So what we're going to be doing with the future of pickleball podcast is it's really geared and designed for me to meet the movers and shakers in the sport the people that are making a difference that are going somewhere with pickleball and interviewing them talking about it and allowing us to get that information out to the whole pickleball Community we.

Will be we have been and we will continue to be talking to the absolute movers and shakers that are organizing developing creating growing communities of pickleball but also growing the commercial side we're going to try and really capture what's happening so that people all over the country that might not be there yet can go I see where.

Pickleball is going I want our community to be part of it and I think we're going to provide a lot of answers as to how to actually implement it locally foreign
Selkirk TV is launching a brand new show on January 11 🙌 In the Future Of Pickleball Podcast, host Paul Olson sits down with all of the biggest names in pickleball to discuss their thoughts on the explosive growth of pickleball, their role in the pickleball world, and what they think the future of pickleball holds.

From Major League Pickleball founder Steve Kuhn and DUPR CEO Jill Braverman to top pickleball pros like Tyson McGuffin, the future of pickleball podcast covers showcases all of the top movers and shakers in the pickleball industry.

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