All right good morning everyone and welcome to the selkirk lab showdown powered by invited we are at the beautiful braemar country club dave fleming here with morgan evans and morgan started with pool play on friday have had unique partnerships all weekend crowd has been loving seeing different.

People on each side of the court and paired up with each other and here we are with not surprised at the players but surprised at who they're playing with we're going to start with mixed yes ben johns is joined with jesse irvin this team looked so good yesterday they have played.

Before as we mentioned tournament of champions champions back in 2019 they uh they know their roles so well i think ben is very comfortable next to jesse jesse has a great ability to own her section of the court and be absolutely rock solid in speaking with her yesterday.

They talked about their strategy and she said uh well essentially i'm going to dink crosscourt and he said well as long as i know what you're gonna do we're fine and they certainly were fine yesterday on the other side of the court will be two terrific players callie smith and matt wright they've played together.

Twice before coming into this and it was not good they admitted that they're like we seem like we would be tremendous partners and sometimes it didn't gel it didn't gel on friday when they played together either then boom the gelling happened on saturday yeah you never quite know when it's gonna just click uh luckily they found their clicking.

Moment yesterday and we're about to get underway we'll see if their click will match up well against the gel of john's and irvin so here we go jesse irvin the la local to serve let's play pickleball and we saw a lot of that yesterday he made a.

Lot of those just a bit deep was ben john's on that one yeah at the very least he sent a clear message again best two out of 3 to 11 here today at the selkirk lab showdown and a couple thirds don't go where cali smith wanted them so a little jittery here to start kelly smith being very aggressive very.

Early on and paying the price on that one yeah she kept ben honest with the ball down the line but then tried to go to the right side of his body not a good choice that's a no-go zone that's a miscommunication she really thought that ben was gonna take that one yeah it had that tantalizing pace but it was far enough away from where he.

Couldn't get it when the ball was above the net and a rare miss from urban quite similar styles in cross-court forehand dinks irvin and smith yeah a little carvy and matt wright has taken a couple of balls in the uh.

Leg so far from mr johns good leave however matt wright doing his job nicely showing that that middle is not going to be as available as they might like okay a little swinging a miss and irving is there.

No swinging a miss on that one though no that was clean very clean at a perfect height yeah and this is going to be the frustrating part for cali smith because she knows how precise her cross-court tanks need to be to get him away from john she may look to try and go behind him again.

Oh yeah by contrast i think irvin was going to have an extra two or three inches to work with matt wright is a longer player than john's i'm not quite as athletic he's 45 years old we'll cut over some slack yes it's incredible that he's been able to maintain his game to such a high level.

There's a beautiful ball by the 45 year old from wichita kansas played his college tennis at michigan talked to him about having to play his pickleball on ohio state court he's not happy about it great power on the high backhand from john's and right and uh smith are going.

To have to get the ball to bounce to give themselves a chance to get to the kitchen line and find a pattern that works there's another one way too high all right jones is cold wide just wide the referee has confirmed all right so there are challenges today and uh we will have a challenge so we've got a.

Video referee don stanley in the booth so they're going to take a look at the ball on the sideline wasn't hit very fast but uh was hit at a fairly severe angle but uh at a fairly slow pace yeah and jones was really moving quickly uh to get behind it and hopefully get a play on it so not the easiest one for him to see but.

The call is out we'll see if it pays off take a look at that so what have you seen so far as uh the booth reviews uh that particular ball yeah i think uh kelly smith needs to work hard to get those third shots on her forehand side i think dealing with some of these slice returns with her backhand is troublesome you know you can't really fight slice.

With slice um so i'd love to see her predominantly dropping crosscourt she's really trying to keep ben honest uh by attacking him and so is matt wright a lot of attacks keeping over on that side of the court as we look at the replay here and oh i tell you if that's a tennis ball it's in.

for me i think the equator is to the left of the line yeah that's really close that's a really close eye i am not uh i don't know how glad i'm not in that position i don't know if you could overturn that that's you know you need to have clear evidence here there i.

Think you know a lot of people don't think about the direction the ball is spinning slice the ball is spinning backwards so topspin you were keeping the same spin when slice is coming to you hit top spin much easier for you slicing a slice we've seen those come up short because you're fighting.

The spin at that exactly the counter spin for slice is top spin um certainly not backspin the times where it you know doesn't play too much of an effect is if you can let that ball bounce come up reach its apex drop down a lot of that spin has cooled off but so many of these players are kind of cramping the uh the baseline here and a.

Lot of them are rising all right so you heard the voice of leslie frank there the call stands and you have to have a timeout to challenge they get two per game so one is used in that challenge and again anything even slightly up the lateral quickness of john's.

Too much yeah no that's a beautiful play but right now it's the basics they're just doing better the third shots in particular are in great locations and smith finally found what she could take out of the air and been doing a great job of keeping that ball down not.

Giving her anything to attack that is a fantastic fifth ball from urban right did a good job of getting it into a good location that john's couldn't get a hold of and forced uh urban on her back foot slicing that fifth ball but she did it masterfully.

Got three back but couldn't get the fourth one so uh good power and let's see if smith and wright can get on the board johns and irvin looking very comfortable so far yeah it is smooth sailing it's not to say it's gonna continue like this smith and wright are amazing players and there you see.

and around the poster atp one of the best in the world at doing that is jesse irvine tremendous defense by ben johns on the atp and then finishes yeah what a sequence of points right defended irvin's atp john's defended smith so.

You know those two prior points show the evolution of the game it used to be someone has an atp they hit a winner and we move on to the next point we clap our hands now everybody defends them like it's not not a big deal yeah no exactly it's a fantastic hallmark and interesting to see where the game.

Will go in the next 5-10 years oh so much power just catches the top of the tape after a great track down of a matt wright lob that was perfectly placed irvin does such a nice job going behind matt right there yeah and that's really.

The first ball we've seen from her that is designed to keep him on that side of the court oh and so close to the net that he couldn't hit down on it no but uh it was quite close to irvin as well i am sure i think she's happy that uh she was able to get out of.

The way of that one certainly would have left a mark oh only just just sails a bit deep off that ben john's paddle so five zero two here in game one best two out of three to 11. there's a big point there for right and smith.

They needed that you see right come through and this is a player that plays on emotion a lot gets his first uh official fist pump of the day let's see if that can get them on the board again there's the slicing the slice we talked about and it comes up well short yeah she really needs to uh to think about where she's positioning her body.

On these serves she doesn't need to be hitting those backhands oh yeah and players at all levels you can decide where you're standing when you serve or when you receive and if you keep getting beat slide to the middle so there's no chance you can hit a backhand.

The other option is to have your partner come over and take it which matt wright did there and one of the slowest winners you will ever see yes all of ben's weight was sliding to the left and matt wright had.

Predicted a very different shot yes his hand in the cookie jar is filled with chocolate chips that's a good pace good job by cali smith there oh that's a tremendous get by smith and then gets the error from irvin.

Fans just loving that chord go crazy it's like fireworks and there's that precision on the thirds that just hasn't been there consistently in this first game from wright and smith yeah if they can tighten that up it's gonna make a massive difference i think good leave and a great serve that uh drew ervin out wide making the.

Distance she had to cover to return to her preferred side of the court much more difficult opened up the opportunity for a nice drive that's in that's in that's it yours oh that's what pickleball is all about.

Right there that's what we came to see unbelievable work all four players strutting their stuff offense turning to defense that's the beauty of pickleball at the highest level and uh fortunately for wright and smith they were on serve and they are rewarded for such epic play so uh.

Get within two ben john's to serve here five three one and you heard matt wright's scream be ready because he got nothing on his return but sometimes it's just too tasty sitting there in the middle of the corner yeah when it's short and low enough it's suddenly so bad it was good yes.

Oh wow and just wouldn't crawl over for matt wright after john's had a ball in his chin area that he was able to defend such delicate hands.

And you know matt wright has now been able to get himself a little more involved the precision of what cali smith's doing next to him much better let's see if they can find the thirds here and get right back into this yeah their style right now is a slightly riskier style of play than john's and irvin.

Irvin really just staying solid cross-court whereas uh smith doing a lot of work towards john's really trying to keep him on that side of the court to open up a little more space to then potentially get over towards urban or launch an attack okay i think it's a good move if uh if.

Right is gonna take those thirds he's certainly gonna need uh smith to disconnect early and try to be menacing oh good leave yeah sometimes when you finally get a ball in a good place you over hit it because you're so excited oh.

Still we're starting to see john's crank into second gear yes and there are several gears available reset clinic that's what i'm talking about right there i had it all if you're ever curious about how to play.

The game then just study every single one of those shots yeah just put that on replay so after all the effort into that point it is right and smith who take a timeout so the play has been rising the heat is rising and we'll see who can.

Rise to the finish and win game one right after this welcome back to the selkirk lab showdown at braemar country club love the format the ppa tour bringing something a little different here with pool play round robin different matchups it's a lot of fun to watch yeah this really is kind of an.

Experiment you know the hypothesis was is the game going to be equally or more entertaining if we put them all in a barrel mix them up and pick some names out of a hat whack them together and see what happens and so far it has been a huge success yes and uh the feedback from the players from the fans from everyone that loves pickballs like you.

Know what we love when they're going at it with their normal partners but we really like seeing this as a little variety uh so really cool format a couple of people have chances to take two titles out here including ben.

And jesse yeah they're both hunting for the double crown obviously no chance for a triple crown without the typical singles events in this particular tournament but yes urban and john's john's partnering up with devilier later on for the men's doubles and irvine with kovalova in the women's.

Which will follow this particular match again that backhand third is not working so far for callie smith yeah she's gonna have to keep those feet moving and it looks a little flat-footed when she's hitting some of those open stances i love her when she's stepping in onto that left foot beautiful finish from that right there.

As uh john's went sliding in front of him yeah he's got so much strength and power that even when the ball gets a little bit behind him he's still able to get more than enough mustard to get the job done and the anticipation of i've put a ball in a good place and you're going to have to hit it up.

And then a brutal finish from ben john's yeah it's like he's done this before okay we will replay that so a let's serve is just a replay it must clear the kitchen including the line would have been out in that case but it did get just far enough great communication from matt wright in.

This point and it is matt right after speaking it well hits it even better yeah john's got plenty of touches on the ball there but uh not one of them was in a position where he could really do some damage in the end he put up just a slightly higher.

Backhand dink and it was good night on that occasion placement over power yes set off by the big two-handed reply of jesse irvin okay there's the fire and brimstone from cali smith yeah she's been trying that shot uh all.

Day and without too much success but that one it's finally paying off and we're seeing a bit of a momentum shift so get the roaring forehand winner and then get a missed return on a big serve see if she cracks another one here medium crack on that.

And that's uh one of the first misses on a tank today from irvine and a side out and then two quick points and it's 6-8 and that's the beauty of pickleball you can get that ball and keep it for a while and make a big run at somebody that has a lead so that's certainly what wright would love to do here to continue.

This comeback oh and he was there matt wright is not happy about that he was ready to put that into the open court and just hit the net at the perfect amount so it skidded right over his paddle little devilish smile on john's face as.

He walked back to the line nice work that first attack was probably going out but it was close enough into the body of right that uh he had no choice but to play it and the secondary one was more than high enough to finish oh just defending defending defending matt wright had all of his targets locked on.

But uh i mean what we see there is just a united front in shot selections both irvin and john's electing just to cool things off not agreeing with a fight while they're not in a good position to do it so we've got a game point here for john's and irvin.

Look out oh good handled by matt right there still a second chance to take game one oh phenomenal hands from both right and smith to keep them alive including a no where a ball was going out but against miss paddles up and ready so okay they get the ball back save two game points.

What are they gonna do with it off to a beautiful start guy i think at this point based on smith's percentages on drops it's just worth driving give yourself a better chance to get in off that fifth for sure and set yourself up to hit a forehand a tough shot.

Uh to say the least yeah because wright hammered that if you see that off your partner you're thinking i'm gonna get something good that's how good the volley from irvin was there and matt wright is disgusted with the net tape that has not been his friend third game point.

For irvin and john's oh benjamin you don't get to use all your toys just yet no in fact that isn't even your toy he's remarkably good at it and yes i haven't seen him do one of those so far in the tournament.

So maybe he felt like now was the time oh and the net returns the favor and four game points have been saved so that that just gets lodged in your cranium a little bit as you are fighting a opponent of the quality of wright and smith.

Suddenly the net giveth and it taketh away so 7 10 1. and that stays in and a big come on from cali smith it was a at a height that certainly indicates an outball but um not at a speed that makes it so and right willing the ball to.

Sounded like a golfer on the fourth tee box get right that's a better third shot drop from smith yes certainly i'm glad to see her just going cross-court you know and they have a chance to tie this up here humongous point and smith goes for it down the line and.

You see it here just inside out and misses by a fraction chance number five for urban serving and the answer is no there so guess what five plus one is indeed six let me grab my calculator but i think you're right and six have been saved on a beautiful.

Rally there right and smith have been absolutely clutch under pressure here some big saves of balls at their feet right there to stay in a safe place too where they weren't just completely down in the point so nine ten two chances to tie and maybe take the lead or even win game one.

Yeah great job of drawing smith wide enough to uh to award themselves a nice high ball third chance to get to 10. and ben johns with a beautiful clutch shot of his own because smith got the ball she wanted and hit it where she wanted so this is it.

Lucky seven here no okay yeah it's that variety from smith yes in terms of her dink directions that's doing a great job helping matt wright get involved because so often it's not something that's high enough for john's to really work with so he's.

Having to redirect cross court and that's giving matt wright a good look at an attack towards urban and ben john's on their eighth opportunity finishes cross court so smith right really pushed him to the end but.

Couldn't quite get that evened up and maybe that would have changed things but uh what a game to start off proceedings today i mean that's what i'm talking about eight times is the charm there so uh you just gotta stay with it and ervin and john's were able to do that so wow we're gonna come back after that.

Great game one you'll see it right after this and smith saw an opportunity there but just pulled it deep so again to reset where we're at john's and irvin win game one eleven nine trail in game two three two again this is just best two out of three.

Two eleven sometimes we play three out of five on sundays at the showdown we're just gonna go two out of three yeah i think the players uh and certainly with these conditions nice and warm i'm not gonna be too upset about that as we said two players going for the double crown as well.

And there is a bert as ben johns comes flying in front of his partner and ernie of course is when you jump across on your side but uh we all love sesame street so there is a bert from ben yeah right complaining about the unnecessary use of athleticism and youth from ben jones.

Oh man gotta gotta pair that up not be oscar the grouch on the second point after that wasn't quite there you really have to shape that ball around the post which is completely legal in our sport just get it on the.

Other side over around whatever you can do second time get it on the first one get that thing dialed in for the encore performance cali smith well done um and smith flicks one at john's left shoulder.

Yeah that's not the typical kind of destination but i think he'd gotten quite used to her normal positions so a good change up there from smith and right ran through that one in a hurry a little frisky there you know again trying to catch john's leaking into the middle taking that away.

John's just holding his position there waiting for that exact ball and once again a little uh little uber aggressive yeah what would the one-handed backhand flick in the middle just a high degree of difficulty on that and that one surprised john's but he was still able to pull his paddle across his.

Body in time miraculous unbelievable paddle manipulation there by ben johns and two for three now on that particular shot is callie smith with a come on on top of it irvin uh is so used to being the one who hits the vast majority of these atps she can't believe that uh there's enough room and angle for smith.

To do it also so they're tied up at five with a second chance to score here from smith that's just beautiful pickleball on all sides of the court and matt wright is able to finish irvin not many players were gonna be able to get that live and do something no she hit a decent shot for sure.

However it did start a cascade of events that has given smith and wright the lead good look at callie smith there to serve oh hello net cord we don't get to say hello newman in this one because uh riley and his sister are not available lindsey.

Newman for this showdown they'll be back in action on a ppa court very soon and another one skids off i tell you the uh the pickleball gods are shining on wright and smith and we did hear uh right after the famous words that everyone has said on a pickleball court sorry not sorry well that one's getting just over.

And that's a beautiful shot by right there and this is a freight train and oh my gosh has seen enough rarely calls timeout walked up and put his paddle against the net frustration with.

The net frustration with the score so very well done here by right and smith what are you seeing yeah i'm seeing uh some real clicking of the high as we've talked about before high risk high reward style from wright and smith all the chances they're taking they're starting to really take hold you know it looks like.

That more conservative approach that john's and irvin are taking and obviously jones is going to do his thing ervin's approach has been so far to be very solid she's a methodical player incredibly reliable so solid with thirds dinks cross-court all of the above but right now matt wright and.

Cali smith have found a real groove in some high high-level shot selections yeah they have and uh you know that's the beauty of pickleball as as we bring this to a new audience here on tennis channel you just get that ball and get a little mojo get a couple of net chords get them a little frustrated you can run out.

Three four five points next thing you know it it's nine five yes lady luck has definitely been on the side of wright and smith but that'll swing both ways it always does and that one refuses to pop over and it is matt wright and cali smith with a game point.

Almost always almost i mean you know she might have a game three to equal the task but gotta earn it and the i formation does not work for irvin and johnson what an onslaught i mean seriously after seemingly a 45 minute game one.

Game two over in a relative blink of an eye fast points fast and furious in favor of wright and smith wonderful display and when you play at that pace it has got to stay in the court and it most certainly did yes lady luck was part of it but their skill was the difference.

We'll have game three to decide a winner after this all right welcome back everybody dave fleming with morgan evans and a impressive finish to game two by cali smith and matt wright really bringing the heat that the california sunshine is bringing as.

Well so we will switch sides at six jesse irving the local to serve okay and jessie irvin is like i've had enough of this yeah she was due to send a serious return message kelly smith played a phenomenal game too yes a couple others around the posts uh.

Uh they were coming from angles that i i could see irvin's face just didn't believe that that angle was actually a possibility good start for irvin with a big two-handed backhand finish two okay good exchange there matt wright wins it.

Matt wright yells it matt wright stares it down yeah when he starts barking it's always a warning sign for his opponents and he knows it and it is the power of cali smith overcoming that one and yeah she managed to get one ball just low enough on the prior shot and.

Was awarded and that roll from john sails just deep again we will crown a champion at the end of this game and the ernie from irvine yeah i haven't seen much of that today so far no if uh matt's gonna throw it back behind her she's gonna not let that happen by.

Putting that in his head looking to shake and bake that one comes into the net so the edge in front in this truly high level sell kirk lab showdown final and ball was just low enough it was at a beautiful height but unfortunately.

Just dropped out of the sky and made it a little too awkward for right it would have been a perfect height for me at five eight should have been an overhead uh defend that one callie is uh the message that was sent on this ball right here beautiful finish yeah who knows if it was closer to her she may have but.

That was certainly struck with some authority nice angle there and smith and irvin as we mentioned earlier are going to get uh get to see each other twice today so they're ahead by the slimmest of margins and kelly smith taking some real chances on the returner serve.

But i think they know for them to win this match it's uh they're going to have to redline yeah look at look at the score at game two that's that's our that's our pattern oh great angle there from right didn't need to uh hit a bullet no put it into a very tough location and that was started.

By a little roll flick by smith down the middle that caught john's just a bit off guard oh and the net uh is not even remotely being fair in the opinion of ben johns 100 now we saw him uh a look of dismay towards the heavens.

And like a great match horse race here it is now smith and right that have nosed in front oh my well that was fun but that was a super fun angle that would have set up one of the greatest atps ever if someone would have been standing over there of course uh he hit.

It there because there's no one within 25 feet of that okay and ben johns is like i want the ball back i don't like being down in game three let's go yeah we're gonna see now just what level of aggression he's gonna bring to the table.

And cali smith says i see you and i raise you yeah i mean is this really a team that will allow ben to you know really take over as he can steal your intensity and another one flicks off the tape and stays in that might have been clean anyway we'll never know but unbelievable.

I think that that seemed clean to me yeah thank you but just unbelievable disguise for her to hold that paddle there indicate nothing but dink and then pull the trigger and plenty of margin from the baseline that time it is john's that comes out on top on the.

Fire fight at the kitchen line now john's he just finished uh his little exchange with a popped up ball more than high enough for smith to take care of business directing it cross court towards irvine hey talk about a team that has dialed in for a game and a half that team is right in irvine yeah.

Right and of course smith so wright smith looking great irvin and john's trying to find an answer we'll be back with a conclusion all right we are back and matt wright and cali smith have continued to put the formula from game two in play here it is working they're up 6-3.

We've switched sides here we go okay ben with some serious counter punching there and you saw the difference if right is reaching the pace and direction of the ball is.

Going to play right into benjamin's hands okay well a rare error i haven't seen much of that in the last few games no from uh that looked a lot like game one where it was just the patient pattern we also haven't seen much of that no but that's what pressure will do to you.

This is one of those rare moments where you see john's behind in game three oh and the little friendly fire there as the dig from cali smith catches matt right and five six is just one jessie irvin making sure she's got that.

Ball popped right the way she wants it oh and nice low drop and again great drop in the menacing presence of john's you got to keep that ball away from him so that's that combination we're tied at six um.

Time out absolutely a possibility and it is a reality yes 100 great time out they had a good lead and they've seen that dissipate quickly so we're now at 7-6 john's and irvin what would you tell callie and matt well they need to pick up their energy again i think they suffered what so many.

Players do an adrenaline dump they had one of the greatest games either one of them has ever played i'm sure in in game two and they came out firing in game three really felt good about their level however the side switch it it does affect everybody mentally you go into the new side a little curious if uh if.

It's gonna play a role you know it's not like there's a serious wind around but the optics are different everywhere so they weren't able to quite keep their level a couple of loose errors some of those fourth balls that dipped beautifully from irvine and john's caused some tough.

Contacts from cali smith and uh that started a bit of a snowball effect unfortunately once that pressure starts mounting it's not easy to dig yourself out of that hole so here we go irvin to serve at seven six good time out.

Stops the momentum they're only down one can they find that same idea of making quality thirds they've been driving most of them and that time is the best backhand third that smith has hit in the entire match for sure she got low enough really changed her aim point a little higher above the net.

Okay oh my amazing hand oh and after some tremendous defense from cali smith can't quite find the range on the last one the level has just been phenomenal i love it tied at seven.

So matt right to serve sevens all over the board yeah that was certainly not available as she might have thought yeah yeah the uh from that position in the court there's very little chance that you will surprise him with that.

No and the instruction we can hear from right towards smith was just slow on the back end ball has entered the commentary booth and none of us are quite aware of where it went so i will take my headset off and morgan is going to crawl under as a person that is very particular about the.

Ball myself i understand the desire if it can be located it has been eaten by the cable monster so uh it is gone we got a new ball seven all here we go and that one she just misses seeing her make two of those and you know you ask.

Why they want the same ball well a newer ball can play a little livelier and you've got the one that you've been using for a while dialed in yeah judging this one does look like it's got some experience so defended their way back to the kitchen line but uh finish it off so.

Irving again getting a good bounce on that ball and we haven't seen irvin pull the trigger much at the kitchen line chooses that moment and right is sitting on it yeah she was off the line and i think it's a little bit indicative of the kind of pressure they're under right now.

And uh everyone sort of knows to alleviate a quick easy point might be a good chance yep and then there's more pressure on your thirds get them down get it to bounce let's see they didn't on the first one can they on the second one to tie this at eight and what a whole reach in by ben johns.

With a little flick right looking for the ball on the other side and can i get out of the way so yeah perfect placement and a a well deserved time out yes so johnson irvine back in control here my goodness so sometimes you just need a timeout after you've played a point of that length.

So right nervin they're right right there so right smith irvin johns will be back with the finish right after this we are back right smith call a timeout make sure they're at.

Peak efficiency hydration and ready jesse irving to serve there up one big serve to start oh and the off speed roll by john's is perfection haven't seen that all day no that was an incredibly unique shot two-handed backhand in the body massage downwards nicely because you're looking for that on a.

Much different hitting plane serves certainly uh high risk it's a little bit deep oh and then inside out yeah i don't know if this was the time to be a hero no so we are staring at match point for johns and ervin they have battled their way here struggled to finish game one finally did.

On their eighth chance can they do it on their first to win the showdown they cannot so they're still in it so now you're thinking hey we did this we did this before we didn't get all the way over the mountain can we this time.

And she's gone for a lot this game and to her credit it's one of the reasons why they've been able to apply as much pressure as they have on john's and irwin but you've got to pick your moments right yeah and if you're going to go i mean at least you guys are over yeah and you.

Gotta you gotta go need now comes down execution because the game plan hasn't changed and they come on comes flying back with that vicious two-handed backhand from irvine that was huge so much power on that two-hander and that's given her team.

A second chance to be the victor right just saying you might want to wipe off the ball a fair amount of sweat a glisten on there irving known to bounce the ball beforehand does a little extra does get the serve in.

And the battle of one-handed inside-out backhands goes to cali smith so try number three and what a drive by ben johns to end it and that's as high quality a match as you can have with partners who are not used.

To playing with each other that you could ever ask for so smith and wright impressive in defeat but it ultimately came down to the precision of jesse irvin and the presence of ben johns at the kitchen line yeah i think jesse irvin played a fantastic game she kept the ball alive for as long as she needed to.

She trusted that if her dinks were good enough then the kind of risks that cali smith were going to have to take aren't going to be good ones and she was right towards the tail end of this game especially kelly smith did take a couple of extra chances uh whether it be nerves or just she felt like the ball was there who knows but in the end john's and.

Irvin proving victorious and irvin even found a couple opportunities to show her power in finishing at the end so the local and ben johns are our showdown champions welcome everyone to center court i'm here with our champions guys this was such a tense match throughout do you.

Feel like the pressure was on or off the two of you or was it more on the other team i think it was equal for both of us we're both playing with you know people we've never played with before so that's you know something you're always having to work through during the match um but it was a lot of fun a lot of great.

Points uh so i hope everybody enjoyed watching for sure well ben we heard matt wright at the baseline saying ben always goes 110 against me it's so frustrating what do you think he meant by that i think i see him in a lot of finals and i usually conserve energy in some other rounds so it might not look like i'm going 100 but you might as well leave it.

All on the court on a final so i'm sure when he sees me in finals a lot he uh he gets 110 percent me uh but yeah they both played well this match they're both unpredictable players and i think they played really well so uh you know great match great uh great for the spectators i think and uh happy to win.

Well how great is it to start the year off with a win like this the second half of the year and what are you most looking forward to in the rest of 2022 yeah no this is great i think this is a lot of fun it's great playing with new players seeing different match-ups um it's a good kind of warm-up to get back into the tournament season.

And i'm just excited you know to get back on the on the court and compete again well congratulations guys we're going to take you back to the court after this quick break
Watch as Callie Smith and Matt Wright take on Jessie Irvine and Ben Johns