Live on tennis channel indeed first of two women's doubles semi-finals lee waters and natalie waters two names that are very familiar and renowned around the pickleball world taking on two more names that can really fit into the same category leia jansen catherine parento this is a match-up i would say again familiarity is going to.

Be a key between these two duos and noah eagle morgan evans glad to be taking you through all the action all right morgan again bird's eye view of this one what stands out in particular well it's the relative new partnership of parental and jensen that have it's really come into fruition almost immediately.

When parental and irving broke up not too long ago everyone was a little curious how it was going to go with new partners parental and jansen have proven they have what it takes to gel together and get the job done already winning a title you could see that instant chemistry for.

The waters to your point the familiarity with each other obviously a mother daughter duo you're gonna have that instant offense that instant aggression and know exactly where each one is going to be moving almost before it happens but jansen and parento right there with him.

But this is why the game loves the women's doubles it's phenomenal how good the rallies are how how well the teams can turn defense into offense get back into the point fiery start to this one on both sides you know everyone does talk about annalee waters but lee waters.

Has really left her mark on the sport said she's 42 43 years old soon to be but feels like she's in the prime of her career and it plays like it as well yeah it's amazing at the beginning of the year she had a bit of a slump i'll be honest but we weren't quite sure if she was going to be you know suggesting to.

Annalee to think about her next partner and she's always been honest about that that there will come a time where you know she feels like annalee needs to move on and she would always step aside however she has done such a good job of lifting her game and becoming a really dominant force on the court.

Great finish from emily waters it's kind of a unique pairing in a lot of ways that when you have someone on the court that is the dominant player between the two anna lee waters is that for the team of lee and anna lee however she plays on the right hand side and primarily to keep her two-handed.

Backhand in the middle however it can get a little tricky for her to be able to take over in the same way we often see someone like ben johns take over the game in men's doubles meanwhile for jansen and parento you're gonna see some of that fire for sure come out from leia jensen.

Has that type of personality especially on court can get into it emotional in the best way possible fuels her play exactly uses it to fuel and help her team as often as possible and next to her catherine parental for me probably the most stylish most graceful player on the court it's so pretty to.

Watch how well she relaxes her wrist through some of these inside out forehand inks we saw one there it's a beautiful watch just sailing a little wide giving waters and waters a two-point lead.

Jensen just overextended slightly she was back off the line a little further than need be and went for a full stretch i think if we see another point slip we're gonna have a timeout and you can tell the future there we have the familiar sounds of paddles dropping and a timeout 6-2.

Waters and water starting to take control of this first game already five points away from claiming it up 6-2 as they continue to flex their muscles in orange county well lee waters and annalee waters so far today in this doubles draw they have been in fact dominant including the two points in this first.

Game they've only dropped 12 total as being their third match of the day unbelievable wow oh jansen did so well to scramble out the net got involved in the end as she moved forward trying to control that last.

Volley just floating it long so the timeout doesn't stop this train until it does until the net gets involved and stops it for them so jansen giving a gift and now a chance to make up some of that ground.

And a good call of no everyone agreed on the court that one was sailing long and sure enough it does that's just a great strategy it's been a little bit more of a rocky road to get to this point although their last opponent very good anna bright and georgia johnson yeah.

That's going to be a great team that ended up being 12-10 in the third at chancellor it's a great backhand it really is she gets into so many positions where most players could really just hope to reset the ball in that occasion able to not just do that but apply plenty of power.

Oh to be young again oh did such a good job getting back behind that ball dropping it back into the kitchen unfortunately tried to put a little icing on that cake i prefer my cake without icing anyway seriously.

No one's ever said that no a little icing's fine but when it's over ice oh no i know what you mean you know just yeah you can't really get a good feel for the cake you want the cake part you know you want a good ratio good balance it is all about ratio isn't it it is and just like in here it's risk versus.

Reward wow i think we might have a new point of the tournament i think so i think so jansen perrentel really getting excited as they should at this point had a firefight the likes of which you will never likely see your average uh park court.

So will that be the point that really starts some momentum for johnson perenta so oh they're in it now they really are it's tough tough when the nets getting involved a lot right now but uh players are doing a good job dealing with it.

Nice work there from parental seeing the unwinding stack and just playing a nice controlled ball not wanting to risk a giant drive potentially out so they get a couple points back and jensen is calling for the switch this is risky against two drivers of the ball that are so proficient.

quick reaction though jensen doing her part keeping the pressure on the waters nice disguised attack from parental gets the better of young waters just a great recovery from jansen and perento after falling behind and.

Felt like this first game could be over very quickly instead it's been turned around and this is more of the match that we expected between these two for sure four fantastic players the height of their game that's unfortunate and jansen really constructed a great.

Point there and an offensive timeout from team waters two points up but they have something to say still just four points away from claiming this first game we'll see if the mother-daughter duo can get it done when we come back on tennis channel.

Well it's only fitting that lee waters and annalee waters would be playing by the water the community of rancho san clemente and the select medical orange county cup just four points away from this first game and it's been an entertaining and.

Adventurous opening game on both sides that's a good way to look at it yeah often a fair amount of blunt force trauma attempted to get the points done but we wouldn't have it any other day right on cue yeah the speed in which these players can.

Contact the ball out in front and really get the two-handed back hands locked and loaded it's quite amazing getting it done with precision however a ball on the court we've seen that a couple times already today.

They've got plenty of power too when they want to it's all in the reserve ready to go yeah so often it really just comes down to shot selections understanding that risk versus reward ratio we talked about when we were starting to discuss icing on cakes and how that is definitely relevant to.

Pickleball who makes the best choices on servers return who can differentiate the two first game in the books waters and waters flowing through 11-5 claiming the first one game away from the final in orange county just tremendous stuff as analee and lee.

Doing what they do best using force using their smarts high iq pickleball on to the second we go in orange county on tennis channel gotta say some fitting music in orange county and the community of rancho san clemente enjoying the dulcet tones of katy perry.

As we get set for the second game waters and waters the two seed jansen and parental the three and the waters duo trying to book yet another ticket to yet another final talked a little bit about triple crowns earlier annalee waters has a chance as well in the.

Singles final against uh paris todd in the mixed final alongside j.w johnson it was johnson who also had the opportunity but couldn't get through the semifinal on the men's double side falling in our most recent match up to johnson kohler.

brave enough to stay in there knowing there's a potential attack got a paddle on a nice cross-court dink that might have helped a little bit but uh still a fantastic angle to win the point you know morgan i think a lot of people watch this and they see just how.

Talented everybody who plays is and especially at this level how high of a level you have to be at don't realize how much work does go into it how much preparation the water is certainly fall into that jansen parental certainly fall into that everybody we've seen today that work is.

There oh for sure the game is not far away from needing that 10 000 hours rule to be a professional good mojo happening early as the waters team has extended this second game lead.

so waters and waters we've seen them in pressure moments unfazed we've seen them with big leads unphased it just feels like they've got everything covered for every possible outcome to this point in their career it looks so far the only teams that have.

Really been able to get the better of them firstly it's often when they're not playing at their very best uh and it's a team that can play with equal amounts of aggression and generally when they're at the height of their play as well they're a tough team it's uh it's impressive to see how well they take.

Care of business coming up after this though oh it's going to be another heated battle kovaleva and smith who have been playing their best pickleball unbelievable stuff in recent tournaments a lot of gold medals irvin and newman that's a relatively new one.

Jesse irvin played with anna bright in the recent tournament they did very well together couldn't quite come away with the gold however lindsey newman is back and she's been out she's been having children two wonderful kids now and we're very happy for her but the game has missed her.

Looking forward to seeing her back in action now it should be plenty of fun but first we need to finish here and now it's waters and waters up 5-1 in this second game look jansen and parental falling behind but we know how quickly they can get themselves back into it oh for sure this is far from.

Done case in point parental right at the kitchen line is one of the few players that has a fantastic ability with a single-handed backhand as well as the two most of the top ladies they typically go towards the two-hander.

so jansen to serve a familiar reset maneuver a couple of fantastic resets midpoint it's so much fun when there's a heated exchange followed by a cool calm collected reset into the kitchen a couple more dinks and then fireworks again.

a number of people in the crowd on the side of the waters and a couple times the net has been on their side as well as was gravity there already that time very much so i think she's starting to get better reads on the kind of attack angles that anna lee.

Uh trying to get behind her and an uncharacteristic return error from jansen and parental will take their final time out of this second game with the waters.

Team just three points away from victory consider myself like a fierce competitor i'm super competitive i have been my entire life um but i just love the sport in general and when i'm out there i'm super passionate about my game and when i'm off the court i'm super fun loving um i love doing exercise even when i'm off the court i'm super energetic um but.

You know even when i'm off the court i think about pickleball all the time you can certainly see that passion for the sport every time annalee waters is out there and right now her and her mother lee just two points away yeah they're applying so much pressure and it's pressure coming from consistency more.

Than anything else oh and a miscommunication mother daughter very rare but uh you know she's going to be doing some more chores she'll be washing dishes cleaning cars oh man.

Good reach in intercept i like to call it an intercept more often than a poach and it just has a better connotation to it yeah i like that it was indeed an outball so they get the serve back.

Once again two points away and you just cannot get anything past annalee waters right now it's so tough defensively right now this is a very polished performance a masterpiece wow team waters 11-2 in the second and they are on to the final in orange county.

Annalee waters heading towards a potential triple crown congratulations to her and lee waters as always rock solid she played fantastically well they're often just setting up but uh defensively brilliant and they looked the goods once again an unblemished performance dropping just seven points.

In this one after dropping just 10 points in their first two only 17 points allowed through three matches in the tournament just unbelievable efficiency from lee and analy we'll hear from them and much more after the break as the mother daughter duo continues to dominate on their way to the final in orange county this duo never ceases to.

Amaze emily waters her mother lee waters just continue to exert their will and do it again in orange county let's hear from him with hannah jones well ladies welcome back to championship court team waters just earned their ticket to championship sunday guys congratulations anna lee it looked like.

You guys just ran away with game two what was working so well out there well playing aggressive that's always been our game and i think after the first game we were feeling pretty confident so it was kind of easy to go out and play our game we were having a lot of fun and at the last one mom was like drive and then you poached so it was just stuff.

Like that that we were talking about throughout the match well lee you guys are credited with making banging popular hitting the ball really really hard why does that work so well for your team yeah i think the fact that we have that mother-daughter intuition we know where the person is going to go before they hit it so it.

Allows us i think to be a little bit more aggressive because we can anticipate what's going to happen next and it's worked for us so far well emily talk about how cool it is to travel the world as a 15 year old what are the bad things what are the positives the negatives the bad thing is that you're on a flight for like five.

Hours at a time but the positives so you get to see so many new places try different food and i get to do with my family which is i think like the biggest thing congratulations guys we'll see you on championship sunday
Watch as two of the best teams in the world compete for a chance to compete on Championship Sunday