just saw a battle between the top two doubles teams on the men's side we get the same treat for the women's side of things kovalev and smith the top duo waters and waters the number two duo this is a rivalry that has been made throughout this season in particular and.

Will only get another chapter today waters anna lee that is had a chance at the triple crown coming into the day one on mixed doubles fell in the fifth game of singles and now we'll have a chance for her second title of the day alongside her mom lee waters and will be interesting to see how she responds after the loss on the singles.

Side has played two five game matches already so how much is left in the tank as well well at 15 i have a funny feeling she's got plenty in the tank they did come off a loss in atlanta against the same opponents here lucy kovalev and cali smith we're going to see i think a very fired.

Up waters team and if anyone can take down kovalev and uh smith it's going to be them we see some similarities in the i was about to say they didn't really help anybody out everyone wearing pink so waters on the left side of the screen kovalova and smith on the right side.

We'll do our best to help differentiate for everybody watching at home but it will be kovalova to serve to begin and off we go and that ball is out so quick side out and it will be anna lee waters serving to lucy kovaleva so waters in kovaleva played earlier.

Today in the mixed final and by waters i mean annalee waters she has missed her chance at the triple crown but uh still two crowns up for grabs can we call it a double crown for him yeah first point goes to the top team what is it about this matchup that has.

Been so fun throughout the year it is a budding rivalry by all accounts around the ppa for sure well this particular team of smith and kovaleva they're really the only team by perhaps uh parental and jansen that have comparable power to.

The waters so when the hand speed exchanges happen you really are going to see some fireworks followed by some very impressive resets this mother-daughter duo of annalee right there the 15 year old her mother lee they have been dominant in the sport.

And it's always cool to watch them on court together one of the things that has happened though and what has cost them the few times they have lost the gold is trying to find a way for annalee waters to be as dominant as she can be from the right hand side of the court typically.

The alpha player is on the left-hand side and obviously i'm talking about two right-handed players uh but anali loves being on the right-hand side that gives her a great chance to use her big two-handed backhand in the middle of the chord but the left-hand side where lee waters.

Her mother is typically tends to attract a lot more attention makes it tough for anna lee to sometimes get uh involved and really prove her stuff has already had a couple of highlights today and just added to the reel.

Yeah that uh that particular shot that caught everyone's surprise and a quick call of out in their last meeting in atlanta there was there was some heated exchanges it made for good drama i'll give it that for sure smith with a 3-1 advantage we'll see if.

They can extend with the kovalova serve yes ma'am one two so extend the lead and kovalova now serving to lee waters we'll see if they will continue to stack and a quick timeout.

kovalova and smith in rhythm early what do the waters have as a response back here at lifetime rancho san clemente for the select medical orange county cup all part of the ppa tour lucy kovalev and cali smith serving.

Here it is kovalova serving to lee waters with a 5-1 advantage make it a 6-1 advantage in the first couple over and smith have really made it a point to stay very energetic regardless of if it's their great play or occasionally some unforced.

Errors and anna lee waters she wants to return in kind she's certainly no one's pushover so more of the power on full display from the 15 year old and now her mother lee will serve it's great to see her on the left-hand side.

This is an area where she can take over if she is really requested by mother waters and they've shown a willingness to make adjustments pretty quickly yeah there's one thing that you can say about this duo that is good from kovalova she will continue to raise that fist.

And playing with a purpose right now oh yeah now she has found some form in the last three or four months especially that you know no one thought she was going to be able to really find it again but it's impressive to see both of these teams feed off of their own personal energy.

yeah great hand speed handling those attacks and just tagged there by lee waters talked about it yesterday but lee waters saying that she still feels like she's got plenty of great pickleball ahead of her in the dead center prime of her own career.

Yeah she certainly proved it 172. two-handed backhand sounds long seven one some heating exchanges here right at the kitchen line kovalev and smith still just four points away in kovaleva who.

Couldn't get the job done in the mixed doubles earlier proving why she is one of the best in the business now 8-1 i think waters has to be a little careful about continuing to attempt to keep the team back that are as quick as kovaleva and smith you see kovalev pushing.

Smith over to the left-hand side staying in front of lee waters and with good reason just so quick to move laterally around the kitchen line there is cali smith yeah coco lover and smith they're sensing that the match up the heads up match up of lee waters opposite cali smith is a winning formula.

For them that one drops stays in there yeah before we saw a counter move there lee had sent emily over to the opposite side to make sure she can get in front of her preferred player lucy kovaleva that one sails long.

This has been one-sided in this first game a bit surprising at that point there you go especially considering how well these two teams know each other how much they played this year alone you'd expect a very back and forth type of match.

yeah i mean they analyze the matches that they play against them and each and every time they come out here i'm seeing the tactical changes they're looking to exploit so often the in the men's you're kind of watching a whole lot of blunt force trauma sure the ladies here.

It might look like that given the ball speed that they bring to the table but uh mentally they're trying to work with scalpels nice put away from lee waters so the waters duo doing everything they can to stay in this opening game if nothing else is going to help them.

Establish some momentum for the second game yeah that certainly plays a big role second server it looks like smith and kovalev are unwilling to try to stack and keep a particular player on the opposite side given how good lee and analy are at driving the.

Ball and not wanting to risk getting caught unwinding the stack wow that's impressive work to be able to counter that into the open court anna lee i thought she'd done enough there i'm sure.

Scintillating stuff from smith and kovaleva they claim the first game 11-5 off and running in the women's doubles final can the number one see it get it done well they're a third of the way there on tennis channel it's the 2022 select medical orange county cup presented by lifetime san.

Clemente in san clemente california the life cafe the life spa everything in between beautiful parking lot beautiful courts beautiful facility all around for this beautiful tournament and beautiful pickleball played by lucy kovalova and cali smith 11-5.

In the first it'll be anna lee waters to serve to begin the second and we'll see what kind of adjustments team waters makes that's a good start yeah certainly helps i think uh a lot of it's just gonna be coming down to positions.

How well they can keep their preferred match-ups there's almost nobody that uh can close in and cause that much trauma like annalee waters so kovalev and smith doing very well to be able to take care of that.

Trying to call off mother waters unfortunately a little late catching the paddle only so much you can do in the moment especially when that thing's coming at you with that type of pace one two two wow just catching the top of the paddle.

Floating along nicole and smith have the most titles together this year but right behind them is lee and annalee waters yeah if they manage to win this one they will tie it at four a piece so definitely a lot at stake but you can feel it.

Kovalev and smith have a sense of urgency at least early in this match beautiful cross-court rolling dink they know how much anna lee waters is going to be looking to do some damage in the middle covering that potential attack and that does open.

Up the wing for the potential rolling dink as we saw there from kovalev as that volley floats long from annalee that is an uncharacteristic overhead error she's generally so solid this is her third final of the day first.

Two went five games yeah it really doesn't matter what age you are fatigue will affect everybody kovaleva and smith extending that lead kovalova serving nice job of neutralizing that initial drive yeah they're certainly trying to target kovalova in the transition areas so when.

Both smith and kovaleva are back it looks like they're really going after kovaleva and she has made a couple of errors in this game nice work from lee waters to get to the outside of cali smith that's a good point there and you can see that just trying to find whatever energy is necessary we've seen it.

Throughout the day in pretty much every match oh that's going to drop in or was it looks like anna lee may have called it out and i think that's an immediate challenge yeah i think it's a worthy challenge as well from this angle appeared to drop honor around the line.

At least so we will see shortly oh that looks good yeah for my money that looks clean although given that uh you know it's not like a tennis ball it doesn't compress so they will have to look a little bit about you know where.

The equator is on that ball and uh whether or not they're going to deem it out so happy to not be a referee in this situation obviously this is an important call and.

Every call in a championship match is going to be important but with the score where it would be should it be out tied at four versus kovalovan smith keeping the slight advantage midway through and the initial call was out sounds like we could be getting a confirmed.

On that call and it is going to be out interesting again it was very close but waters and waters feel confident it's a good chance just to thank the referees for this match the lead rep is mr don stanley second in command mr michael kunis sorry my apologies.

Tracking ref maddie tauren and the video replay is mr chip morgan he's going to be responsible for this one very close but it appears they are confirming the outcome also acts as a timeout and.

Should it be officially confirmed it would be a timeout loss for kovaleva and smith and you could if you could read the lips from annalee waters she goes she just said that the call was out real quick hurry hurry hurry good job.

all right they are trying to get themselves energized and energized they are that is exactly the type of response that team waters was looking for out of that timeout just dragging that backhand wide.

Couple of errors uncharacteristic errors for both lee and annalee waters in this match so far yeah we've come to expect near near perfection from them each and every time they're on the court very tough to deliver this particular match-up does bring a.

Lot of emotion to the table as well i'm not overstating it when i say there's not much love lost between this particular matchup oh the net a perfect aid and smith nearly got there with a quick reaction but the surf goes back to the waters.

the middle and a tough backhand for anna lee to be able to dig out of trouble see if kovalev and smith can do what they did in the first game go on a deep run and a short angle two-hander.

and we always talk about how down the middle solves a riddle well that may have been the case once upon a time but uh in this day and age so many players utilizing the full width of the court that's unfortunate from lee waters not quite in position to be able to get.

Up and over that ball a couple points in a row gets kovalev and smith back in the lead 6-5 a two-game advantage would be massive given the history between these two duos and that one's gonna land as well yeah certainly a good time out from waters trying to halt the momentum of.

Kovalev and smith lee and annalee will see if they can get the serve back in their favor after this timeout but some good work here by kelly smith coming forward yeah they have taken on board the best the waters have got time and time again and they've been.

Able to isolate a lot of lee waters and elite not able to do quite as much as she wants take a look at the ppa women's doubles rankings kovalova sits atop with a pretty good lead over her partner callie smith and the waters as you'd expect with the same totals jesse irvin who we saw yesterday.

Along with lindsey newman fall to kovalevan smith in a tightly contested match that one that one was great it was amazing an amazing match between those two and eventually it was the top seeded duo advancing to this final but this is a top five with some outstanding talents and that was the reintroduction of lindsey newman after some time away and.

How about just staying ready during a timeout i mean as they say you never have to get ready if you're always ready yeah i like it and i would assume callie smith also likes it she will serve this one up at 7-5-2 and a beautiful overhead from lee waters.

She has for me the best technique on the overhead smash in the women's game yeah it really sets it up oh it's beautiful and finds a full loop drops that paddle well back smith have put themselves in prime position here.

But we know what kind of runs that the waters have been on before and what they can do when they find that energy kovaleva right place right time and bang with the forehand yeah so often this particular matchup is marked by real ebbs and flows.

One team feeling like they're not quite in it all of a sudden turning it on finding some particular magic it's typically on the back of a lot of third shot drives and poaching great play.

That's the kind of chemistry you expect from a mother-daughter duo knowing exactly when to get involved come across put the ball away so an opportunity missed for kovalova and smith now an opportunity acquired for lee and anna.

And that one called the ppa tour let's uh play it again tough decision an interesting one because that's a little bit of a no man's land type of play and annalee went low for it i could have let it go for lee to take full advantage.

Sensational defense but eventually the clock strikes midnight yeah and that's one of the reasons why this particular match up has proven so popular and why they so often meet each other in the final if there's any team that can keep their offensive patience and power.

Against you know a defensive master class like the waters tend to bring it's coca lover and smith they've just got that much power and reach and now three points away from a commanding lead appointment come out receiving yeah that's a very risky play there from.

Lee waters it's a sign of the kind of pressure both her and annalee are feeling so the final timeout taken by team waters here in the second game with kovalevan smith putting themselves just two points away from a two-game advantage in this women's doubles final some of it has been impressive play from.

The top seed kovalev and smith but some of it has been some uncharacteristic errors from team waters as well yeah for sure they're right now they're struggling to find a way to get more balls on the forehand or backhand side of annalee waters and i think it's gonna have to be some conscious efforts on serves to get it.

Into tough locations perhaps go after a little bit more so that the return of serve can't quite get into their preferred locations one final match to go here at the 2022 select medical orange county cup it's the men's singles gold medal match tyson mcguffin j.w johnson already with a title today winning mixed doubles.

Alongside anna lee waters johnson will look to win his second of this tournament and mcguffin who was hoping to make it towards the double side hoping to play for a triple crown at one point will at least go for that singles title as the top seed without ben johns here in orange county.

Nice work and that's the kind of chances that annalee's gonna have to take there's a point where you may indeed have to kind of take matters into your own hands and it may not be a high percentage ball but if you're left with nothing but low percentage might as well take it.

That's good as well that fist remains high and it's a game point for kovaleva and smith i mean i kind of like it when she maintains the stare just keeps looking him down big point there from lee have a waters to start closing this gap.

Second server good sir from anna lee there's that backhand it just can be so lethal when she makes good contact like that well she's setting things up very well with this uh high quality serve getting a lot more opportunities to drive wow just the ability to get the paddle.

On it was impressive but kovalev and smith with another opportunity to wrap up game number two smith gets it done again and it's two games for kovalova and smith i mean that was epic work and defense here to deal with some of these reset the ball well get it.

Low and suddenly quickly turn defense into offense flicking a single-handed backhand attack into lee waters the top seed looking every bit the part one game away from a title here on tc we have reached winning time in this women's doubles final at the select.

Medical orange county cup glad you're with us as lucy kovalova and cali smith look to put the finishing touches no eagle and morgan evans here to take you through all the action some good-looking cross-court backhand slice dinks there from smith get them on the board early found some great angles finally a big.

One through the middle umbrella's flying left and right and yet it's 3-0 yeah a little bit of breeze certainly lee waters receives the serve from lucy kovalova and a good call by kovalova that does go wide 4-0 start yeah they are on fire.

And i think if we see another point here it'll be a quick timeout instead emily waters lets out exactly what she needed it's been the problem really for the match for team waters just a lack of consistency that we normally see from them normally they'll string together several.

Points of just elite play and we've seen the flashes we've seen what we're expecting it just hasn't been consistent and that has smith and kovaleva finding every inch of the court yeah it's a tricky attack position even for cali smith.

The amount of strength she's got in that uh single-handed backhand often able to pull it off a little bit back behind the kitchen there though what a setup annalee waters draws in kovaleva and puts it away great return pushing leeward as well.

Back 142. so right now the waters are just looking for any little sign they can find to help get them some energy get a little bit of extra confidence on their side of the court and steal that confidence away.

From kovaleva and smith who right now are certainly flying with it that's good looking poached no doubt about it good sustained defense but lee waters eventually puts it away another one of those patented overheads fantastic angle and speed.

And a great look with this camera angle of the water is now attacking towards the kitchen line okay well she hasn't had too much success in that but uh certainly got the better of it there so hopefully for mama waters it'll be something that can start the.

Magic unfortunately that third shot drop high enough for cali smith to be able to play a fantastic single-handed backhand young annalee doing a little too much on that one this is the type of fight that.

Waters certainly have wanted after falling behind pretty big to start this third game good job these last few points of battling back a little bit three four one that's put away volley certainly high enough for coivalova.

a great point construction really spreading koivu liver and smith nice and wide before the middle opened up oh and there was a call of long referee seems to confirm that.

And elite really believe that one was dropping in and we'll see it here oh did look pretty close yeah the initial look did lead me to believe it was long i don't know about you yeah that last angle was tough to see so after the roaring start to this third.

Game kovalev and smith have settled down a little bit see if they can find that same energy that'll help get them back on the board bye fortune a few errors creeping in on the backhand side that one up at the kitchen line.

Often just in the tricky transition area so we'll see if they continue to try to target her and some of their attacks seems to be the case nice work anna lee mixing it up with her two-handed backhand attacks often looking for the.

Middle that one going for the body and then the middle that's a great change-up veteran move from the young phenom another point so team waters now just four points away from claiming their first game of this match and it leads to a kovalova smith timeout after taking a 4-0 lead seven of the.

Last eight points have gone to lee and annalee waters can they finish it off and keep the match alive we'll find out lee and annalee waters have been mainstays on the ppa tour ever since they got started with the game but how did they get started let's hear from adelie herself i live in florida and hurricane irma.

Came to florida and we evacuated to pennsylvania where my grandparents lived and he played pickleball at the time so he introduced us to it and at first we really didn't want to play but then we like finally were like okay we'll go play and we did and literally i loved it from the second i started playing and i was 10 and at the time i was being able.

To play with my mom and my granddad on the same court playing the same sport so it was just really cool truly a family affair for the waters family and for so many others in the sport just unable to get over the top of it seven about two you can see how much it means to.

Kovalova that gets them the ball back and smith now to serve 5-7-1 another huge opportunity ahead wow the angles that these ladies are using on the court incredible stuff.

Nothing you can do about that is perfectly placed right down the middle finds the open spot and the ball goes right back to team waters yeah koval over thinking there may be a chance of an outside dink.

and young annalee gets them with the divorce ball no one quite sure who gets it the waters have certainly raised their level in this third game now three points away from getting themselves a little bit closer and keeping themselves alive.

Anna lee trying to go behind kelly waters kelly smith my apologies once again another one another one through the middle both kovaleva and smith undecided on who's going to take it and clashing paddle certainly is a better problem to have than you know eye.

Strain watching the the ball go past and then next drain from watching your partner not get the ball lee waters replay the point there was a ball that flew towards the crowd got in the line of vision of annalee waters.

That's coming from the warm-up court tyson mcguffin and kyle mckenzie just like that blink of an eye here comes teams waters yeah the uh the landscape of this match is turned on a dime big point five ten one.

He falls in a stupendous point and a little extra coming from cali smith yeah the point of the match so far got themselves out of defense quickly up into great position and left a ball they thought was gonna be out really put a stamp on that come on.

certainly we're going to see a time out there they usually don't let more than two points slide before they try to hold the momentum timeout is a great way to do that so we'll see shortly what kind of tactics they're going to employ to see if they can't.

Stop this resurgence from kobalover and smith you wonder how much of this becomes a mental game as well as we hear more and more of these commands from either side we do have one more singles final to get to after this tyson mcguffin the top seed here without ben johns at the tournament taking on the 20.

Year old jw johnson aru with a title on the day in mixed doubles alongside annalee waters but that mental aspect of this as you come down the stretch in this third game and potentially if this does continue into a fourth or a fifth we've heard both lee and natalie waters very vocal especially annalee that's.

Really how she pumps herself up you wonder if kovaleva and smith starting to get into doing the same and we've seen kovaleva raising that fist very high that's a little bit of another play into the mind of the 15 year old and her mother on the other side of the court yeah in this particular sport especially you know they say.

If you're not playing mind games you're only playing half the game there you go you are so close to your opponents you can really lock eyes with them and it says a lot that is a big point the net got a little involved but well deserved regardless still on a first server so they have a.

Good chance incredible work in the end it was a another fantastic single-handed flick attack from cali smith catching emily waters by surprise and then a nutmeg with an overhead.

Everything's starting to bounce the way of the top seed lady luck playing a huge role and they will use their final timeout to once again try and halt this juggernaut of momentum lucy kovalev and cali smith not sure we could have asked for much more in terms of what we've gotten.

Already today not just in this match but the first four combined you've got to win by two remember now tied at 10 all in this third and if kovalev and smith can keep it rolling still on a first serve yes they have a chance to wrap it up in three from 5 10 down they've done a heck of a job coming back.

To 10 10. here at the select medical orange county cup this paradise of a facility at lifetime rancho san clemente and the ppa doing a fantastic job of setting this up about the couch looks like a good cat it's a sectional.

That's elite with the stands behind and fans have been treated to exceptional exceptional play so the waters without timeouts remaining two points would win it for kovalev and smith two points would extend it for.

Waters and waters this is the stuff you dream of that is indeed out so incredible comeback can they finish it off still on the first server two serves to get one point.

This is where we'll see nerves on both sides they are this close to the finish line another chapter of this incredible rivalry renewed and in the books seven straight points from kovaleva and smith and they finish it in three for the title in orange county.

What a fight back i mean you can't picture it any better in such a tournament in this setting to pull that off you can see how much it means to him the waters still champions in everyone's book incredible players unfortunately.

The gold medal run for annalee waters today the chances of that done for women's doubles take another look at how it officially ended smith gets to that one and another one and then that one from.

Lee waters into the net an embrace from these two who have won their fifth title of the year together we'll hear from him and a whole lot more kovalovan smith victors once again what a match from lucy kovalova and kelly smith they are the top two ranked doubles female players in the world they get the.

Job done in three games and they are with hannah johns as the victors in orange county welcome back to championship court ladies lucy kovaleva cali smith you came to battle and battle you did here today on this court how did you come away and dominate in three oh we we came out wanting to win and we.

Played to win and i think that showed in our game today uh it's really obviously waters are a wonderful team i mean how fun is it for a mom and daughter to play together and kill it out here so i think they deserve a round of applause for playing uh they're wonderful players um and it was just fun battle all around.

Every every points of battle so we just came out knowing that and uh fought hard and came out uh the victors today so i had a wonderful partner and i think we all we owe it to all of you wonderful fans here in san clemente so awesome and welcoming and just the best cheers so just love you love being here and uh thanks for being here and.

For all the supporters out here my uh sponsors onyx off to vita health and spy you guys are awesome and my amazing partner who crushed it today so just let's go lucy well in general lucy we see a mix up of sort of personalities on court one more offensive one more defensive but you're both equally so powerful so offensive.

How do you manage that balance i think it's 50 50. we both want to win and we're both really competitive so let's say one misses the shot the other one like kelly lifts me up and let's say she misses like i'm there to lift her up so we are always we are never like negative on the court because just whatever happened last point we can't.

Really change that so we have to focus always on the next point next point and fight and that's what we did well ladies this tournament marks the start of our off season we've got a little break coming up any plans for that oh absolutely rest and recover and train harder afterwards.

Uh my family's actually going to florida so for a fun weekend on the beach and i'm really excited looking forward to that all right lucy any plans i'm hoping to go to slovakia i haven't seen my family over for over three years so it's been a while so i'm really looking forward to see them see all my.

Family so i'm hoping to spend some quality time there and then i will be ready for the second part of the season all right strong words congratulations ladies thank you for your time all right hannah fantastic stuff we do have one final score to settle one more fish to fry tyson mcguffin the top seed.

In the men's singles draw taking on the mixed doubles champion already from this morning j.w johnson we have another champion kovalevan-smith for the fifth time this year get the job done on the west coast
Watch as the top two teams go at it in back to back tournaments. Who will end up on top?