday was back at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge open then they proceeded to make yet another final for pro women's doubles at the Vulcan Indoor national championships they faced off.

Against Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith took a loss there so this would be maybe third time's the charm for those two as you mentioned in our open earlier today somebody on this court is going to win their first gold medal we just saw Brendan long do it we're going to guarantee it here because at a right and Megan design do not have a goal on the.

PPA tour Leia Jansen certainly does but at least as you mentioned does not so that's what's fun when we get here with some different names on our finals day who is going to step up Brendan long certainly did and as he mentioned in the interview stuffed up while getting injured mid-match my goodness uh I don't think he's going to sit too long without.

A sponsor here Cameron I don't think so either I would agree with you in that regard that may be the guy that handed him the trophy will be the guy could sell Kirk's been signing a bunch of sponsors and that was the president of Selkirk Rob Barnes out there he's also happy Selkirk Red Rock open you got Catherine parenta so Kirk player wins.

The women's singles Tyson McGuffin sell Kirk Blair wins the doubles not going to happen here there's no cell Kirk paddles on this court so the women's Pro doubles final begins with the serve from Elise Jones the former volleyball player turned pickleball Pro at a trying to cover middle for Megan.

Design also recently making a final alongside Vivian David in our last stop the Austin Showdown and so much power off that Ace of Spades it's incredible how much touch she displays though with a 13 millimeter paddle yeah she and again it's that work off the court we see all the the power.

And the Finesse here but to be able to have both of those at her disposal took a lot of work Leia Jansen the enforcer coming in the enforcer and Mighty Mouse it's quite the duo you need all sizes of superheroes Cameron Robin over there the other thing I've been impressed with.

Megan is on it again I think the Utah players have an advantage in the altitude is her drives and going for the serves have been staying in consistently and then she's been able to drop the fifth we'll see if she can be on point with that here today make a great point how to write out of American Fork Utah.

Just north of Provo Megan Dizon out of Salt Lake City a couple of moms on the court here as well Elise Jones and Etta Wright there's that extra bit of pop because you see how good a Defender Elise Jones is but it just gets on you so fast from design one one and again Leia Jansen that forehand.

Side a fantastic athlete just 30 years old resides in Austin Texas but originally out of Washington State one of the more underrated qualities probably in elise's game is her ability to move the dink around yes for sure can do it out of the air or off the bounce and has worked really hard you want to.

Talk about somebody that puts in the hours off court she does two a day's cam of drilling well then you make a great point just to felt like a year ago so many of our Pros were having multiple careers whether they were coaching or teaching or an educator like Elise Jones and all of a sudden with the growth of the game.

They're now able to play Pickleball full time it's great and you know that's that's what you want you want your sport to have that be a vocational Choice then your talents and your effort and your dedication will enable you to either keep that or not one thing everyone now it's a requirements at the.

Professional level you got to put the time in both in the gym and on the court smashed from Mighty Mouse and I like the little step back inside out attack at Megan design on the shot before that to set it up and that's the big difference with Elise Jones she's brought offense to her game that not just be this.

Complimentary defensive player inside out they are really moving making design around testing the middle and then forcing her to hit backhand yeah and Leia Jansen we talked about it in their semi-final is so good and so comfortable also putting in the work so that she's got that two-handed role that can be a.

Problem for her opponent at the kitchen line when you are an aggressive player like that you want to make sure you don't have a spot where everyone feels comfortable putting the ball and that is not a comfortable spot anymore for backhand at the kitchen.

One three so keeping things close and a few holds here in game number one reminder we played doubles best three of five and looping that a bit too far is Leia Jansen so 2-3 -1.

And hard to reload the full sling two-handed backhand every time and be on top of the next one two three good job by Jansen to have the hands ready and out in front she wins that Exchange it was the right time as Megan to Don was off balance yes trouble there but got the Miss from.

Jones so a side out but still two earned back for design and right Elise Jones playing with the Yola after a fantastic fire fight the easier ball is sent out of bounds yeah that's why we love women's doubles on the PPA tour just tremendous defense counters.

Resets and then a big swings when chance and just goes deep the rolling speed up with one hand from Leia Jansen yeah and I heard that high-pitched voice in the background with Elise Jones saying that's so good and it was catches at a right on the paddle side hip looking for her own combination design.

Get that ball down at the feet and just a few missed cues on some of the counters we've seen three four two foreign stuck on her knees Elise Jones sends the lob up yeah and the other interesting part of this match is that Elise Jones and mega design were long time Partners on the.

Same side and now in their biggest match of their lives are on the other side and they were strong enough as friends to say we need something different next to ourselves and look what's happened they found a new partner and they're here on Championship Saturday and I think both of them on my own finding somebody else.

As well Jones's game has continued to evolve we've talked about Megan design and her confidence skyrocketing just in the last month at a right hit the scene within the last year and so much of the talk about Etta has been about her control her power.

And her ability to not only play defense but also create on both the right and left yeah the one thing that this formation for design and Wright does is you take some of those offensive weapons out of at a right hand and she becomes more of the setup you have plenty of Power with design but you won't see all of the.

Tricks of at a right on the right side so that's a little trick right there that was about the shortest and most compact two in a backhand you'll see yeah and got it down that's the key to that swing from design finding the right side of Elise Jones that's not easily done she loves to sit two-hand backhand in terms of her.

Defense yeah and there's just that little bit of extra pace and a little bit of tape to help Megan is on really dictating when she's getting a ball to attack she is not waiting for another chance when it's there she's going and she's going confidently and confidence is oozing.

Through her over the last few weeks Point hanging design the former Division One tennis player from BYU play tennis in high school as well started playing pickleball back in 2019. so a timeout called here on Championship Court.

See that thing John Morant has that's a hypervolt that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we could ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland uses before smashing it into the back of the.

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Favorite lemonade now spiked it's getting juicy 7-5 for the number six seed Megan design and Etta Wright and a best of five competition for women's Pro doubles at the Selkirk Red Rock open the Utah crowd thrilled with the competition they've seen to this point we've already crowned.

Catherine parento our champion for pro women's singles Tyson McGuffin and Brendan long for Pro men's doubles mixed doubles will be coming up next as we'll close out our day with men's singles action oh wow talk about a dink yeah I'm sick of hearing about Megan.

Designs knife says Leia Jansen that was beautiful there great first volley from Leia Jansen using that singles prowess that she has finding both the angle and the depth on that because design has been very good with her drive the third drop the fifth combos here so far another big single shot that is a big.

Help in doubles that huge forehand drive dude Leia Jensen again if you're new to watching her play go through that same routine before every rally things up at 7 a piece 771 and take the lead Elise Jones looks to the fifth player on the court and says are you with me oh.

They're wither and what a nice inside out clean winner would not and a lot of pace just placement over power I would never want to take that ball out of play after that was just hit but it must have just a little crack in it this is an unbelievably beautiful shot from Elise Jones there.

And uh maybe she can take that little Dura fast 40 our official ball home and put that on a shelf because that is a shot of shots right there hitting the reset eight seven second serve yeah and sometimes you've switch out the ball and the one you get.

Is newer and it's a little livelier off your paddle and uh it sails just a bit deep for Leia Jansen there and so does that so uh it's wild how one little thing can stop momentum I mean you have this amazing shot everyone's fired up and then there's a slight delay and the ball is gone instantly.

So it's been a run of points for both of these teams trading the advantage and the shallow return at a right on the left right on the left and they give it right back with two missed thirds from right on the left I think it is right for her to be on the.

Left with this team it's worked though to get them here but you'll see more of the offense from at a right when she's over there and they still test that middle in terms of the dink you can see it's just enough hesitation to not see a speed up yeah and the problem with that is I've played on the.

Right all day long and you have to just reset your mind on those balls that can take a few rallies sometimes a great read from Megan design yeah just a little Fade to the right sets up the two-handed backhand and uh got some dancing going on after that nice point and that's just enough of a wind-up for.

Leia Jansen Telegraph stepped back and it was nearly low enough in game point she nearly had the clean look so they'll have a little discussion where are we gonna play and at a right back to the right side of the Court easier for us announcers.

Second serve been struggling with their thirds just in these last handful of rotations through yeah before that lady right there Megan design was absolutely great with thrubs and Fists Leia Jansen has found some success in game number one up the line yeah great.

Job of reaching in and taking a ball out of the air instead of letting that ball bounce and retreating taking sir another look at game point for Jansen and Jones their third.

Trying to read paddle angles just like platform angles for Elise Jones there's the drive if you can't find the third go to the drive yeah and that stops a run of five points for Jones and Jansen who called timeout down 7-5 9 10 now design and right string another together nine ten one nine to ten just a one point game.

Timeout called here on Championship court for the pro women's doubles of final husband Ryan sitting alongside Elise Jones a fantastic player in his own right giving some coaching and sight introducing Skechers pickleball the official fish Footwear of the carvana.

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Great for Recovery I keep coming back to this alumd all day long baby I use it I use it I use it I use it I use it Alo MD acute relief cream welcome back everybody the crowd is loving this women's final and they've got jerseys to prove it they're dancing around they've got energy they've got their favorite players.

And they're gonna have them ready to go here and this lead is now just one can design and right continue to come back with right on the left and they do 10 10. must win by two ten ten one second and the bottom just fell out of.

That yeah not a clean volley from laying and that actually ended up being the perfect thing there just sort of shanked a little bit off the end of the paddle oh and Etta had potentially oh room for the ATP yeah I want to see how wide that got yeah she might have been able to kick that into the back corner.

At a back on the right side just missing again the two-hand backhand so tough you get that shoulder up and over the top it's 11 10 now for Jansen and Jones oh my God Leia Jansen when with one heck of a save yeah well it's only fair if the net was going to get involved in this match at.

This critical point to have that roll over and then Elise Jones almost South pawed that back into the court but couldn't get it all the way there right to the corner for Leia Jansen 12-10 Jansen and Jones take the first Elation for Jansen and Jones.

As game number one belongs to them we'll be back with game two make it to the dedication and training to stay in the game it takes grit and stamina to win the game it takes strategy and skill you keep focus on your approach drop and Champion shots and we'll help you stay.

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foreign Utah a great place to play Pickleball for the Selkirk Red Rock open Little Valley pickleball complex Championship court is absolutely packed Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming and we are in the third final of our Championship Saturday Easter Sunday just around the corner so we're playing.

One day early these fantastic Pros can all go hang out with their families first game win to Jansen and Jones with some extra points being played 12-10 two games in a row went bonus pickleball cam game five of the men's and then that one here in the ladies.

for Megan design yeah annetta Wright's power started that and you saw her with a gorgeous backhand Dink and then that ball so at a right amping it up a little bit here in game two hello there's also been a bit of a Resurgence of Leia Jansen in 2023 and I talked to.

Her before the beginning of this season and she talked about regaining her confidence we we mentioned it with Megan design but that's also the case for Leia Jansen she had some tough times just in terms of finding the right Partners to play alongside and she finds Elise Jones and their chemistries their chemistries just.

Match perfectly yeah she needed some positivity on the court with her she'd know she rides an emotional roller coaster with not just her emotions but her health is a diabetic and that's hard enough to play on but not hard when you're playing Jensen smoking overheads like that but all of the things that she needs are in.

The package that is Elise Jones yeah and we talked about mentality she said you know I actually feel like I'm a really tough competitor in terms of being mentally strong she just loves to show her emotions it's almost like a little bit of a superhero mentality in terms of showing those emotions.

So she misses that ball just wide she's also Highly Educated has a degree in accounting as well as psychology double major a lot of smart cookies playing pickleball out here Lacy schneeman the bowling engineer out there many others two one two.

Point at least he's in disbelief heck yeah I mean she's so good at taking a cross-court ball and redirecting it's not easy to do I don't recommend that for a amateur that is just learning the game but she's so good at it couldn't believe she missed that one and there's.

The big swinging too in the backhand of design s of getting on herself and again she looks to Jones to pick her back up a little bit of positivity positivity I talked to Eric Lang who plays alongside Elise Jones for Major League pickleball and he only had compliments for that woman saying there's no way you.

Can be negative when you're on the court with Elise Jones so 5-1 and quickly called make it 6-1 in terms of a timeout all of a sudden we're changing it up in game number two it's all design and right foreign.

foreign don't let discomfort slow you down try penetracks penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's.

100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream want to maximize your game performance to always stay in bounds look no further or low pickleball socks are specifically engineered with our Innovative padding to help you perform your best pickleball socks that keep you on the ball find your sock at. Megan is on and Etta right up 6-1 in game two at the Selkirk Red Rock open I missed third shot drive for metal right two six one foreign so I know the Mist there on the dink but.

What have you seen in terms of the response since the time out too straight yeah well you you got gifts and you'll take them and missed third drive from at a right a missed a return deep and a missed stink I mean that's one you want to maintain and control momentum and that's why you call time out and then if you get some help all the better and.

There's SWAT team from Megan design man that ball is hammered Megan is on we mentioned at a BYU she actually found pickleball through her manager who you might recognize in terms of the name Tyler loon foreign taking over not just the middle but also the right love that once you're engaged.

Stay engaged you know where you're hitting the ball you know we're expected to come back at a right just go have a seat at the Baseline I'm I'm good another missed drive from Outer ride so we'll see if they return it again there and if she does get it will she drop it instead of drive it side out.

Who talks about gifts too many since the time out from design and right wow Leia chanson just put some magic on that dink slicing that from her midline the unique force from the Baseline when was the last time you saw that well it's trusting Megan design thought she missed.

Her return she kind of thought the serve was going to miss too so it was all wonky there but got away with it combo Freda right yeah and there's the force that she's got when she's going it is really hard to deal with and she does such a good job of getting the ball down a lot of these fire fights with the ladies the ball's all staying on the.

Same plane she's able to get it down and that's why she is an up-and-coming star in pickleball and another missed third drive for this Duo it's got to get fixed they were up six to one it's now been three straight up and I know they had the conversation let's drop it but now that's in your head so you go with a cut drop don't.

Find the range and if they don't win this game this little chunk of time they're gonna look back on and so many opportunities lost stained for Jansen and Jones 5-6 now you're giving gifts by letting balls you think are going out land in the court.

Second serve police Jones from Pleasant Grove Utah she played volleyball like we mentioned at Utah Valley University is it libero who was a crowd pleaser according to her bio pleaser of the year it's actually a title and it's not shocking and it should be retired because I can't imagine anyone else ever having that.

Role no one can outdo that they continue the fight here in game two just enough of a redirect out of the outstretched arm of Leia Jansen and such a struggle to get to the kitchen still for these two but they do have a two-point lead foreign.

After the overhead yeah you kept looking when is the real tight angle gonna come and they just kept pounding into the middle of the court and it worked out look like Megan design was having some words with the upper deck give you a little bit of distraction from them you have a one-hand backhandle will so do I and mine might be the best in the.

Business at a right and she's able to take that down the line or back across court and tags Leia Jansen with that one side up the cross courts speed up and Elise Jones is right she was right on that keep talking about who will play the left who will play the right one still two points in their Direction.

And a speed up from the transition zone yeah big swing I'm not sure that was staying in but uh again can't get settled in at the kitchen so that you can get all of the things that we're working to get them the lead but they still have it a side out only dropped to one in that last rotation through.

Five seven one wow second third second serve as at a right forces the overhead five seven two sign up and now it's Jansen and Jones who've been able to do absolutely nothing when.

They've had the ball and while this Duo has been stuck they haven't relinquished the lead despite their challenges getting up so again both teams trying to find a little bit more in game number two eight five now for tazanin right eight five one.

I'll recall no reset who's serving 8-5 is your score starfish for Elise Jones had to get everything out of the way there and able to do it that was a beautiful lot they were in great position she just went full Patrick everyone have a Krabby Patty here on uh.

Easter Eve I'm glad you know the reference there's a little discussion here on something just making sure the net is reset I think and a timeout called now by the receiving team.

yeah that Sprint up to the net a couple times but bayetta right there just wants to make sure she's all set to continue here so slogging through game two will be right back foreign.

The signs have been showing up nothing can stop Mighty Mouse reads that one as the fans are in full force for Elise Jones here in her home state of Utah shout out to Utah in the arts and crafts and the markers they've even used their own bodies here for their their messaging.

And we had Booyah the pickleball head I mean this is this is a this is a festival today here cam five eight two I mean Coachella is this week good point getting stuck off the kitchen line Megan is on that two-hand backhand roll for Leia Jansen has become quite the weapon.

And the two-hand power of Megan design equally a weapon yeah I think glad Jansen saw players like Annalee Waters Anna bright bringing these two-handed heavy rolls Lauren stratman certainly has it she had to find something to match and she certainly has done that pops it up there and this is really I know it's a best of.

Five but this is a must-wing game for design and right had the lead in game one didn't get it done have led throughout game two gotta get it to the finish line find the speed up so so far she's hit just about each angle she could from hard Cross.

Court middle and line chop wood at a right with a beautiful Drop I mean insane defense of absolute pummeling balls coming at her and she's able to keep him in the green in the kitchen and now they have gotten to 10 and have a shot to finish off game number two so fun to watch the grit and play of.

Etta Wright we mentioned she's out of American Fork Utah she played D2 tennis at BYU Hawaii also went on to become an assistant coach for her old team she has an incredible background in paddle and Racket Sports from badminton tennis ping pong racquetball and pretty much everything besides pickleball until she finally decided to.

Take the turn yeah and that little combination of background is huge you know there's a lot of talk about what table tennis does for your pickleball and it is significant getting used to the roles the folks that are just tennis players that come over to this game don't have that to go with it so that's why you see her so good with that.

One-handed backhand out of the air because she's been doing it and all these other Sports and that's the scary part for the rest of the women is these ladies are bringing different talents to the table and now you got to figure out how to adjust your game to match it.

Back now on the court Megan Dizon game two is there and a must-have situation just in terms of mentality as we will play best three of five going into game three one and one is very different than O2 yeah even though it's not a best two out of three it is a best two out of three now because that's.

What's left another big battle and doubles here in Saint George Utah this spring you don't have to be a baller to buy like one with a power bid approval from Guaranteed Rate you can go head-to-head.

With cash offers and win call a guaranteed rate loan officer today foreign one two three yeah definitely a party.

Here in the VIP section St George well like to party too why not on a Saturday come on this is the festive atmosphere here has been from start to finish we had snow when we got here to start and now we got dancing in the streets here I love it and here's what Etta Wright can do when she is on the left side of the Court you.

Start to feel the presence and it makes your shot selection feel a little too fine and it's interesting instead of just switching who the first server is they're going to actually stack to start out had that option didn't choose it and then Megan.

Fighting more middle and the reason I like this duo in this formation is Megan with that two-handed backhand in the middle can go hunt and put balls away that looked like a Utah understanding because that ball didn't look like it was going to make it off the paddle and it was perfection.

Foreign catching her just on the opposite side of her body a good reply from Elise Jones because that's one of those where it's three highlight real winners to start a game and you start to feel the pressure of that and there's a difference in footwork.

From playing the right side of the left instead of the left usually Megan be walking into the forehand there she's got to reset her feet and come around it and that set off her feet being in the wrong place the entire alley that's probably Etta Wright's favorite shot anything floating high that she can just crush and it's the ball right there.

That Megan design starts because she knows she's got the ball in front Nevada right and that's what they want oh yeah Megan design really reaching into that kitchen maybe didn't even expect that ball to come back quite like it did no and they're happy to take the Miss from Jansen when they were a little bit.

Out of position right shoulder causes some problems I mean unbelievable defense from design and such a nice approach to this lob over her head but it is that big swing from Leia Jansen that is the difference in that point that was a master class and getting to.

The kitchen though for metal right perfect and I like the trigger pull from Megan design there she's saw a ball that was bouncing up to the height of the tape that's been working for them all day just got to make it and Megan looking straight a