What's up guys today I'm going to be doing a quick review on the zero zero three Invicta I actually wasn't planning to do a review on this because I've basically already talked about everything in the Epic review but a bunch of you kept asking me when I was gonna do a review and I figured it was just easier to make a quick video.

Talking about it than to answer each one individually so I'm going to give you guys my quick thoughts on the zero zero three Invicta before we do that if you guys plan to pick one of these up I do have an affiliate link for labs products now if you use code ADV Dash PB Studio at checkout you'll get a gift card ranging in size depending on how much.

You order I believe if you order a Labs product you get like a 40 gift card back or something so if you want to help support the channel you can use that code at checkout okay so the main difference in the specs of the zero zero three Invicta is that it Now features a longer handle originally I was told it was five and a half inches but the.

Website now says 5.35 inches previously the Epic and Invicta shape have always had the same length handle at 5.25 inches Selkirk is now experimenting and seeing if people prefer a longer handle this was the entire reason that I was so excited for the Invicta version I've never found selkirk's five and a quarter inch handles to feel that great for.

Two-handed backhands so I was excited to see them extend it I can say that it's definitely better than the previous models but one thing I do want to know is that I don't think it's as good as Yola's 5.5 inch handles what I found in a lot of paddles is that the actual handle length is only part of the equation while these are the same length.

The way the neck tapers on the Yola is slimmer than the zero zero three because of this you can choke up even further on the Yola which makes it feel like the handle is even longer I've noticed this on several other paddle companies as well where their handle feels longer or shorter than advertised and it's because of how their neck tapers so the handle.

Is definitely a big Improvement but if you're using a Yola and like the length that will probably feel a little bit better to you otherwise all the specs are still the same 20 millimeter weight around 7.7 ounces and a four and a quarter grip circumference I did notice slightly higher RPM on the zero zero three Invicta but that could just be the.

Small variance that I expect in my test I got 1800 flat on the Invicta versus 1740 on the Epic I've used this paddle extensively since September so about 2.5 months of use and after a retest I got 1624 RPM on the Invicta so even after very heavy use this is still performing great even despite a small RPM drop one thing people have been talking a lot.

About lately is how durable is the surface on these paddles because some people are saying that theirs are completely smooth after just a month other people are saying it lasts longer the power air for me never really dried up that much even after about three or so months of use and honestly I think it just depends on the person I think it.

Depends on the climate you live in how dirty are your cords how do you treat your paddle how often you playing and so on for me I've been using this zero zero three Invicta really hard and I'm still getting great spin so maybe I'm just getting lucky maybe I'm not actually using the paddle hard enough maybe people are using theirs more I don't.

Know what I do know is that every grit is going to wear out eventually if you put the surface under a microscope you definitely notice less grit on a very well used one versus a brand new one so it absolutely Fades definitely don't want people to think that it doesn't but in my experience so far it has held up pretty good as far as control and power.

Go it is completely unchanged from the Epic in my opinion I played a few games with its stock and I didn't notice any power increase I know some people were thinking it might be a little bit more powerful because of the shape but I didn't notice anything drastic on the Epic versus the Invicta after that I just ended up using my same lead tape.

Setup that I used on the Epic for my Invicta which just helps make the paddle feel more stable solid and adds more power because like I mentioned in my zero zero three review out of the box I'm not giant fan of the paddle I think it's okay but it's massively improved with lead tape I think the additional weight definitely helps with the power.

And the stability a lot in that review I also mentioned that I wasn't sure if the zero zero three was very good for singles but it's been my primary paddle for singles and doubles since September I think it lacks power that other paddles do better for singles but what I found is that my drops and cat and mouse game were so much better with the zero.

Zero three than something like the power air so I've really enjoyed using it for singles but I probably still wouldn't recommend it for most who plays singles I think the additional power for passing shots and keeping your opponent off balance is really helpful for me I just found that it worked really well when I needed to do cat and mouse which was.

Starting to become more of my game than simply just passing shots so I was okay sacrificing some power to be able to place the ball better as far as The Sweet Spot goes I don't have anything different to report I haven't noticed it feeling different in any meaningful way so yeah I don't really have a lot to say about the Invicta what I can say is that.

I've thoroughly enjoyed using it and it's been my primary go-to paddle anytime I'm going to play seriously and I'm not just reviewing a paddle I think once you add lead tape the 003 is a very solid and versatile paddle I also hope in the future that all of their Invicta shapes will switch over to this because when I pick up the power air with the.

Original shorter handle it just feels so much worse to me when you go to do a two-handed backhand at least for me it almost hurts because of how I have to grip it and how far out it tapers at the neck my fingers just feel much more stretched having that extra quarter inch or I guess technically a little bit less if you go based on their website it just.

Feels a little bit better if I wanted to get really picky I would say that I hope they slim the neck so it tapers a little bit better kind of like the Yola but honestly at that point I'm nitpicking and I'm not really sure that's going to happen but I do think it would feel a little bit better if they did that regard list I'm just happy they made the.

Handle longer and I've absolutely been loving my time with the zero zero three and I don't really have plans to switch away from it anytime soon so if you guys were planning to pick one of these up I can't recommend the Invicta version enough it has been my favorite especially over the Epic the wide body paddles aren't necessarily my favorite.

So Invicta gets a big thumbs up from me if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to click like And subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the next video
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